"Second Amendment in America" // Soviet Union // 1970s // Artist: Naum Lisogorsky

"Second Amendment in America" // Soviet Union // 1970s // Artist: Naum Lisogorsky

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Translation of the bottom caption: "Sir, America is the country of unlimited opportunities. You pay just 20 dollars for this rifle, and you can rob a bank for 20 thousand!"


Oh man, that was my job :)


Are you posting from prison?


Seems really ill-advised to post an admission online, right?


The statute of limitations is probably up by now.


Small correction from a Russian speaker - "pay **extra** 20 dollars for this one." Upselling going on too.


This model fires the ENTIRE bullet!


Cave Johnson said that


Those of you who volunteered to be injected with praying mantis DNA, I've got some good news and.....some bad news for you.


Appreciate the correction! I didn’t know that доплатить had that meaning of “extra” or “more”. The Russian prefixes can get complicated for foreigners!


When I learned Russian in college the weirdest fucking prefix was «по». My professor, who lived in Russia all of his life, struggled with translating it to English in a way that made sense. The only translation that made sense to me was “through the mode of/in the manner of”. Like how I thought of «я говорю по-русски» was “I speak in the manner of Russian” Or «мы смотрим новости по телевизору» as “We are watching the news through the mode of television.” Made sense to me lol


Good solution you've found there!


I feel your pain! I just thought it's crucial to show that this one is multi-level too. Soviet propaganda was extremely thought through, in fact better than anything else they produced.


Funny, given how the Bolsheviks funded themselves before the revolution through bank robbery, with Stalin having been actively involved.


Actually the funny thing is that they never were were able to use most of the money that they stole from Stalin's famous bank robbery. It was almost all in 500 ruble notes with ordered serial numbers meaning Russian banks all knew the serial numbers of the stolen notes. Most of the money in the end was burnt cause all it was doing was incriminating people


Most money came from private donations. Believe it or not, some wealthy Russian industrialists funded the Bolsheviks, because they disliked the monarchy and believed in social justice.


Return on that investment not quite what they were hoping for.


Useful idiots.


That and Lenin had a hard on for violent revolution whereas his peers were more level headed.


He was also extremely unreasonable according to people who met him before he went back to Russia. He was so unreasonable that people didn't think he'd amount to anything because his ideas were too extreme.


Actually not really considering the Bolsheviks needed industrialization


Probably thought it would be closer to the French or American revolutions.


lots of revolutionary movements rob banks for funding because that's where the money is


I read an article which stated they got money through both sources, as well as several others (the german govt, or working people, for example). Very interesting stuff! Have you got a source for your statement that they got most of it through rich sympathisers?


I did not state they got the most from rich sympathizers. I stated they got the most from private donations, not from robbing banks.


I could get Russian businessmen funding liberal movements in the Empire but why would they fund a movement which called for the expropriation of their capital?


There's been several other wealthy communists. Not everyone is obsessed with their own self-interest as the ultimate good.


It remains wild to me that no one has made a major film out of Stalin's early exploits. Like, a hot bank-robbing revolutionary who everyone more or less recognized as a vicious sociopath but still followed/fucked? C'mon.


Hell yeah sign me up


Bottom text: Sir! USA is the land of opportunities. Add 20 more dollars for this auto rifle and you will robe bank for 20 thousand.


> robe bank for 20 thousand Naked banks in America.


Is this a Gatling gun on the shelf? The one with a tripod?


It looks kinda like a Vickers machine gun, which is funny if it's supposed to be 1970s America. 60 years old and British!


To be fair you have a lot more chance of finding something like that in the States as military surplus than you do finding one in the UK, where it's likely in the hands of some collector or museum.


It could be a Maxim, or any water cooled machinegun. I think the artist was just trying to make it recognizable as a machinegun.


The use of water cooled machine guns lasted longer in the red army and british army than the US, so its probably much more recognisable as a machine gun to a soviet audience than a contemporary American or western audience.


The Vickers was a maxim gun in its general design tbf


Could also be the M1917 Browning which was used at the end of WWI up until the Vietnam War


KKK man has Soviet [RGD-33 grenade](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RGD-33_grenade) with a fragmentation sleeve.


It's part of the shops antique display.


Both tripod machine guns are single barrel machine guns like the vickers but strangely have the back-mounted crank handle of a colt 1877 bulldog gatling gun lmao


I doubt that the artist actually aimed to show a specific gun model.


I love how in these soviet posters theirs always a ghost lurking about


Fuck this is great


A spectre is haunting Europe, the spectre of communism.


