Texas republicans are comically evil as they celebrate stripping abortion rights.

Texas republicans are comically evil as they celebrate stripping abortion rights.

  • By - AuO2


Does anyone else notice how WHITE that group is?


Me! But I mean...they aren't even trying to be sneaky. The back row might as well hold signs up that say hooray for oppression.


They don't need signs. They're passing Jim Crow laws. Only a matter of time before they start making whites only water fountains. Q


I hate this shit so much.


Anyone with any sense of what is right should hate this so much. No wonder republicans don't.


I see a whole lot more gray


Anyone that has more melanin is bad ok? /s


Or any common sense.


We don’t call them Y’allQueda for nothin.


Yep, seems about white.


Beat me to this comment. It's all I notice. Totally representative of it's constituents I'm sure.


and male. They put the women down front to make it less noticeable


I would bet $1000 that at least 10 of those guys have paid for an abortion when they knocked up their stripper mistress.


It bet you a thousand dollars you’re short by at least 10 😂


Make no mistake. If you have money, you can still get an abortion, just not in Texas. This is as much a fuck you to women as it is to the impoverished. Two things conservatives hate, the poor and women.


Or when their daughters get impregnated by anyone who isn’t rich and white


Also demonstrating their love of teh lulz by having a few token women in this photo. Who says Republicans don't have a rudimentary, debased and sadistic sense of humour?


They even have the women put in a single group in one spot so as to further draw your attention to the fact that they are there. It’s hilariously pathetic and cringe.


Or maybe it was to make it easier for the Guardians to herd them back to their Chevrolet Suburban after the photo op. 😂


Watch the The Handmaid's Tale and you’ll see where this is going. Texas is a vile shit hole


Don't forget it's also one of the most dangerous places to give birth so there's that too. Maternal and infant mortality rates are scary there. Edit: my bad. I have old information. This year Texas is eighth worst for maternal mortality. After a bunch of other southern states and new jersey. Still bad but not as bad as it was, I guess.


Oh boy that’s some real nice representation right there. A room filled with 90% old white guys with a few token old white women sprinkled into the mix. Gee wiz. I can’t possibly see how this abortion law was ever passed! /s


Don’t you love how the made sure the women, all the women, are in the middle so they aren’t lost?


There are also the three women who did their best to hide themselves, I assume they are self aware enough to feel shame, but not brave enough to do anything about it.


This pic is so white, it’s blinding.


ahhh... a bunch of ol' white farts\~ Bravo Fossils! 😌😌😌


Big challenge this year for the "Drama Queen State" title. Texas has the lead over Florida atm.


I'm going to challenge you on that assessment. Florida be pretty fracked up by anyone's standards.


It's a tie on the issue of Covid. But the deputy dawg thing for abortions in Texas is going to be hard to topple.


They'll be toppled. The only thing they proved is how absolutely awful Texas has become. Lowest in graduations, highest in executions. Guess we know why now.


Hey there, *Greg*


Is that a uterus sign they are making with their hands?


Evildoers, all of them.


Same vibe fur sure


Fuck every single one of them.


that picture’s whiter than a field of snow…


Look at all the people of color!


Okay okay okay...now everyone with a vagina get in the middle.


Between Greg Abbott and Mr. Burns for Texas Governor, I’d vote for Mr. Burns. He’s a piece of shit, but I doubt he’d try to kill me from COVID by restricting mask mandates.


What in the pseudo imperial aquila fuck are they doing with their hands?


Dear Texans - here are the people you need to vote OUT of office. Think of it as a bounty of sorts


“Guys, where did our cheeseburgers go?” - Those Guys, probably


Bunch of dildos


Is anyone surprised by how evil conservatives are anymore? They’ve been doing this shit forever. If slavery was going on now it would be conservatives fighting tooth and nail to keep it that way. Evil motherfuckers they are.


When you think Florida has Texas beat for shittiest state Texas just had to flex. Great battle between these two states.


Fucking trash, all of them


What’s their names? That way we can report them all to their own anti abortion website!


Well done!!! Nice find if Mr Burns pose!


I believe we’ll be seeing this photo a lot in the upcoming election season. Nearly all white. Nearly all old. All unaffected by these laws with easy access to adjoining states with legal abortion. All committed to having civil ‘citizen policing’ of abortion to avoid accountability back to the legal system which could easily be challenged. I’m not a fan of abortion and want the rate to continue down. I object strongly to this kind of government intrusion and trolling of the majority of the Texan population


That's quite a small number of women there


I just think we should be having more serious conversations about what the other side thinks they’re doing or else we’re all fucked. Just saying “half the country are evil racist misogynists” will keep us precisely in the realm of “we’re fucked.” Hasn’t anyone considered these ppl legit believe they’re saving human lives?


Absolutely - there are very few people who do evil in the name of doing evil. Most evil is perpetrated in the name of good. Unfortunately, thes folks have followed confirmation bias so far down the rabbit hole that they sincerely believe this is good.