In a word, Welcome to misery era!

In a word, Welcome to misery era!


Up next. Climate change famine. Bon apetite


Awfully optimistic of you to think we won't have more horrible shit in between


awfully optimistic of you to think there'll be much time at all in between


Remember when it looked like the fires in Australia were going to be the global story of 2020?


World War III in Iran enters the chat


*superstorm hurricanado Inga has entered the chat*


Crosses the entirety of the continental United states.


*Crosses the Pacific Ocean and wipes out Japan and mainland China as well before finally dying in Kazakhstan*


It was the biggest event at the time, sure. But there was already plenty to worry about regarding covid at the time as well. It was already becoming an epidemic in China, plenty of people paying attention saw that it could easily become much worse.


Yeah anybody that remembers the SARS outbreaks in the past knew. The CCP was welding apartment doors shut in January/early Feb to enforce quarantine.


But masks and vaccines are socialist fascism!


We are on track above IPCC worst case scenario, and they don’t even include feedback loops. The world is about to drastically change.


I knew at some point deep enough in the karma whore comments there would be some science. Thanks for posting!


It’s a sobering video, and it is kind of dry but here’s the data. https://youtu.be/fliCxyAwBWU


The effects of climate change are going to be some of the most tragic events of our life. Environmental collapse, mass extinction, mass migration, etc. It's kind of a big fucking deal. Like, what were you thinking? Nuclear war? Robot takeover? Meteor? Super volcano? Just wondering.


Well according to the latest SciShow video on youtube scientists are busy recoding DNA to make new proteins. Except as the smiley Hank Green explains that might devastating effects on existing life. Swap a few codons and it could have a UUG impact.


I like what you did there. I hope others appreciate it, have me a good smile.


What did he do there?


I think the UUG refers to nucleotide bases in RNA, that encode proteins


I got that... but I just realized that UUG can be pronounced as "huge." Thanks!


Mass migrations will almost certainly lead to the proliferation of fascism across the world. As countries and cultures become more insular to protect their own resources.


It will indeed. But there's also a good chance of another Carrington Event in the meantime. That and this virus may have something up its glycoprotein sleeve to still throw at us (although it's not going too well here as it is).


To be fair, we're giving the virus lots of practice at killing us, instead of just beating it entirely in 6 weeks and moving on.


The sickest tragedy of this pandemic is we were never hypothetically more than 2 months top from the end if EVERYONE JUST STAYED INDOORS


BuT MuH FrEeDuMb!


Global financial collapse due to the largest economy having rampant inflation. Could be just like a bad recession, could be worse, could be much worse. For a little frame of reference the most similar event was the [bronze age collapse](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Late_Bronze_Age_collapse), and that didn't have as many or as big of dominos to come falling down as now.


well, all the massive storms, wildfires and cold snaps go without saying


Is human a red meat or white meat? Asking for a friend... :)


The headhunters called it long pork so I’m guessing white meat.


This is correct


"Prior to 1931, The New York Times reporter William Buehler Seabrook, in the interests of research, obtained from a hospital intern at the Sorbonne a chunk of human meat from the body of a healthy human killed in an accident, then cooked and ate it. He reported, "It was like good, fully developed veal, not young, but not yet beef. It was very definitely like that, and it was not like any other meat I had ever tasted. It was so nearly like good, fully developed veal that I think no person with a palate of ordinary, normal sensitiveness could distinguish it from veal. It was mild, good meat with no other sharply defined or highly characteristic taste such as for instance, goat, high game, and pork have. The steak was slightly tougher than prime veal, a little stringy, but not too tough or stringy to be agreeably edible. The roast, from which I cut and ate a central slice, was tender, and in color, texture, smell as well as taste, strengthened my certainty that of all the meats we habitually know, veal is the one meat to which this meat is accurately comparable." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_cannibalism   I have also seen it compared to pork - and human flesh as a food source is even nicknamed "longpork" or "longpig". Fun fact: In Pirates of the Caribbean, the guy that points the main characters to that island full of cannibals describes it as an island where he trades spices for "delicious longpork". Dude straightup says he's sending them to a bunch of cannibals, lol. https://youtu.be/4bH5KQw0A-4?t=112 (at time)


