Story is brilliant but my god the cabbage enemies will start grating on you, they're always the best and elite until the next secret elite come along that are the actual elite


One of the most enjoyable parts of the story is that, unlike most xianxia stories, Long Chen is intensely loyal to people other than 1) his immediate family, plus an uncle or grandpa and 2) women in his harem. His cultivation path typically has the cultivator become a selfish, black-hearted tyrant. He has cultivated friends and allies where the usual path would have him standing upon everyone’s corpses. It is a bit refreshing to see something as simple as “if you are kind/loyal to me, I will be the same to you”.


It's not a wuxia, it's xianxia, there is a big difference between wuxia and xianxia, wuxia is a low-level fantasy that is mostly focused on martial arts. Xianxia is a high-level fantasy where demons, immortals and other such entities exist. That involves reaching for immortality.


I felt like someone would eventually correct me on that. Thank you for the info


I tried reading this earlier in the week, I dropped it by chapter 10 so do note that in my thoughts. I think the writing was really bland, it didn't feel like the author really bothered to evoke my imagination with cool descriptions, world building, lore or interesting characters and instead was just speed-running the plot via obvious tropes.


Story isn't bad, but once you know the plot archetype it becomes very repetitive and predictable.


Personally I loved this novel and would recommend. Although plot is usually the same I like the story line and the main character is by far a 🐐