No conspiracy required

No conspiracy required


conservatives for the past year: "its only deadly to old unhealthy people conservatives today: "why is the virus so deadly to this group that is overwhelmingly old and unhealthy? must be the deepstate"


"The virus is hurting the wrong people!" - Conservatives, probably.


Yeah they practically cheered it on when it first hit the urban areas, then it went rural...


It first broke out in the Seattle area. Trump & Co. wanted to just let it go because it was only going to kill Democrats. These people are beyond despicable.


So basically just like AIDS 40 years ago which was initially only seen as a problem in San Fransisco and NYC (as well as really only in the gay community or some immigrant enclaves) ...


I had rural parents calling me up on the hotline trying to get help for their son with AIDS, because their family doctor refused to see him. It was so fucking ugly. COVID is a totally different virus, but the ugliness is the same. >Each man’s death diminishes me, >For I am involved in mankind. >Therefore, send not to know >For whom the bell tolls, >It tolls for thee.


*Hamlet*, Act 4 Scene 1. ​ (Just kidding. "No man is an island..." is one of my favorite Donne pieces.)


It's like how the Crack epidemic was as well. "Just say no!" Yeah? Well, just wear a mask, wash your hands, and stand 6 feet apart motherfuckers!


I’m sure that was the model they were following.


While the two pandemics are different in many ways, there are similarities. Have you seen the language used around AIDS compared to how Trump spoke of Covid? Somewhat similar too..


Don't forget the druggies


Ohh, trust me it was us liberal progressives the orange mango dictator Mussolini wanted as well. You know the ones that protested that summer along with the mysterious Campbell soup throwing heavier than brick 🧱 Antifa. Meanwhile, government agents and off duty police officers where in the crowd breaking windows starting fires 🔥. Let’s not forget in Portland the mini van kidnapping of protesters 🪧 never to be discussed on TV. What happened to the people kidnapped?


Yes, good reminder to remember .. adding to that, remember when those planes from China arrived with Americans being evacuated out of Wuhan to the military base there in WA ? Ok, remember, they were 'not sequestered and they were also allowed to move freely amongst the base and outside the base. Then they were allowed to fly throughout the US and the spread was on and never looked back. Hence, the spread started to multiply. That was one of Pompeo's first major fu*kups and the Press did 'not pounce on it .. not even CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc.. I couldn't fu*king believe it ... I yelled at the TV and shouted what the fu*k are you all are doing .. but I'm just a regular pion citizen with a masters and military background. Thats also during the time when Trump had so many passes from democrats and tge press of which any other president would have bern impeached in his or her 1st 90 days in office.


Why do you think Trump and the GOP kept the lines clogged with so many hundreds of petty controversies for 4 years? The base doesn't care about the little outrages and abuses of power.... But it obscures the even worse negligent homicide that they commit. And when they're called out that they *did* have the power and obligation to *do something* they get a free pass (again) from their base because they say "We don't want to force anything because freeeedumb!" and the morons cheer.


Not only did they cheer it on, they actively engaged in policies to make it more difficult for more populous states like New York and California to fight the pandemic in the early stages because it made their Democrat governors look bad. Now here we are when we have a very effective vaccine and significantly less supply chain issues for PPE and the red states are getting fucked really hard.


They won’t get vaxxed to make Biden look like a joke! Jokes on them…🤣


[Remember when the feds kept stealing masks for New York and the New England area?](https://www.wcvb.com/article/3-million-masks-ordered-by-massachusetts-were-confiscated-in-port-of-new-york/32021700) so we had to smuggle them in on the Patriots jet and escort them with the National Guard to a secure stockpile.


Just like with AIDS. They made fun of the gay plague until closeted Republicans started getting it.


Yeah republicans have become literally evil. I remember how excited they were when the virus was mostly affecting dems. Now the chicken has come home to roost.


if they weren t evil then they wouldn t be republicans


I'll mix my metaphors until the chickens come home to roost with a vengeance.


Yes, let the chickens and GOP die hard


Empathy is a two way street. They’ve not shown empathy to anyone since before Reagan. I don’t feel bad for them. At all.


