I think I can help you, so bare with me. The thing is, you feel like it's ruined because you wanted the entities to be a separate thing, you attached to this idea and then when you realized it wasn't, you felt disappointed. The thing is, you can use that new perspective to get a total different experience on that. You can now use it to know yourself and experience deep parts of you that you normally don't have access to. It is truly beautiful when you have a conversation with an entity knowing it is part of your subconscious. Now, my perspective on this is that I just don't know yet to be sure, even though all things I experienced so far seems to be just my unconscious. I still think there is something out there, because there are some experiences that are just too much of a coincidence to think it is just a coincidence.


I love this response! Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Just cuz someone demystified the mystical should be grounds for greater exploration and growth. Before you didn’t know who or what you’d meet. Now you know that’s you’ll meet aspects of yourself along the way. Which is really helpful and grounding since at our core we’re all good people doing our best and have our own best interest at heart. Process the disappointment. Grieve your need for it to be aliens and supernatural, then Dive back in with what you know and trust the process. You’re doing great 😇💜👍


Not to bursts everyone's "disappointment" in thinking that it's demystified, but I'd just like to point out the clear and obvious. And that's when we're down in that vortex, hyperspace, bardo, limbo world, no one can explain why we are all encountering the same looking entities who all greet us with the joyous hello, welcome back, it's been so long, glad you're here. Only to show us insight of things we can only possibly fabricate with our own minds. Same intros, same entities, same lessons. How is this so? Unexplainable, and simply unfathomable. If you're projecting your subconscious, surely we should all be seeing much different things in there, experiencing much different revelations of insight to subjects our minds might be wandering into. Yet we all get the same results, such as ego death and language being seen visually. How is it were continuously encountering mantises, elves, and jesters? Why are they greeting us all the same? Why are people's trips almost exactly the same? If it's a fabrication of everyone's subconscious, shouldn't we all be experiencing major differences? I personally was sentenced to ego death by 3 mantises after being critiqued. I've read almost same exact stories word for word took it right out of me. Why wasn't my trip different from many others? There's the proof. Its in the pudding. Slap daddy right on the table. They don't want to be proven scientifically. They want to be proven spiritually. They won't tell you where you left your keys to your car that you lost because then they can be proven of their existence. They want others to believe shared similar experiences so that one can go in there and experience it themselves. They have an agenda. The question isnt do they exist, the question is, what do they want? Is it to really show us insight about our universe, are we being deceived, what are they, and where do they exist?


Or that we are all part of the same spiritual being having a human experience.


This right here ^^


They are us because we are they


Why does a spiritual being want a human experience?


Have there been cross-cultural studies? I’d imagine the entities are based on cultural norms and expectations 🤷‍♀️


The reason why people's trips are exactly the same is because we're all human, meaning we share the same species- specific neural architecture. The biology and chemistry is all very similar across people.


Once you are told about something like 'seeing elves' when you take dmt, you are now subconsciously projecting that expectation onto your dmt trip, but also since we are all human, we can only experience the human perspective which is the only one we have ever known


Not to destroy your world, but reason for that is pretty simple. Psychedelics affect the same parts of brain and neural transmitters in every single person. It's like asking why everyone feels like the world is Fibonacci when they take ketamine. It triggers same thought processes, because it works almost exactly for everyone, on neurological level. Not exactly the same, tho. It's like alcohol - big group of people gets calm, big group gets aggressive, big group gets funny. You have surely encountered trips completely different than yours, either dismissing them or forgetting. Psychedelics can help you with many things, but believing they're taking you to legitimate alternate reality, where you can talk with real "entities", is one step closer to psychedelic-induced mental illness. Cases of which I've seen far too many times.


It’s all a matter of perspective. Understanding how it chemically plays out doesn’t disprove the experience or take away the meaning. It’s entirely possible that the reason why it impacts everyone the same way is to allow us to have that same experience as that experience is what we need to have in order to be exposed to a higher truth. This type of reasoning isn’t provable or disprovable. You simply have to have the experience and decide for yourself.


This is like asking if we are all born out of different vaginas, why do our teeth and feet all look almost identical? Like I asked this dude how many teeth he had and it was THE EXACT SAME NUMBER AS ME. Fucking wild.


I think it would be awesome to sit down at a bar with a few beers and have a conversation with myself. Just the two of me talking. I remember I used to have a ouija board that I would use by myself. My sister would be dismissive and say “ I think it’s just you”. But I’m “ yeah I know !” Can’t you see the beauty in that ? Talking to yourself as if it was it’s own separate entity. Our thoughts can get in the way of our sense of knowing so easily. Sometimes we are not thinking clearly. DMT entities allow us the opportunity to know thyself . However I do still believe in roaming energies. And I think it’s foolish to think one has the ability to explain everything away. Yes science explains everything, but can YOU explain everything. Can you know everything. What about everything that has yet to be discovered


Science doesn’t even come close to explaining everything. We’re just barely starting to understand the what, and a tiny bit of the how. We’re nowhere near the why.


My understanding is that science will never answer *why* aspect of things, unless of course if / when we stumble upon something truly revolutionary, but as long as we are not there, we need to deepen our knowledge.


Agreed, science limits itself to make it safe and predictable, while this is good for practical use, it is far from reality.


Science doesn't even come close to explaining the what, how, or why of its most fundamental tool of measurement, consciousness.


I’m the guy that said “science explains everything.” I usually just say that for numb skulls to appease them when their panties get twisted over something that hasn’t been proven by science. Normally I’m like “ I’m sorry when did we reach a point where science said ‘ welp, that’s it, there’s nothing else left to look into.’ It so short sighted to be like that. So many things were not explained by science 100 years ago, but that didnt mean they didn’t exist. I’m referring to things paranormal in nature. To me it’s just the yet unexplained.


