All Cats Are Bastards


Your posts always crack me up so hard


Haha! I just went and checked out OP’s post history and realized 1. Yes, very clever and hilarious and 2. I have frequently closed Reddit and put down my phone after scrolling past one of OP’s past posts. That’s because one of my long-Covid symptoms is difficulty reading and comprehending things if I’m too tired. Until now I had not quite caught on that these posts were about generating buzz for animals available for adoption. My brain would just notice human things being said about animals and I’d think, “Welp, time to put down the phone and rest!” I thought my symptoms had been getting worse. Apparently my sense of humor was just not catching on. I’m so relieved!! Hahaha!


I hope things improve for you. I am sorry for the confusion. The more humorous titles seem to get the pets more views and a faster adoption time. I usually don’t post kittens (kittens get adopted faster than older cats) but this one had a name I couldn’t resist. This one and the previous cat were both adopted within a day of posting. No idea if the post directly contributed, but I hope it got more eyes on some pets that need homes.


RES shows you how many times you've upvoted someone, next to their name, wherever they have a post or comment. Usually there's no number, because on this huge site, 99% of comments and posts are always from users you're seeing for the first time, or at least never noticed enough to vote on anything they said before (unless you spend a lot of time on small niche subreddits where you get to know most of the people). Apparently I've upvoted OP 82 times since the last time I reset everything (about a year ago). Nobody else comes close, by a mile.


Hahaha! At least he has a good purr motor.


More pets need homes: [Oregon Humane Society](https://www.oregonhumane.org/adopt/?) [Multnomah County Animal Shelter](https://www.multcopets.org/adoptables) [Cat Adoption Team](https://catadoptionteam.org/adopt/) [Humane Society of SW Washington](https://southwesthumane.org/adopt/cats/) [Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals](https://ofosa.org/) [Willamette Humane Society](https://whs4pets.org/cats/) [Pixie Project](https://www.pixieproject.org/category/adopt/) [Kitty Dreams](http://www.kittydreams.org/cats)


Great list!


My cat is racist too. Always has been. Also unbelievably sexist.


I actually had a racist cat. Dude was a rescue and was super sweet and chill. But he would lose. his. shit. if a black man was around.