They watched trump gas legal peaceful protestors so he could have his picture taken in front of a church with an upside down bible. By their own definition he's evil and they also worship him because they're the "good guys" so there's literally nothing they can be wrong about.


> Yeah republicans have become literally evil. This isn't new -- many of them started in the 1970s and 1980s. But you're right, it's been getting progressively worse since the propaganda freed them from facing any responsibility for even acknowledging basic facts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_strategy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran%E2%80%93Contra_affair https://thebrokenelbow.com/2015/10/05/rupert-murdoch-and-ronald-reagan-propaganda-pals/ https://publicseminar.org/essays/ronald-reagans-worst-decision-created-rush-limbaugh/




They did so many really shitty things every single day that this is somehow lost in the static.


Mother fuckers


Yeah I mean, they did the exact same shit with AIDS


But now I'm honestly conflicted on whether to cheer it on (in the US). Letting the virus spread unrestricted, as is happening either way, might be the only chance to actually reach herd immunity. It would be nice if that could've waited for vaccines to be approved for kids first, but unfortunately it looks like COVID hospitalizations will reach an all-time high within a few weeks. I'm surprised the federal government isn't making a bigger deal of it. It seems likely that some southern states are going to declare a state of emergency in the next month. Alabama has already been out of ICU beds for a week or so. With the growth rate of hospitalizations, I imagine it's going to be an absolute disaster very soon.


My absolute favorite Trump era quote. I think some trump rally queen said it and it completely encapsulated how completely fucked up trump supporters are. He's wasn't hurting the right people, epic.


They said the opposite when AIDS was first becoming a problem.


They actively encouraged its spread in blue states last year and took steps to deny medical equipment and PPE to those states.


That's why some of them disapproved of Trump.


Name two


This is the proper subtext and the entirety of their "belief" system.


I want to know why dimwitted conservatives think the survival rate is 99.9%. death rate is 16 times the 0.1% they fantasize about.


It’s because they’re using bad math. The 99.9% figure started being spread around last year, when the figure was at about 300k dead. According to their math, USA has 330 million people, and since only 300k were dead, 99.9% of the nation has survived COVID so far. Boom! 99.9% survival rate! And this became a meme among the Q-sphere. They ignore that: 1. The death toll has more than doubled since then, and we’re over 650k dead now. So the “national survival rate” is actually 99.8% now. 2. That’s not even how you measure the death rate. You look at how many people got Covid and of that population, how many died. While the figures are almost certainly wildly inaccurate, right now the reported figures are 40 million cases (with a good chunk of that being people who got it twice) and 656k dead. Of the closed cases, 31 million survived, 656k died. That’s a 2% death rate. So if you get COVID, you have a 1 in 50 chance of dying. Unless, of course, you’re vaccinated, in which the odds of dying drops drastically to 1 in 4,750 chance.


Yes, by this logic lung cancer has a survival rate of over 99% because fewer than 1% of the population died of it last year.


Also decapitation.


"Don't believe Big EMT! 'Injury Incompatible with Life' is a total hoax!" /s


They've also just figured out what button divide is on the calculator and when they see 1/50 is 0.02 they then triumphantly announce that there's 0.02% death rate. I've literally seen these calculations on reddit. Can't fix this stupid.


I dare say there are also probably more than 150 conservative antivax radio hosts, so 3 dead out of 150 would be expected. But on top of that, their odds would be dramatically higher because birds of a feather flock together.


147 to go, then


I haven't seen the actual calculations on reddit, just the final answer with the above confusion. Sometimes the poster, not always on reddit, is an influential person. So stupid is as stupid does. Then it goes viral!


That 1/50 chance is assuming you get medical care. If the hospitals are FULL TO THE BRIM with other covid patients then you're not getting a ventilator, and thus far likelier to die, or at least suffer permanent damage to the lungs, heart or brain


And this rate is for all ages and medical conditions prior to covid. The risk for people > 50yo is higher.


This is what I was looking for. Thanks for the explanation. I kept wondering how they keep getting this 99.9% number!


solid points


"Before the tigers arrived, there were 200 of us in the village, and now just 1 person--old too--was eaten by a tiger. So stop being afraid: This means you have a 99.5% chance of *winning* against a tiger in a fight!" "So stop with all this this walking around in groups and carrying weapons and setting of firecrackers to scare tigers away. It's a foolish waste of time and resources because they're just little wimps."