Scientists of the materialism mindset are arriving at Space time not being fundamental.. so there is a lot of potentials for sure. I feel we are on a thread that connects to things beyond any concepts. And that is a similar to psychedelics.. many times the experience is beyond concepts or senses.


Yes, that's why my personal view is that there is way more on that than "just things in your head", although I do agree most entities I've seen are indeed "in my head". There is a nice phrase I've seen somewhere in the internet that is a good starting point here: it is in you head, you just don't know how big your head is.


Wait, so I’m not really talking to aliens who put these chemicals down here for me to communicate with them? Dang it!!




I do agree that there is a higher consciousness/intelligence beyond the unconscious. Sadly I didn't reach it yet, so I can only speculate.


Exactly we are all one on this plane of reality it is just one big Infinite super being that we see when we go on DMT. But you can breakthrough on any drug


Yeah dude I think it‘s an amazing feeling to be able to see manifestations of our inner workings we wouldn‘t maybe ever see otherwise.


Psychedelics are “mind manifesting.” There is a lot in you you don’t know


Realizing that there's no magic secret behind psychedelics is part of growth. You are the magic, this world is beautiful without the need for mystical beings and deities


love this mindset ❤️


I went from mormon, to I believe in something I just don’t know what, to extremely woo woo beliefs, to I am one with everything, to we are just beings on a rock


I skipped a few steps myself but went from mormon to floating rock too.


We are just smaller (weirder) rocks on a bigger rock floating through space. This is where I’ve been since having an ego death whilst looking at rocks on my first ever acid trip.






So true


I agree but I also believe there is more to these "entities" than we realize. Life is a lot stranger than we think, and although these are probably just interpretations created by our mind, I wouldnt be completely closed off to the idea that there is more happening "behind the veil" than we suspect.


Most certainly. Everytime we discover something a whole new world opens up to mankind. Wheel, farming , steam, electricity, hexagonal structure etc. Those things have always been there in nature/universe but it takes us a long time to understand, learn and implement them. Only a matter of time before we can shed more light on entities and heavy psychedelic states (although a lot of research has been done and there's some valid and good explanations)




Why would this ruin psychedelics for you? Is looking inside yourself so terrible? It doesn’t have to be a cool wizard fantasy story to be worthwhile or even just fun. It’s no less magic if it’s all inside of you.


Look into the teachings of Carl Jung bro, specifically archetypes. Within the subconscious lies every entity. The subconscious is the biggest mystery to your conscious mind. The only thing that you can say is DEFINITLY real is the stuff in ya brain


I feel like one of the most profound realizations you can have while on psychedelics is realizing just how DEEP your mind goes. Its as if our conscious selves are but a tiny raft floating on an vast ocean... and for a few moments you can peak beneath the surface.


Jesus is the hive mind's personification of GOOD. If he didn't literally exist it doesn't matter he is still the realest entity to ever exist.


Check out The Immortality Key


Can you elaborate? A lot of small pieces of personal experiences lead me to this conclusion, but coming from a history that knows little to nothing about the church beforehand.


The story of christ is archetypal. Every Hollywood movie leads back to the protagonist story some how. There's no getting away from the story of Christ's redemption. As long as humans exist good and bad will exists. Personifiying good and bad as characters is a given because that's how humans work. SO when you speak to jesus (or whatever you want to call him) you are speaking to the goodest possible version of yourself - and everyone. If you can reach this level of goodness in our earth realm you are achieving "christ conciousness". WWJD or what would the best version of yourself do? Same thing That's why it's kind of bad to bash jesus because he's a solid dude haha might not have walked this earth but fuck it who else are you striving to be? Luke Skywalker? Luke skywalker is just the jesus of starwars haha


God is within all of us. When we say have faith in God, pray to God, it’s an entity similar to the good/pure version of us.


>The only thing that you can say is DEFINITLY real is the stuff in ya brain [hard skip past solipsism (yawn)] the consensus reality is very much something we can say is definitely real. we can independently verify all sorts of things about it, using all sorts of tools. other than the things in the natural world, there has been nothing (afaik) that was demonstrated to exist or to have existed. the brain is indeed part of the natural world, which can be demonstrated. if we don't "know" that consensus reality exists, then the word "knowledge" is useless.


The whole argument is solipsism and you skip that. And what are you even verifying then? When determining an uncertain reality what you can or can't verify is of the same importance. Zero.


Dont believe you know everything especially from a YouTube video.


creator of the video here: i agree with this statement


Glad you didn’t take offense to my statement and your work is amazing!


especially videos making outlandish claims like "the godlike figures you see while high as fuck on DMT might not be actual space gods and instead just hallucinations"


Oh my sweet summer child.


You're dealing with a very strict and arbitrary definition of "real"


This is the answer! What’s real cannot be defined arbitrarily or put into a category. I would tender these ‘entities’ are just as real, or not real, as we are. They could be aspects of ourselves, perhaps independent. But does it matter? Inherently not because they still teach us what we have to know about ourselves


This here, this is what is know as a "fact".


(Facepalms myself with extra facepalminess) There's so many assumptions that are wrong built into this OP, I don't even know where to start. If you want to stop doing psychedelics because the entities aren't real, that's probably a good idea


I made the video that OP linked and I agree with this statement.


Why would this ruin psychedelics for you? This is what it's always been. It's ALL in our heads. You're not being teleported anywhere, you're not meeting divine beings. You're consuming a substance that interacts with your brain and lets it get weird and freaky for a bit.


To think the mind can create such immense beauty beyond description is prettyyyyy incredible


I don’t see why this inherently proves that DMT entities are not separate existent creatures. “Well they won’t answer our questions!” yeah - they’re entities, not trained monkeys that do what you ask. I think a good experiment to elaborate on this would be to ask an entity a question you DO know the answer to - i.e. 2 + 2. My guess is that they still wouldn’t provide an answer.


