a = input() b = input() print(a + b) Input: 1, 2 Output: 12


input.strip() might work better for you to clip leading and trailing whitespace, or else you get: ``` 1 2 ```


input() already doesn't preserves the newline character in the end, so that isn't really required


That's cool! I'm actually learning python now and didn't know about the strip method, thanks!


No problem! There’s also `.lstrip()` and `.rstrip()`, which do left and right, respectively. Python docs are super comprehensive, so you can basically just search for what you want and it shows up. Also, this function is usually called `trim` in other langs!!




Based (2) EDIT: Thanks for the awards, everyone!


Every system is base 10 if you think about




r/beatmetoit literally




Not all. For instance, the solar system. Circulatory system. Operating system.


And French.


French is indeed base 20. Par exemple: quatre-vingt dix-neuf


You just made those words up


but ... all words are made up!


Indeed, I admit it: I just made up the French language.


dans ce cas j'aimerais porter plainte ...


Or, nonante neuf 👀


Just have 10 suns)


[Every base is base 10](https://redd.it/jxne7d)




You just blew my mind.


I would argue that this isn’t true for Base(1) - that is just 1


wouldnt it be just 0? 0 representing 0, 00 representing 1 and so on? In the end it ofc doesnt matter what symbol one uses but this seems to make most sense to me


Yeah base 1 can only have 1 symbol to express everything so it'd be all zeroes


It could be any symbol. It could be💯.


Bijective systems (like unary) usually start at 1 to avoid confusion


I liked the Romans, who had no zero.


I'm fine!


Best comment!


I don't get it!




Now I’m more confused.


It says Base 4 I'm Fine in the video. One guy said Base (2) in this thread and the other guy replied "I'm fine"


1+1=1 if we're gonna Boolean this thing


There are 10 kinds of people: * Those who understand binary * Those who don't * And those who didn't expect this joke to be in base 3


Quantum computing will leave you undefined.


- And those who didn’t expect this joke to be in base four - And those who didn’t expect this joke to be in base five - And those who didn’t expect this joke to be in base six etc…


And those who start at 0


How bout 10*10?


10101010101010101010 Let's parse why. '10\*10' is obviously a String as it contains a mix of characters so we start out with that datatype and keep going until we encounter a modifier such as the '\*' which we'll treat as just that, a multiplier. We also know that what follows should be a numeric value so we test if the following '10' passes as an Integer and it does. So now we have "10"*10 and nobody is happy


Use \\ in front of your * so it doesn't look funny


Thanks. Missed it completely


100 or 100.


Unless you calculate it in HEX, in which case it’s… 100.


*base**^(n)* is basically left-shifting the 1 *n* steps in its base.


found the bot


There 10 types of people in the world. Those who will get this joke, and those who won't.


Jokes aside, what the fuck is she saying?


It reads like a political statement generated by a poorly written bot. The general shape is there, the language checks out, but the content is completely incomprehensible.


>poorly written bot BOT?! I used sophisticated ML algorithms that I copypasted from Kaggle, mkay? It's not a bot, but an AI, mkay?


Congrats on doubling your bill rate.


My rate of what exactly?


power consumption


Gdi it's not a bot, it's AI, and she loves me very much


I’m deducting points because your “AI” just enrolled in a non-thesis data science MS


print("Where I come from, ") + IncorrectBeliefFactory.get() + print("."); print("\\n"); RandomCallToVoteOrOverthrowGovernmentFactory.get();


- print() and IncorrectBeliefFactory.get() return values that can be added together, and the resulting value of this addition is one to which the return value of print() can be added. I don't see what print could possibly return, but sure. - I assume the two .get()s call print on whatever they generated, but why is it called get() then? Wouldn't .generate().print_self() make more sense? - Why are we adding 3 things together, and then completely ignoring the resulting value? There are semicolons in this language, so nothing is stopping you from just putting three function or method calls in one line, separated by semicolons instead of + or other operators. - Assuming the first line is written with a + to make it clear that it is only going to output one line, why is the \n on its own line? is pretty funny tho




We need this.


You just *know* the comments would be completely filled with others who want to review the code in question or the unnecessary code review itself.