Well, math and science and reading are hard. They rely on politicians to explain it to them because obviously, they are the experts.


Even relying on politicians to explain it to them is hard. They prefer to read their friends' comments on facebook.


Oh I forgot Facebook. I mean it's basically webMD!


It also is extremely easy to do the math to figure that out.


Math has a well known liberal bias


Not only math but facts too.


I have seen people get up and leave a ted talk at the first mention of numbers.


To be fair, math anxiety is fairly common (I think I've seen estimates between 15-30% of the general population?), and political views probably have little to do with it. Even well educated people can have an aversion to math or numbers, especially if they don't do a lot of math/deal with numbers in their everyday lives.




If they are considering it at all and not just parroting what they have heard then they fudge the math. And consider the deaths against the entire population, not the infected population.


Like all conservative "ideas" it comes from a meme. I explained to a couple of them that you dont count people who were never infected in the survival rate..then i stopped caring. Reap what you sow


Remember after 9/11 when conservatives (talk shows/chat rooms/forums) were going CRAZY about dieing in a terrorist attack, so they did things like buy all the duct tape in walmarts (to be used on doors "to stop anthrax"). FOR HOW SERIOUS THEY TOOK THAT: The possibility of dying in a terrorist attack was: **0.000009%** (actual number at the hieght of the war) , yet they were freaking out over that.


Old, fat, unhealthy Republicans: “this is no worse than the flu unless you’re old, fat, or unhealthy!” SARS-CoV-2: brrrrrr Old, fat, unhealthy Republicans: fuck fuck fuck not like that


My goatee and cargo shorts did not protect me!!??


I read that as "My Goatse and cargo shorts..." and it took a while to process the resulting thoughts.


“Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”


It certainly couldn’t be their anti-mask, anti-vaccine, we shouldn’t do anything about this position.


They would think that the virus is racist to white people???????????


How old and unhealthy is Alex Jones? Just asking for a friend


It's almost like this virus is specifically targeting people who aren't vaccinated! Wait.


Smh. It's so fucking obvious and just plain common sense. The mental gymnastics are astounding. "What? The exact thing that doctors said would happen is happening? To ME?! It MUST be a conspiracy! I'm certainly not to blame!"


“What, the exact thing that doctors warned would happen *is* happening?!? How did they know it would happen?!? This is clearly a Deep State conspiracy!!!!OMGWTFBBQ!”


Lmao BBQ!! I live in Texas and this is spot on!


It's alot more to do I think with them being extremely stubborn or thinking they are somehow better/cooler than everyone else by not following the rules (aka not being a SHEEPLE) and refusing a shot. I think nearly all of them know it probably will help keep them safe in some way but are so wrapped up with being a supposed rulebreaker or making a scene that they just don't care. You used to see this same mentality all the time with people who would flat out refuse to wear seatbelts or motorcycle helmets when that became mandatory pretty much everywhere. However, a good number of those people learned the hard way that taking a stand didn't work out so well and aren't around to complain or were either convinced through legal penalties and/or seeing the consequences play out for others over time that it wasn't worth making a scene over.


They are all fucking delusional asshats who think they’re the grand protagonist of the theatre called the world, and thus immune to basically everything cause plot armour or some shit. Surprise surprise, they’re just fucking narcissistic assholes who’re just as insignificant in the grand scheme of things as the rest of us are.


I'm starting to get the impression that not only being anti vaxx, anti mask and anti social distancing (cause it's cowardly and communist, obviously) is bad, but hanging out exclusively with other people who are also anti-vaxx/anti-mask and anti-social distancing when you are all these things might be a super-duper, hella bad idea... Edit: Nevermind. This has Antifa written all over it


Youre an agent of the deep state!!!! S/


…who aren’t vaccinated *and* refuse to wear masks and socially distance, and who tend to only associate with others who refuse the same. I.E. only the most conservative conservatives. DEEP STATE CONSPIRACY CONFIRMED.