On top of this, I know numerous people who’ve had experienced that are distinctly out of this reality. I had a friend who was shown visions of future events that later came true.


Can you ask your friend who is going to win the super bowl next year? I wanna place a bet


Your friend has figured out The Secret


I met an entity on dmt (a green dragon) that was super cool and helped me with some things in my life. A few years later I met a shaman who knew nothing about me. One of the first things they said to me was, did you know there's a magnificent green dragon with you? But I don't think I could ever 100% convince someone of this stories truth, because it only happened to me. I did have one friend with me for the shaman part. I probably would not believe it myself if I hadn't experienced it. I think it's something each individual has to decide for themselves (believing in entities)


Now, I'm jealous. You get to keep this cool green dragon as a pet and what do I get? Only energy parasites and other vampires! :D


Like final destination? 😂


I knew you were going to say that.


or maybe they were just super high


You're right, it doesn't prove anything. There is no scientific proof of anything in OP's post.


I'll have you know that my youtube video which OP linked is scientific proof and indisputable under any circumstances how dare you


Stating this belief as fact is woo-woo 101. There is 0 science that objectively measures the concepts you're talking about. Calling this PROOF without any research, studies, or tested theories is scientifically illiterate. Kind of a funny "revelation" considering there's no scientific way to measure any aspect of your claims. If it was true; This doesn't make psychedelics more interesting to you? The etymology of Psychonaut is about exploring consciousness, not about exploring alien spaceships. You're sad that your woo-woo nonsense was debunked, and you replaced it with more woo-woo nonsense...


That reminds me of Carl Jung. He is one of the greatest psychologists of all time, created a lot of our base knowledge on how the mind works, including the very concept of conscious, unconscious and archetypes seen in the proof video. He stated a very interesting view: Whatever mind or matter is, they can't be different. He thought that consciousness is the source element of existence. So it's kinda interesting how this changes the statement "it's only in your head".


This 100%


If that interests you check out Spinoza’s God as he describes in his book Ethics.


I've never done dmt but you haven't proven anything by claiming these entities can't tell you anything you don't already know. You'll need to verify that claim first. Most humans won't be able to answer strange math problems either


Yeah also a bold assumption they speak your language and use your system of numerals.


Surely there would be atleast one instance of a DMT entity conveying something verifiable to someone. But there isn't. This isn't just limited to maths problems.


Maybe need more Trips haha.. so how i can explain with bad english.. Beings are Real, Aliens are Real they only share the same big consciousness (god) but we are seperated in Dimensions.. so yes everything is real but also everything is illusion.. if you one day understand that everything is so wonderful in life, on planet, in the universe also all Beings :)


Did you know the structure of DNA was discovered under the influence of LSD? Look it up Idk, what do these entities say to people? Isn't it just abstract stuff?


https://psychedelicpress.co.uk/blogs/psychedelic-press-blog/23736769-francis-crick-dna-lsd-psychedelic-history-in-the-age-of-science Not true


All this does is question the source of the information. It was from Crick's friend. This doesn't disprove Crick friends anecdotal story that crick used lsd. I see no reason to disbelieve, it's common knowledge that many computer scientists and programmers used lots of LSD to help them conceptualise things.


What does computer programmers drug habits have to do with crick? That just conflates the argument. The trajectory of information is second hand not self divulged anyone can say anything about anyone once they’re dead and make a nice urban myth. Which based on the data at hand is all this can be.


Based on which data? Crick was a well known psychonaut, the only thing that's in question is the timing. The point is there's nothing absurd about the story. LSD does facilitate a certain kind of abstract visualisation


The data of disclosure it’s an anecdote told by a third party, that’s it.


Unfortunately you’ve missed the point.


sick loophead <3


U can never have proof of anything besides awareness


I dont necessarily thing dmt entities are literal separate beings. I dont know what they are, not gonna pretend i do. Buuuuut honestly if they were real why the fuck would they give a fuck about somebody asking them math questions to try to prove they are real. If someone started quizzing me to verify i was real i would 100% be annoyed and just troll their dumb ass. So again, whether or not dmt entities are real, the premise here doesnt prove anything, because if they ARE real they certainly dont give a fuck about a dumb apes petty attempt at proving or disproving their existence... Honestly what a moronic idea... And no im not calling you a moron, just this specific thought.


No offense but it sounds like you didn't learn anything from psychedelics so they probably aren't for you. There is no such thing as separation. You are everything and everything is you. There is only one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.


The other world is an altered perception. Your perception is your reality, when it’s altered you are experiencing a different reality simply because it’s not the same anymore. The proof is in whether or not your perception makes you feel that way.


Yes, if I take drugs my perspective of reality changes. But reality in and of itself doesn't change.


It has for me, and residually my loved ones


This would make sense since we are all really 1 united thing, but have split int separates giving us the illusion that we are different, so the entities are YOU


The answer is , there is no answer . Whatever it is you are trying to figure out is within you . Just as it was within You to ask the question in the first place . Psychedelics are sacred to me, they have helped me heal my mind and my soul in ways I can not describe . Maybe you don’t benefit from these substances and I’m happy you realize that :)


This shouldn't ruin psychedelics for you; as a scientist once said, if the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn't. We are confused ass apes with too much consciousness (yet still barely conscious), and psychedelics give you a window into a different world of your own brain. Psychedelics give you no outside wisdom, and nothing supernatural exists, but this, once you get over the initial disappointment, is a good thing, and reality is far more complicated than any of us can comprehend. Appreciate the fact that psychedelics feel like magic in a universe with no magic; they are truly awesome.


It seems that most of us who got a lot out of this went into it not expecting a magical entity to give us all the answers to how we can pay our bills better or find a better job. We went into it not knowing what the hell we were going to see and did not expect fantastical resolutions. At least I didn’t. And then that’s what I got.


