This is actually a fairly common thing known as a 'hook and chain' attack. The suspects steal a 98 - 06 model F-series truck then find a particular brand of ATM and use a vulnerability in the design of that model to rip the vault door off and access the cash. These have been occurring on a near weekly basis in Oregon, and all over the country, for the last year or two. The FBI is aware of a large street gang out of Houston flying all over the country to do these attacks. Feel free to AMA on the topic. I work in physical security for a financial instiution and have dealt with a fair number of these.


Why 98-06 models? Do they have an enhanced chassis or something that makes them resistant to sheer force?


The engines aren't chipped so you can punch the door lock and ignition with a screwdriver. Makes it the easiest vehicle to steal for the job.


Damn it that's the ATM closest to my house... Lol


Front fell off.


So all that money is just...out in the environment?


No, no... it was hauled out of the environment, it's not *in* an environment!


Fucking Aloha...


Yeppa probably spending those dollar bills in Hawaii somewhere


only a few days ago did i learn aloha (hawaiian word) is pronounced alo HA not aloa like the town


Whoa where was this


Looks like Farmington, across from Mountain View Middle School


I can’t decide if they tried to ram it or just attached something and pulled it off, seems like ramming it would be the wrong direction. It reminds me of when someone tried to take out the electric billboard next to plaid pantry on 209 and TV. It’s full blown tweeker fueled no doubt. I’ve withdrawn money from this ATM. It’s one of the ones that has settings to raise the screen higher if your in a big truck lol


There is a video of it on the Aloha Crime page on Facebook. The two criminal masterminds hadn’t exactly thought this heist out.


Yup. Right by the Dairy Queen. That’s the branch closest to me, but I always drive the extra distance and go to the one on SW Teal because Aloha be crazy.


Fun fact: The guy who did this didn’t get any money as the ATM fell on its front, blocking access to the cash inside.


That is way to close to my home




Except for the expense of repairs for the business that gets passed on to customers


What’s leaking out of it?


Just an of the cuff guess here but I'm guessing air conditioning condensate. A lot of those electronics cabinets have AC in them to keep the electronics cool. There may have been a drain pan in there or something that leaked when it tipped over. Just a guess though. I wouldn't think an ATM would have any hydraulics in it.


Money juice


Not sure, there was a Fox 12 news crew and a police car nearby, so I didn’t want to investigate too closely. Maybe someone took a leak on it.


> Maybe someone took a leak on it. Great, first Arby's milkshakes, now ATM machines...