Not just unvaccinated, but actively ignoring all protocols put forward by the CDC to avoid it!


Imagine no matter what you did in life, all you will be remembered for, is dying from Covid-19 because you didn't want to get vaccinated.


For some of these people, that's actually a reputation *improvement*.


"A recently deceased local man known for getting thrown out of every strip club in town for grabbing the performers and for refusing to tip at restaurants wants to be remembered for refusing a Covid vaccine in order to Own the Libs...more at 11"


Yes! lol


At least Herman Cain died *before* vaccines were available but that will be all he is remembered for.


Which is a shame, because he was also the first presidential candidate with a mustache in like a century.


And in Bill Mitchel's case, looking a lot like Max Headroom.


Maybe God is real and is getting rid of the fuckwads?


Tell him to work faster, and there are also 72726378482816156384959201646839384637293947272838474819282 other problems I would like to talk to him about


Or HER. Jk if god was a woman we would get paid maternity and paternity leave


"IF god is real, it has to be a man. No woman could or would fuck things up this badly" -George Carlin


Love George Carlin!


TIL that god is a woman in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Canada and Switzerland.


Why would a one-of-a-kind being even have sex organs?


God isn't one-of-a-kind though. The Pantheon has just been mostly forgotten to time.


>~~72726378482816156384959201646839384637293947272838474819282~~ ~~That's \~7.27 quintillion (7.2726378e+18) times more than the estimated number of atoms in the universe.~~ ~~I get your point, but...hyperbole, much?~~ My math was wrong. # SHAME # SHAME # SHAME #


Estimated particles in the universe is 10^80 … but ok


Fucker is asleep on the job. There’s at least 74 million.


So the Feds, all the while struggling with Afganistan and other foreign policy briar patches, managing natural disasters and trying to curb a pandemic have time to... target conservatives? These people really need to get over themselves.


>Teh derpstate is killin sooper influenchal radio show hots from Podunk Iowhoa to Grabsis Bama.


I'd be all-in on Mark Levin having had the jab. I hope he hasn't, but I'd bet that he has.


But if not for themselves, what are they gonna care about?


Idk the stock market or something?


I know that can’t be true because if government agents *were* doing that, they’d have done it to Bill Mitchell a long time ago.


Where do they keep getting this 0.1% fatality rate statistic from. Everywhere I look it is solid around 2%.


They are lying liars. It's the republican platform.


Came here to say this because I also see them trot that number out all the time and it's infuriating. It's probably because they conflated covid and the flu from the get go and the 0.1% fatality rate is closer to the flu fatality rate.


I believe it's the percentage of the entire US population which had died from the virus as of about 6 months ago.


0.2 is


Good grief. By that logic a gunshot wound to the head has a better than 95% survival rate.


Simply put: They don't know shit about statistics.


I was scrolling to find this. If it's 2%, isn't that still like 6.5 million that could die? Do they not realize that is still a hell of a lot of people


I've asked this question multiple times and here's what I got for an answer: That death rate is the number of people who have died versus the number of people. Meaning that if there's 100 people, 10 get infected, 1 dies, a logical person would say it's a 10% death rate. These people would say it's 1%.




Xkcd always provides. Never disappoints.


I would say “way to move those goalposts” but at this point, the goalposts are gone and they’ve turned it into a game of “I win”


It's soooo incredibly frustrating how correct this statement is.


So odd that dumbf*cks that didn’t get vaccinated are dying from the illness the vaccine was created for. So weird!


I’m confused by SO MUCH stupidity nowadays! Yellow fever vaccine; YES!!! Polio vaccine; YES!!! COVID?; Sorry, I’m going to take what my daughter’s Horse Vet says. Phuck your “science”!!!! 🤪🤪🤪🤪


Except the horse vet would be like, no, don't do that, you're not a horse.


If democrats refused the vaccine, republicans would get it in a heartbeat


Yeah, that shit is confusing me too. Like....what?


1% death rate is still millions of people. Im just glad that right wing douchebags are making up the majority of those numbers. It would be great if a couple senators and televangelists volunteer for that pile.


The meme above is pretending that its .1% death rate, which is just an out-and-out lie.


