Faux outrage, brought to you, in-part, by Faux News

Faux outrage, brought to you, in-part, by Faux News


“JUST READ THE TRANSCRIPT!” I have.... have you read it? “NO IT WAS A PERFECT CALL!”


In case anyone thinks this is parody, this is essentially an exact quote of actual Trump supporters: https://youtu.be/X-ZFoco_1gQ “Read the transcript” starts at 4:08


Hah I was thinking about his videos when I typed it. My favorite part is when the dude says “I haven’t had time to read it” and then is asked how many hours he’s been sitting in line for the Trump rally.


"I don't have free time to read that impeachment crap" "You've been here since 8? Literally hours of free time" "Exactly" 🤦


Or the constitution one, ‘Have you read the Constitution?’ ‘The whole thing?’ ‘Yes, it’s remarkably short.’ ‘Haha yea, I doubt that’


Fuck they're irritating. We had to read it in middle school. 6th grade. We read the whole thing and had it explained to us, essentially line by line. That was one 45 minute period. The next day we had to memorize a passage. The day after that, we all spoke our part from memory. Then we had a comprehension quiz to make sure we all understood it. It was one of the easiest things we did. I don't know if these blowhards were never educated, or if they forgot that easily. Like, it's the single most important document to the entire body of American law. If you're going to know any law at all, know the fucking constitution. It's all good stuff too, telling you what the government can't do and what they can't stop you from doing.


Somebody once told them that the constitution says whatever they feel cause they're REAL 'MERICANS. For instance if the cops pull them over, even for a totally legitimate reason, they'd say he's violating their constitutional rights. But police killing minorities extra judicially? That doesn't to then matter because "those people" aren't REAL AMERICANS^TM


Read this to the tune of allstars...


Somebody once told them, the constitution tells ya, whatever you feel cause it's freedom If the coppers pull you over, for a legitimate reason, then they're vio-la-ting, your rights. Well the deaths keeps comin and they don't stop comin, Downed by the gas but they're still not running Didn't make sense not to escalate, Well they figured that out, bout 6 months late- etc etc. idk, i was trying to fit it, coming up with lines is way more work.


HEY NOW you’re a MAG-AT get your hat on, don’t think HEY NOW you’re a MAG-AT it’s the Deep State, wink wink just how Twitter foretold... get a load-a Biden, isn’t he old?


Well they seem to know half of one amendment, so that's good enough for them I suppose.


"You might wanna go read it because you may be about to commit a seditious act in a moment" "I don't want to comment on that"


You cannot reason with this people, when they get shit on like that and something is so blatant they either clam up or play even more stupid pretending like that didn't just happen. It's actually pretty interesting, the cognitive dissonace/ mental monkeybars


Kinda like how the "do your research" people are most likely the ones who didn't do their research.




Do your research, but only use Facebook memes and crackpot YouTube videos! Don't bother with things like "standards of evidence", "credibility", or "peer review"! Those are all part of the Illuminati plot to hide the truth!


I've had this exact conversation. Why would I think it's fake. And why would I read the transcript - the call was perfect /s


Not available in Canada... Fuck the people who do that shit.


After watching this I can conclude that "Don't be a sheep" needs to be on a shirt With a Sheep at a podium talking to Shephards with a MAGA hat.


>Shepards Is this a mass effect joke I don't get or do you mean "shepherds"?


One of these people spent like an hour telling me what the Mueller report said while I kept posting pages of it that said the opposite. They kept telling me to read it the whole time while pretending I wasn't showing them the actual report. They'd never read even the first page.


I argued once with a guy who said the mueller report totally exonerated trump but Inthe same conversation (when asked if he wanted to discuss what was in the report) claimed that mueller was fraud, liar and totally shambolic. A previously intelligent guy, he saw no issue believing both things together.


Because consistent belief isn't the point. It's what is *useful* to believe at that exact moment. What scores them points. It's a kind of intellectual nihilism and it's fucking terrifying that for so many it's actually unconscious at this point.


