What’s bizarre is the same right wingers screaming against gun control are the same ones claiming masks,etc caused the murderer to snap.


It's that really a narrative they're pushing now?


Undoubtedly, they're also leaning hard into trans rights, wokeness, defund the police, literal doors, etc. A bunch of insincere arguments just to put up a smoke screen to obfuscate the real issue.


As usual the unhinged right are pushing about 50 different narratives, trying to cover all their bases. Most of them center around how the evil commie "leftists" are trying to destroy ARE COUNTARY through various underhanded plots and whatever (just the typical projection from republicans as usual), like "defunding the police" or how we need more "good guys with guns around", while of course ignoring basic facts about the case like how Texas spends a ton of money on police services, greg abbot literally made it illegal to defund the police in Texas anyway, and the fact that there were "good guys with guns" in both Buffalo AND Texas and they didn't manage to stop either shooting.


And learning about your history in an uncensored way or the existence of gay people will traumatize them too, for some fucking reasons.


It is important to note that in Texas only 2 police officers died in the line of duty in 2021. One by gunfire and the other by vehicle. 102 Officers died by COVID. Seems to me republicans support things that get both police killed and children.


Because they are children who are more attracted to the spectacle and idea of something than any actual work that would need to be done.


They base their life around fanfiction thousands of years old.


Didn’t another cartoonist make this “joke” yesterday?


What traumatizes kids is acting like school shootings are the biggest threat ever, when in fact school is the safest place a kid can be.


>, when in fact school is the safest place a kid can be. Try telling that to the parents of the children who were gunned down the other day bud...


No different from telling the families who lost people on 9/11 how insignificant of a threat Islamic terrorism is to Americans.


So you're at least admitting lax gun laws are a threat to Americans?


I'm saying neither is a serious threat.


Clearly you're wrong or Texas wouldn't be in the situation it's in. I guess my point is, your lack of compassion for those killed and their loved one's is pretty concerning to me. You're on nearly every reddit post that references the shooting undermining the fact that people have died. More or less telling people that it's no big deal. You're out of your element partner.


These shootings pose a similar threat to Americans as lightning.




That’s the point of these political cartoons. Also, this one was not made in response to Uvalde, but it’s all the more applicable


Been seeing this cartoon for awhile now. We've just been having so many school shootings, it keeps being relevant.


There will be another one soon enough, snowflake.