Call the cops they look all messed up on catnip.


You can smell it from a mile away. These little hippies know how to party.


If you had a taller crawlspace they wouldn’t have to squat


I thought my Dad showed up. You deserve gold for that one.


Thank you! Celebrating my first Father’s Day this year as a new dad so feels good to be officially welcomed into dad joke land


Kittens! 🐱


Are you going to get them adopted? They seem young enough that services could take them in and placed in good homes!


I'm going to try to get them to come in, get them looked at, probably keep at least one, and then keep the rest when "I can't find anyone to take them".


You could contact some local services too. I've had some cats fixed with the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, and as long as they are young enough they will get them put up for adoption. Its free, with a suggested donation. At the very least they get fixed, vaccinated, and get a checkup so is good for them and helps control the feral cat population. Best of luck!


I'm definitely calling around tomorrow. I would like to keep one, but I can't keep them all, even though I *really* want to.


This sound more disturbing than it probably is without a picture for context.


It's a video of kittens. I don't know what you're on, but I can click the link and see it.


Mobile, "the image you are requesting is no longer available". Lol


Also on mobile and while the thumbnail does indeed say that, if I click it I go to the video.


Reddit has links?


This is where we ask which infernal app that doesn't really work with reddit are you using?


Apollo, which is normally solid


Apollo FTW, cute 🥰 squatters.


I would keep two kittens, because when kittens from the same family grow up together that means they will snuggle and lick each other and play and be incredibly adorable 24/7.


That's why I want one! I literally just got a kitten a few months ago, and have been looking for a friend for him. That would hopefully mean that none are left all by their lonesome! My little ODB is lonely. He needs a RZA. https://imgur.com/znfUqPl.jpg https://imgur.com/tkHP8Wx.jpg


"Mind your business!" That's one cute fuckin' kitty!


You should definitely keep one of the orange kittens! All oranges all the time!


They’ll really hate Mondays tho


That's what I had hoped to happen with mine, unfortunately one of them is a needy asshole and hated her sister.


When I was a kid, my mom fostered cats for the humane society. We frequently got kittens with eye colds, so they weren't sickly or weak- just contagious. They had ALL the attitude they always have, and frequently took personal issue with new arrivals. After a few months, my mom decided to change it up. When she brought in a new kitten (another eye cold), she brought it in covered in tuna juice. They licked her clean, and made friends in the process. Sometimes she would do it, but she would have to put them in a smaller space, to sorta force interaction. She had a playpen with a mosquito net, and she'd drop a few in, with tuna juice on them, and they'd be best buddies within the hour. This also worked when a puppy came in. All the kitties were super bothered, until they smelled him.


ah tuna juice, the MDMA for kittens


When I lived in Eugene, they had a discount spay/neuter clinic for people without a lot of money. I think it was like $50 bucks. Could always go that route if you need to. Good to have that in your back pocket.


They have a similar program here! I can't get them fixed until they're 6 months old, but for $70, they get fixed, regular shots, rabies shots, microchipped and flea dipped. My ODB is going in next month, but I may see if they can get him in sooner because I don't want him to start spraying if I bring in a kitten or 3. Edit- Willamette humane society does it, if anyone is curious.


You know yourself, and I respect that, lol.


I thought "imma be mad if it's not racoons" but then I saw kittens and I'm not mad at all


I thought the same thing before I discovered it was kittens, too!


Oh! Poor babies. So nice of you.


i didn't know what to brace myself for ADORABLE


Omg. It’s an infestation!




Came here bracing for a r/publicfreakout moment but left with satisfied with r/aww.


I was prepared for a Parasite situation but I’m extremely happy that wasn’t where this ended up!




Thank you for posting this!


I will take one! To take care of, the wife will be angry, but also in love. Is any a boy? Boys are super timid.


The kittens look fat and healthy, which means their mom is around. If at all possible, find the mom and get her spayed!


Oh sweet kitty squatters! Well you could do worse.


Looks like the moved kitten kaboodle.


Just the three? No mom? They look pretty well fed...


She's around, but wasn't there when I took the video. I've been feeding her for a couple months. I feed her at the same time, every day, and she's very punctual. She's pretty much wild, but I got her to the point that she will sit about 5 feet away while I feed her. Before that, she ran every time. She will eat while I watch from a few feet away, but still runs if I come any closer. She usually lives under the house next door. The lady next door has an open spot that she leaves open on purpose. There's dozens of cats under there, at least 5 generations. None of them are her pets, they won't go near her. But she does feed them. I think the mama kitty probably needed a safer place for her babies, so she forced her way into the crawlspace opening. We've bolted that down, and opened the vent, so she can get in and out the same way, and that way other cats (or other animals) won't get in there. I'm not confident that I'll be able to get close to mom, but I'm hoping I can humanely trap her with food, get her fixed, and bring her back.


Looks like you could just pluck up the babies and bring them inside, mom should follow them.


I can only get one arm in, at a time, and it doesn't go all the way down.


Make a game out of it? LOL: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GTWWJB5 "Oooh! THE CLAW!"


Make friends with em’


Awwwwwwww babies!


LOL dang ya got me, I was ready to post something negative, but was so in awe by the cuteness I simmah downed haha!


That's one fancy feast.


OH MY GOSHHHH I wasn't expecting that. And now I'm smiling. Thank you :D


Sounds like a nightmare


Looks like a missing graphic.


Reads like a Stephen King novel


This received an audible “aww” from me.


Gonna have to charge them rent. One bird a week.


Each?! Thems Frisco prices!


Damn, a considerate landlord? Lol


LMAO! My landlord is a *fucking saint*, so I gotta go with what I know!


Stop feeding them or they’ll never leave.