It's trained into them by fox news. They present their info by yelling condescendingly at their audience so because the viewers have low self esteem they respond to that like an abused child and believe whatever they're telling them. Then they get so used to being gaslit back and forth on whatever hot topic the hosts feel like shoveling into their heads that now they think this ambivalence is normal and don't even notice it


Their belief system begins and ends with whatever a charismatic father figure tells them to believe.


Oh that's an easy one. It's just a "difference of opinion!"


> To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again: and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself -- that was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed. Even to understand the word 'doublethink' involved the use of doublethink. Of course, 1984 is just another closed book to the conservatives who like to claim it's about vaccine passports and Trump getting banned from Twitter.


I love how people react to the Mueller report. People seem to think it was a document that said *"Nothing happened, nothing to see here"*.


I see people every week, usually several times, claiming that it said the russia election interference accusations were false. Literally the first page of the report after the table of contents is a summary outlining how it was absolutely real. If you read even the first page of the report, you would know a brief summary of what the findings were. This means EVERYONE saying this stuff all the time either a) Never read even a couple paragraphs of the first page or b) Read it and are lying about what it said. Either way, they don't have any reasonable qualification to even have this conversation. They haven't done even the bare minimum to be informed on the subject. The fact that you can show them exactly what it says and they still won't accept that it actually says those things or pretend that they never saw that is disgusting.


Exactly! *"The report found nothing"*. Nope. The report uncovered A LOT of serious issues. It's all there on page 1


He wasn't pretending, he never read it.


They don't care. Their Feelings are more important than petty things like Facts or Reality. They are so far-right up their own assholes that any perceived dissent to their Belief results in denial and hatred.


I was talking with a Trump supporter who asked me if I agree with him now that Faucci should go to jail?! I asked him if he actually read the email, he wasn't ashamed to say that he hadn't...




Reality conflicts with their own personal world view.


Ya know, my gut tells me you're right.


That’s what my right wing coworker once told me. He doesn’t follow logic, he goes with his gut.


"I don't know if this really happened, but I can imagine it and that's good enough for me."


“I've been thinking with my guts since I was fourteen years old, and frankly speaking, between you and me, I have come to the conclusion that my guts have shit for brains.” - Rob Fleming in High Fidelity by Nick Hornby.


Trump said that too.


[Reality has a well known liberal bias.](https://thumbs.gfycat.com/SpeedyOffbeatDwarfrabbit-max-1mb.gif)


Not ascribing to objective reality is a feature, not a bug, of Trumpism.


> Reality has a well known liberal bias. If only we'd known how far down teh rabbit hole folks would go after it all started with lies about a crowd size. Like, were these folks not totally puzzled by the claim that his inaguration crowd was larger than Obama's, when objectively speaking, it was clear as day from aerial photos that it simply wasn't true. Was that not a clue to any of them that maybe, just maybe, this guy is incapable of telling the truth.


The final total of confirmed trump** lies or misleading claims while in the White House is 30,573. He hasn't stopped his BS lies since he was evicted... ---- ** = impeached twice


I mean, they live in a world where Jesus is white and Christian. That should tell you all you need to know.


Facts have a well known leftist bias. That sounds like a joke but it isn't.


I can confirm this, my family believes earth is only 100,000 years old, climate change is naturally occurring, and that humans didn’t come from evolution and it is in fact not real… We fucked people.


I wish I could agree, but Republicans are all determined to become idiots.


Their entire economic theory is contradictory. They acknowledge people are selfish actors. In fact they revel in it. But they also somehow believe all of government, which should act non selfishly, should be privatized and run through private corporations. They unfortunately don't care about the contradiction. Or idiocy. That's not what motivates them. They are motivated by hierarchy and personal gain. Which is why the party is suffering from a steady declination of intelligent, useful discussion.


I sure as fuck can.


Who would've thought the party of hardline religious nuts would be anti science.


> I still can't believe that ~~understanding science~~ reading has become something incompatible with the Republican party.


I like to play a game where I look at right-wing headlines, read primary sources, and then try to figure out how they reached their conclusions. This one was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Willful misinterpretation.