Stop overselling it to me! ;)






Yeah, I noticed right after that it wasn't proper at all. I debated changing the + to ; and changing the .get() to .print(), but I was too lazy. In my defence, I wrote it right after waking up and I hadn't had my coffee yet.


And also in your defense, it doesn't matter. It's all in good fun, so no need to explain yourself.


print("Where I come from, {:s}.\n{:s}".format(FalseDogmaFactory.get(), FascistCallToActionFactory.get())


Basically she's saying we should supplant reality with "truthiness". Or in other words "alternative facts". Or again, "where I come from we believe obviously wrong things by misconstruing what things actually mean. And that's as it should be."


It's because she is a moron.


Spicer, Boebert, and MTG are all so dense, I'm sure we can siphon limitless energy from their combined gravity fields


It's by design. They cater to a targeted demographic and they are performing their jobs exceptionally.


Well yes. But they're actually that dumb.


In other words, the modern GOP




*Gwyneth Paltro's vagina has entered the chat*


She's trying to get ratio'd for visibility. The only reason I know who she is is because she went viral a week or so ago with [tweets claiming](https://imgur.com/a/FBo68lo) "There are no pronouns in the Constitution", and "Jesus Christ never introduced himself using pronouns." Both of which are categorically false: * "**We** the people ..." (Preamble) * "When Jesus said, 'I am **he**,' they drew back and fell to the ground." John 18-6 She goes viral and people pay attention to her doomed candidacy. She's running as a MAGA republican in a district that's D+28, she's not doing it for the chance at winning.


> When Jesus said, 'I am he’ Dude “I” is literally a pronoun too lmao.


She probably meant gendered pronouns since I is not one but still, just trying to steal our attention.


That sentence is literally 67% pronouns!






There's literally a character in the bible who uses non-standard pronouns. I'm talking about >!God, whose pronouns are He/Him, always capitalised.!<


Thank you for the spoiler tag. I haven't finished the book yet, but I think this Jesus guy is going to do some big stuff in his 40s.


Same, I’m part of the way through season Matthew. I really think Judas is gunna end up being the savior that the prophets a few seasons ago were talking about


Spoiler alert he dies in the season one finale. Season two they try to replace his character with some second-rate guy. Real disappointment.


And God also refers to himself in the plural sometimes




I'm not sure what point precisely you're making, but this is an archaic British thing, and so not God's own preferred pronouns. Back in the day, it was common in written English to refer to various non-name nouns with capitalized form, such as Chastity or Virtue. This was adopted also for the Divine pronouns along the way, before it fell out of use in the original sense. The Greek and Hebrew alphabets used to write the New Testament were only in one case, so this is an entirely English-language phenomenon (although it may well have been adopted into other translations if they were made by people schooled in this convention). It is also presently falling out of use in many religious publications as an archaism. This, of course, does not invalidate your overall point that she may well use an additional set of pronouns to those she claims to use, if capitalizing the first letter constitutes a distinct set of pronouns. Happy history trivia.


My Pronouns Are Alpha/Omega/I AM THAT I AMself


My pronouns are F̵̻̮̬̳̲͙͇̟̪̺͖̮̓͝ͅȄ̷̡̨̢̛̩̞̩͇̞͈̟͙̳̭̫̑́̏̆̎͌̐́͘Ą̷̡̙̲̜̻̤̱̟͈͖̥̜̗̓̿̽̽͋̒́̽͆̕͜R̴̡͉̭͍̗̖̣͒͜͠/̴̨̹̎N̸̦̣̺̙̮͙̝͕̽̈́́̍̓͂̒̎̂̿̂Ǫ̸̧̪͙͍̥͔͈͍̪̜̻͓̞̭̜̉̀͜͠T̵̢̛̮͖̫̻̤̫͋́̅̄͋́̈̾́̀͒̂̀̏̚͘


The people that realize most of the country is dumb as fuck and they can use basic manipulation tactics to control them are going to win much faster than the people who keep trying to earnestly reach out to them.


Yeah. The checks against “tyranny of the majority” were aight until the idiots made up a sizable enough minority. Now we’re facing tyranny of the manipulated morons


This guy Andrew Jacksons.


This has been occurring for so long too. Reagan tried to convince idiot america that as long as the rich got richer they would get some too. And those same people who believed that are now blaming millennials and gen z for the the direction of the world; it’s incredibly ironic.


