I think too it gives women some modicum of power in that they can "be their own boss," and yet, as you point out, it's for the pleasure of men. It also covers a variety of activities which may or may not include prostitution, but could be as pernicious as pornography or posting nudes or taking requests online to strip / do stuff. It's all for an exclusive audience, hetero men who control the legal, social, and economic framework in which women must survive. It puts a veneer of respectability on a woman forced to debase themselves for money.


I 10000% recommend everyone here to read Esparanza (Proletarian Feminist)'s article entitled "The problem with the phrase 'sex work is work.'" Here is an exerpt: "I argue that it largely does not matter whether prostitution is work and that the better question is to ask 'what is the commodity bought and sold and what effect does this commodification have on women and LGBT people in our class?'"