Yeah when I saw these on their radar a couple days ago I was honestly concerned something had actually come out. Idk what else I should have expected lol.




The issue on masks is very simple. At the beginning of the pandemic the data that was known so far said the virus followed the same pattern as Influenza, SARS, MERS, Ebola, Bird Flu and Swine flu... that asymptotic spread was not a primary driver of infection. Hence the public did not need to wear masks because if they had symptoms they’d know to avoid the public. It was also an important message to avoid hording of masks needed in healthcare settings. When the data changed to show massive asymptomatic spread, the guidance was changed... as is what happens in science.


It sure is a good thing that Trump never said something that, with more information, was later shown not to be completely accurate. He would have lost all his followers so fast! Let's pretend Fauci was actually just wrong. He wasn't, based on the information at hand, but let's pretend. If that's the case, Trump was every bit as wrong as Dr. Fauci every single time he said anything whatsoever about COVID. "You said no masks, and then you changed. You're a liar!" Trump said we had a dozen cases that would soon be down to zero. Then he said it would be done by Easter. Then he said the summer heat would kill it, that chloroquinine could treat it...


> It sure is a good thing that Trump never said something that, with more information, was later shown not to be completely accurate. He would have lost all his followers so fast! Actually, you can get away with that by just doubling down and ignoring new information. The base will eat it up with two spoons.


If you head on over to certain subs I won’t name here you’ll STILL see them shilling for hcq. They still insist it was some conspiracy by the media and science to prevent people from taking the only effective cure for “reasons”


I’m on Republican Tik Tok. They’re saying Fauci knowingly lied about the mask, he knew hydroxy chloroquinine worked and that Fauci knew it was manufactured.


It’s easy to lie when you know your followers are a bunch of morons who won’t read the source material.


Yes I know. I tell them this often which is why I am not on the Republican algorithm. Here’s the crazy thing, the more Republican TikTok you get the more Russian propaganda you get subjected to. There’s conservatives on there that now love Putin.


> asymptotic You must be a math major. (It's okay, I did the same thing for months.)


Hey girl, you must be a hyperbola, because you're always so close but you never quite get there.


Don’t go tangential on me


That Fowchee guy sure flip flops more than even that Biden guy! I don't trust this "science" stuff!! Back in my day, you stuck by your word through thick and thin! /s


>science you mean DEVIL MAGIC!! /s


Man that’s a bad assumption. I used to see people working drive thrus and cashiers red nosed and sneezing and blowing into tissues constantly. Americans don’t get paid time off so they work sick constantly. Nobody would have stayed home or tried to stop the spread.


> It was also an important message to avoid hording of masks needed in healthcare settings. This is the bottom line that these idiots refuse to acknowledge. We had only a few regional outbreaks in the US when this guidance was given. And that was before the toilet paper fiasco. They needed masks to be available to people responding to and treating patients in the hot spots. These morons are all on about "they said masks don't work!" No, dipshit, they did NOT say that. What they said was, at THAT time, not every person across the country needed to wear a mask. That's because as much as we could tell, the pandemic hadn't spread nation wide yet, and there was a legitimate risk of a shortage if there was a run on masks. I don't understand how that's not an obvious, logical advisement under the circumstances. But there's also a lot that I don't understand about these people.


Thank you! I've been saying this since February '20 whenever I hear "masks don't work". It's like even the barest amount of social behavior into account and they assume that everything should work like a magic barrier. I have no special knowledge. I am not a doctor. But I've paid attention in school enough to recognize that (a) surgeons wear masks for a reason - thank you Bio class (b) stupid people panic buy stuff - thank you Econ class. Therefore - publicly putting out "wear masks" would be self-defeating at early stages.


So the emails mirror his public position, where at first he said masks weren’t necessary and then as more evidence came out updated his stance to say that they were? How scandalous!/s


But you don't understand! He unforgivably exercised greater caution with his word when talking to hundreds of millions of people than he did talking to his friend!


