What gets me is that he outright said in plain English that "if all of the women don't like you, the problem isn't all the women. It's you." He doesn't make excuses for them. People just read a headline and run with it like morons.


So many people took issue with his advice without reading it too. Like the lobster thing. Everyone focused on the genetic link between humans and lobsters, and missed his point that if you carry yourself with confidence, you will feel confidence and people will treat you better. But if you carry yourself like a loser, you will feel like a loser and people will respond accordingly" Anyone who has ever dressed up for an event, or just generally put in the extra mile to be the best presentable version of themselves that they can be, knows that it's true. When I go to the effort of getting out my suit, and doing my hair nicely, and trimming everything (fingernails, toenails, facial hair, pubes, anything that you would deal with when going out and expecting to end up in bed). I feel freaking 10 feet tall and bulletproof, I feel like I look like Superman in disguise. And I feel myself walking with better posture, meaning I actually am legitimately just a bit taller than normal, simply making the best out of the body I have at that moment. But when I go out and don't even bother changing my 'around the house gym shorts' for a pair of real pants? I feel like I'm Gollum, and I hunch, doing all the things that can make my body as it is the least attractive version of itself. Th advice isn't that women appreciate good body language because lobsters do too. It's that women appreciate men who carry themselves in such a way as to demonstrate that they appreciate themselves. Because nobody wants the person who can't see any value in themselves, that shit is exhausting to deal with.


The other thing I'd like to add is that if people are wondering how to "learn" to be confident... take an acting class. Seriously. Damn near changed my life, helped me come out of my shell & learn what it's like to prepare, send it & have people laugh! But it was fun, because I was ready. You learn a lot of soft skills in acting and with the theatre kids - pair it with your education and become unstoppable


I feel in the mood for a good argument. If you hate Peterson, please tell me why. (I will upvote all responses as a matter of course. Discourse is to be celebrated. Do not downvote people who act in good faith.) Edit: Ok, wife asked "wtf are you doing?" Apparently 'arguing with the entire internet on a topic I have no vested interest in' didn't amuse her. Time to go play with the kids. Have a wonderful day everyone


Because he told me to clean my room


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It's not a mess it's art


It's not a mess if i know where everything is


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Because he’s from Canada.




Have a great day.


The worst crime of all.


A fucking 🍁


I'm sorey. 😔


Go back to your ice fishing jerk off hut moosefucker.


Whoa. They have whole entire huts for jerking off?


I thought it was france. Tho if both are bad would that make quebec the worst or would the two bads cancel eachother out?


No it’s the first one


... I got nothin'. Point ceded.


The only true answer








Based and fuck Canadians pilled.


To be fair I don’t hate Jordan Peterson, in fact I like and respect him, his earlier psychology and philosophy work did so much for me and so many others. A lot of young men owe a debt of gratitude to him. I think the biggest issue I have right now is he seems to have become the type of vengeful irrational ideology I feel he used to preach against. I think this is due to the corrosive effects of social media (especially twitter), which is understandable but still kind of saddening. I was always comfortable defending Jordan Peterson against all of the empty rhetoric arguments lobbied against him, but I become less so every time I see such angry reactive tweets he seems to be known for recently. I know he has a right to an opinion and valid reasons for forming and expressing them, it’s just not the reason I was originally so engaged by him. As an aside the Jordan Peterson subreddit has become the toxic “anti-left” that people say Jordan Peterson is, which I still don’t believe is true, at least not yet. To summarise this unnecessarily long response, I think he is becoming the ideologue he once warned of, and I feel myself less and less comfortable saying I support him. To me, a great man undoubtably, but a troubled one.


Very accurate. He himself has said that he’s becoming very reactive and irrational due to Twitter. Wish he kept the focus on self-growth and academics rather than politics


The near death experience and incredible amounts of pain he's experienced the past few years probably aren't helping either.


Trouble is he can't work as a clinician (self-growth) or professor (academic) anymore so his attention is slipping. On one of his latest podcasts it he mentions that he's been focusing on the bible again for a project which is a gopd sign.