Regarding millennials being terrified of what's coming down the pike: Some time ago I came to the conclusion that we're setting ourselves up for another global war mid-21st century; this time likely over scarce resources. I've seen nothing to dissuade me from that thought. China and the United States are increasingly competitors instead of economic partners. Climate change appears to have reached a tipping point that will make resources once thought nearly limitless, scarce or effectively non-existent. And nationalism has come roaring back both in Europe and in America. Much of what's going on today feels like what I read about the lead up to WWII. As part of the last set of boomers to be born, sorry millennials. :/


At least I can't get drafted. Have fun, Gen Alpha!


with all the unrest and division in our country.....smfh. if the govt tries to draft people. TRULY LAUGHABLE. it would be the last straw for so many people. its laughable that anyone truly believes that it wouldnt cause yet another point of division in the inevitable decline of the US. watch the US govt make ANOTHER terrible decision. watch the system tear itself apart.


Eh, given current events, conservatives would see it as a great way to "own the libs" constantly posting about how some leftwing person got drafted and is throwing a hissy fit about it, then when it comes time for them to get drafted they'll be "researching" on Facebook how to fake a medical condition to get out of serving. Pretty much everything that happened during Vietnam...


It's almost like everyone has forgotten what happened Jan 6th... It will end in bloodshed.


A draft would be political suicide for so many elected officials. I doubt we'll ever have another draft.


Why can't you get drafted? If you think age is a barrier to draft, you may want to check out past world wars where they were drafting people into their 60s and mid 40s respectively, after initially only drafting younger people. The US won't lose a war because of an arbitrary age limit.


I tried to enlist in my early 20s and was denied for my scoliosis and flat feet. Coupled with the fact that I am now 32 with exploding knees I think I'll be safe unless it's for some mindless cleaning job at a base.


Unless there is a real war and the west is losing. We eventually send even children when things get bad enough. It has just been a while.


A world war wouldn’t be like it used to be though. With US soldiers storming Normandy. It would just be a shit ton of nukes until we end up killing the planet for good.


agreed WW3 will likely last a day or two and then the survivors get to see if there is enough left to put society back together again and deal with the literal fall out.


Well then fair enough, you in fact won't be drafted. Many people operate under the illusion that they've aged out of the draft. I took your reference to gen Alpha as implying age was the determinating factor.


They can actually suck my entire dick. I don’t care what age I am, I will sit in a jail cell before I murder people for sport so rich people can get more money.


We are going to see another global war, but my feeling is the US isn’t going to be a primary player for a change - it’s going to be India vs. China, with Pakistan piling on. China’s going to fuck with the agua, India’s not going to take it sitting down, and off to the races.


Perhaps. I'm not up enough on China's relations with either India or Pakistan to comment intelligently. But I do know that both of the former have populations that will increasingly be squeezed if global food and water resources become scarce. I'm really more concerned that the United States will lash out when it becomes necessary to curtail our lavish (by global standards) lifestyle due to climate change. See elsewhere in this thread where someone appears to think we have a right to and a need for Afghanistan's lithium.


That’s my thinking - lower river flows from the Himalayas will be the squeeze that affects both. Someone’s going to make a grab and it’s on. My wild guess is the US goes kinda fascist and isolationist. I don’t see China wading into a war with us unless it just has absolutely no choice. It doesn’t get anything even if it technically wins or the war ends in a draw.


Yep. If people think the climate crisis is bad now in 2021, just wait ten years. It will be so, so much worse. And then ten years after that, the level of catastrophe will only continue to rise. Truly dark times are on the near horizon.


"This is Bob Newsguy. This just in: the Colorado River is dry and Idaho is on fire."


Are you sure we can't squeeze in a quick race war first? I mean, we really didn't do much about kids in cages at the border *or* our blatantly racist War on Drugs. If that doesn't flare up before the big crop failures, they could collide in a pretty nasty way.


Climate change crumbles are already kind of happening. edit: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1119-it-could-happen-here-30717896/episode/welcome-to-the-crumbles-85870770/


bone apple tea


thats the only drink we will have left besides muddy water.