Being loud and stupid but following a plank of the RNC/QNC is a sure fire way to rally conservative support, especially on Twitter. It's why we've seen so many younger politicians (relative to the old fucks that mostly hold office) come out of the woodwork yelling these kinds of stupid things at the top of their lungs. While I'm sure a handful of them may believe some of the nonsense they're spouting, many of them are just grifters taking advantage of the idiocy of the right's base. (MTG, Boebert, Gaetz, the above, etc) If you wanted to get into politics for the wealth, your easiest route to doing so would be swerving hard right and touting stuff like this. Obviously you'd be selling your soul, dignity, and morales... But if those can be bought for a few million, hey, it all works out.


I agree it rallies the idiocy of her base, but what about the idiocy of our base? This woman is clearly ragebaiting with intentionally dumb BS and we take the bait every single time, giving her further reach and satisfying the "troll the emotional liberals" marketing strategy. Tired of seeing this person hit the front page every few days. I'm sure her ability to spur this reaction with just a single tweet is exactly why there are people who like her in the first place.


I can’t believe they’ve turned a fucking part of speech into a boogeyman. The education system has failed them (with intent).


In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it ... And what was terrifying was not that they would kill you for thinking otherwise, but that they might be right. For, after all, how do we know that two and two make four? Or that the force of gravity works? Or that the past is unchangeable? If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable…what then?


I don't know, but I live in Florida and I'm terrified. It seems on brand though to have nostalgia for doing the dumbest thing possible.


I wish to believe most Florida citizens don't share her... Way of thinking? Idk even how to call that without being rude


Most the people voting for her just see the R and check the box. Most of them don't know that she is a moron.


At worst, yes, most voters support this kind of thinking. At best, most are indifferent to this kind of thinking. See: their governor who was elected.


Desantis won by like .4 percent. The write ins were more than double his margin of victory.


How is it that the margin in every statewide race in Florida is razor thin but they always end up being won by Republicans?


Cubans, retirees, farmers outvoting city people


You’d expect it to tilt D every now and then just by chance, no?


Idk if you’re implying election tampering but I mean D reps and lower positions get through every now and then. Just governor and senators have been R for a while. Lots of people moving into cities down there so we’ll see in November. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.


I’m seeing the opposite, lots of younger people moving out of Florida cities due to insane costs. More older wealthy people (aka republicans) are moving in like normal.


It's also because Florida GOP likes to cheats, lies, and embraces corruption. Let's not forget what Republicans did in Florida during the 2000 presidential election


Who was the Nevada Congressman who overdosed just before the election snd still got elected?


*...he was elected because a) a lot of voters do the dumbest thing possible and vote exclusively for one party without looking at each candidate's record and b) a lot of voters do the dumbest thing possible and behave in racist ways (his opponent was black).* It's "at worst".


shes a republican out of south florida running for congress so yes be afraid


she is under the assumption that all those stories of "back in my day" are all factual and completely not hyperbolic


String concatenation?


But then it would be '1'+'2'


You could also use ‘1’ + 2. The first variable is what’s used to define the type coercion in the second.


Thanks, I didn't know that there is yet another reason to hate Javascript


She's obviously using some super intelligent advanced language reserved for MAGA elites that allows you to use any datatype as a variable name. 1='1' and 2='2'. /s


“Do smart people scare you? You’re right to be. Vote for me and I’ll make everyone not smart.”


She's an idiot politician catering to idiot voters. What she said doesn't have to mean anything. It just has to sound clever to idiots. Here's another meaningless math-based tweet from a couple hours ago. https://imgur.com/cCLoLl3.jpg


We have this breed of chucklefucks who just want to sound smart with zero substance. Social media was a mistake


Biden polled -%51, which means Trump won with 151% of the votes!


Math totally checks out. Have you considered running for Congress as a Republican?


[Why don't you come along into the fantastic democracy of North Korea!](https://www.theonion.com/in-the-know-kim-jong-ils-approval-rating-plummets-to-1-1819594629)


Perhaps she doesn't realize that's the mindset this country has *already* developed.


