"Memories of Russia: —Fritz, what would it cost us to visit Volgograd? —In 1943, it cost us 22 divisions." // Soviet Union // 1977 // Artist: Joseph Yefimovsky

"Memories of Russia: —Fritz, what would it cost us to visit Volgograd? —In 1943, it cost us 22 divisions." // Soviet Union // 1977 // Artist: Joseph Yefimovsky

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Dark humor is best humor.


That was before the Soviet Union started to sell them natural gas. :)


I don't really get the propaganda aspect here. Is it just a "haha, the germans lost the war"?


West Germany was part of NATO during the Cold War. Soviet message was "don't try to f..k with us ever again".


Ah, yeah. Makes sense


Dark gloomy Germany and bright sparkling Russia


Its not a propaganda it's a comical illustration from a Russian comical magazine "krokodil". Op is braindead.


Where is the nose police? Is anyone going to analyze their noses?


Lol, der nasenpolizei ist hier


Ah yes, I’ve noticed that the old guy with the iron cross who is referencing fighting for Hitler has a nose - therefore it’s clearly meant as an anti-semitic caricature!


Pretty safe as far as propaganda goes - referencing old victories and mocking an adversary that remains occupied by your forces 30+ years later is pretty low-hanging fruit. But I suppose that plays well to a domestic audience that was raised on stories of the Great Patriotic War.


This specifically mocks West Germany (NATO member), not the GDR. Soviet propaganda often portrayed West Germans as former Nazis dreaming of revanche on the Eastern Front.


They basically were. The West side kept a great deal of the political structures from the Nazi period in place and former Nazis and Nazi collaborators were given asylum from the de-nazification campaign in the East.


What? The east was proclaimed denazified by the soviets but never actually was. It’s why the east of Germany is now the big bastion of the extremist racist party AfD. You are right, there were a lot of cover ups and a lot of nazis went free in the west, but even more so in the east.


AfD and de-nazification have nothing to do with each other, the Nazis from that time are all dead and East Germany was committed to affirmative action to make them disappear as a class (at least for a while), evidenced in stuff like it being the only side willing to force the German middle classes to actually pay reparations after the war and making it very clear that they were not just powerless about the rise of Nazism (which was the narrative in the West), but rather *consciously brought then into power* and supported them. This is just transhistorical nonsense that tries to make a correlation between two entirely different periods of history with two entirely different social structures and dynamics. East Germany did not integrate into the "German economic miracle" in the 90s but rather became an internal colony of sorts (much like most of the former Eastern Bloc). If you want to hunt fascists down in Germany start by looking in the Bundesrat and the NATO HQ.


Did German veterans travelled to the places where they fought in the East?


Yes, they did. I have heard of such visits.