Excellent breakdown. He has recently taken certain positions seemingly out of spite. I get it, he thinks that neoliberal western governments are virtue signaling about saving the world whilst pushing policies that hurt the average person. I agree. But to then turn around and be so charitable towards Putin is just bizarre. “I don’t see him being like Hitler or Stalin.” Really?? Putin is a Stalin apologist because it reinforces his spheres of influence argument. Putin is assassinating journalists and locking up political dissidents. That doesn’t sound a little like Stalin’s purges? The Russian army is purposefully recruiting Asian soldiers to use as cannon fodder. I though we didn’t like identity politics? I get that the guy is beset on all sides by bad faith actors, but he is completely contradicting himself at this point. He made his public career, partially, on being a strong advocate for free speech. Now he is excusing a dictatorial regime that suppresses free speech and crushes the human spirit.


based and I love my wife and children very much pilled


Making people cry is not good unless you’re making them laugh tears of joy


What about tears of soy?


Tears of soy, Jack?


Does Jack dream of corn pop sheep?


The hamsters that run on the wheel in his brain might.


They'd be really good on some rice and vegetables or in some noodle soup.


Is that a J&A reference?


I’m beefing


Also: I thought the number one thing wrong with men according to those types was that they "aren't allowed to cry"?


It is, until they need something to make fun of a man they don’t like


Thats pretty much the case with anything about men. It's okay to cry!.....until we don't like you then you're a little bitch. D-size don't matter!.....unless I hate you and call you a microdick loser. Be more open about your feelings!.....actually you opened up way too much and made me uncomfortable. The list goes on. Acceptance only goes as far as their like for you. The moment they don't like you the acceptance is gone.


>Be more open about your feelings!.....~~actually you opened up way too much and made me uncomfortable.~~ But I will use it against you when you are most vulnerable


Yes! This too! I forgot about that one


The inconsistency and cruelty is the point of the abuse.


Amber Heard, I hate to bring her up, but the change from doting girlfriend insisting on taking off Depp’s boots and pouring him a glass of wine at the end of the day to the insanity that relationship devolved into comes to mind.


I would have said making people cry is not good unless they're unflaired but that works too I guess


I remember someone in one of the front page subs saying they were crocodile tears and getting up voted to the top over it. People just can't accept that he's an imperfect person who isn't right about everything he says and also genuinely cares about helping people.


Crocodile tears is the dumbest accusation to level against the guy. He is legitimately an emotional guy and cries all the time.


Jordan Peterson would be one of the last people to take tears. If they went through what he's been through then they would never be as successful as him.


If the average Redditor went through what he's been through, they would rope themselves. Though to be fair, Redditors are so mentally fragile they'd rope themselves under most circumstances.


Based and Redditor-Hate pilled


It's like when Rittenhouse had a panic attack and cried on the stand, all these people gave him shit and said he was faking, as if he isn't a fucking 17 year old who killed 2 people. That shit leaves a mark.


They say crocodile tears because they can’t imagine someone they are against actually being a genuinely caring person.


Didn’t Labron James accuse Rhittenhouse of crocodile/fake tears? People use that term way too loosely


And it was just as wrong then lol. There's no way this 17 year old kid could possibly be feeling remorse for having to kill someone with a gun!


People with problems getting mad at a man with problems trying to help other people with problems is the most reddit thing ever lmao. Just gagaslight.


Lib left: ‘this guy promotes toxic masculinity!’ Peterson: Expresses his emotions honestly Lib left: ‘look at this little bitch!’




This always got me as a pro-gun liberal. Such hypocrisy. They're also not above body shaming people right of them for being fat, ugly, etc.


That just proves that those who selectively choose who to body shame are virtue signalers.


Oh you like guns? Well now thinking about your penis Checkmate


Don't forget jokes/insults over height.


"he's 1" shorter than me, I would literally throw up if I thought about dating him." Edit: I am 6'7" and definitely don't have that issue, but often it seems there is a cap too.




Baste and great equalizer-pilled.