IMHO the truth lies somewhere in the middle. It’s too literal and provincial to expect entities to be just like another human-like intelligent agent with a close-enough cognitive structure to interact with and ask questions say about math and science. It feels more like the “realm” these entities occupy has little use for linear reductive analytical thought and so those types of ideas don’t come through directly, it’s more about whole-picture emotionally salient gestalt information which the receiver then is tasked with reducing that into forms of information which can be expressed in our world. Sort of like how epiphanies work. That’s just for entities experienced during psychedelics, which does affect the entire mind in ways that makes it hard to cognate and distort things quite a bit, but a whole literature of accounts from other experiencer modalities (NDEs, OBEs, “ET”s, etc) also includes veridical knowledge, some more clear and closer to what you’re after, though still not an oracle answering unsolved math questions as far as I know, but again working through epiphanies and inspiration it can be argued geniuses are getting that just in a different form, like Ramanujan.


Paradigm shifts


I have a more Jungian view on what is happening during entity encounters. I believe these entities live within us, in the collective unconscious Jung described, as archetypes. They both are and are not a separate consciousness; they are a "binned" consciousness, just like a cell is binned from other cells through a semi-permeable wall. What we experience as "me", myself", "I" is like a very large circle inside an extremely large circle. Like a super big cell that is unaware its in a bloodstream. It feels like more than enough when you're in it - why look for more self, a bigger circle? But other, small circles exist outside of us - other cells. In Jungian words, these are shadow selves; parts of us that we do not identify with in this lifetime, but at one point or another, had the potential to become. He also refers to them as archetypes that we all share, and my own personal definition of these archetypes is more like "roles you can fill in society". None of this is physical or material; it is intangible like words you hear, so what you see is a construction of the mind and travels thru our current brain wiring and exposures. That's why the entities look different to everyone, but most people describe such similar themes/feelings with them. So in sum, I believe you really ARE "going somewhere" and "the veil of reality is lifting" on psychedelics. It's like the semi-permable cell walls dissolve, and all of a sudden you are aware of the other potential "yous" that could have existed, and are still hanging out inside you. You really do "travel" to that wider circle because the walls of your smaller circle no longer exist under this chemical influence. I do not believe these are aliens visiting from another dimension, or we are visiting them - we are visiting our own aliens, the parts of self we failed to develop, the parts that would have came from walking an opposite path to what we did, making a different choice, etc. The reality of what is inside us/our brains is far more fascinating and truly unbelievably magic than any alien life form, in my humble opinion. I guess in terms of why I came to think about it this way would be what we learned in the last 50 years about DNA and evolution. We are the product of every living being that was born, grew to reproductive adulthood, found a mate, and successfully produced one of our ancestors. They are part of our DNA, and therefore a part of us. But we are our own, new being/"circle" taking bits and pieces from all of them (e.g., genetic phenotypes). We could not exist without DNA or without them, and so we build ourselves from their models. We only see us in reality, but when psychedelics blur the boundaries of reality, we see who we truly are: the sum of many, many, many other beings/"circles". Most of our potential is set the day of conception when the sperm and egg do the random genetic recombination dance, but the potential is not deleted -- its shoved outside the main circle, to the outskirts of self.


Did you just say psychedelics are ruined for you cuz your imaginary friends aren't real? Wow dude you missed the point of them to begin with


It looks like psychedelics did absolutely nothing for you. This thread is dumb


Yea, for real. This guy watches one YouTube video made by some guy and uses it as some ultimate truth or proof of a truth.


OP's post is boring propaganda.




This thread is a joke


Interesting perspective you have there. I don't think you should say "never," though, until you've tried every iteration available to you. Also - I watched what you were referring to, and it looks to me more like "I put a label on this," in an attempt to demystify things scientifically. If you go deeper you'll see that this person cannot define other without defining themselves to begin with. If you're looking for a double blind placebo study in regards to verifying subjective experience, you'll never be able to do so - this video appears to be trying to do that. If someone is color blind, you'll never be able to provide sufficient enough evidence to prove that it does exist, as it comes down to subjective experience. You just looked externally for an answer that I believe should have come from within.


I had an experience where one gave me information randomly that I didn't ask for, I didn't know, sounded weird at the time, and that I read in a book six months later. I also had information about the future beamed into my head and made me a multi-millionaire.


I don’t agree. The questions you are talking about are irrelevant to the beings up there. Earthly questions have nothing to do with them.what they can do I to help you find your path in life. They are not there to answer you math problems or to help you get better grades in school, it’s the most complex beings of all worlds where half of things that you are experiencing you can’t even comprehend. When going on the trip you need to understand why you are doing this. I get my life answers all the time, it’s amazing…


Psychs definitely give you access to your unconscious mind as you said. Thing is, the unconscious levels go DEEP. There are personal levels like you and the Youtuber have experienced, and there are transpersonal levels beyond that. A couple good books to check out are: LSD and the Mind of the Universe: Diamonds from Heaven https://a.co/d/dpL5Bjm The Cosmic Game: Explorations of the Frontiers of Human Consciousness (S U N Y Series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology) https://a.co/d/ddbd9C3 Also this talk by Terence Mckenna describes all sorts of “new” information revealed. https://youtu.be/UGlQ5BsGgng If you’ve had experience with channeling, remote viewing, precognition, or other similar phenomena, that can really change your perception of mind altogether. But I understand that can be highly controversial and divisive for some people. If you’re open to at least considering, perhaps check out the CIA’s reports on remote viewing on their website. https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210016-5.pdf Also Jung of course as other commenters have mentioned. Make of all this what you will… I think it’s an “if you know, you know” situation. Otherwise 2nd hand reports will never be convincing. And just to state clearly, the video you shared (and the resources I shared) are all 2nd hand reports. Keeping an open mind with regard to any conclusion is really the key component. I experience the universe as magical beyond any comprehension or conclusion or framework, but I do think that the sharing of certain ideas can help us open our minds more. I recommend checking out the data received and confirmed by the CIA in that report perhaps as a starting point.