The world will be simultaneously on fire and flooded.


Well it is rn


Isn't that right now?


"Welcome to your 40's! Your home country has become inhospitable for humans and we're drafting you for the Water War."


I was holding out for the space mining wars those seemed a lot cooler. Can't have shitt


I'm from northern California. We have always had fires, but nothing like what has been going on recently. I basically consider my hometown inhospitable for 1/4 of the year at this point. And it's only going to get worst. We are setting up for another La Nina, which suggests another dry, cool winter on the west coast. Which means no rain, which means more fires next summer.


I live in Washington and for most of the summer we'll have smoky eery red skies because of California's constant state of being on fire. Stay safe dude I hope it's not as bad this year for you guys


lol, it's been a fucking terrible year for people around where I grew up. Luckily I live in San Diego and it's been nice, the water has just been a little cold.


Ill be 40 in 3 years. Always thought, "Damn, it would absolutely suck being older during those crazy, tv show versions of the apocalypse/fall of civilization. Now I'm like, "Well shit."


Start getting your cardio in now ya old fart


But we killed napkins, so fuck us, right?


I think we also killed diamonds and the maybe the housing market?


>housing market "Why are so many millennials *choosing* to rent forever?" Gee I don't know Susan, wonder why that could be....


God this one pisses me off so much. Finally my wife and I have the down payment and the income to buy a house in our market… and then the market goes nuts and suddenly we can’t afford a house again. Feel like Charlie Brown this year.


Oh, you don’t have the cash available to spend 25% over asking price? Strap in and prepare for 2030.


Oh c'mon. All you need is 20% of $625k saved up for a down payment of a 60 year loan. ^^^/s


In a flyover state.


This is happening to so many people I know. Housing prices would have to drop by 30% in my area to reach pre-pandemic prices. I can’t see that happening as inflation starts to rear its ugly head.


Have you tried having rich parents to just buy it for you? ...cause that's how all the younger millennials in my neighborhood work things out.


I just saved (100% of my paycheck because I have family money)-- it's easy, anyone can do it! /s


[no idea...](https://i.imgur.com/AA6leOo.png)


But these boomers need to sell the house they bought in 1970 for 60k to you for 1,8million to retire and live on a cruise ship for 4 month out of the year


Who will they sell to you ask? Corporate landlords who will flip the house and turn it into a rental property investment, probably a duplex/triplex. Basically the boomers will be more than happy to sell their grandkids ability to buy a house to venture capital so they can cash out.


The parent and grandparents of baby boomers fixed this country and set up social security to insure their children had a safety net and retirement. Then the boomers decided to speed run Social Security into the ground, it will be a miracle if Social Security outlives baby boomers since it’s projected to be insolvent by 2037. I can’t wait to learn how millennials and gen z killed social security!


Boomers were born into a US economy built on massive infrastructure spending and the competition being bombed back a century, and believed they'd never have to put in hard work to maintain that. They've borrowed against their children their entire adult lives to support that while decrying taxes and regulations and social programs that their idyllic (when white at least) childhoods were largely built on.


Then they bitch and moan about grandkids without a single bit of awareness.


There will be a revolt at that point. We will take back what we've paid in. I'm 20 fucking years deep into social security being taken from my check. I'll get it back via theft or violence.


This. What our generation pays in is used to fund existing oldsters, in return we are guaranteed the same because we are sacrificing part of our value. If that contract is broken, then the answer must be redistribution, it will be their choice if it's violent or not.


In other words, gimme my fuckin money or else.


“Fuck you pay me”


Boomers sitting on their cruise ship calling millennials a bunch of self entitled cry babies as they benefit from all the rights that their parents fought for! All the while voting for and supporting parties that are systematically dismantling all those rights!


> as they benefit from all the rights that their parents fought for! All the while voting for and supporting parties that are systematically dismantling all those rights! this is the part i don't get. like how can you not want your kids or grandkids to have it as good or better than you did? why do boomers think they did it all on their own w/o any help from society as a whole?


