"Careless talk brings tragedy in wartime" // Canada // 1940 // Artist: L. B. Jameson

"Careless talk brings tragedy in wartime" // Canada // 1940 // Artist: L. B. Jameson

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This poster highlights the inefficiencies that were rampant at the time. The soldier should just tell the saboteur directly and eliminate wasteful steps 2-4. This increase in efficiency should help the war effort.


Genius bro, why didn’t they think of this smh


I can see how that could happen tho.


That's why they made the poster (well exept the German spies were basically useless im ww2 so they weren't a big threat)


Also, it really helps to paint your enemies as being everywhere, being cunning and always on the watch. I guess that's sort of an added bonus (if not part of the intention) of this propaganda. Especially in the later parts if the culture war the Soviet Union was always both: close to collapsing and sheer omnipotent.


In the Soviet Union the United States were comparably the same, propaganda always told a story about a corrupt, racist, inefficient system of capitalism that will collapse anytime. But on the other side they were the technological apex enemies that have ears in the walls, spies everywhere. The "foreign enemy" was always a nice rouse to control the masses.


I think it was the entire point of this poster.


Reminds me of how the west currently paints China.


Having the head of German intelligence being a double agent definitely helps


Careful you're gonna anger the wehraboos


With that many steps of Telephone, the saboteur would have blown up Real road.


*Saboteur:* "The banana is flying on the poop main? Got it"


The artwork here is honestly pretty great and drives home the point. Love the look of the saboteur.


I love how they gradually get more sinister


Why do all successful evil people smoke ...


Smoking relieves anxiety.


because lung cancer turns you evil


I am a man of a few words: It would have been more efficient to say > do not trust people with glasses or red hair.


quick question did any trains in usa or canada get sabotage? like for real i'm asking idk


[Nazi Germany sent some trained saboteurs to the USA.](https://www.fbi.gov/history/famous-cases/nazi-saboteurs-and-george-dasch) Among the targets they had studied was the famous Horseshoe Curve on the Pennsylvania Railroad, as well as railroad yards and maintenance shops in general. Can’t find a link at the moment, but during WWI I believe there was at least a tentative plan by an individual to sabotage a railroad bridge between the US and Canada. Off the top of my head those are the only two examples I can think of during either world war, and neither was successful.


thx m8


Was just reading earlier about Operation Pastorious. Incredible that their one major attempt at sabotage on American soil was such an unbelievable embarrassment they just decided not to try again.


Lik if u cry evrtim


This is why the internet must be stopped!


The train was full of AOC supporters, loose lips won the day. They don't teach these things in high school anymore.




The mf is projecting on a fucking WW2 Propaganda poster Lmaooooo.


Why are you putting aoc into this then, this has nothing to do with modern day politics.