So I watched the video, and basically they are saying the psychedelic experience is like our brains own DALL-E 2, an AI that generates art based on text prompts. That perspective makes sense. When I used to be religious, I would pray and see visions, speak in tongues, deliver prophecies, and generally believed that God was speaking to me. However later when I thought more about it, it was always the inner voice of my own mind. But that voice seemed different than my normal thoughts. It felt like it was from a deeper place and was from someone else. Also check out r/Tulpas for more along that line. Like what the video mentioned, I never got truly unique information from "listening to the voice of God", but an interesting mashup of ideas that matched other things I already new and believed. So I can totally see this being the case with psychedelics. However, there are a couple of things that give me pause. Firstly, we don't really know what the nature of reality is. Science operates under methodological naturalism, but we don't know if the universe really is that way, or if that is just our map for the territory. There is a lot of resurgence of nondual and idealist thought that see consciousness as fundamental to reality. If that is really the case, then we cannot be sure if there are any boundaries to consciousness at all, and the entities *could be* really real somewhere outside our brains. Also, I could be talking out my ass here since I've never seen any entities, but maybe the dose affects what information you can get from them? Also, a lot of pyschonauts say you don't remember a lot of stuff you experience, so maybe that's why useful information isn't returned? Lots of stuff to think about, that's for sure.


I never thought monks wearing hovering light armor from somewhere im the fabric of time were watching me. I never believed in buddhism at all until i reached nirvana and met a indian swami man meditating in a tornado and then saw spirits in the sky, then went through a magic carpet ride type shit over hell, all well puking my brains out in the physical world. I never thought i lived a previous life as a malnourished afircan boy who had my limbs chopped off by a crazy bum weilding a machete, i never thought of god(source) the way i do now that ive seen it. And i sure as hell didnt expect a mantis alien overseeing a factory of strange workers, i didnt expect to see communicate with some weird robot spider ish alien that was tapping all these pads making strange frequencies to communicate with me. But i pretty much believe it because your perception makes your reality. At any point i could decide na that was all fake hallucinations but literally why would i have ever thought of any of that it makes no sense unless it was something besides me trying to communicate. It seems like there much much more going on then we could have ever imagined or can ever fully comprehend. Most of the time your forced to forget most of the experience because your physical body just cant hold the information your soul can. Some people are capable of holding more information then others. And you can make yourself able to hold more information by getting your body in better shape.


How do you know your subconscious mind doesn't contain these entities? Your logic is flawed.


...isnt that what taking psychedelics are? Just you taking a drug? It alters your mind, it doesn't take you anywhere and they aren't magic. They're chemical reactions in your brain.. It's not worth arguing over these entities are real or not nor should that subject matter. Idk about everyone else here but I take these drugs knowing that they're simply chemical reactions, and the "magic" happens thanks to my brain and imagination and whatever's going on in my subconscious mind.


This whole theory is based on the idea that information about the external world cannot be provided to the user of the psychedelic. Well, this is false. I have experienced 2 scenarios in which someone was given information about the external world they could not have gathered on their own. The first one is quite simple to understand. It happened in an Iboga temple in Gabon, Africa. ​ During a ceremony, someone named Josh went out of the temple to pee while under the effects of Iboga, which allows you to communicate with spirits. It is very different than on Ayahuasca, in which the entities look like what you see in the videos you linked. On Iboga, when you see spirits, they look like translucent humans. Ancestors. Sometimes dressed up. Anyway, this guy went out to pee close to a tree, and a face appeared on the tree. And it called out to him and said "Hey you, I need your help." Josh thought he was tripping out, but decided to entertain the situation and said "Sure, what can I do for you." The face replied "I have a lot of pain in the area where you see me. Could you do something about it please?". So Josh, who was tripping, started tapping on the tree hoping to find something, a clue that would indicate why the spirit of the tree was asking this. There was nothing. Just the bark of the tree. So he glossed over the whole situation and decided he was just hallucinating. ​ The next day however, he starts to explain this weird event to some of the locals at this village. One of them starts thinking, and says "Wait a minute, I think we may have had a clothesline attached to this tree some years ago, let's check again." So they went back to the tree. There was nothing. But, one of them started removing the bark at the approximate spot Josh told him. Under the bark was a huge nail planted right within the tree. Suffice to say, Josh had his mind blown. So, the last statement of your post does not apply here. Josh was indeed given information he could not have possibly known on his own.


That's awesome, love that!


that does not prove that these entities are not real, if we all come from the same source and will go back there, we are by definition part of the same engergetic Field, Conciousness (Call it how you want, there are many different names for the same thing). So its no different to get/call for advise from these Entities than it is to call a friend(human) for advice.


No it's different. A friend can give you answers to things you don't already know. I can call up a smart friend and he can help me with a maths equation for example. They can tell you something that you do not know the answer to in your brain. They're separate consciousnesses. DMT entities cannot do that.


no its not, your friend is you (he is comming from the same source and going back there as well) he is just experiencing life indiviudally but he is you and you are him


My friend is more different to me than the DMT entity. Since my friend can tell me things I don't know.


and the entity can too


This is where you're wrong. There's nothing new under the sun. All things are already known and the Truth can be found WITHIN you if you know how to seek it.


Nah homie, the friend is you, the entity is you. I am you. You are me. All is one. One big connected conscious system. Those entities are real, but they are the perfect you. Oneness, all! You are a mere perspective on the universe.


finally someone lol, takes people forever to figure this out


entities won't solve my math problem so they don't exist


Sooo I’ve experienced “entities” from well before I consumed psychedelics and after. This sounds like an ego trap. There is so much more to existence than our 3D senses can perceive, and psychedelics open our perception to senses in the energetic body, but I’ve found it far more potent to develop my Clairs /extra sensory abilities through meditation and stillness. I didn’t watch the video because disproving experiences in the way that it was coming across is absolutely ego driven. Ultimately you’ll learn the truth in your own way, we all do, just depends on what lessons we choose to integrate or not.


