It's a cute post! :) Information hygiene - filtering what information you open your mind up to, how they effect you, limiting information sources. Attention hygiene - similar, eliminating destruction, embracing silence, focusing on what's truly important. Spiritual hygiene - looking within regularly to find your soulmission instead of following all kinds of delusional ideologies and being too dependant on others' methods.


I call hygiene punani, the giver and receiver of life, I'm the essence of what gave me life and if I follow the fundamentals of healthy punani then I'll add a value to the tree of life. I'm just bringing some humour to a point about something of mine, not intending to insult.


Lol punani is the giver and receiver of life 😂😂




I'm strange, weird, a creep, but yes, I'd learn nothing if I didn't speak my mind within reason and to the best of my ability. If I went through life trying to please people and always have people's feelings in mind, both people and myself wouldn't have learnt what we learnt. People soon learned to accept me, I soon learned to accept people despite my initial thoughts of things. Look passed punani, who is am I referring too? It's crude because you think it's crude, I'm referring to a woman, a healthy vagina brings life, but if you dig deeper then there's more things one can find. Everything doesn't have to be negative and initial first thought doesn't mean it is what it is. I get it, something of awareness, yet still a choice to do things, my choice, I saw something in it, and that's what I wrote, a small meaning to life, if I didn't care I would have said, vagina or pussy. Humor isn't always funny, people don't always get my jokes, but I do and I will laugh by myself while everyone looks at me strangely, it's fine. I think people should realize humor is good and people should be aware of humor, not take away something that is valuable to people, I don't find it rude yet it rubs me the wrong way. Don't you think yet being aware of something and putting a disclaimer is enough? Yet due to you being offended you attempt to project how you feel on me, I think I'll try spread humor rather then stop short of what I wished to do. I laughed when I thought of it, I'm going to spread that feeling to others when it's there. If you don't see it passed the humor I intended then I see why you allowed how you feel to get the best of you, again, there was no direction to one person with it but the commenter was just a vehicle to what I was saying. If you don't like something, the plate has room you can add to, humor or something about your experience, if not then, then on I'll ignore. Feelings are a choice and if I stick on to this any longer I'll feel how you felt. ​ Edit - hunmor isn't meant to be funny, if one tried to be funny it falls short, if it isn't then the person may not get it, which is fine, it's no big deal.


I'm not feeling offended here. Apparently one of us isn't trying very hard


I usually let things slide, yet I think I'll leave it, you have a good day/night, if one sees darkness all one has to do is sleep and dreams can be created for the sun to come up.


That being said, a hot shower does kind of bring it all together…


Cold shower***


100% once you start you can never go back to hot


My body gets blazing hot and I sweat buckets when I trip, a hot shower would probably make me pass out.


I did that once smoked too much weed and told a nice hot shower and greened out like instantly lol I'm not usually one to do that so I thought it was hilarious afterwards


Start hot end cold, helps muscles grow 💪


Never heard this before. What’s the science behind it?


I dont remember, I used to play football and one of the coaches used to be a physical trainer for one of the nfl teams and told us about it


Expansion and contraction.. rest and digest..


Treat your skin as well as you treat your clothes. Warm wash cold rinse.


Start the shower hot, because it cleans you off better, then switch to cold after you rinse the soap off.


Ahhh yes, my safe space from the first trip


It's also known as "Balance". ☯


I think Balance is important as well. For me, I had almost the opposite realization on a trip. That sometimes it's okay to get dirty and feral. To reconnect with what it meant to be human before all of the trappings of civilization. Camp out in the woods for a couple of weeks. Like Primitive camping. Hygiene is still important, but you can still go to the stream and rinse yourself off. It's okay to just be outside and not shower or worry about that stuff for a few days too. Same with the other things on your list. It's okay to take a day and just not do much of anything, you don't have to always be working on something. Or you don't have to go out with your friends every weekend. It reminds me of the quote "Man never found enlightenment in either abstinence nor excess". Balance is the key.


Ying and Yang balance.


Life is exhausting


good thing it comes with some guaranteed rest at some point


Love the post, but cant help thinking that u are just replacing the word health with hygiene tho


I’m glad someone has actual smart thoughts. The last time I tripped out all I could think about was the word nuts. I’m like why do we call people nuts? What does nuts even actually mean? So…it’s good to see someone have an intellectual thought lol


Hahaha! Sometimes the smartest thing we can do is just enjoy the ride and get a few good laughs. It is possible to reprogram your experience. I used to get kind of dopey on weed edibles. It was fun but I had difficulty remembering things. Because of my propensity to accumulate wisdom and use plant medicine as a tool for self-development, weed is now my "genius potion" -- so much so that I no longer can take it as a sleep aid because I usually end up sitting in front of the mirror for hours chatting with my higher self, or going on an adventure watching videos, or drawing pictures, or writing down profound thoughts.