It's a KKK member


Yes, we know. Please let us have a little fun.


No its a ghost


no it's doopliss


It's a k-k-k-ghost


Funny how you can miss the joke on Reddit and still get tons of upvotes for it.


It’s a Ku Klux Klan outfit. The USRR liked to show USA as a racist country and KKK is a great representation of that


Considering the date this poster was made was a paltry 5 years after black people were given the vote and finally legally recognised as actual human beings and American citizens, I'm pretty sure you could make a good case that the Soviets had a point lol.


> legally recognised as actual human beings Still waiting for them to be treated as such


Pretty sure they know that?


Its a Ghost. Are you not familiar with ghosts? They're very spooky.


I wish i could go to the gun store and buy a gatling gun off the shelf for a decent price, but the fucking repros cost a fortune and i just can't justify it for a novelty like that...


Hell even the little 9mm one is too much


[There was a time...](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jevEf3U7Kws)


Built your own ;)


Of course the one guy with a mask on has his nose hanging out. /things nobody said before covid


Meanwhile Russia be just dumping millions of AKs in every third world country on the planet, no big deal.


The ends justify the means. If a revolution happened in America the second amendment would become something that was always a good thing.


A revolution did happen in America.


It's odd to me the places the Holocaust happened are against civilians owning guns.


Because gun rights wouldn't have saved them. Just objectively.


Saving isn't the point


Then what is it? I actually like guns, they're fun but I'm not going to pretend two rifles and a handgun is going to save me from anything except depression at some point.


I mean, if you’re gonna die, might as well take a Nazi out with you




"In my country today there are people who are wondering if the Resistance had a real military impact on the course of the war. For my generation this question is irrelevant: we immediately understood the moral and psychological meaning of the Resistance. For us it was a point of pride to know that we Europeans did not wait passively for liberation. And for the young Americans who were paying with their blood for our restored freedom it meant something to know that behind the firing lines there were Europeans paying their own debt in advance. In my country today there are those who are saying that the myth of the Resistance was a Communist lie. It is true that the Communists exploited the Resistance as if it were their personal property, since they played a prime role in it; but I remember partisans with kerchiefs of different colors. Sticking close to the radio, I spent my nights – the windows closed, the blackout making the small space around the set a lone luminous halo – listening to the messages sent by the Voice of London to the partisans. They were cryptic and poetic at the same time (The sun also rises, The roses will bloom) and most of them were "messaggi per la Franchi." Somebody whispered to me that Franchi was the leader of the most powerful clandestine network in northwestern Italy, a man of legendary courage. Franchi became my hero. Franchi (whose real name was Edgardo Sogno) was a monarchist, so strongly anti-Communist that after the war he joined very right-wing groups, and was charged with collaborating in a project for a reactionary coup d'état. Who cares? Sogno still remains the dream hero of my childhood. Liberation was a common deed for people of different colors. In my country today there are some who say that the War of Liberation was a tragic period of division, and that all we need is national reconciliation. The memory of those terrible years should be repressed, refoulée, verdrängt. But Verdrängung causes neurosis. If reconciliation means compassion and respect for all those who fought their own war in good faith, to forgive does not mean to forget. I can even admit that Eichmann sincerely believed in his mission, but I cannot say, "OK, come back and do it again." We are here to remember what happened and solemnly say that "They" must not do it again." https://web.archive.org/web/20160303020911/https://www.nybooks.com/articles/1995/06/22/ur-fascism/ And here's a Warsaw Ghetto fighter telling you, with passion, surviving wasn't the point. https://youtu.be/1IugXhIvMYA


Two rifles and a handgun in every home would create a pretty formidable defense.


Not really, for an actual military power it would be a drain no doubt but actually affecting meaningful insurgency? In reality guns are probably the smallest part of an effective insurgency.


No, It’s actually the largest part. It’s the reason why the revolution was successful despite Britain having superior technology. Also the reason why the US could not defeat the Viet Cong, and it’s also why we technically lost to the Taliban. Without a well armed population, all of these conflicts would have ended in a month.


Oh lord no. The revolution was successful because France provided massive logistical aid (100% of gunpowder for a time) and a huge navy that kept the British busy. Civilian arms did not make much of a difference in the revolution nor in Vietnam (which also received massive outside logistical support). Look up what Washington and Hamilton said about the civilian militias during the war, they weren't kind.