OP makes the video sound much more dismissive than it actually is. It has a bit of value in the collection of reports it uses, and the last bit has an interesting idea on how these consciousness are as real as our own.


The real work for OP starts when they begin to wonder *why* they were so attached to the idea in the first place.


Not true in my experience. I was told things I couldn't have known and it took years for me to actually verify that they were true. I had a sense that it was true at the time but proof as we call it took years to get but it came. There are some entities that are a projection of your mind and there are others that are not. Problem is people don't have the discernment to tell the difference. It takes years of practice to to see the difference


I can’t speak for your experience but could these have been thoughts/questions you had before these trips? Because if you’ve heard it somewhere and don’t remember even your mind probably settled on a comforting answer that was locked away until you ventured close enough to regain that answer.


Some were not really questions but I was aware I didn't know about it and wanted to know. I didn't form an actual question though I was in a questioning state so to speak. One thing it showed me to speak on your point is that there is no such thing as a question and an answer that it's actually one phenomenon a question/answer. They aren't separate. The answer we seek is found within the question. Whenever someone had an aha moment or a moment of enlightenment about a question they had their perception just penetrated deep enough to get to the core and they could see and experience the truth of what it was. It showed me this conceptually that the question/answer phenomenon was like a particle and the outer layer was more dense than the inner layer. More specifically it showed me that the outer layer was made from a quality of nature that causes the experience of unawareness. There is an aspect of nature that veils and covers the truth of something. It's literally like a substance that's very subtle and hard to detect. When you look at it you can't see it's true nature, it's truth is clouded in mystery. When we interpret this we call it a question but it's just us seeing the outer shell of this particle. If we are able penetrate this outer layer and reach the core an aha moment can happen. Energy is released and the answer is revealed. If you have ever experienced this there is a burst of energy that happens within you as this happens. This happens as you become unified with the core of it. Like a fusion reaction kind of thing. Again this is something it showed me I had no concept of this prior. Now people can debate whether it's true or not and that's perfectly fine. It also showed me that you can never know knew phenomenons about life through logic. That logic can only understand information it already has. That there is a way to bypass logic and see things as they are instead of through the comparative lens of logic. When someone transcends their logic they can see things that they didn't previously know. Some like an Einstein did this. Remember he saw the phenomenon first before he worked out the math behind it. His perception went beyond what he knew previously and then he took the information from that perception to work it out logically. We tend to write off that part of his story. He always saw it first though. You can use psychedelics to provide the energy needed to transcend the limits of logic. Sir Francis crick did this when he discovered the DNA double helix. He saw it in during an LSD trip. He had no idea about it previously though he was working on trying to understand it. He had questions about it but with the aid of lsd he was able to see beyond the outer layer that covered the truth in mystery


Ok, so they aren't "real". But you still experience it, it's still an experience that exists in this universe. this universe made you, and made a plant that interacts with your biology that gives you this experience. You experience this just as much as you experience the material world around you. How is this possible? And how can you say it's not real when it's an experience. everything is a subjective experience, and they're all as real as each other, imo. ​ That's how I see it, this universe has moulded itself in such a way that this kind of ineffable experience can happen, how can you say it's not real? And a maths question, sure... but that's assuming they're human with human intellect. Why would they need maths? You're kinda projecting humanity onto what people believe to be something non-human. "Of course this is all happening inside your head. But that doesn't mean it isn't real." - Albus Dumbledore


Yes technically everything is just a reflection of source consciousness/awareness; an infinity experiencing itself through an infinite number of finite avenues simultaneously. McKenna's "disco ball" analogy of mirrors reflecting the light at different angles is spot on to this IMHO.


You have to decide whether you want to embrace or discard reductionism. In life we can either imbue things with meaning, or reduce them to models/maths etc. Some people only find meaning in the models/maths etc and that’s okay - that is their value system I am sure it works for them. But this is your journey. Whether you want to imbue entities, love, the personhood of your loved ones, the “reality” of friendships etc with meaning or reduce them to chemical compositions/moving parts etc or otherwise is up to you. The entire psychedelic experience can be reduced to scientific, neurological phenomena. McDonald’s, your home/car, can be dissolved and considered a composite of parts and bits. Etc etc etc Choose your own adventure mate.


That sucks, good luck, maybe revisit in a few years


Lmao you are going to piss off like 70% of the people in this community with this. You see, you cant just have data and evidence. Those don't matter here when they conflict with pop pscyhadelic theory like "we are all god" and "you are the universe" and other such tripe that is so open to interpretation as to be prescriptively useless. The magic isn't here. Keep looking if you want but this is a dead end.


I would say it pisses off the majority of the community not because of the proposition that machine elves and woo woo spirits aren't real, but because of the idea that if they aren't a direct hotline to an extradimensional super genius they are useless.


Even if its all in our mind (I highly doubt that) it means someone has implanted those things in all living beings on earth.


I mean I get it if your interest in them was only the aliens and different dimensions pseudoscience, but that's really not the main reason people take these drugs and a big part of psychedelics community already knows what you posted here. Most people take them to explore depths of their own consciousness and change their preception of reality which can help with many of their problems.


It says Personal commentary on the video, not much of a "proof". I can't say for certain, but I have gotten answers I don't think I would be able to comprehend if not for psy. Don't know if it's because my brain functions are different on psy, or were I talking to real entities, but the knowledge was given, so I'm satisfied either way.


Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted. Belief is a tool. Make it real if you want to. Because everything in your head is just a chemical reaction anyway.