It wouldn’t be them if they weren’t full of shit.


It’s even a 2% one. People just throw out the lower number because it helps their argument


Which is higher or about the same as cancer (on average, obviously some forms of cancer are more deadly than others). Imagine if cancer was contagious.


mortality rate in the USA (where republicans have under-reported cases/deaths) is 1.6%, according to john hopkins. 100% - 1.6% is not 99.9%.


Sadly, the people who would argue that the difference between 1.6 and 0.1 is not a big deal don't realize that it's still MILLIONS of people.


Thoughts and prayers work.


The real question is….will Bill be next???


Fingers crossed?


Nah....he's vaccinated.


Be careful what you say there Bill . A lot of these guys called their own shot and now they're gone. I'm seeing a pattern not a conspiracy.


Covid is not 99.9% survivable, oh, unless you mask and get vaccinated.


Yup. And conservative subs are claiming red states are being invaded by covid19 carrying immigrants that are spreading the virus. Wait, y'all said it was a fake and survivable virus. Now, it's not? Or, since is a deadly virus, why not take precautions and the vaccine? They know what they are doing; they are getting sick and dying to own the Libs.


Why are these asshats so horrible at basic math?


Lots of cutting of public education by the right.


It’s funny because it’s true :(


“As if there was some morbid conspiracy that makes only unvaccinated people get infected.”


I hope this is true. #nolongercare


As someone else said already, video didn’t kill the radio star, COVID did.


What a stupid fucking asshole. Omg why is it that only people who don't use seatbelts are dying in accidents? Has to be a fuckin conspiracy because my fucking brain is dead.


The stupid is great with the one they call bill Mitchell. Common sense is not that common.


I guess every right wing radio show host should reveal their vaccination status so we can get to be bottom of this.


Hopefully you're next Bill.


To believe this conspiracy theory, you have to be dumber than words can explain. We said "get the vaccine, COVID will kill you". They said "nope", then they got COVID and died. No conspiracy


But see, COVID is a hoax with a 99.9% survival rate and the vaccine is killing people! Its a conspiracy against our messiah l Trump!


Perhaps his statistics are incorrect. **shrug** Edit: I know his stats are wrong. The antivax/antimask crowd can't seem to settle on a consistent stay, let alone get it correct.


They are. It's a 98.2% survival rate in the US. The flu (a previous pandemic) has a 99.9% survival rate. I wouldn't mind if they came up with a vax for the flu that didn't require annual shots. It would be nice to not catch it anymore. Honestly, the last two years have been awesome, in that regard.


And AFAIK, the flu doesn't have nearly the same capacity for long-term effects as COVID-19.


Plus, there's a flu vaccine to help reduce total cases and severity. So, it's .1% mortality amongst less than the entire population. Masks and a bit of social distancing along with people getting vaccinated couldturn covid into just a flu. Oddly, countries with social distancing, masks and improved hygiene have also had reduced flu cases. If people who catch the flu just fucking use a sick day and stay home, there would be fewer deaths from the flu.


Big difference between the flu .01% death rate and Covid at 1.8% for those that do math.


Mental gymnastics


More like 99% overall, 90% if you're older, and even worse if you have pre-existing conditions. That pretty much describes all these dudes


Over half the country has a preexisting condition tho


Because normally you’d assume sedentary old men with high-fat diets are among our healthiest citizens!


Crack heads are less paranoid than these mf's


Yeah Billy government assassins are offing (unvaccinated) conservatives with a super strain of covid because that totally makes sense.


You can't blame covid for killing Rush Limbaugh.


If you do you run the risk of having people root for covid.


I was joking with my wife the other day that there was probably someone promoting this idea. Lo and behold! These people don't disappoint lol!


Gee, I don't know three really old white dudes that were probably were not in the best physical condition and most likely not in the best of health to begin with aka comorbidities. The same three thumbed their noses at common sense public health recommendations such as wearing a mask and getting vaccinated. Bill Mitchell is such an insufferable prick. Who is stupid enough to listen to him? Oh... never mind republicans are just that fucking stupid.


Sorry, I don’t pay attention to talk radio… who are the three people who died?