There's a difference between being a savior and being a deterrent. Sure, a gun might not save you specifically if the Nazis come for you specifically, but when everyone has the potential to be armed and the right to weild them, it's just significantly less likely the Nazis would even come for you, or even rise in power like they did at all. There's also the fact that its way easier to meaningfully join a rebellion if you own a gun, as one of the most major steps to forming a rebellion is arming it, and when you can skip that step basically entirely, you can mount a meaningful resistance much faster. Your not gonna be John ramboing oppressors left right and center with a gun, your going to be making someone think twice about messing with you in the first place. THAT is why the workers and people need to be armed.


The history of citizen militias does not make them appealing to potential victims of fascism.


Right. We can't be victims


No, the citizen militias are more likely to side with the oppressor than the oppressed.


Hey we are only allowed to blame the US for imperialism!!!


Didn't the US just leave a shitload of weapons to the Taliban?


Also Pakistan, Iran and China. While USSR dumped weapons to the unpopular corrupt communist Afghanistan government so most of the USSR weapons went into Taliban hands.


Yes but not *their* country. Don't shit where you eat.


Meanwhile Marx was a huge supporter of gun rights and the USSR would put you in a gulag for 10 years if you owned one without being a communist party member.


People’s militia was actually big thing in eastern bloc. It was paramilitary organisation that stood outside of armed forces and was called the armed fist of the working class. It usually consisted of factory workers and other loyalists. It was meant as a way how to suppress revolts.


Of course the state will allow people they like to own guns. Party members in Russia always had Gun privileges. The British gave weapons to loyalists in Northern Ireland to kill republicans. The rich and well connected can own guns in virtually any country. That’s not gun rights, that’s gun privileges.


The Bill of Rights 1689 contained language restricting to Protestants the right to own guns.


The bill of rights where?


Ima need more elaboration there chief


> Whereas the late King James the Second, by the Assistance of divers evil Counsellors...causing several good Subjects, being Protestants, to be disarmed, at the same Time when Papists were both armed and employed contrary to Law...Declare, ... That the Subjects which are Protestants may have Arms for their Defence, suitable to their Condition, and as allowed by Law.


This just in: English monarchs are total pieces of shit


It wasn't James II who disarmed the Catholics but the Glorious Revolution.




...and anyone could be a party member. In fact, the state frequently encouraged laborers in all sectors to join the party. It's not like it was some secret, closed off cabal. Membership was in the tens of millions by the 80s.


Having to be government approved to practice the right to self defense is authoritarian trash. The communist party was the ruling class and you had to be approved to join. It’s not like a capitalist could join up and disagree with the state. Prisons and slave camps were made for people who didn’t agree with their government or spoke against them.


The Party members are confirmed members of the proletariat, thus arming them means arming the proletariat. It makes sense that the state wouldn't want to give anybody who has no education on class consciousness as it may lead to counter-revolution. Thus giving the confirmed members of the proletariat the right to bear arms makes sense in a Marxist perspective.


What part of "under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered" are you struggling to understand? Vanguardism is trash. Always was.


It was very obvious marx was talking about the proleteriat in the quotation, I don’t believe it is in his interest to give bunch of fascist polish nationalist AK-47’s


The communist party was the ruling class of the Soviet Union lol. The proletariat are the people who suffered under party rule and forbidden from practicing the right of self defense. How deluded do you have to be to believe the propaganda of a country that collapsed 30 years ago?


Words still mean things. The working class was supposed to be the ruling class in USSR with the Party being the expression of their political will. It's internally consistent even if it wasn't very close to the reality.


In reality the communist party was bourgeoisie and kept the workers from having guns. That’s why Marx was right and gun rights should be for everyone. The Holodomer would have ended differently if the workers were able to shoot the soldiers who were stealing their crops. If the workers were not disarmed then maybe the Soviet Union wouldn’t have been have been such huge abusers of human rights and the dictatorship would have ended through revolution.






Nobody's gonna mention how incredibly happy that Klansman looks?