We didn't need emails to know that. It was very obvious and plain right at the very beginning. They very clearly said, and this was parroted by the Surgeon General, the whole "don't worry about masks" bit was half "definitely don't buy up N95 because healthcare workers need them right now" and half "we don't yet have evidence that people could spread this presymptomatically/asymptomatically". And shortly after when there *was* evidence that was the case, the tune changed and that's when the whole mask thing became encouraged. Fucking obviously, scientists change their opinions and advice in light of new evidence. What a fucking shocker! Again, all of this has been said before by the same people being grilled about it, and it was made absolutely clear right at the beginning when interviewing the Trump Administration's shit about it (again, via the Surgeon General) before they all decided to go all "stick a UV lightbulb up your ass" about it and shush anybody worth their salt about the whole thing. Edit: And now my home state is pretending this shit doesn't impact kids at all. Like, fuck you kids, I got my vaccination, eat shit you stupid little brats! FUCK THE GOP!


I got a hunch that there will be hidden long term effects. I had covid and hit me pretty bad. Thankfully no hospital though. But 9 months later I still dont feel rested after sleeping my usual hours, often tired in middle of day, out of breath for no apparent reason sometimes... shit like that. Things I never had before and I got a hunch covid messed me up.


And -- what if Fauci was JOKING with someone in a private email, or at one time said something completely wrong? We are so lucky the good guys are as spotless as they are. Could you imagine any of them being as sketchy as a Florida Republican? Shit.


Plus virtually every instance I’ve seen of a healthcare professional saying masks don’t work is really a healthcare professional saying “these dumbasses don’t know how to use a mask properly and are still touching everything and spreading the virus that way” which is completely true, but when the pandemic really started taking off and we understood how large of a role asymptotic and presymptomatic spread is they decided some protection was better than no protection. Like if you’ve got a fire in your kitchen you would say “don’t give that ten year old a fire extinguisher: he doesn’t know how to use it,” but if the whole goddamn neighborhood is on fire you start passing out fire extinguishers to everyone who can hold one.


They work only in absolutes. Either masks work or they don't work. Either social distancing works or it doesn't. They don't care about the nuance of "it reduces the chances" or what that reduction is, if it doesn't work all the time, then it may as well work none of the time.


I started reading through the emails, they start in early March 2020 and go backwards - 3300+ emails mostly about Fauci rejecting invites for interviews and answering simple questions at 2am. Apparently Fauci got 2,000+ emails a day, so these are just the ones he replied to. The “bombshell” emails are ones where conspiracy nuts emailed him and he sent back like a 4 word response. Wild if anyone thinks this is anything. https://embed.documentcloud.org/documents/20793561-leopold-nih-foia-anthony-fauci-emails/


I couldn’t be more confused by how these people think these emails are a smoking gun. For what? Most of them are thanking someone for their email, or forwarding for someone else to handle. What do they think the emails say? Also, news outlets requested these emails which is legal and they were handed over - not leaked in the slightest.


Bold of you to assume there's any thinking involved.


>The “bombshell” emails are ones where conspiracy nuts emailed him and he sent back like a 4 word response. Wild if anyone thinks this is anything. "I told him that it was created in a lab and he wrote back; that's interesting! Proof! Proof!"


It’s pretty scary how we’ve become a country that idealizes a piece of shit crook over people that have degrees in science.


Even scarier that top scientists have to get body guards to protect themselves and family. Scientists?


It’s not even only in America. In Belgium, one of the top scientists advising the Belgian government has been in a safehouse for over 3 weeks now because a lunatic with stolen military equipment threatened to have him killed.


Oh god... what did I miss about some emails?


Crap ton of Fauci's emails were FOIA'd, and released to the public. Nothing actually controversial in there, but they found one that they've convinced themselves is proof that he lied to congress. The evidence does not suppor this claim, but they sure do have OMG FAUCI'S EMAILS to yell about now. It's as pathetic as it is dangerous. Fauci does not deserve this shit.