Didn't even need to see your flair to know your a centrist


I'm something of a physicist myself.


Baste and knows the laws of the universe pilled


"Why do men talk about their dick size all the time?" - woman who has no idea what men talk about


Me and the bois talk about Warhammer and youtube videos.


Every man who has ever learned the "babe I need you to be more vulnerable" lesson the hard way: 😐


> Every man who has ever learned the "babe I need you to be more vulnerable" lesson the hard way Is this ever not a trap? Like, "I need you to be more vulnerable so I have ammunition to use against you later."


"show me your weaknessessssss" "honey did you literally just hiss like a demon when you said that?" "...no"


Samson and Delilah


Tale as old as time


If a woman uses your vulnerabilities against you in an argument at a later date, turn and walk. She is genuinely evil and will never stop.


Had a roommate dating a toxic girl and he let slip some insecurities/emotional stuff connected to his father. Queue a couple days later at their weekly screaming matches and she said something like "you're gonna be just like you father!" Fucking evil. They broke up, thank God, but it probably took approximately 20-30 "breakups" for it to **actually** happen.


I have been with my wife for 10 years (5 years dating, 5 years married) and I've cried less than ten times in front of her. It's never been an issue, I just don't feel comfortable doing it. But she cries like two or three times a month, and is self conscious about how easily she breaks down into tears. Maybe that's the trick. Find you a girl who cries so much she feels bad about it so that when you cry she can feel good knowing she's not the only emotional one.


Yepppp. She wanted me to be more open with her. So I was and didn’t hide when I was emotional. Six months later and she was in another relationship behind my back. No matter what they say, do not be ultra vulnerable with a woman. They want it until they see it for what it is and then they despise you for it.


Ironically your better off being vulnerable to other guys. I have a friend I know I can go to if shit hits the fan. And I’d do the same for him if he needed it.


I'm only vulnerable with my trusted male homies and family members


I still say that the banning of men-only spaces is a huge contributor to the rise antisocial behavior among men. There was a time where men could go to places where they didn't have to worry about women seeing them being vulnerable and that allowed them to decompress and vent negative emotions instead of bottling them up until they exploded in catastrophic ways.


Yup. And the excuse is "you're too needy and clingy. You make me feel too depressed when you want to talk about your problems."


“I’m not your therapist” bitch I’ve been yours for years


I hate it, I fucking hate it so much. Just the hypocrisy, I hate it more than people who genuinely believe men shouldn’t cry, because at least they’re fucking consistent.


Liberal white women: "Down with toxic masculinity! It's okay to express your feelings! Women don't owe anyone sex!" Also Liberal white women: "LMAO FUCK JORDAN PETERSON AND KABANAUGH, LITTLE CRYING BITCHES. ALSO LOOK AT KYLE RITTENHOUSE CRYING LIKE HE'S GETTING RAPED IN THE PRISON (Actual words). ALL PRO CHOICE WOMEN SHOULD STOP SLEEPING WITH GUYS. WHO HURT YOU? LESBIANS SHOULD ACCOMMODATE FTM LESBIANS AND SUCK THEIR GIRLDICKS. Be sure to subscribe to my Onlyfans!"


If they didn’t double standard then they couldn’t stand, or something like that.


“If they didn’t have double standards they’d have none at all” is what I’ve heard.


"Standard me once, shame on you. Stand....me.......you can't get standarded again."


"Now watch this drive"


It's not that men shouldn't cry, it's that they can't. Society teaches you this lesson, and if you EVER believe the lie that "actually we want you to open up" it will only act to your detriment.


Oh I know. I’ve been with girls who’ve told me that, opened up (not even crying, just talking about a vulnerability of mine), and their attraction of me just fades.


Because those types of women want a man they CAN change, not a man that changes


It's more pragmatic than that. Our urges and desires are rarely logical. We all want to believe we're better than our base desires but we're not robots.


Same. Had a girl, been with her for years, was gonna marry her, was looking at rings and everything, had my proposal all planned out. She finally convinced me I could confide in her and stop holding back my emotions. She left me a few months later.