Funny enough two years prior to this poster being published saw the introduction of The Gun Control Act of 1968 which introduced some of the laws we take for granted. Aside from creating the federal firearms license that you need to sell, make and ship guns it also placed restrictions on who could buy them according to the bill: convicted criminals, people who is currently on the run from the law, people who do *specifically* weed, people who are a danger to themselves and others due to mental health issues and people who've ever been commited to a mental health facilty, Are not allowed to buy guns Weed back then was like how we see like... Meth? idk. people thought that weed would turn you insane and make you murder your whole family


ironically I've seen alcohol make people go fucking insane, yet we use billions to advertise it as the feel good, party drug


one of my friends was telling me there's a country that banned those kinds of ads because alcohol us a depressant and it makes it look like you'll go and party and have friends when you're probably on the couch watching rick and morty for the 3rd time wondering where it all went wrong or weather it was always like this the kind of feeling that can be simulated without alcohol by a video like [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzSQ7ErTyoA)


Well they do have all those historical accounts of stoned mass murderers /s


I find it interesting how many examples of Soviet anti-US propaganda prominently featured a Ku Klux Klan member. The average Soviet citizen upon seeing such propaganda probably assumed there was an influential KKK chapter in every town and city. As prevalent as the Boy Scouts, but racist.


*Uncle Tom's Cabin* by Harriet Beecher Stowe was read by generations of Soviet children.


Same tactic’s being employed today by CCP.


I support gun rights


Funny, you know they say the Cartels down in Mexico get most of their firearms from right here in America.


Well yeah, the Obama administration directly sold them to Mexican cartels.


Evidence for this?


He's referring to the ATF gun walking scandal that happened under the Obama administration


I though Bush actually started it and Obama's administration continued it? That's also exactly how we created ISIS. We just sent tons of weapons over to a group of "rebels" only for them to overthrow the regime and become 200x more terrifying than the original assholes who were in charge. We're really good at keeping the world pretty destabilized.


>We're really good at keeping the world pretty destabilized. and then we point to things we lit on fire and say... look that will never work!


Operation Fast and Furious


> Operation Fast and Furious Operation Wide Receiver 2006 - 2007


I knew there would be clown blaming Democrats for guns, I thought Democrats wanted to take your guns away though. Or do we just say stuff at this point doesn't matter if its true or not? Ignoring policies passed by previous presidents that gained traction under new administrations.


Dems just want U.S. citizens to be unarmed. Narco wars are good for business.


USSR *really* didn’t want their citizens to be able to put up a fight, did thwy


Tell me one time, ONE, where "people put up a fight" in the US and actually won/achieved something this bs argument that "we have to have guns to fight our government when it comes to it" is ridiculous, its an apocalypse dream of some pea-eating prepper


Battle of Athens. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Athens_(1946)


Hasn’t happened often because the us gov knows not to even try. The mere existence of the guns in the peoples hands acts as a deterrent for tyranny.


Precisely. Guns are a great deterrent against aggressive governments.


They do shoot a lot of "intruders in their neighborhoods," though, so...


a lot are being shot by intruders too


The American Revolution.


Fight who? They had a strong military.


lol insurgency says **boo!**


And yet they refrained from invading America because there would “be a rifle behind every blade of grass” Never underestimate the power of an armed civilian population. The USSR sure didn’t, that’s why they clearly went out of their way to make sure that the people never thought civilian ownership of guns was a good idea.


No, they refrained from invading the US because: 1) They were never actually at war with the US 2) They were never at war directly with any US allies 3) the logistics of invading the USA from the USSR are insane 4) Soviet war plans pretty much only called for a land invasion of europe. 5) Nuclear technology quickly made sure than any significant (or insignifcant for that matter) conflict would escalate into a full nuclear exchange 6) The soviets were not crazy about everyone dying in a nuclear apocalypse The cold war is called that for a reason. The two powers, whilst rivals, were NEVER actively engaged in war with each other. A lot of the cold war was less about beating the other power and more about maintaining a sphere of influence as a means of self preservation. America had Nato, the USSR had the warsaw pact. It was much more about geopolitcal domination of neighbours and unaligned states than a bid to conquer the other.


They refrained from invading the us because of nuclear weapons not because a couple of fat civilians had guns lol.


Pretty insightful


Lol this is awesome


probably Charles whitman happened 4 years prior nra made it threw the entire coldwar without shitting themselves pussified nra


Y the ghost lookin kawaii?


I wish it were that easy


Show the minorities and women buying guns to defend themselves from would be attackers. Kinda puts a kink in propaganda when it's a right for everyone in the nation.


"minorities " Funny how NRA had much interest in gun control when the Black Panthers started buying guns… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mulford\_Act [https://www.history.com/news/black-panthers-gun-control-nra-support-mulford-act](https://www.history.com/news/black-panthers-gun-control-nra-support-mulford-act) [https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2011/09/the-secret-history-of-guns/308608/](https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2011/09/the-secret-history-of-guns/308608/) If it wasn't black people making everyone nervous… then it was the Italians… [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sullivan\_Act](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sullivan_Act) When America didn't hate Italians, it hated the Irish… Or the Germans… Or… https://i.redd.it/kmas0avqrg121.jpg


The first gun control regulations intruduced in the USA were to disarm non-Whites and lower classes.