Remember the scene from Spinal Tap where the bassist is bragging about the amp that goes to 11? This is the same conversation in tweet form.


there are 4 lights


Maybe that the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts? 🤷‍♂️


She's using string in place of int. Edit: I didn't know she is from the string world.


Computer: Alright boss…you got it!


You're seeing integers, I'm seeing ASCII characters. We're not the same.


Dynamic typing go brrrr


Maybe she’s so smart she’s applying string theory?


"1" + 2 moment


[object Object]


undefined undefined


And we thought Boris was bad for bringing back imperial measurements and confusing 70 million people. USA... Hold my fucking beer


Wait boris brought back the imperial system?


looks like he was trying to as late as june. but then he was yeeted like he should have years ago


You think Rishi or Liz aren't going to try to keep it going?


They'll keep it up their sleeve until they need a popularity boost among the elderly.


It's in preparation to take back the colonies


The Queen’s been humming “You’ll be back” as she strolls around the palace.


Jokes aside I see absolutely no reason to do such a thing aside from imperialism.


There was no reason for brexit either, and yet...


It’s not going to happen, it’s just something to tell the UKIP voters until they all die off.


I remember seeing people saying exactly the same thing about Brexit.


To be fair, I don't think a lot of the people who pushed for Brexit actually wanted it to happen. They were just using it to gain fame and political power.


Boris literally wrote two articles on pro eu and against eu. He picked the article he thought would benefit him.


Wait….I thought you always used the imperial system? Or just for driving ?


Weird hybrid system. A bunch of stuff is metric and a different bunch of stuff is imperial. (that's UK imperial, it's different from US imperial for some things, ie 1 uk gallon = 1.20095 us gallon) Almost all my drink products are in millilitres but milk often comes in pints (with the litre labeling alongside it). Boris proposed getting rid of the metrc label on items sold in imperial units so our milk would only display how big it is in pints instead of also having litres. All our driving signs are in miles, we measure human height in feet/inches (although a lot of services are now accepting cm as well). Weight is in stone/pounds for humans but most non-living stuff measured in grams/kg. You could happily tell me a distance in feet/inches/miles and I'd have a decent idea of the distance by thinking in terms of road signs or 1/6ths of humans I know. I have a *very* good idea of how far a mm/cm/meter/kilometer is from being taught with meter sticks and generally being what I use to measure stuff but I have absolutely no clue how big a yard is, I think its bigger than a foot. (just googled it after typing that, ok it's 91.44cm, 3 foot, so more than I imagined) Personally I really dislike the hybrid system and hope we continue to move toward metric - We have been doing so for over 20 years now, so that's why it seems very backward for them to try go back against that progress to a unified modern system. Seems like old people nostalgia from my perspective.


If you’re not using it for construction or other critical measurement, a yard is close enough to a meter to consider them the same length in estimations


parseInt that mf


Like this? a = input() b = input() result = int(a+b) print(result)


working as intended


That's not how to count votes!


No wonder voting machines are too complicated for these people.


Obligatory Tom Scott link: [Why Electronic Voting Is Still A Bad Idea](https://youtu.be/LkH2r-sNjQs)


This should be mandatory watch for anyone proposing electronic voting. It's just bad idea, and the more you know about how it works the less you tend to understand why is it bad


> The more you know about it the less you tend to understand why is it bad Idk if this is a typo, but I think it may be true in that how bad you think it is vs how much you know it could well be a bell curve (or more likely an inverted sine wave)


Something that makes me curious is if it were done mainly via hardware, not software. Imagine an arcade machine with up, down, enter, and a barcode scanner. When you report for your vote, you get a barcode, you vote at the machine in what essentially looks like an old apple from the 80s, there's no networking, there's no USB, everything is immediately written to a hard drive, when polls close, the drive is copied several times and switched over to a read only mode, packaged into one of those hard plastic cases from target or whatever with a specialized key, send it to a counting center where they can unlock, verify the drive's serial number and scanned barcodes to ensure everything went to the came from the same place, then read the values from the drive. If a drive seems suspicious for whatever reason, utilize the copies.