We *are* the entities fam Edit; it feels like a profound experience because it’s a profoundly different way to experience yourself; your own consciousness in a different way than any other state of being.


What is real? What is more than just a drug? What is god? What is spirits? You have set the question to fail based on your heuristic of “truth.” But what is truth? Knowledge brings more questions than answers. I agree that if you are in a good place there is no need to continue taking drugs, but “magic,” “proof,” “real,” “BS,” are all hallucinations of the logical mind.


This has actually made psychedelics MORE enjoyable for me


It’s more of them wanting there to be wonder and not prove themselves to be real. They don’t have to answer. They’ve predicted events to me and they happened; one predicted I’d suck off my friends dick one night and it happened. Legit not a troll haha. I have a trip report on it.


you are the only light there is for yourself my friend


One time I asked a entity "what time is it in the universe" and they said "I am in your mind"... so there we have it.


Something else to consider is that a lot of the entities seem of higher intelligence. This would mean that they wouldn’t answer certain things because they know that could directly contribute to possible negative outcomes. It’d be like needing the answer to any question and just being able to ask them. If they answered all the questions then that could actually mess with our world, our reality, and our timeline. Them being real or not is definitely up to debate, it’s hard to say one way or another for sure. However one thing to consider is even if they are just a part of our mind that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, because they do exist in some form within our mind which is still within this world. It’s hard to perceive that but it’s true to an extent. It could be that us having the complex brains we do actually is the process for creating the higher entities and it takes a far different state of consciousness to do so. Either way there’s things to gain but remedial questions just isn’t it


Your post sounds like it was written by someone who has a worldview which is completely wrapped up in the occidental and the abrahamic. That's on you.


I've received answers to something I didn't already know. Answers that later became true.


This is a highly subjective and speculative topic. I don't think it can be talked about with certainty. It is what it is.


It is possible to get information not previously known to the person from encountering what seems to be another consciousness during a trip. It is rare, but it does happen. It happened to me. Changed the way I see reality entirely. It was more than a new frame, it provided a reason that framing made sense. Consciousness is not generated by the brain, so tripping weakens the disassociation between the tripper and source consciousness, which is one of the insights I got during the trip.


Man takes drugs to meet aliens, disappointed when the only alien he meets is his own brain


Seeking to verify to some external reality is kind of missing the point. There is no objective truth. Your mind has no boundaries. Dicking around about math to produce some sort of cosmic gotcha is a waste of a perfectly useful experience. Ask better questions!


Haha, this was fun to read...


I've always thought this was the case...pretty much says so on the "psychedelic" label lol Psyche = Mind Delos = Revealing


I'm more surprised you needed a video to tell you DMT wouldn't solve equations for you. Did anyone ever say that it would?


Well of course it’s all you 😁 congratulations on your self discovery!


I was very disappointed- I went to the video and was ready to have my beliefs challenged, evaluate the new information and possibly make a change. What I heard is “it is my personal opinion that…” with very little being given to argue that point. I think we often seek out opinions that validate our own.


It’s your right brain talking to you. You “are” your left brain.


I’ve found that when an “external” entity tells me something, it can resonate with me much more than if I simply know it. You can sense their power, and if that is simply you, then you can understand that the knowledge you hold is so powerful that only a manifestation of a divine entity could tell it to you.


Idk my first entity was the goddess Shiva, I never had any exposure to Hinduism (was raised in a strict christian household), so it completely astounded me. It was ultimately this experience that lead me to search "multi armed figure dancing in a wheel of fire" and discover the image that matched my vision... along with the Vedas and the rest of Hindu mythology. I'd consider that a form of new knowledge, or a breadcrumb to lead me down a very specific path...


Not in my experience in shamanic work. In quantum hypnosis we are getting information the person doesn't know. Thousands of times.


I don't buy this theory at all. Huxley's 'doors of perception' makes way more sense. When the world explodes into fractals after vaping DMT, having consumed harmaline beforehand, and then the universe rips you away and rockets you through a filigree rainbow into another dimension - a place that feels more real than here and familiar - and upon returning to your body you remember having to wear this clunky old hydraulic flesh suit, when you're really something so much more - and less. No. My brain didn't auto-up that fantasy. I left my brain.


You’re literally doing what the entities are doing. You seeing random information on the internet, you’re taking it as real. But when you’re there and you experience it, it’s more real than what you’re reading. Life is lived by feeling. Not fact. Facts are presented to you all the time. But if you don’t feel like they are real it creates skepticism. You’re doing what others do to you. Believing is seeing. If you want to believe what’s put on the internet over how you felt on your own experience then you’ve already lost your way. You are your own guide that answers your own questions about yourself.


This is not proof, and it doesn't have to ruin psychedelics for anyone. I *LOVED* this video! This sort of rational approach to the psychedelic experience is what this sub is missing. Really well-researched and thoughtfully delivered.


Understand the Law of One. Every entity everywhere is the same one consciousness. Just different points of view. All you have to do to have them talk to you about anything, is believe you are everything. At the highest levels of reality/consciousness, we will know everything as Love. Until we reach that moment, we will always be confused🙏🧡🌟


I can also ask my cat a complex math problem and it hardly ever gets it right, doesn't mean it's not a real entity.


You're making conclusions based on one guy's ideas and throwing statements around as though they are axioms. Like this: *You can't ask an entity about a maths question you don't know. They'll never reply.* You write as though you know what an entity is, and then have created a way to test to see if they are real. You've created your own definition of an entity and are then are creating backup statements to keep your definition alive. As humans we are determined to label, categorize and figure everything out. We are fucking dumb as shit. Things do not work like that. I am not excluded from this either lol.


i mean, couldn't one part of the mind learn something the other part already knows?


if you don't want to take the entities literally you can still find value and wonder in them by wondering why your brain would choose that deity or figure to deliver the message you need to address and learn from. it's interesting looking into the archetypal nature of alot of the gods or other entities experienced in some trips and consider calling on them in the future when you need strength in a certain area ( loving, strength, leading, etc). its helpful to have pure-natured role models even if they're just in your head and nothing more.