Fuck the NRA, GOA actually gives a shit. The NRA is just a corporatised republican lobbying machine.


I don't know if using GOA is better...


They at least give a modicum of a shit about actual gun rights. Compared to the other choices they are at least the worst bad. No group is really great however just due to all of them being lobbying groups more or less


I was speaking more about how Larry Pratt is a out and out white supremacist.


Really? How so? I can't say I know a whole lot about the man to have an opinion on this.


1996, Pratt was forced to resign as co-chairman of Patrick J. Buchanan's presidential campaign when it was publicized that he had been a speaker at the 1992 Gathering of Christian Men in Estes Park, Colo., where he rubbed shoulders with neo-Nazis, Klansmen, adherents of the anti-Semitic Christian Identity theology, and other radicals. He's been heavily involved in the Christian Idenitarian movement and was one of the main guys who pushed the leaderless resistance model. Also in 1995, Pratt edited a book of essays entitled Safeguarding Liberty: The Constitution & Militias, with the theme of constitutional guarantees for the formation of non-governmental militia groups. The next year, it emerged that Pratt was a contributing editor to a periodical of the anti-Semitic United Sovereigns of America, and that GOA had donated money to a white supremacist attorneys’ group.


Well fuck


Yea, unfortunately a lot of the modern gun rights movement is tied heavily into the militia/Christian supremacist movement of the 90s.


It's also possible Larry Pratt went bowling with Goebbels. Shit, I don't know. But I *do* know Democrats could render the GOA mostly irrelevant by simply shutting the hell up about gun control. "Sir, America is the country of unlimited opportunities. You pay just 20 dollars for this rifle, and"... when Tulsa burns or the Mine Wars rage or Big Brother looms, well, at least there are still options!


>GOA But GOA wasn't founded until 1976, so not on point for Mulford or Sullivan acts. Mind you, I know more about Geometrical Optics Approximation, than gun Owners Of America… As for NRA being a corporate lobby machine, we agree.


“Native Americans, beware of foreign influence” Don’t worry guys I think they learnt their lesson


Good thing there are much better gun rights organizations like the [Second Amendment Foundation](https://saf.org). They fought Heller vs DC when the NRA wouldn't touch it.


The wealthy gun salesman has an awfully big nose… I wonder what they are trying to say.


Probably trying to say that you have nasophilia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nose\_fetishism


Another day in r/propagandaposters: “Ah yes, after careful studying I’ve noticed that a person in this poster has a nose, therefore it’s antisemitic!”


Damn, I just looked in the mirror and realised that I look kinda antisemitic. You too?


I wish


Buy a gun for $20 to rob a bank for $20k. #sigmallionare #grindset




Yup, only criminals and extremists get guns


Finally a miss from these soviet posters


I mean.... they're not wrong.




It depends on your political affiliation. If you think guns are a problem in the US, this post will resonate with you, if you're a big 2nd amendment supporter - it probably won't.


If they're from the US. If they're not, it probably will, regardless of their political affiliation. I don't think even the most extreme right-wing parties are pro-gun where I'm from (because it's not something the population wants).


Most guns used in crime aren't bought legally so you couldn't call it accurate to start with


Where do they come from then? Illegal gun manufacturing?


Half-truths are always more persuasive that complete lies.


This is like the most exaggerated view on guns what are you talking about.


Its... propoganda. You are being bended to think like the propoganda is supposed to do. Read the rules for the sub.




Look in the comment section... Yep, of course, people are protecting propaganda in r/PropagandaPosters because why wouldn't they?


Sadly there isn’t much exaggeration here.


Me and the bois walking into the apple store


The USSR didn't want their citizens being able to fire back, so they made them fear the idea of being able to.


because americans "fired back" soooo many times, right?






Damn Russia's propganda against America is great.


And anti-gun activists in the US still use that fictitious spin on how guns get sold here.


Lol true. It's weird I never see anyone like this at any of the gun stores I frequent. Even more weird when these people realize black people like guns too




Idk this is some pretty accurate propaganda


I shop at many gun stores, none of them have carts or allow people to cover their faces.


You know there needs to be some satire right but no criminals buying guns kkk clan members buying guns while some dudes just taking in the profit sounds pretty accurate for Cold War era us