I tried having that conversation online. "The damning email" is an INCOMING EMAIL where some guy posits several theories. and thanks Fauci. ... so you see Fauci knew all about it and said he didn't. there are 10,000 pages of emails there, of all sorts, they are counting on the fact that nobody would have read all 10,000 pages, and they can claim whatever. they've already conditioned the base to bark at the word "email"


>they've already conditioned the base to bark at the word "email" Damn its the same playbook across the world isn't it? In my country, the RW has been conditioned to get triggered by the word "toolkit." Its actually quite hilarious and sad.




To any sufficiently stupid person email seems like witchcraft


The times they aren’t a changing


I’ve been watching some Peruvian friends slip into the exact same Fascistic displays they made fun of circa 2016. It’s like watching a Spanish language rerun in a way.




That's how the bible works!


>they've already conditioned the base to bark at the word "email" Only when it's the side they hate. Never heard them bring up Ivanka's private email server


Worth noting too the guy who sent the email has since tweeted that it only takes three seconds of research to realise what he sent is inaccurate - adding 'but it is related' like how when you prove a news story is fake and the crazies say 'yeah, but it could have happened'


If Fauci did lie to Congress, I'm sure they're gonna go right after Bob Barr next for flat out ignoring a Congressional subpoena.


Hahahahahaha no man they'll switch to bitching about taxes and how they don't like their money being wasted by people playing X-Box and that time Obama watched a basketball game.


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I think more a-hyucking would add an ineffable air of goofyness.


> If you have any suggestions to make the bot goofier This is probably my favorite Reddit bot so just carry on!


Whats the "controversial" one? I read a few but there were a ton of pages and didn't bother reading very far. The stuff i did read was pretty benign though


Don’t remember exactly but I it was so one from an NGO or charity or something that was affiliated with the Wuhan, China facility currently being suspected of “leaking” the virus thanking him for stating publicly that there was no reason to suspect that facility of starting the virus (which, I believe, was a true statement at the time). To be clear, it was also a benign email but, out of 10,000 pages this is what they found so they’re running with it.


If that's what they are going with then you know there is nothing there


Also there was an email where he said face masks aren't effective at protecting you from the virus, which people use to claim he's been lying to the public. Except the email was from February 2020, early in the pandemic, and in it he also claims its more effective in preventing a sick person from spreading the virus via droplet transmission, which is pretty consistent with what has been said for a while. EDIt: 2019 to 2020


There's two these idiots have seized on. * One was from very early in the outbreak when he felt masks wouldn't make much of a difference, based on how viruses from the same family have very quick incubation periods and very rare occurrences of asymptomatic carriers. Meaning the assumption at the time was if you had COVID-19, you'd be obviously sick and staying home. When it came out that C19 was unusual in that has a significant amount of asymptomatic carriers who wouldn't know they were infected, the science changed to wear masks. OMG, WHICH IS IT, YOU LIAR?! * Another asked him about the possibility of it escaping from a Chinese research lab. He simply said it's possible , but there wasn't any evidence to make such a grave accusation. OMG, HE COVERED UP THE TRUUUUUTH ABOUT TEH WOO-HOO FLU! TRUMP WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG!!!


There's one where the sender (Andersen) basically says "hey there are some weird genomic sequences and it's a possibility this is engineered." That same person later, after studying the virus, released a paper with colleagues concluding it was natural in origin.


At first they said he doesn't know shit and doesn't have any power, then they turn 720 and say he's the mastermind behind everything (not just covid) immediately upon seeing the words "email" and "Fauci" in the same sentence.


I genuinely fear for his life. No one that’s worked as hard as he has to protect the public deserves the scorn he’s been subjected to.


He's had personal security since early last year, i think he'll be fine.


In March he said no masks and in june he said masks! What? Does he just change his opinion when new information and circumstances are presented to him instead of having those opinions installed in him by a man who thinks the clouds talk when he was six!?


