I was banned by the AskThe_Donald subreddit after commenting about boats and I absolutely love it.

I was banned by the AskThe_Donald subreddit after commenting about boats and I absolutely love it.


Maybe since they know about boats now, they'll get on some and go somewhere else. Heard somewhere trump people are really into Russia.


That subreddit is an absolute goldmine of pure idiocy.


The description of that subreddit doesn't make any sense. They say they ban racists and trolls. So they basically ban 90% of the people that would go there?


The note they added to the ban message is even better: No Racist/Bigots/Trolls. Bye Bye! Please seek counseling, Find Jesus, and don't hurt children or animals.


Oh my. So no bigots allowed and they're vegan too! Wow. Just wow.


Cant ban you mods, they only ban if you oppose the orange blob, the worlds most overgrown orange


Ahh the old “Democrats built a tunnel from Haiti to Texas using digging equipment rented on George Soros’ credit card”…


but if they could do that why do they need 3T for "infrastructure? maybe it is for MORE tunnels? Big ol /S


I heard it was Antifa. Either way, I’m sure some evil Lib is behind it all. 🙄


Didn’t you read Hilarys emails? Check out Hunter Biden’s laptop…..BENGHAZI!!!!


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Dude...they're inhaling hydrogen peroxide now Don't give them more ideas


You know, when a conservative says some stupid shit on this sub, we all calmly dismantle everything they say. Every time I’ve commented in a conservative sub, I’m immediately banned before I can engage with anyone. Then they just call us trolls for not engaging. How can people so insecure about their own beliefs hold so strongly to them?


Especially with this argument, of one of them had tried to own me by saying, "Where did they get the boat?!" the one answer to make them look utterly ridiculous is "They could have built the boats."


Truly deep thinkers in these communities


>How can people so insecure about their own beliefs hold so strongly to them? They know their beliefs melt before simple questions like a rice paper umbrella in hard rain. They can't allow any taint of reality to intrude on their safe spaces.


Wait, the trumpettes don't tolerate mean tweets? Bwahahahahaha


It’s a conspiracy! They are being brought here by a group that call themselves “Captains”. Nearly every single boat is run by someone from this group


The most enjoyable aspect of that sub is seeing how little attention it now gets. Where once it’s posts had lengthy comments, they now frequently have nothing but one automod comment. It’s become a ghost town.


The only reason I found it was because it showed up on my home page for some reason, and I just thought to myself "An opportunity has come that I cannot pass up."


"Thousands of miles"


That's what I was thinking! Haiti is not thousands of miles from our border, lol. It's under 700 miles.


Ugh walsh is just a bearded charlie kirk sock puppet


You sneaky Lib… trying to educate them! They don’t needs no book learnin’ in there!


Side note; I edited my comment before I got banned to include the radical idea of walking by foot to the border.


Pure gold. Banned without the use of one profanity. Bravo 🙌


Teaching people about boats is important. You have to talk like you're teaching a two year old. But two year olds probably grasp the concept of boats easier than these people.


They don’t even realize the education in which they’ve missed out.


I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have been trapped in this cycle oscillating between false confidence in your belief system and false victimhood.


That is a easy one to get banned from…asked what a terrorist trying to assist a coup was doing that was “lawful” and deserved to not get a bullet in the chest. Whoops, permaban. My bad didn’t know they were so sensitive about being domestic terrorist


I mean, I’m no Trumper, but Del Rio is nowhere near the coast.


I edited it before I got banned to include the insane notion of walking.


That’s fair. I’m from Texas and I’ve wondered why they’re ending up in Del Rio. There are hundreds of miles of closer crossing points.


I guess it depends on where they are landing in Mexico. I could Google it, but that seems like too much effort.


If you're fleeing a country as a refugee, you'd probably do whatever it took to go somewhere else for some security. So it makes sense that they would still walk for so many miles (probably getting lifts on the way) to try and find a better place.


I get that. I’m just saying, when I first heard it was Del Rio, I was surprised it was so far west. But, after thinking about it, it’s probably the best corridor from where they are landing in Mexico.


The answer he was looking for is Soros. But in Reality it might be Murdock funding the boat rides. Gives them something to cry about.


I think he’s trying to imply that Democrats are bringing them which like…gee where have I heard that conspiracy theory before?


Yeah, that is an easy sub to get banned from. They probably have more bans than members. Maybe if they bothered to count they would realize why they lost the election.


"How DARE you be logical?!"


Getting banned from anything that subscribes to taking advice from The Donald sounds like a worthy endeavor. Well done.


I do have to wonder what ever happened to the coast guard


Since when did they patrol the dessert?


Whose boat is this boat?


I mean, people have been building their own boats for thousands of years, so that's one way.




Ah, yes the B.O.A.T. - buoyancy-operated aquatic transport.


Coast guard needs more funding


That's actually really true. My boyfriend was in the CG, and the ship he was on during his time there was only retired this year and it had been built in the 50s. It's in such a bad state that literally no one will buy it.


How dare you comment boats, you know they could destroy you with facts and logic if they wanted to! It’s obviously Democrat antifa communist 10G UFOs!


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Has anyone tried to blame the elderly Jewish man? It’s been a while since we’ve heard a reference to “Soros.” /Alex Jones voice /s


Ever heard of airplanes? Those work wonderfully, too!


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Tough concept for trump supporters to understand, they’re used to their boats sinking off the shores of lake Travis.


Back in the late 80's, when I would see the failed Casino owning bankrupt cheeseball douchbag that is/was Donald Trump - never could I have imagined he would take control of the "minds" of a hundred million people... Never ever underestimate complete troglodytic stupidity.