WSJ: The housing market is better than ever. Houses are rising in value. Here's why you should keep investing in your house! Also WSJ: Millennials don't buy houses and our market analysts explain why


It definitely couldn't be because housing costs have exponentially skyrocketed out of control. Nah....that couldn't be it. Must be those damn millennials that just don't want to buy our overpriced crappy house that is literally falling apart.


Cost of everything has skyrocketed out of control except gas, which has only gone up like 200% since I first started driving.


But that's not inflation, inflation is only when poor people make more. I know it's more complicated, but it's also not when you get into rhetoric instead of the academics.


And chain restaurants like Chili’s. Eating mediocre food served by people who don’t enjoy their job was supposed to be our goal and we let everyone down.


I love ordering off a sticky menu, then waiting for my microwaved food that was shipped frozen a week ago.


Applebee's - you can Sysco better than this.


But when you try to cook food like that at home you'll never be able to add enough sugar, salt, and lard to get the taste the same. Or maybe willing is the right word.


And butter! Never forget the butter!


My wife and I have been to Applebee's once, maybe twice, when they had cheap appetizers and $1 margaritas. The drinks were so weak, my wife (who's a total lightweight) needed like 4 to feel a buzz. And the food was obviously just a microwaved saltbomb.


If they want to survive in a market where millennials are the key spenders, they’ll have to offer something that millennials actually WANT. In my humble opinion, if restaurants don’t survive it’s their own damn fault.


Right? "Millennials are killing our business!" No, your business just sucks. There are local places with much better burgers.


My sister's engagement ring is a white sapphire ring made by an artist on etsy. A fraction of the cost of a diamond, a unique design, and honestly you can't even tell it's not a diamond unless you're all up in its business.


But how is the poor diamond industry going to keep exploiting third world countries if you don’t pay 4000% mark up on a diamond you buy at the mall?


I prefer sapphire and ruby to diamonds anyway. In fact think gem-quality 1+ carat sapphires and rubies are more rare than similar diamonds so that ring shouldn’t be considered a step down (in my opinion). However, I’m probably being swayed by my love for rubies and sapphires from playing Aladdin on super NES so many years ago.


That's why I hold apples above all other fruit


You work at a supermarket. I saw you doing this the other day


I bought my fiancee a lab grown pink/purple sapphire from Sofia Zakia online. It's absolutely gorgeous, and cost me a fraction of what my cousin paid for his wife's marquis (blood) diamond engagement ring. 100% worth it.


Jewelers can’t tell the difference between a CZ and a diamond with their naked eye (per my gems and gemstones professor in college).


Bought my fiancee a sapphire ring and I am therefore everything that is wrong with the millennial generation.


I bought one of those synthetic diamond substitutes, I think it was called Moissanite. It's a shiny white gemstone. It looks nice on a ring and I was able to afford a decent sized gem compared to the itty bitty diamond I would have otherwise had to buy, plus I know it wasn't scratched out of the earth by enslaved children or anything like that


I just bought my fiancé a moissantie as well. I’m not going to contribute to the diamond market….or for that matter any jewelry store that constantly spams the radio with advertisements. I would love to see the jewelry grade diamond industry collapse.


I just bought moissanite too. We aren’t hung up on if it “has to be a diamond” and this way we were able to go much bigger on the stone. We went emerald cut as radiant cut was just an insane amount of fire, when the light hit it looked like a disco ball. We both want to skim on the stone and wedding because of housing prices.


An antique emerald one for me. The stone was green, which was expected, and only a few hundred which was a nice surprise.


Hey this guy didn't buy the correct shiny rock! Get your pitchforks out!


Yup I got her an opal ring, and we had avocado toast for breakfast on Saturday, I’m clearly the problem


Nervy to demand a living wage and healthcare


Just substitute a latte for drip coffee to afford a townhouse in the lower east side of Manhattan!




I’m not sure about you but I haven’t bought napkins to use at home ever and I’m 34. I’ve only ever bought them for hosting a party or something and that’s because they’re the tiny ones, otherwise the half sheet paper towels are king.


We try to use cloth for everything. I can't be shelling out $5/month for paper towels. I'm not made of money.


