I updated a public facing prod system today. No complaints... yet.


Every day is a good day to update a public Prod system, except friday. Don't do it on fridays


but whats the point of having a frantic monday standup if you don't pre-game it with a friday push


I can't help you with structural stupidity.


Ah, so it is the complaints system you broke then!


You’re a brave soul


!remindme 1 week


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How'd it go


Not a single email from the customer. My director even closed the project in our tracker. No news is good news.


Ay proud of you


> “I’m not a great programmer, I’m just a good programmer with great habits.” -- Kent Beck After working with enough egomaniacs, I'd rather work with someone with an awareness of their limitations.


I know what I can and can't do Doesn't mean I want to do it!


That one prod bug isn‘t, the other 63 are.


Don’t remind me of the others, I’m just tryna deal with the one right now 🫠


Tell me about it, just did my bachelors in CS and my guts are twisting just by applying for jobs


Ah you see everyone is allowed to make mistakes but me


Ugh, I feel you, feel like I haven’t contributed much of value in a while to my team and many of my ideas don’t seem good to others lately. Hope it gets better for you soon.


Could another person read your code carefully and make sense of how it works? If yes, your code is good. If no, you're making yourself steadily more vital to your company.


*Image Transcription: Meme* --- [*"Patrick Star's Wallet", featuring Patrick, a large starfish with green pants that have flowers, and no shirt, and Man Ray, a red masculine villain with a blue mask that covers their shoulders and who is wearing blue gloves and socks, from the TV show "Spongebob Squarepants". Patrick and Man Ray are in an underwater cave, and the meme zooms in on the person who is talking.*] --- **Panel 1** [*Man Ray holds up an ID that reads "All programmers will write buggy code regardless of seniority".*] **Man Ray**: You tell your team this because it's true --- **Panel 2** [*Patrick is nodding, saying yes semi-mindlessly.*] **Patrick**: Yup. --- **Panel 3** [*Man Ray holds the same ID, now zoomed out so we can see him frowning, and the rest of his torso.*] **Man Ray**: And you believe this yourself? --- **Panel 4** [*Patrick is nodding, saying yes semi-mindlessly.*] **Patrick**: Yup. --- **Panel 5** [*Man Ray examines the ID for himself, now grinning.*] **Man Ray**: Then you will eventually write buggy code --- **Panel 6** [*We now zoom out, seeing both characters as Man Ray offers the wallet to Patrick.*] **Patrick**: That makes sense to me. --- **Panel 7** **Man Ray**: Then that prod bug isn't a big deal, just get it fixed --- **Panel 8** **Patrick**: But I'm a trash programmer and can't write good code --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


The only thing I'm proud of is making things very mathy and hard to understand and my variable names. I name shit like "crabCakes" " boozePalooza " " boomerangCock " so people don't know what the fuck they mean by looking at the top of the script since they're defined later by what they do


Settle down Satan.


Once I get a more free range project in uni I plan to dump the math bomb on my professor.


This is the way


I will bake them into the functions you will be calling to use them so you look like a dumb ass on the command line. You will type " dickCheese() " to exit and you WILL LIKE IT


Just today I made a huge change on my own project Unreal Engine, the problem turned out to be just remove the implementation which fixed my own issues. Then it gave me another issue that I ended up commenting for no deletion. It will be include on production