"Teach a Man To Fish" // USA // 2018 // Artist: Jon McNaughton

"Teach a Man To Fish" // USA // 2018 // Artist: Jon McNaughton

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Can propaganda still be considered effective even though I have no idea what message is being conveyed?


"Our Glorious Dear Leader, Donaldus Trumpus, will not give you a fish but instead teach you to fish". Something something personal responsibility, something something cut all funding for social security.


I’d be shocked if he knew how to fish.


I'd be shocked if he ever walked where there wasn't pavement.


Well I mean, he has walked on golf courses some and has to walk on the white house lawn some, which he apparently hated. But he has definitely never been off manicured grass before.


Walks straight into tree, "I've been walking here years, never once has a tree stood in my way like this"


"No President has ever had it is bad as me. I am the victim in this story. The trees are out to get me."


looser trees


No, he goes behind trees when he needs to kick his golf ball back onto the fairway. He famously cheats at golf.


Woodwards last book said his advisors would hide out in the 2nd floor cuz trump wouldn't walk up steps... he also drive his gold cart on the green which is a big no no in golf


The best beautiful fish…. my father was a—many people don’t know this—a big fish. But the Democrats just call you bad words…the Persians eat fish, love fish, they’re very tough fishermen trust me i know. Are there any Hispanics here tonight? Show us your Goya Canned Fish!


We all know that mother fucker don't know shit about fishing


I’d be shocked if he knew the name of a fish




Fish Delight. Do your research.






Underrated comment here.


He might get tuna the man watches a lot of commercials. On the other hand he'll probably say dolphin. Now I'm curious I must know.


Regardless of how low quality the news is on Fox, the most shocking thing to me is that the President of The United States of America, The Commander In Chief, relied on commercial television to get his information. This is how you can tell that someone not only *isn't* informed, but doesn't even seem to *understand what information is*. If a president eschewed intelligence briefings and instead relied on a private, paid news service like Bloomberg (not the TV network), that would still raise serious issues. but COMMERCIAL FUCKING TV?


He is the prototypical Fox *viewer*. Someone with a very fragile sense of self, who needs constant reassurance that his shallow, deeply-flawed and ignorant views are valid. No source of real information will stroke his ego like the far-right fiction sources.


This might be the most on-point description I have ever read. Eloquent and yet not tl:dr. Brilliant.


There is a species of fish sometimes called dolphin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahi-mahi?wprov=sfti1


Yeah but that's not a porpoise. And its also delicious little butter little lemon bout ten minutes on a low heat grill on each side serve with steamed veggies and a baked potato. Fucking amazing.


It also makes the best fish tacos


Best bahn-mi I ever had was mahi mahi


give the guy a break, he didn't do it on porpoise ​ sorry, sorry i'm trying to delete


Fish, water, camera, woman!


He knows all the fish names, the very best fish names. People are saying he invented naming fish.


The really confounding thing about Trump is why so many blue collar Americans love him. He’s a man who inherited wealth and influence, has never worked a day in his life, and probably never will. He’s a petty gossipmonger with an infatuation with TV and interior design.


he's a poor man's idea of what a rich man would be like but yeah, no, i totally agree, it baffles me


As Joe Kennedy Sr said of his son Bobby when explaining his affinity for him in particular amongst his children (note: this was once Joe Jr and Jack were dead), “He hates like I do.”


I see it like this: they don't hate rich people, they just hate *some* rich people. They hate the rich who don't blatantly and vocally hate minorities as much as *they* do. If Warren Buffet just held a press conference where he used a racial slur against African Americans, or if George Soros said disparaging remarks about gay people, these blue collar conspiracy nuts would *immediately* change their minds about them.


Warren Buffett's son bought himself a sherrif's position and spends his time doing vigilante hunting for Mexicans crossing the border with a posse of friends. The father continues to fund this racist thug and to keep him in his business empire. WB is, like all billionaires, not our friend.


I guarantee you that that man has never even touched a fishing rod. I am willing to bet even my life on it


He's a self-described germaphobe and doesn't like animals (thinks having pets is low class). I can not imagine Trump ever touching a hook or bait. No way in hell.


Thinking the same. I doubt the man has ever baited a hook in his life.


How a queeny NYer gossiping over weight dude who never worked a day in his life became a paragon of masculinity is baffling. This dude's brain is stuck criticizing tv celebs in the 80s.


Nothing about Trumps popularity makes any sense to me.