Good. Napkins deserve to die. They don't absorb shit, and when they do they fall apart. It's extra fun when you're trying to get something sticky off your hands because they fall apart and then stick to your fingers.


I do believe there are parallels between millennials/gen z and the greatest generation. Both had to deal with severe economic problems and global destruction. Both are cleaning up the problems that their parents created and I think both will end up making the world a better place. The boomers like to think they are the tough, individualistic guardians of Americanism. In reality they have always been pampered and selfish without ever facing any great challenges. The millennials and gen z are actually what the boomers believe themselves to be. We are doing it for real, they are just cosplaying and projecting their own insecurities onto us.


That is an unfortunate autocorrect, but I agree with you about the Greatest Generation. Those born early enough to experience WWI as well as what came after really did it tough.


My comment definitely needed a second pass to clean up the grammatical and spelling errors. That is what I get for trying to type as fast as possible before I had to leave for work.


One can only wonder what our second weltkrieg will be


That's my Mom.... and she's class conscious at over 80 years old. From Germany no less...


Notice how all this talk about bloody revolution seems to have no real issues attached to it? "Voter Fraud" because my guy said so, QAnon "only Democrats are pedophiles" bullshit, Democrats are awful because Dr Seuss and the fear of some obscure graduate level academic race framework being taught to kids? I assert that this is the Boomer generation's last grasp on the front stage. They want to take the Hawks V Doves battle from their childhood to its logical conclusion, even if it destroys the country. A lot of these bullshit wedge issues and the "my side's right and your side's wrong" by assumption attitudes are direct results of the Boomer generation's open hostility to itself. As Youngs, we need to work together to stop this bullshit.


That's what all this is. A death rattle. Unfortunately it is happening in the front car of a speeding train.


Thing is the Boomers passed along much of their racism and sexism on to their children. Selfish assholes will not die out with the Boomer generation.


Sure, their influences will be felt long after they're gone, just like they taught the unhealthy attitudes that were taught to them from generations past. We still don't need to let them use the country as one last Vietnam hawks v doves battle.


Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times. -G Michael Hopf


It’s all cyclical, that’s for sure. One of the best examples is anti vaxx sentiment. Even before Covid, there was a growing number of people who didn’t believe in vaccines because they never saw any major disease outbreaks. Vaccines made outbreaks so rare that some people never understood the necessity of vaccines and now believe vaccine are the problem. Sometimes people become so insulated from problems that they don’t understand what is a real threat and what isn’t.


And funnily enough, that’s something you always see boomers quoting


And they literally grew up during the most prosperous time America had ever seen or will ever see. But they're the tough ones. Played the game of life on easy mode and makes fun of us playing on nightmare.


This is basically what Strauss Howe generational theory outlines, but puts a lot more definitions to it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strauss%E2%80%93Howe_generational_theory


Welcome to middle age: where your kids go to college before you pay off your own student loans, and you are sandwiched between your kids and your aging parents - just as [Social Security runs dry](https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/31/politics/social-security-medicare-report/index.html).


Oh! And I have good news also. As we increase life expentancy to artificial levels and reduce natality to a survival minimum, soon most couples will need several decades of their life taking care of 3-4 dependent elders alone, because they will not have siblings to help them. And of course because the workforce to pensioner ratio will drop so much, either taxes will skyrocket, or people will have to work until their 70s (By then, maybe the studient loans are paid in full), or people will just die


I am part of a student loan advocacy group and you would be disgusted to know the next phase of student loan predatory actions was going to be making them not dischargeable even after death.


I thought that was already the case.


Right now what basically happens is a statute of you not acknowledging or paying the loan for X years kicks in after so long after you die. The idea here was to make it so that when you die, your next of kin inherited your debt, as opposed to it being tied to you alone. This is the sick fantasy of corporate America. To bill you after death and actually get it.


Automation thru robotics will either be a boon to help with this, or make the vast majority of us a burden left out on the curb. It's gonna be the latter if we don't sieze the benefits of these advancements for ourselves. A world where even a fry cook or WalMart shelf stocker can be profitably replaced by machines either becomes a utopia of leisure, or a world of walled-off corporate campuses that we're locked outside of to starve.


