Because libs understand cause and affect and wouldn't because it takes up hospital resources


Well if they’re going to be selfish, not take basic precautions and take up an ICU bed for COVID anyway, it’s the least they can do to go ahead and shit out their intestines.🤷🏻‍♀️


Maybe it’s time to tell them COVID is a Chinese bio weapon and the libs used reverse psychology to get them to distrust the vaccine so they would die off and they could implement their liberal agenda. Tucker Carlson is a paid double agent helping the libs kill of republicans


I don’t know about you, but as a liberal, I feel completely owned every time I read about a Covidiot taking a horse dose of Ivermectin and shitting out their intestinal lining. Definitely don’t take the free, highly effective vaccine because MAH FREEDUMB! Since the pandemic is fake news anyway, just leave all the vaccines for us libs so we can be owned even more when it’s time for our boosters!


Might be, know "Boycott Georgia" sure as hell was. GQP will buy whatever they're sold as long as you say the magic words




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Libs and leftists don’t have to do shit, these idiots will kill themselves off and quite literally shoot their own dicks off all on their own.