He was born into a normal elite nyc family just like you. He’s a mans man in a fancy suit and expensive diaper.


And Socialism and college are for lazy people who do not follow Dear Leader.


That you paid for for forty odd years of working.


Ah, well, you see this is what I assume to pro-trump propaganda, therefore the message being conveyed here is the old argument that leftists are lazy and don't want to work. We can see this being illustrated (rather poorly) by the row of books titled **"SOCIALISM"** and "**JUSTICE WARRIOR**" and some other book which has a title that can't be made out either intentionally or due to the resolution of the image, these books are supposed to resemble the left-wing totalitarian indoctrination of alienated americans that become SJWs, socialist, anti-work, lazy, etc. This indoctrination therefore leads to the average american individual being alienated from the entrepenureal spirit and is no longer in touch with the idea of "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps". That is why, in contrast to the books, we see the painter using the old english proverb of: >give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime We can then see that Donald Trump, in aligment with right-wing rhetoric is teaching the man on the left to learn how to fish because he simply cannot take care of himself or that he is jealous of other skilled-fisher's success who have a lot of fish (which symbolizes the common argument that the left is simply "jealous" of rich people's success). Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk


I take the kid on the left as specifically being meant to represent American higher education. The books are representative of college textbooks, which, per the artist, apparently only teach social justice and socialism.


“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you ruin a wonderful business opportunity.” - Karl Marx


Build a man a fire and he will be warm for a night, set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.


“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Don’t teach a man to fish…and feed yourself. He’s a grown man. And fishing’s not that hard.” - Ron Swanson


Huh, I thought he was just letting Tom Brady use his fishing tackle.


You my friend will have a hell of a career appraising modern art.


I believe the meaning being conveyed here is the classic American maxim: “Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime alternatively, invade a Middle Eastern country under the guise of teaching them to fish, bomb them, steal all their fish, advance your weapons industry and come back sometime later with a production company and make a film about how killing their people made their soldiers sad and philosophical.”


"And why is my oil under their sand?"


I believe that’s in the constitution.


That would be an ecumenical matter


"Not only will America go to your country and kill all your people. But they'll come back 20 years later and make a movie about how killing your people made their soldiers feel sad." -Frankie Boyle


An able-bodied young man is freed from the lures of elitist indoctrination, thanks to the efforts of our good Lord Trump -- who introduces him to the pleasures of physical labour with naught but a humble fishing line.




>I have no idea what message is being conveyed. Our handsome young white man, in his college hoodie, jeans frayed at the knees (ah, youth!) and uh...moccasins... is treading down a dangerous path. The books at his feet are titled "Socialism," "Justice Warrior," and "Indecipherable Squiggle." And we all know that society and justice lead to one thing and one thing only...community. That's right, hidden within his seemingly innocuous books is the road to TOTAL COMMUNISM. But our bright lad has an angel looking over him. While his road is taking him away from the beauty and wonder of God's creation, he has happened to stumble upon a kindly old president sitting in a verdant forest glade. We've all heard the timeless wisdom "Give a man a fish, you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you will feed him for a lifetime." This totally sounds like it's from the Bible but it's not, which is exceptionally on-brand for our magical forest gnome president here. Rather than helping hungry people by giving them fish, this painting is saying, the true kindness is showing them your tackle box then telling them to fuck off and get their own. Then paying someone to fish for you because that's a dirty pleb activity anyway.


Note that the slouching young man has a book at his feet conveniently titled "Socialism". Honestly I'm surprised the artist didn't make the lazy socialist who must be taught the value of hard work by Dear Leader Trump a Black man. The guy who paints these, there's a whole lot of them, tends towards not so much blatant propaganda as a scam of selling "beautiful" oil painting type art of Dear Leader Trump being heroic and amazing to the MAGA cultists. Many have a more blatant message than this one. For example we have "The Forgotten Man" https://jonmcnaughton.com/the-forgotten-man-16-x-24-le-signed-numbered-giclee-canvas/ Picturing our Heroic and Noble Founding Fathers gathered to express sympathy for a white man, who he and the MAGA cult view as being the most oppressed and least represented group in America despite white men being vastly over-represented in government. Obama stands aloof, ignoring the poor forgotten and oppressed white man, and trampling the Constitution. If I was picking one of his to put on this sub I'd have chosen that rather than this somewhat more subtle one.