Hard to argue with people that can't seem to grasp the sequence behind causality. The result is always, in itself, a piece of evidence to fit their narrative.


What is the picture from? It looks familiar.


*In Bruges*


Dumb asses don’t understand that the big buck Fox News pundits may all spew the bullshit but they don’t live it - they’ve all been vaccinated.


They are coming for you Bill. Better go into hiding. Disappear for a few years. Maybe a decade to be safe. You dumb motherfucker


People also don't realize that infection is not a binary proposition. If you let a COVID positive person cough down your throat, you will likely get a much worse infection than if you had simply spoken with that person while wearing a mask. If you start out with 1,000 rather than 5 viral particles, you are skipping a lot of doubling-times and your infection will have a huge headstart over your immune system, resulting in more severe symptoms. So even if masks don't completely prevent infection, reducing the initial bio-burden is still potentially lifesaving (Viruses don't double like bacteria, so "doubling-time" is used loosely here to refer to proliferation)


Bill Mitchell, deep state conspiracy theorist


Fuck em


Yes. Government agents....


Unironically posting a meme of an antivaxxer holding a gun to his own head. So close to accidentally understanding the issue...


So..that...thats his takeaway? Thats what he learned? Thats what he got out of this?! Im so fucking done


It’s almost like God, you know, the one they claim to worship, has inflicted them with a disease to oh I don’t know… humble them?? It’s all very strange and coinkidinkle


Honestly, does anyone know where this 99.9% survivable figure comes from? I keep seeing it referenced by people on the right and I suspect that it’s the amount of people who have died of Covid divided by the total population of the country.


I’ve been waiting for the, “the demoncrat deep state came up with covid to wipe out the republicans”


Like, what’s an unacceptable death rate? 5%? 75% Give me a number. 1% is too high for me.


Even if it was 99.9% survivable (it's not, its somewhere between 2%-5%). That's still 328000 people lol. Just typical conservative deep seated need to be the oppressed.


I always see that 99.9% number thrown around, but it always seems off to me. There are about 328,000,000 people in the US. .1 percent would mean that if every person in the US contracted COVID 328,000 people would succumb to the disease. The US has already seen almost twice that number of casualties, while it’s safe to assume many Americans have not contracted COVID. It’s possible that my numbers are off, so please correct me if I’m off.


That's because the 99.9% number is solely an entirely inaccurate figure thrown around by idiots who haven't actually looked it up.


*Fingers crossed* Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones.


Is that why COVID is killing them now is it? Fucking hell. It can’t be the deadlier virus or the fact that they didn’t protect themselves. It’s the fucking government. These people, man.


The movie "In Bruges" is absolutely fucking fantastic, if you all haven't seen it.


But it’s not 99% survivable. What’s he odds of people dying from a disease they still refuse to accept is deadly with millions dead world wide. I’d say pretty damn high given they didn’t take precautions. Lol. Their choice.


I love how he cherry picked the vaccinated survival numbers to defend his lunacy.


Of course they are that stupid.


Guess if you believe that Bill, you are next. Goodbye.


Proof that anyone, truly anyone, can be "verified".


Born as a side project spur from COINTELPRO, a blend of two projects called NOSHITSHIRLOCK and FUCKING OBVIOUSLY, the deep state has figured out a way to self-assassinate with the sheer power of stupidity.


I'm really wondering when they will finally understand that it was a virus released by the Democrats and the Anti-Vax propaganda was spread by the Democrats and their Russian Allies. I pretty happy with how it all worked out. We wanted to knock out 4 percent of the republican vote. We only got 3%, but, that's enough for a generational shift.


Fucking Velcro makes that numpty wonder


that's like saying " several nascar racers that refuse to wear a helmet or wear a seat belt have died in crashes ... is this a deep state conspiracy ?"


At this point, I only wish this was true. I just heard some minister say everyone with a vaccination should be put in camps. What is it with fascists and camps?


The gun is: "cable news talk show hosts, who know they're lying."


We control the FCC, let's pull their license. Nah, let's take a biological weapon from our secret lab and give it to these three chuckleheads. No way it would ever spread beyond them. Yeah, that makes sense.