Damn dude. I'm sorry.


wow people suck so bad.... a guy friend cried in front of me once and i just helped the guy out.... it also feels like with JBP, they go extra hard on time because he's not on "their side." but on the flipside i also think even if he was a self proclaimed left wing feminist, i've heard people say "those men are the most dangerous because they use it as a guise to abuse women." on the FLIPSIDE FLIPSIDE, i have seen a couple leftists spew feminist rhetoric or left wing politics and turn out to be sex offenders. people like that do exist, but there isn't really any winning.


It's a problem of prescription vs description. They tell you it's OK to cry because they can rationally think that it should be OK to cry, but that is just not how the world works. This idealistic prescription based advice is setting up a lot of people for failure and they always end up more jaded because of it.


Been there too, pal. Been there too. Stay strong.


This is true. No matter what anyone says, any kind of genuine negative emotion as a man is seen as either pathetic or scary


That right there is why I have never understood people say “men refuse to let men show emotions!”. Don’t get me wrong, I completely think there are a lot of ways that men can exhibit toxic masculinity, but society (particularly women) make fun of men for showing emotion. I was told by my abusive ex “I feel like you’re emotionally illiterate” but whenever I would express any emotion that wasn’t positive for her, I would get shouted down, hit and struck by flying objects


I’m sure that there are women out there that legitimately want to know a man’s feelings but I’ve still never met one. Love my wife to death but she (along with every other woman I’ve been with) has never shown any interest in listening when I open up about my emotions. My job has life and death responsibilities that are insanely stressful. One time I tried to open up about my feelings and probe whether I was starting to develop PTSD but there was legitimately no interest in discussing it; just blank stares. Now when ever someone dies at work or something extra fucked up happens I just keep it bottled up extra deep inside.


Almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter, doesn't it? Join us, make humanity (incredibly) warm again!


Think of all the grilling that would be done. I never thought that centrists would be the menace that ends humanity.


Kick the tires and light the fires!


The sooner it starts the sooner it ends! And hopefully all those that aren't grilled or freezed in the result will build a better society


Feminists: why don't men show emotions? Jordan Peterson: shows emotion "Feminists": lol look at this grown man crying. What a loser


Feminists: men should take more accountability and responsibility for themselves and stop relying on women to fix them. Peterson: men should take the utmost accountability and responsibility for themselves and stop relying on women to fix them. Feminists: this fucking incel is spreading hate again!


Yep. It really does show you that they are filled with hate. Both feminists and Peterson spread the same message. Yet Peterson spreads it in order to help men, while feminists spread it in order to demonize men. The fact that they are so pissed about the things Peterson preaches is not because they are inconsistent or have double standards. It's because they want to hurt men, and he wants to help them. Feminists can't go a day without accidentally revealing how much they hate men. It's mind-blowing that they continue to hold influence in society.


Legit, fuck my quadrant.


“Why don’t you express you emotions more often?”


^^^Bitch, ^^^lol


And then I said… ^biiitch


Don’t ask a woman her age. Don’t ask a man his salary. Don’t ask LibLeft what they thought of Kyle Rittenhouse and Jordan Peterson getting emotional.


In all honesty, you should ask for each other's salary especially if you are working in the same field. More tools for the workers to gauge their appropriate salaries and self-worth.


Based and organized workers-pilled


Based for a righty! More for you Glen Coco


>Lib left: ‘look at this little bitch!’ This is exactly why men don't share their feelings tbf. The feelings have to be the right ones for the right reasons, as determined by society's bitchiest and loudest moral busybodies (i.e. the libleft troll brigade) or else the men get denigrated. At least it's possible for human beings to understand toxic masculinity, which is why so many people stick to it: you get the same treatment whether or not you're pro feminist, but at least the goals set forward by traditional (or even toxic) masculinity are at least achievable by individuals on some level.