Isn't everything you experience your subconscious mind anyway?


Do you need validation/advice from someone outside of yourself?


"Entities" have foretold me things that then happened few days or hours later in the future. Shit that I could've never in a thousand years guessed myself. For example, once I was going to gym a word "turkish man" came super clearly to my mind multiple times. Then in the changing room two men were speking and other one said in the middle of conversation: "i'm a turkis man". Yeah I know you may call it luck, but when you experience something like that enough times it becomes kinda impossible to not believe in something supernatural.


Math, time, biology, etc and so forth are all physical and Tactorian subjects. I have not gotten answers to math questions from interplanar spirits because I don’t ask them - because that’s not a topic I would ask someone who isn’t bound my mathematics. I’ve had wonderful conversations both sober and under the influence with beings that had perspectives and viewpoints i could not dream up. I’ve been able to do and see things that renewed my faith in the Spirit World indefinitely.


I want to ask, why is it so Important to try to debunk such a universal thing? NGL it kinda stinks of fear


I completely disagree, and that's not proof it just somebody's personal experience on a substance they have no true control over. People are so quick to call BS on things they truly do not understand, it's okay to say we don't know No magick? Magick is everything, it's transformation, manifestation, light, darkness, the beyond, the seen and unseen, there's no real way I know how to sum it up other than energy's orgasmic creative nature. We rely on higher dimensions heavily. What dimension is our consciousness in? Where do ideas come from and why are they so specific? Where is your imagination? And why can your ideas take physical form? What is the physical truly? The problem with humans is that they like to pretend that they know the totality of knowledge at any given moment but in truth they barely know anything right now Here's some food for thought? Is the internet real or a hallucination? And where did it come from? The mind of a human or from mother earth? I personally think the internet is a mimic of the true internet that everyone has access to every night or during deep meditation and we do not need outside drugs to accomplish connection but we do need energy😁 Taking DMT without control over your consciousness is like getting a handjob behind Ruby Tuesday's vs mastering your consciousness and your energies to have a fulll out bang fest with the cosmic


This is a stupid thread and OP you should feel for stupid for posting it.


Truth is literally just your experience, there really is not “truth” outside of that. If you experienced it, it is true for you. And in my experience, yes the “entities” may form or stem from your brain or subconscious, but getting to know your own brain is key to understanding the spiritual realm/universe/reality. It’s all connected, intertwined. It is still all very real, just not in the way we imagined. There is so much information out there that it’s hard to filter out what is really true for you. Just keep exploring, the answers will come. I too enjoy shrooms because of the opportunity to learn and grow and gain guidance from God, don’t take away from the experience based on someone else’s understanding of it.


Well yes, but also no. We are capable of being deceived. Not everything you directly experience may be True, even if it you want to call it "your truth". For example, from my direct experience it seems the Earth is flat and the sky above a giant dome, but this is an illusion born from our limited perspectives and overall ignorance of the bigger picture.


I agree with all. On the other hand, there are always those odd trips that are simply...well, unexplainable; chemical reactions that no one sees coming, cant and don't explain what just happened.


It's a drug that's messing with a really complex computer that is our brain. That explains it.


Hey, but maybe a brain isn't really a computer, even a really complex one. that analogy is reductionist and obsolete.


Yes! That analogy is probably partially to blame for the lack of groundbreaking progress in psychiatry over the past decades. Stumbled upon the article *The Empty Brain* by Robert Epstein a couple of weeks ago. He lays out the evolution of our perception of how the brain works throughout history. Interesting read! https://aeon.co/essays/your-brain-does-not-process-information-and-it-is-not-a-computer Edit: found link.


great read, thanks!


Ditto that


Not trying to be a smart-ass, but did you honestly believe there was something "magical" about psychedelics or that it was anything more than a series of chemical reactions that affect your perception?


Psychedelics have only ever been a tool for self reflection by means of a perspective shift. If you were looking for something other than that, you were looking in the wrong place.


How is the video PROOF? You watched one YouTube video.


"We do not learn; and what we call learning is only a process of recollection." - Plato Point being, nobody can give you answers that you don't already somehow know deep within yourself. I'm only making any sense to you because you know English. If I use a word you don't know, you'll refer to words you do know to help you define it. Everything you call knowledge works in a similar way. This isn't to say that "entities are real" though; just that I'm not sure you're any more real than they are.


Goddamn what a bummer!!! I always thought these weird things I saw on dmt were real and it was just reality and my own sanity that was keeping me from seeing them when I was sober.


https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4706048/ Humans themselves know stuff they shouldn't know. I believe that was replicated in 62 labs, 50k total subjects, showing psychic powers exist. The world is a lot stranger than we think


This isn’t specifically psychedelic related, but look up Ramanujan. No formal math training at all, came up w proofs/theorems that rocked mathematics and claimed to kinda just dream it. So there is always a lil mystery in the world😉 ps and nikola tesla to an extent too


Lots of scientific discoveries are the result of communication with entities, 'spirits', or 'daemons'. It doesn't prove or disprove their existence external to you, whatever that means, but the idea that they can't present novel ideas to you is historically demonstrably false. Keep your mind open.


Or it could be that entities don't want / can't / are forbidden to give new information to humans. But the assertion is controversial to begin with : a lot of people have been claiming mushrooms or yage permitted them to meet helpful entities that gave them valuable information that was new to them. (Which plant to use against an ailment, where to find wild game, etc.) I'm not saying that entities in fact do exist, but merely that this ain't proof of anything. Quite interesting experiment, but ultimately leading to speculation, not definitive answers.