> Honestly I'm surprised the artist didn't make the lazy socialist who must be taught the value of hard work by Dear Leader Trump a Black man. He looks like a middle-class college student from the suburbs. There's some pervasive fear that higher education leads to radicalization. This is a, "put down those books, welcome to the real world," kind of message. It's incredibly obtuse.


Ironically, this guy's art resembles socialist realism.


Probably deliberately. Say what you will about his politics, he is educated in art history and a technically proficient painter. He often deliberately invokes historic paintings in his work, as well as classical symbolism. He's deeply invested in a malicious and harmful political ideology that's running an actual cult of personality. But he isn't stupid or uneducated.


OMG—that one is *hilarious*.


To actually answer what you asked, yes propaganda can be effective even if you don't know the message. All other subtext aside, the image conveys that Trump is a helpful, fatherly figure. Someone that surrounds themself with this sort of imagery is going to wind up believing that Trump is a warm, fatherly figure, even if media reports or actual videos of Trump contradict that.


That's Alec Baldwin right? Not Donald


I thought the same thing


Also, Eli Manning?


Thank god someone else sees it… people above were saying Brady??


It confused me because that is waaay thinner than my mental picture of Donald.


Needs a *not to scale* qualifier


Hum more like Leslie Nielsen to me


Kinda looks like JFK in his official portrait lol


I how they always take about 40-50lbs off of him in these paintings.


More like 100+ I've lost weight since then, but back in the middle of Trump's Presidency I was 230, only 10 pounds less than his official claimed weight, **AND** I'm 5'6 which is 5 inches below his claimed 6'1 height and easily 3 or 4 inches below his actual height. And I looked fucking skinny compared to Trump. If he was below 300 I'd be very surprised.


I'm not convinced you know how feet and inches work.


5 inches is 12.7 cm


Wait till you see how Ben garrison draws him.


Jon McNaughton is basically "fine art" Ben Garrison. He's produced such timeless masterpieces as [Jesus giving us the Constitution while liberals cry](https://i.imgur.com/GPON5OG.jpg), and [Obama burning the Constitution](https://i.imgur.com/iDbBXFz.jpg). It's all very subtle.


You forgot the best one, [with Frederick Motherfucking Douglass and JFK himself](https://cdn10.bigcommerce.com/s-dcvfa4/products/3908/images/5468/Best_Legacy_of_Hope_File_2web__20338.1611504416.1280.1280.jpg?c=2) laying hands on Trump like it's a faith healing.


Why is Jesus wearing the Tree of Gondor?


The only POC in that depiction of society is a soldier. Also is that Hillary with Little Baby Bill on her knee?


Nah, there's a couple slaves in the back on the right.


Wow. That's disgusting.


Yeah. He draws him like he’s a modern Adonis. It’s really weird.


So, like a cult?


Yes, but also like a weird sexually repressed fan fiction.


They are pretty proud of their work.


Ben garrison really wants to fuck donald trump


That's propaganda for you.


in retrospect 1984 was an utopian hindsight with less propaganda


More like 100-200


This one took off 100


It's just fascinating how *kindly* he looks. It's such a deviation from what is usually his projected image in similar work of the tough guy.


[me at the library] hello I would like one copy each of “socialism” and “justice warrior”


I'm sorry, we only got "Anarchism Monthly" and "Kill all men", will those suffice?




Sure, it's in our What Liberals Actually Believe!!!! Section, row D-69


lol i want a subscription to anarchism monthly, it's so hard to keep up with all the haps it sure would be nice if a publisher could compile tales and woes into a nice monthly subscription model.


It's delivered through your window via brick in irregular intervals. I'll sign you up!


What’s extra funny is that “Social Justice” is the more important part of “SJW.” A “Justice Warrior” simply implies someone who fights with justice being their primary motivator, and I think that’s just what lawyers are.


As a lawyer, I would love a copy of “Justice Warrior”.


When your fishing picture is itself bait


This is awesome, it can bait anyone!


Lure 'em in.


Looks like a Jehovah’s Witness illustration/drawing that they have in their publications.


I aspire to some day get to a point where I can fuck up consistently and still have people spend hours and hours and hours painting masturbatory art espousing my fictitious qualities


step 1: get elected to public office step 2: cheat on your spouse step 3: high quality paintings of you doing family friendly activities with obtuse moral symbolism happen


You say that, but I’ve never seen any paintings like this of Bill Clinton or JFK. It takes more than philandering and election to create this cult of personality.