Unfortunately, most modern corporations seem to think listening to them is more profitable than not.


their talking points have a lot of control right now. unfortunately i feel like i'm forced to care


It's not that they think listening to them is profitable, it's that they *are* the modern corporations. SJWs overwhelmingly are over-educated children of privilege with non-STEM degrees. Who do you think is going to have the social connections and paper-pushing/email-sending skillset to wind up dominating corporate leadership? There's a reason corporate America started pushing this shit so hard about 5-10 years after these politics took over elite universities.


The media loves making fun of him cry but when it does it’s like “I remembered those young men thanking me and saying I helped them and it brings me to tears” or it’s about a genuine plight of young men everywhere, self worth and suicide


There's a ton of young men out there who are really struggling. Depressed, angry, directionless, rightly feeling like society doesn't value them and treats them as a joke. A guy who's in his 20's, not smart enough to go to school or just too fucking depressed, working in some bullshit job like retail, or warehouse, or factory, average looking or overweight...that guy is a fucking loser right? He's the butt of every joke. Used to be that guy could support a family in a low skill job like that, now? Mom's basement. Those guys are rightly feeling not just disposable, but disposed of. And it's fun and fashionable to make fun of a man like that. They are being laughed at and they know it. Peterson sees that as a tragic waste. Of potential, on just a human level, it's just a fucking waste and a tragedy. 35 year old boys, smoking weed and playing video games all day instead of building lives, building families. Fucking sad. And being laughed at the whole time. I think he also sees the potential danger that poses-I've heard him say it. If you're sitting at zero, you're fucked. You've got no path out and nothing invested in the game. There's a real danger they decide to just flip over the table instead of playing another hand. Maybe that means killing themselves, maybe it means throwing themselves into a violent political movement so they feel like they have some value. Guess what? They are doing both. These guys have nothing invested. They'll start burning shit down the first chance they get. God forbid he sees the danger in that and tries to tell them they have value. Watching people laugh at him for giving a shit about these guys, believing they can still turn their lives around if they start making positive changes, it's fucking gross. Same people laughed at him when he got sick coming off benzodiazapines. So fucking low. Just incredibly shitty and revealing about who all these caring people on the "left" actually are.


Any student of history knows that one of the most powerfully destructive forces in the world is a sufficiently large group of young men with no hope.


Agree but flair up


my bad thanks


[27%](https://i0.wp.com/boingboing.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Ew8N20tW8AEhnjN.jpg?fit=1&resize=620%2C4000&ssl=1) of men under 30 report that they haven't had sex since turning 18 (up from 8% in 2008) That's just terrifying to imagine


Peterson is not without his faults, but holy fuck, the guy catches a lot of flack for trying to remind men to act like men and to work on their personal growth.


if he didn’t have his faults he wouldn’t be half as wise as he is. most therapists/counselors/psychologists go into their profession because they have their own issues. it might not be necessary but it definitely helps a lot.


That’s what gets me about the mainstream dogging of Peterson. Say what you want about him dude was a well respected researcher/clinical psychologist/professor until he made comments on a single bill. Then the movement to discredit everything he’s done began


Because strong men are a threat to their ideology.


Which makes no sense to me. Strong men are less likely to be violent, toxic, or rape. It’s usually weak low test men who do those things


It all makes sense when you understand that they want people to be losers and victims.


Being a victim is lame. Men should be strong protectors and women should buy fucking guns.




Based and arm the weak pilled


cheers to that mate


But they're more likely to think and thinking is antithetical to their positions. Just shut up and YAS QUEEN.


You’ll understand it all when you see that society wants to breed weak men on purpose, it doesn’t matter if a few act out because then they can demonize them and make more self-hating brain dead and spineless consoomers who vote for “the right” choice. It doesn’t matter if it’s the left or right, the current societal and political structure does not want critical thinkers, just mindless masses who vote for who they’re told to. Strong men threaten this directly by having critical thought and being able to sustain themselves.


Be strong reject modern society


No reject post modern society


They find his advice to be a personal attack against them.


Messy room gang is feeling marginalized


No lie, cleaning my room cheers me up so much because it’s just so nice to see it clean


Same. It takes me forever to get the motivation to clean and reorganize but once I do it I feel much better about myself and my situation.


