This is precognition mixed in with what your subconscious knows as catastrophe. It's coming. The warning before it happens. This was to you. We have all felt it. It's coming.


Take this with a grain of salt, it's easier to interpret dreams for people you know. I see two halves, the first being the 9/11 section and the second being the one about your father. When I am presented with this formula, it is usually to draw a correlation: the second half is the main point, but you are meant to view it through the lens of the first. You want to use knowledge/power to influence the world for the better, with a focus on saving lives. However, this is not what everyone needs. For some, it is their time to go, and nothing you can do will stop them. In other situations, the desired outcome is already inevitable, and any attempt to influence it would be pointless at best. Others still come with a set of consequences we can't see the righteousness in, sometimes for a while, and sometimes for the duration of this existence. Whatever happened to your father was part of his journey. You don't understand it now, and you may not in this lifetime. You are meant to trust that everything unfolded as it was meant to, that wherever he ended up is where he was meant to be, and whatever happened to you as a result was likewise necessary. u/ICrushItLikeQuint has a point, I confirm that I can feel it too. Is the approaching wave solely responsible for your dream? I suspect not. I theorize that the timing, less so the content, was caused by the current atmosphere. Or, perhaps, you are being warned/consoled that whatever is coming next is necessary, too, or you are meant to pass along this message to others. In my experience, important things have many reasons, many causes, and many effects. Thank you for sharing.