I have seen some pretty creep Obama stuff. The one thing to remember is politicians are not our friends and are not here to be worshiped. They are our employees, they should be held accountable and removed from their jobs when they f things up.


AOC is the next one. With the added dimension that half her supporters are in the cult hoping for eventual feet pics.


I feel like those can be done in any order really.


4 - Sell out the American people by taking bribes from corporations 5 - Profit with the rest of the conmen in government.


You left out the "be an openly white supremacist right winger" which is the really critical part.


We also left out the "let half a million die from a largely preventable pandemic while preaching bleach ingestion" part. There's a lot of critical parts to his utter failure.


You forgot the most important one: step 0: echo shallow philosophies that appeal to the ignorance, intolerance, and fear of those who get their information from Fox News.


>fictitious qualities On point


Think of the hours someone put into this


Getting that likeness of Alec Baldwin so spot on


Build a man a fire, he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life.


Ah yes. Hand him the means of production so he can become a self-employed worker.


Teach a man to fish and burden him with lifetime debt for it


B.S. in Fishing from Trump university




Shh my gf doesn't know how much I spend on it


It's unclear who is being taught here. Definitely propaganda, though.


It’s so absurd 😂. Yes, the guy in the ill fitting business suit is teaching the young man to fish. DT would survive 10 minutes alone outside.


"I keep hitting golf balls in the water, truly the best golf balls, amazing golf balls. The socialists must have stolen all the fish because none of my golf balls are hitting any fish."


“Either they stole the fish or the immigrants in the water are stealing my balls before they hit the fish.” MAGA cult: nods in agreement “these are the only two likely scenarios. My great grand pappy also fished with his 7 iron”


my centrist hick family watching this on TV: "Ha! Everyone knows real Americans fish by tossin' cherry bombs in the wooter an' scoopin' em all off the top with a net!" ^(that is an actual thing my uncles used to do. they're pretty awesome)


Exactly. He’s a man who never leaves the confines of air conditioning, except for an immaculately manicured golf course. He wouldn’t last three days in the backcountry


everyone knows the common man fishes in a suit. everyone's talking about it.


I mean, it's very clear. It shows the implementation of socialist theory - represented by a young student who only knows books about historical materialism and class struggle - into practise. The fishing rod represents the means of production, symbolic of the working class at the lowest subsistance level, where the student produces his own food.


Does the MAGA crowd think Donald Trump a) goes fishing and b) goes fishing in A SUIT?


i would fully expect trump to wear a suit while fishing


> i would fully expect trump to wear a suit while ~~fishing~~ holding a fishing pole for 4 seconds for a photo op while sweating the idea that a fish might actually bite knowing full well that he has no idea how to even operate a fishing pole because daddy didn't care. If a fish does bite though, he'll blame the libs. FTFY King of the regular joes right there.


Heard he beat his son across the face for not wearing a suit to a baseball game... So if an oil sheikh invited him on his private yacht staffed by ukrainian slaves, I assure you he would do it in a suit.


teach a man to clown


Ah yes. Reject all criticisms of society and embrace *l a b o r* And maybe one day you can be lower middle class. The American dream.


Middle class, what middle class?


Lmao you got me Perhaps a better term is “Upper working class” lol


No.. millennial.. don't embrace labor THAT way. stop plz


"Forget about socialism, bite this bait instead!" (referred to the books left on the ground)


That clown never went fishing one day in his life.


He fishes for marks, like all good grifters.


honestly it just looks like a nice picture of bros going fishing


The red power tie attracts trout


Who exactly thinks Donald Trump knows how to fish?


[Like you know how to fish](https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/ebe10fd7-5bb9-4914-8758-dcbc60661658)


Right wingers. He’s the dear leader. He can do anything.


The same people who think he's a gun guy. And a harley guy.


I saw Trump caught a whole stringer of small mouth at the pond just last week. He was a ways away, but I knew it was him. I didn't know he lived in Kentucky


Socialism Justice Warrior is my superhero name


It's funny how all the right-wing grifter artists draw Trump without his trademark morbid obesity. Add another 150lbs and it's close to life.


Trump was the son of a real-estate magnate and has lived his entire life with the benefits of being the son of someone rich brings (higher education, networking with other rich people, healthcare etc). The idea that Trump knows how to "pick himself up by his bootstraps" is laughable, he was literally born into the coastal elite he rails about.