Good on you for having an epiphany but I would simply call everything you described as "responsibility" or "healthy maintenance," and hygiene is simply applying those mental aspects to your personal cleanliness. This is probably just semantics though as I have always understood hygiene as having a direct relation to physical cleanliness and health, so it doesn't make any sense to relate it to other fields like finance and exercise for me


your limited understanding of the word “hygiene” does not change the actual definition, which includes far more than physical cleanliness. The OP used the term correctly and broke down different types of hygiene in a helpful way. financial hygiene is absolutely a commonly used term and concept — google it.


The term hygiene when you “google it” is indicative to personal cleanliness and health. I understand the point OP is making but if you wanna start getting picky about it, *techincally* OP is just referring to life’s list of responsibilities and comparing / contrasting them to “personal hygiene”, a responsibility containing responsibilities. Not arguing, just talking


did you google what i was specifically referring to — “financial hygiene” — a commonly used phrase with 160+ million search results? technically cleanliness is also just one of life’s list of personal responsibilities. the etymology of the word “hygiene” is health, as in the art of health, which if we are being picky, spans all of life’s responsibilities, not just personal cleanliness! the OP absolutely used the term correctly and my gripe is with the comment implying otherwise.


You’re right!


That’s the balance, life is better when you take care of yourself in every aspect.. fr


Showering regularly isn't necessary for most people, like unless you have bad genetics and bad eating habits. I realized this at age 16 when I cut my showering from every other day to 2-4 times a month. At first your body has to adjust and you'll feel kinda gross but after about 6 months of this your body adjusts and you feel better than before. Been doing this for 13 years and my skin and hair have never been healthier. Never get complaints about smell from anyone either, and I work a physical industrial manufacturing job. Deodorant is necessary though, unless you just have a ridiculously clean diet.


What about your booty hole?


I use a bidet. Real game changer, I'll never go back to toilet paper.


This is the best answer


This is one of the best if not best thing ive read on this subreddit.


Don't forget racial hygiene! >!This is an attempt at a joke!<


Im upvoting because you have balls


Only relevant to ego but yea you’re right


You're talking about Sims




Digital hygiene, what subreddits are you subscribed to?


Browsing the front page is one of the worst things you can do for your mind. Almost nothing but outrage porn.


I love this so much!!! Thanks for sharing!


So basically everyone is bad at some aspect of hygiene..


Good post


Financial hygiene also entails giving back to those in need! Don't forget the hungry poor ones out there who are not blessed to bring home the bread regularly. Or those who struggle in debt. Everyone be generous and not stingy and we will all have a better hygiene 🪥


I've always used the term fitness. Physical fitness is obvious. But there's also social fitness, financial fitness, spiritual fitness, etc, etc. The question then becomes, what is fitness exactly? Let's start with the easiest one to understand... physical fitness... Is it strength, is it flexibility, is it agility, is it endurance, is it speed? Etc etc. When I asked myself this question, it became obvious that the fitness I was striving for was some combination of all those things. Some balance between the different modalities. I began to look at it as a sort of "degrees of freedom" concept. The more degrees of freedom, the more fit. And this seems to be true across the spectrum. Financial fitness is all about creating freedom to live the life you want. Social fitness is about developing a wide net of relationships, from the intimate to the casual to the ability to have personal space when needed. Freedom to choose how you socialize, which can only be done with a healthy swath of relationships. Spiritual fitness requires an open mind and an open understanding of the world around you in order to be more free and less rigid in your thinking. Call it fitness, call it hygiene, call it whatever. It's all about degrees of freedom.


Metaphor stretching is a good thought experiment


I think you are touching upon the six deadly sins …. I leave lust out of it. Can’t go overboard with this stuff


Disagree on the social hygiene. I don't think you have to go out to have good social hygiene i think you can also just chill at home with friends and that's totally fine. All other points are very valid i think :)


I’ve always categorized much of this under ‘Mental Hygiene’: sleep, drug use, personal interaction, cognitive improvement, meditation and grounding, etc. For simplicity’s sake, I use a somewhat modernized and secularized form of Buddhist precepts to cover nearly all of that. Unfortunately, much of the “plaque buildup” that needs removing comes from participating in anything related to these little black boxes were always falling into. Everything from social media to slanted politics to streaming services - almost nothing behind the black glass supports mental well-being. I find most of my therapeutic tripping time is spent scrubbing away fake news, false perceptions and malicious fictions. After two solid years of regular and focused psychedelic therapy, I keep coming back to the same place: avoid the black glass at every opportunity.


I love this entire thread 🥹🥹🥹💐💐💐


NYC has a department of mental hygiene




Love this! One of the limbs of yoga, Niyama, teaches about sauca or cleanliness of body mind and spirit. Mushrooms aiding in Self-realization ❤️


Hygiene = Moderation


Saved this post!


Yes!! A big one for me is sexual hygiene. It doesn't mean that anyone is "dirty". It's rather a perspective of having regular testing, using open communication about test results and about your sexual habits, using protection when necessary, and being very intentional about whom you allow (or don't allow) to enter your sexual field.


I refer to this as ‘self care’