Trust problem is the same - **why would people trust that machine doesn't lie**? How do I know it doesn't register who **I** voted for? For all we know as voters, it can ignore your input and assign your vote to ruling party by default, and send them a list of "people not agreeing with ruling party" later. Pen and paper is easy, attacks that can be done only on small scale, everyone can trust it because it's basic physics that once you throw vote to sealed container, nobody can identify whose vote it is, and can only access it by breaking seal. And what actual problem are you solving? Accessibility is the same, you still need to go to voting machine. Security? Current system is not perfect, but attacks you can make against it cannot change result without involving thousands, and at this point it's hard to keep conspiracy. With electronic voting, the most suspicious one is ruling party, and you first need to somehow prove to everyone **they can't change result** before you even start talking about security. And citing from video above "To break electronic voting you don't need to break it, you just need to cast enough doubt over the result"


What Massive campaigns of disinformation does to a people.


I’m in disbelief this is real. Is this woman some kind of mythical spirit designed to pied piper the stupidest Americans into a river somewhere?


Can anyone show me proof this is real? I can’t find any reference to it besides Reddit. If it was real, it was definitely deleted real quick, but I imagine there would still be news about it bc she’s been in the news before for dumb tweets EDIT: def real and deleted


I went through her Twitter and could not find this tweet on the day she apparently made it (Aug 2). She may have deleted it however. I also regret to inform you that it sounds real after browsing through her profile for a few agonizing minutes. The woman seems to be the newest incarnation of politician trying to get popular off the stupidest of the stupid.


[Here's an archive of the tweet](https://web.archive.org/web/20220803063147/https://twitter.com/lavern_spicer/status/1554605435499462656)


Thanks, this is what I was looking for. Can you show me how to had this site?


One of the [repliers](https://imgur.com/a/5rmTkHd) shown in some screenshots [quote tweeted it](https://twitter.com/pogcrab/status/1554694029006217220), which included the link to the original (now deleted) tweet: https://twitter.com/lavern_spicer/status/1554605435499462656 I then searched that link on [archive.is](https://archive.is/aC3Vd) and found it. Also just checked the [Wayback Machine](https://web.archive.org/web/20220803063147/https://twitter.com/lavern_spicer/status/1554605435499462656) and found it there too.


Awesome, thanks


Introduce her to programming and never reintroduce her to society


One of us. One of us.


Sounds like [alternative math](https://youtu.be/Zh3Yz3PiXZw)


Clearly switched from lavernSpicer to lavern_spicer


Who knew she had strings attached?


Yes, it is real, but she deleted it https://web.archive.org/web/20220803063147/https://twitter.com/lavern_spicer/status/1554605435499462656.


Wait I don't get it why would a senior JavaScript developer switch to politics?


Well they’re not gonna make her CTO…


Not with that attitude!


Politics make more sense than JS and choosing party easier than keeping up tp date with latest JS frameworks


I haven't tried politics yet, but as a senior JS dev I can very much see the allure of doing literally anything that isn't being a senior JS dev.


I don’t know who this person is and I am not from the US but this is why we laugh at the US.


1 + 2 = c 1 is 49 (0x31) in ASCII 2 is 50 (0x32) in ASCII 49 + 50 is 99 (0x31 + 0x32 = 0x63) 99 (0x63) is ASCII for c


“Take back this country”???? Wtf? From who? Lol


Remember the cobol days? Those are the good ol days. I don’t remember trolls when cobol existed. MAGA


Magine getting up everyday and one upping yourself for the stupidest thing to say. Must get tiring.


JavaScript moment


3+3=christmas tree


She’s going to ask the Fed to raise interest rates 75bps from 2.25% to 752.5%. It’ll be great.


Why do people shit in JS??


It has laxative properties. Great for your bowels.


Okay but what the actual fuck was this tweet supposed to mean lmao


She probably meant to write 1+1=2 which is probably a way for her to reference traditional gender or religious marriage schemes. She probably meant that her traditional and religious beliefs are as simple as 1+1=2 while those deviant woke leftists reject simple math (trad genders) For the record she's just another troll who is farming the low-iq republican base. This is what works for republicans, she'll be very successful


Are American right wing politicians on drugs?


No and that’s the problem. I think a lot could benefit from a little LSD.


So what was she trying to say with that declaration? Also I find it hilarious since people are trying to get Christianity to school and actual education material and topics like math or science books banned.


Ahh yes, the Terrence Howard school of Mathematics.


Ever notice stupid people usually got a lot to say?