>In March he said no masks and in june he said masks! They always say this as if it's really a question in anyone's mind. Fauci said no masks very briefly to ration them for frontline workers. As soon as there were enough masks, he said mask up. It's not confusing at all. They just play dumb to follow their leader. Just weeks ago, I debated a Trump supporting nurse who said "Maybe people just don't know if masks work and that's why they don't wear them." Give me a break. A 5-year-old knows to cover their mouth when they cough. I held him to that point, just repeating "You know better than that. You know putting a barrier in front of your mouth will block what's coming out. You know this." He kept playing dumb but absolutely knew the real reason Trump supporters are anti-mask. Republicans are just too chickenshit to stand by what they truly believe.


They know they'll be told they're morons to their faces if they sqwak to the wrong person. I've spent the last five years losing respect for people I used to think I knew. I'm done being nice. I'll tell people they're morons to their faces. If they cared about facts, 500k dead people would mean something.


So, Buttery Males part 2: Electric Boogaloo?




The plague we got was not the one we deserved.


Now that most people that want to get vaccinated have done so the future deaths will thin the herd of antivaxxers. Sigh


...and the virus gets to live and evolve in them, potentially giving rise to new variant that is not affected by the vaccine.


The Bubonic plague is endemic to the US southwest, so be careful about tempting fate. > Between 1900 and 2015, the United States had 1,036 human [plague](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bubonic_plague) cases with an average of 9 cases per year. In 2015, 16 people in the Western United States developed plague, including 2 cases in Yosemite National Park. These US cases usually occur in rural northern New Mexico, northern Arizona, southern Colorado, California, southern Oregon, and far western Nevada.


> These US cases usually occur in rural northern New Mexico, northern Arizona, southern Colorado, California, southern Oregon, and far western Nevada. [Shit. ](https://i.giphy.com/media/jUwpNzg9IcyrK/giphy.webp)


Just ask them for a link to them email that says that. They don’t have it. It doesn’t exist.


If it wasn’t bad why did he send it by email instead of vomiting it all over Twitter like honest real Americans!


Had me in the first 3/4 not gonna lie. 😆


A number of people that I know posted stuff about the emails with phrases like "I lost friends over this, now the truth comes out." I ask "What truths, what did the emails say?" And get no response... Hmmm


Same. I have a friend who brings up the emails and I keep asking for what is so controversial. All I get is the dumb eyes emoji back.


My dad dropped it on me like a big truth bomb. He was like "its all coming out". I then asked him what was in them and he told me to look at them myself. So I did. And the majority is just F, telling people its going to get better. Or how we need to work together. Smh


When I saw the top "news" stories from the right being outrage about the "we're in this together" line in one of his emails with China- I immediately knew there was nothing actually controversial in any of them..


Is this why what's-her-face demanded a reply from Biden by the 31st of June?


I had to Google that....Jesus Christ. I cannot believe whack jobs like her not only exist but are elected officials


It should be no surprise that people are stupid, right? Well, they finally found proper representation, that's all.


We literally had Trump in office for 4 years lol.


She has the letter posted in her Twitter feed. With the wrong date. That is insane. She called it a typo in another tweet but those numbers are no where near each other on a keyboard. https://twitter.com/repmtg/status/1400916114620702729?s=21


Holy shit, this actually happened.




Marjorie Taylor Greene demanded a report on the virus' origin, among other things, from Biden by June 31st. June only has 30 days. Biden himself already set a timeline for the US intelligence community to provide a report 90 days from the end of May-ish, so around the end of August. This makes the demand for an end of June deadline stupid to begin with, and the specific phantom date of June 31st even stupider.


Obviously, there's no June 31st. But what do we really gain by finding out the origin of the virus in less than a month? A likely poorly researched investigation, that's what. And what are we going to do if it was created in a China lab and leaked? Go to war? We better be damn sure before making any accusations of that caliber. Otherwise it's just political BS to score points with idiots.


Not to mention that even if it was created in a lab, it doesn’t excuse doing jack shit to stop it and politicizing the wearing of masks and social distancing.


Oh it will. You can be sure of that. It will....


I mean there's no real point in the US doing an independent investigation when they're already a part of an international investigation that was started last year. If this woman isn't happy about that then, despite her goal date never existing, what could she really do about it? Nothing, or nothing during question time?