For anyone else who didn't know that word.. Natality noun the ratio of the number of births to the size of the population; birth rate.


You forgot "have a global recession at the end of your school years and nobody is hiring"


> a global recession at the end of your school years and nobody is hiring That was the worst. My dad of all people told me to not finish university too fast. Better it takes 18-24 month longer than normal to get my MBA than having over a year of unemployment in my bio.


America is really anal about those job gaps. Land of free my donkey!


Can you explain this gap on your resume? Why did you go to school and get in debt after everybody older than you explicitly told you to do so?


And, "you should have gone to trade school." Even though absolutely no one ever encouraged anyone my age to go to trade school when I was 17/18.


You mean at all until 4 years after you graduated college and are still working at a Starbucks because it has “good benefits”


I went to trade school then it got shut down for misappropriation of funds. I still owe the tuition.


Whenever we drove by a vo-tech high school or trade school my parents would tell me that that's where I'd end up if I let my grades slip in middle school. Not going to college simply wasn't an option that middle class Millennials were given growing up.


Then: just get a degree, any university degree will ensure you get a good job! Now: of course that History degree is useless. Why didn’t you get a STEM degree you dumbass?


Isn’t that “Welcome to adulthood. Here’s a global recession.”


It is. We’re not that good at reading either! 🤷‍♂️ But to be fair, the text was more than 2 lines!!


That was literally the second one, did you seriously not even read that far?


Haha I graduated in 2009 and I remember going to my university's Job Fair and almost all of the "good" employers were like "Yeah, we aren't hiring, we're only here because the school is paying us LOL."


Compare that to: "Welcome Teenagers - here's WW1!" "You survived WW1 - Here's the Spanish Flu that will kill 1/36 people on earth!" "You survived WW1 and the Spanish Flu! - Here's the depression/hyperinflation" "You survived all that - you're out of the woods right?! WRONG Here's WW2"




Eastern Europe's bonus round: heres 40 yrs of communist oppression with the occasional revolution and famine. Off the gulag you go!


Dont forget the omnipresent threat of nuclear annihilation


"Okay millennials, it's time to retire! Uh-oh, looks like radioactive killer tomatoes evolved sentience and conquered mankind in bloody, hand to tomato warfare. Womp womp."


>retire >millenials It's funny that you think that the last two generations will be able to retire.


That's a great movie.


At least your generation exists, GenX doesn't appear to even be worthy of anything and we just get lumped in with Boomers.


I'm just happy to be left out of that generational strife bullshit. For all the progressives amongst millenials there are also a bunch of right wingers waiting to take over when the old ones dies out. As there has been in every generaiton, and those are the ones causing the problems, by voting against their own interests, refusing to change and living off of spite and hatred. Turning this into a generational thing instead of a political thing is a very succesfull attempt at divide and conquer by the very same people who have caused all this.


Seriously. The alt-right, proudboys, qult members come from in all ages. Every generation is susceptible to being radicalized in some way, or fall behind and sink into comfortable conservative "old ways". Its nothing new, its been around since humanity has and will continue to do so as long as people can be manipulated by fear and under-education.


“Welcome to middle age! Here’s a worldwide refugee crisis!” Whole continental regions are without water or crops. Others are so hot and humid people die in their homes. No place is unaffected. Oh, and rising sea levels have flooded some of the coolest cities on earth, including your own. The diaspora from cities has fractured liberal voting blocks and political conservatives are pretty much running the entire planet and still thinking everything is a hoax and not really happening. “Next up; your golden years!”


Golden because the global economy has collapsed, the US dollar is worthless, and you need precious gold to pay the sky pirates who smuggle the insulin you need from the Chinese Canadan Autonomous Zone.


Doesnt help that the Boomers decided to leave the world on a hot plate unattended.


A hot plate unattended is one of the most boomery things I've ever heard.


Does anyone else notice this shit always happens under a Republican President??


As a teenager looking at the Reagan years in Canada's pants, I could not figure out the, "what and why" of it all. It was just confusing then as it is now. Good luck America -- get better soon.


We had a good run


But we were overdue…


Canada is getting bad too. We are starting to behave more and more like Amurica Lite and I hate it.