The painting itself is really good but I have no idea what what’s the message. Is it that I can no longer purchase books called socialism and justice warrior


The message is that DT learned to fish from a leftist student at a park bench. Who knows why he was hanging out there, though.


What even is the message there? Is he supposed to be a better or worse person?


The message is more of a reaffirmation of a basic republican tenet (read: an excuse to not do anything to put money and power in the hands of common people) which is that everyone should rely only upon themselves, and the government should never be about helping others. Nevermind, of course, that some people physically cannot be self-reliant, or that like, we live in a society of social animals or anything. "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime;" However, if that were important to republicans, you'd think they'd put more money into public schools instead of investing in private and charter schools for rich kids.


Ohhhhh, that’s actually really well done now that I understand it, though I’ve said it before but like 7 times out of ten I just don’t think hard enough to get the message of propaganda


You know at some point in time you could take something like this seriously. It's weird how you could take propaganda showing Stalin/Hitler/Mussolini/Mao/FDR or someone from that time seriously while this... this is just stupid. It's like they actually meant it 80 years ago. Now, it's half-assed and completely out of touch with reality.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. You'd be surprised.


I guess thats the thing, back then people perhaps felt the same way? But then again millions of people believed it. Idk if millions of people are falling for this type of propaganda.


70+ million people voted for a grifter. It’s working spectacularly.


Idk if this form of propaganda is working. I think it's more echo chambers and political influencers the likes of Carlson.


That’s a ocean fishing rod & reel (I think) and they appear to be in the middle of the woods with no water insight. Seems about right.


"Trump I swear to god did you lose the sinkers again, I cant find them anywhere"


Makes sense that if Trump tried to teach you to fish, it wouldn't be anywhere near a body of water.


Lmao as if trump would even touch a worm or go fishing


There's a story in Mary Trump's book about a childhood trip she was on with Donald Trump. He was trying to set up his fishing pole and was having trouble doing so, when offered help Donald yelled "no I'll do it!" And stormed off. Not much has changed. Poster couldn't be further from the truth.


Talking from a purely rhetorical/artistic standpoint and leaving aside my own views, this is really well done. I have an urge to break it down. The figure being taught is a good balance between someone the viewer will identify with - he is a white male (like the probable intended viewer), but importantly is *not* blond-haired and blue-eyed - because those traits are strongly identified with idealized characters in propaganda, giving him brown hair paints him as more of a sympathetic, but not perfect, everyman. He's wearing blue jeans, which are symbolic in America of the working-class, and a hoodie, which tends to be a fairly iconic marker of youth and impressionability (unless worn by a black man, in which case it symbolizes the modern racial caricature of the "thug.") His shoes, however, appear to be well-made boots or possibly loafers, not sneakers as we might expect. This might be because sneakers are associated in America with gang culture - it might also be to subtly disrupt the picture of 'everyman' with a more idealized marker of a higher socioeconomic status. By his side is a backpack, which can only evoke schooling and the corresponding attributes of - again - youth and impressionability. The books next to it read "Socialism" and "Justice Warrior" (there is a third book, but I can't read the title). Obviously this hints at formal schooling and intellectualism being the tool of anti-American propaganda, but perhaps more clever is the association of the two book titles. "Social Justice Warrior" is the full (derogatory) term for people who care about equality and civil rights - by putting the word "Socialism" on top of the words "Justice Warrior," the book titles lead the viewer to form the phrase "Socialism Justice Warrior" - irrevocably linking social justice and socialism (which here is a buzzword for all things anti-American). His body language is telling - the backpack and books lie abandoned on the ground, and he is leaning away from them to reach into the tackle box. The message seems to be to abandon schooling, reject education, and instead rely on the anti-elitist wisdom of working-class men. The use of fishing specifically confirms this - while fishing today is a leisure activity rather than a kind of labor, practiced only by those with a significant amount of free time and access to land (ie, more available to the middle and upper classes than the working classes), it is traditionally associated with working-class rural America. More to the point, it is strongly associated with masculinity. Many older American men still have personal memories of fishing with their fathers as a form of male bonding and passing on masculine wisdom/skills/traits to the next generation. The parental stance of the former president in helping the lost youth learn to fish, therefore, is a deliberate tug on the heartstrings - the kind of appeal to emotion typical of propaganda. The background is worth noting too. They're sitting on a park bench, but that's the only sign of civilization. There's no sidewalk, no sign of a town, just trees, grass, and a winding creek. It simultaneously evokes the kind of pristine landscape American art is famous for (and by extension a whole host of tropes about the open frontier, the primeval wilderness forged into a nation by brave white men willing to expunge the animalistic 'savages' who already lived there) and also serves to decontextualize the scene. In this world there's no hint of climate change, overpopulation, warfare, COVID-19, etc. - none of the problems that plague the real world. This is a tranquil place, it implies. The biggest problem with the effectiveness of the message is the former president. The artist has sacrificed some of their message in order to make him recognizable: they've painted him in the outfit most Americans would recognize - slightly-too-large suit, expensive business shoes, tie, and toupee. It seems like they were worried that putting him in a different outfit would confuse viewers. The red tie is useful to evoke courage and vitality (as well as the MAGA colors), and the tiny American flag pin on the lapel also plays into the intended message. But the suit and tie is clearly and jarringly out of place - and you can see in the comments that people have immediately latched onto that as disproving the image's intended message. whoof, that turned into a paper. I hope it's enlightening to someone, since I took the time to write all that, lol