It wouldn't be a shoddy investigation if it was headed by those Jews that designed the space laser she's always talking about. I hear they're pretty bright people


> And what are we going to do if it was created in a China lab and leaked? Here's the thing - that's not what's being investigated. What folks are looking at is if it escaped due to a lab accident, not if it was intentionally leaked as a bioweapon. Lab accidents certainly happen, and it's a hypothesis worth exploring, but it's not nearly as nefarious as the GOP would like to pretend.


What can you say? These people the GOP is sending... They're not sending their best!


no, they are sending their best, it's just that being the best is a low hanging fruit for republicans.


Marjorie Trailer Queen is a real brainiac.


Margarine* You can have that one. I'm stealing your "Trailer Queen" part tho. Let our powers combine!


I almost didn’t believe it.


Does that mean he has an infinite amount of time to get back to her?


This is how they git ya! Ya see, conservatives actually did REAL democracy ending actions. They're in the process of conflating wearing a tan suit or whatever the fuck Marjorie is cooking up with equal treason. These people are sociopaths and they don't work with truth or have the backbone of a constitution. They have THEIR TRUTH and THEIR CONSTITUTION .


Aaaaaand we’re back to “emails.” We’ve really come full circle.


Hilary's emails, Hunter Biden's emails, Pelosi's emails, Fauci's emails And the base eats it up everytime. It sucks to know people really are this stupid.


But, the memes out there are proof that he’s a fraud. /s


On the Conservative sub-reddit there is always multiple posts on these 'Leaks' near the top and they all go the same way. 'Rand is a hero', 'Fire Fauci and put him in Jail', 'What actually is in the emails?'.


It was a deadly virus created in a lab that can't be stopped by masks and is actually a hoax and hasn't really killed anyone and has a survival rate of 99% and the vaccine has a microchip in it and changes your DNA and it was all done to make Trump look bad. Just read the emails. It's all there. FaUcI KnEw!


See? If we'd have just injected bleach like our president suggested... /s just in case.


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Good bot


This is all just a distraction from the real dangers of windmill cancer


That only happens when you turn them into misters using Flint water.


Dammit, I forgot to add that it can be cured with bleach or hydroxychloroquine. Even though it was a hoax.


Trump single handedly got us this wonderful vaccine, he worked so hard to get it to us so quickly. Will I take it? Oh no, that shit came out way too fast.


I didn’t know Trump spoke German in order to develop the Pfizer vaccine...


I didn't know Trump spoke English in order to convince people he developed the Pfizer vaccine.


I'd hardly call that shit pouring out of his mouth english.


Fauci's gingerbread cookie recipe could get leaked and they'd claim it's a devious fascist plot


It’s sad how this isn’t even unbelievable. John Podesta talked about pizza in those hacked DNC emails, and that eventually led to a moron shooting up a pizza parlor to save Hillary’s sex slaves from the non-existent basement.


The funny part is the emails are old af and they literally already made this point... because during the first few weeks of the pandemic Fauci said exactly what his emails say, that masks wouldn’t be effective. Then people actually studied this brand new disease for awhile longer and it turns out the masks did work so he changed his mind. And at the time, these people all made a HUGE DEAL out of him changing his mind. And now there are emails which say literally the exact same thing he was saying initially, from the same time period, and they’re acting like it’s a huge gotcha moment even though... it’s literally the same stuff he said publicly at first.


He didn’t even really change his mind. From the very beginning he was saying masks will stop droplet spread from a sick person. He did say they were of negligible use for *personal* protection, but the reason we had mask mandates wasn’t for personal protection, it was to stop the sick from spreading. So his original position was already right at the most basic level, and grew to incorporate new information over time rather than changed.


He also said it because everyone was quarantining and there was a mask shortage and that professionals needed them more.


Exactly. Right wingers love to try to discredit science and research because the experts may change their opinions over time. "See?! The science was wrong! That's why you shouldn't listen to eXpErtS, listen to dear leader!" Any middle school science class will tell you that science is a process, and you can't just jump to any conclusions.