The velvet glove falls off of capitalism, revealing a iron fist. Anyone who thinks capitalism is great is in a slowly deflating bubble. Some day, this will happen to you.


No arguments here. The lawsuits for small stuff and sue everyone and everything, protests about anti-masking and anti-vax at hospitals (?) by the same people who would use it at the smallest of sneezes, and the politics with hints of attack ad style versus presenting platforms... it is unnerving. Woke up to 101 signs on every intersection and at the small park in my neighbourhood one night. You wake up and it was strange. One of the neighbours living on the corner was confused because he didn't order a sign. Go over across the big street and on the other side it was the same and at the bus stops and parks too. Turns out the Conservative candidate decided it was a good advertising idea and sent his guys out to do it. Turns out there are rules against that. Yesterday, there were two cars (with his signs taped to the cars) pulling all the signs out and getting talked to by homeowners. This stuff didn't happen much before, but now... damn.


I kid you not I have seen the braindead neanderthal dipshits blame the Great Recession on the election of Obama. Pandemic? Biden didn't fix it. 9/11? Clinton had intel he didn't act on. I fucking *hate* these people. They are traitors to humanity.


Everyone is fully aware of that.


We also understand that the exorbitantly wealth are not going to let anything “trickle down.”


republics: but the democrats want to take our geeerrrrns and let brown ppl in that do jobs nobody else wants to do!




Just think of how things would be different today if it were true that everyone was fully aware of that.


I think they are -- the folks voting these evil people in just don't mind because of who is affected the most, and they think they will be rewarded someday somehow. Trickle down and all that...


Everyone doesn't vote like they're aware of it...


Yet half them find some convoluted way to blame dems.


golly now that you mention it


Watch handmaid's tale for a sneak peek of coming events.


Or just watch Texas in real time.


Texas, America’s shit hole.


Or Children of Men


The Strauss–Howe generational theory - Unraveling According to Strauss and Howe, the Third Turning is an Unraveling. The mood of this era they say is in many ways the opposite of a High: Institutions are weak and distrusted, while individualism is strong and flourishing. The authors say Highs come after Crises, when society wants to coalesce and build and avoid the death and destruction of the previous crisis. Unravelings come after Awakenings, when society wants to atomize and enjoy.[42] They say the most recent Unraveling in the US began in the 1980s and includes the Long Boom and Culture War.[31]. [Source](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strauss%E2%80%93Howe_generational_theory).


Someone born in 1900: Age 14: welcome to the a great world war. Age 29: welcome to a Great Depression. Age 39: welcome to a second World War. Also, welcome to invention of electric lights, telephone, radio, motor cars, indoor plumbing, penicillin, air travel, subway systems, skyscrapers.


If you were born in 1890 you'd be 13 when the Wright brothers had their first succesful flight. At 79 you'd see the first man on the moon. It's actually incredible how much things changed in the 20th century.


Welcome to Middle Age, global warming has continued to barge forward and so you can enjoy weather events that will repeatedly destroy your home, radiating insurance prices until what little you have saved for retirement is now gone attempting to save the shoebox that you were finally able to afford after eons. I hope you didn’t stay renting, because your landlord has decided not to rebuild. Enjoy homelessness in unsustainable weather conditions. We get no welcome to old age. We all died of the weather conditions.


Well it was more of an American terrorist event than a global one...


Parenthood? I thought we killed that industry


Not to mention the fact that since Boomers gave the name "Millennial" to the people born 20-6 years BEFORE the turn of the millennium....a lot of people think you're still in your early 20s when you're actually turning 40.


Until we elect politicians who are progressive and reject the media-induced politics of fear, we are stuck in this loop.


The people who choose to be in politics are not the ones we want in politics.


Welcome to the Middle Ages. Here’s your scythe. Armored psychopaths on horses will be along shortly to take almost everything you own. If you resist, they’ll murder your entire family and burn your house down. Also it’s not ever going to rain again. Good luck!


Middle age is its own terror, no extra fuckery needed. (Granted, I'm only on the free trial at 36, but it appears to be set for auto-renewal.)