Great analysis!


That was a really fun read! Im looking again with a fresh lense


It seems like I am one of the only ones here who finds this to be a hugely effective propaganda poster. Putting aside the politics of who Donald Trump is, I can see this type of poster resonating heavily with his base. It is very reminiscent of Soviet propaganda. And for those who don’t understand the message, it is a pretty common proverb attributed to Lao Tzu: Give a hungry man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a hungry man to fish, and you’ll feed him for his life.


Wow the guy is as prolific as he is deranged. Imagine spending days painting something like [this](https://cdn10.bigcommerce.com/s-dcvfa4/product_images/uploaded_images/maga-ride-lwrez-3.jpg) or [this](https://cdn10.bigcommerce.com/s-dcvfa4/products/3799/images/5181/Trump_2020_Ride_WEB_4__85469.1573572620.1280.1280.jpg?c=2) or [this](https://www.sltrib.com/resizer/Wc0nln0Lo2_pBcrFKMe2-j5umh8=/1024x650/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-sltrib.s3.amazonaws.com/public/JGAY4KATBFBN3EKCC7KJDLXSTA.jpg) with a straight face. Maybe one day it will be revealed that all of these were actually obvious jabs at Trump. I mean, putting him in all these "manly" situations that are so strikingly unlike anything he has ever done or looked like is hilarious


I seriously doubt DTs read an actual book this century. At least he and his followers have that in common.


>Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Don’t teach a man to fish…and feed yourself. He’s a grown man. And fishing’s not that hard. -Ron Swanson


Give a man a fish, learn him how to eat, give a man uh learn a man how to.


...is he just reading a book called socialism? Just socialism. Imagine of the Communist manifesto was just called **Communism** instead


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You were the best bot


I have a hard time believing trump had ever been fishing.


"Socialism" is my favorite book, wrote by Karl Marx and Lenin in 1945 after the French Revolution


...maybe I’m being too judgmental here...but does the far-right view Trump as their collective Father-figure? Because that’s a pattern I’m beginning to notice in some of these overtly pro-Trump...things. And while it’s fine to admire a guy, this...this is putting way too much emotional investment to someone who, when you really get down to it, and even ignore all the glaring issues with him, is just some business guy who lives in his own hotel in Florida.


I’m sure Donny is a skilled fisherman and avid outdoorsman.


In part 2 the bench, man, and woods are all on fire, and Donald is on the golf course!


Did Trump get a gastric bypass? His suit is still big but he's dropped about 75 pounds. And where did that sharp part in his hair come from? Was this Trump before he went on a diet of butter and cheezy poofs? Why is he fishing in a park?


We all agree that this is Alec Baldwin as Trump, right?


I think im gonna vomit


“Teach a man to fish and he will inherit millions of dollars from his racist dad and will spend the rest of his life stuffing contractors and not paying taxes as he eventually drives his own country into the ground”




I'm not the only one who thought that then?? This is like one of those thinning mirrors!




I was convinced for years that McNaughton was satire of the Trump movement masquerading as genuine. I posted long winded break downs on each of his posts on Facebook hoping to have called it when he made the big reveal. It's slowly occurring to me that these might be genuine.


Is that Eli Manning?


Looks like Baldwin playing trump more than actual trump. Hilarious


Teaching him to fish from a park bench. All words, no example.


even the minnows trump catches look huge when he holds them up for the picture


Tag urself, I'm the book called "Socialism"