Middle school science is where you begin to lose them


Majority of the emails were people asking Fauci if they should postpone events. Also , they were thanking him for the work he is doing. Trumplicans are dimmer than a blown light bulb.


Apparently Fauci got 2000+ emails a day. The ones in the release are just the ones he replied to. I can safely assume for every person emailing him support, there were 100 emails from fanatic Trump supporters, doped up on bleach injections, spouting anti-science bullshit that Fauci ignored. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/06/05/faucis-2000-emails-a-day-show-how-little-us-officials-knew-in-the-early-days-of-the-covid-pandemic.html


This was the straw that broke the camel's back. I ended a 15 year friendship 3 days ago because I just couldn't take the complete selfish stupidity any more. I miss my friend, the person they were before their trip to Lake Laogai.


Faux outrage, brought to you 100% by Faux News. I absolutely love how idiots like paul decided that there was something there without even reading the source and pretended like he was "right all along" even though the emails "proved" nothing he claimed. Of course his idiot followers are completely immune to reality and are going to accept his lies as the only reality.


Why are Republican's so obsessed with emails?


They don’t understand them and it makes them mad


"okay but where does the paper go?" "There is no paper. It's electronic." "Right, but I need to sign it. How do I sign it?" "No, you don't--" "Do I just put my laptop in the mailbox when I'm done writing my letter?"


> “Do I just put my laptop in the mailbox when I’m done writing my letter?” Tucker Carlson: No, send it via Four Seasons Total Landscaping c/o Gudy Riuliani — they’ll know what that means. I’m not trusting bombshell evidence sent through mainstream mail because…reasons.


They just pick something that is long enough or complicated enough that they don't think anyone will read it so they can tell their people to believe whatever they want them to. Election fraud has 1000 examples, none of them are good but you would need to read them for that. Email dumps are long, just say something is in there and they will believe you. Critical Race Theory is complicated, they are just breaking it down into words, Critical = bad, Race = baiting, Theory = not true.


the people spreading the propaganda know no one who will be outraged will actually read them, so it's perfect.


bUt JoE rOgAn ToLd MeEeE


I personally believe Rand Paul was behind this, thinking he would find something to somehow undo the shitshow he put on with Fauci in the last year; only to land face first in the shit he made, making him look even worse.


But he smells like roses to his state's voter base... course... they are one of the many states of denial


Rand Paul is a punching bag with a perm.


I have literally not seen a *single* person claiming that Fauci's emails are a smoking gun cite a single email as evidence. At best they link the entire email dump and tell you to find their own evidence for them; at worst they won't even do that.


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Joe Rogen was going off about how bad these emails were. About how it showed Fauci lied about masks and that they’re ineffective, like the *entire world’s* mask mandates are based on Fauci’s directions… I was thinking, “Alright Joe, what they say?” Then he asked Jamie (?) to pull up the emails. Never happened, at least not in the YouTube clip I watched. Joe Rogen has become a joke.


>has become LOL what? He's the former host of Fear Factor. That's his legacy. What ever made anyone think he had some kind of credibility for serious matters is a mystery to me.


> Joe Rogen has become a joke. Are you serious? Was there *ever* a time when Joe Rogan was not the poster man-child for grossly stupid bro posturing?


He has been for a very long time.


The fact that some people think this virus was manufactured to make trump look bad is hilarious, and pretty sad. There are other countries in the world guys. Besides laughing at his stupidity, most of us don't give a shit.


But did you see ThePATRIOT Hawk of Truth on YouTube? He goes over all the lies and tells me how to feel


Did you know the government is behind Nasa


These are the same people who said they didn't need to read the russian investigation because other people did it for them.


The Ukraine phone transcripts. The Mueller report. The second impeachment reports. Now the Fauci emails… Republicans clearly can’t read. And if they can, they can’t read at a level of comprehension and retention, because if they could they’d realize what a criminal and fraud their god emperor is.


If masks don't work, why the fuck would every surgerical team in the world use them to prevent infection during surgery? lmao.


Y u sTIlL WeAR mASk? fAuCi SaY nO woRk