Strong men have the capability to be independent, week men must be dependant, and someone who depends on you is someone you can control.


He surely has some shitty moments but i can't see him as anything else as someone that is really trying help others. Like, you see his videos and he seem brutally honest, even when it is negative for him


Those titles are some big ol clickbait bullshit. The one on the front page said he broke down in tears after being called “incel king”… and when you watch the video, you clearly see he was distraught over his feelings for how young men are being treated. Shit like this is why I fucking hate Emily.


If there's one thing society loves, it's yelling at men for enforcing gender roles while also simultaneously mocking men for expressing emotion or crying. Case in point, dating. I learned very quickly that you can **NEVER** cry or be overtly sad in front of women. They see it as a sign of weakness and unmanliness, and the attraction dries up like a puddle of water in Arizona.


Jordan peterson: telling lonely young men to self improve and not become bitter incels. The media: He's creating more women hating incels.


Mother: *gives birth to a boy. RadFem: She's propagating the patriarch by producing more rapists!


Peterson: If women won’t fuck you, it’s probably you. Better yourself, because it’s their right to be picky. Reddit: This is a racist, fascist, incel, dogwhistle that he wants to kill black trans children.


Every day I wonder why I shifted away from the left. And then I remember this shit. Stereotypes exist for a reason.


if they’re the only ones hearing the supposed dogwhistle, who’s the real racist, fascist, incel, etc?


I've seen a woman talk about how she's raising her sons to be better men only to be responded by some troglodyte that her sons will probably be rapists anyways.... I can only be glad that there were a few women calling her insane for making a comment like that.


>He's creating more women hating incels. How does one motivate people to become involuntary celibates?


A lot of people dont know what incel even means. They just think it means woman hater.


By telling them that it's ok to be fat and working out is an altright dogwhistle... Oh wait...


By telling them to watch more porn. Oh wait, he actually told men to stop watching more porn.


"if you don't support sex workers you are an incel" legit quote i read in the god forsaken website called twitter dot com.


Libleft fucked up with the body positivity shite. What we needed was body acceptance, not positive reinforcement of shitty eating habits.


This is the funniest thing about the whole concept of incels. They're a self identifying group. People who insult young men by calling them an incel don't understand it at all. If you're calling someone an incel when they aren't an incel, you're just being a cunt. If you call someone an incel, and they actually are, the incel will just agree.


If you're calling someone an incel you're essentially saying "you're a loser who can't get laid" Isn't the left all about not sexualizing things and yet one of their biggest insults is based on ones sexual desirability? If they really wanted an insult to hit home and hurt they'd say "You don't have the means or ability to raise and support a family" But they don't and that tells you where their priorities are, where they see value.


This is something I've found interesting. This thread is filled with lefties foaming at the mouth saying shit like "he says society's sexualized. It isn't! Hes just an incel woman hater" And their choice slur to use is insulting someone based on...their worth in the sexual marketplace being 0... It would be like saying we don't live in a highly capitalism-centered society and if you think we are then maybe you're just a poor jobless moron who makes less than 10k a year, disgusting peasant.


Jordan Peterson: Be a man who is responsible for his own life, don't blame others, contribute to your community in a meaningful way, be emotionally dependable and strong but be in touch with your inner feelings. Leftists: 🦋 Is this an incel?


If you need to belittle the other side in order to gain a sense of validation then your opinions are probably built on false pretences and even worse assumptions. I don’t even listen or care for Petersons views but I can at least respect him and his right to express himself.


I am a man and honestly I was always kinda shrugging off Jordan's comments about men feeling alienated and "pointed at" by society, until recently. I got cheated on by my GF of 5 years and felt the world crumbled under me. I was a mess (and still am) and around that time a celebrity in my country and Adam Levine both were having affairs and cheated on their wives. The tweets about these things broke me man. "Men are trash", "all men are pigs", etc. Fuck me. How come I'm at fault for their shitty behaviour? I know those sentences are memes at this point but goddamn they sting for some reason. I can't even imagine what other men out there with even worse situation than I am right now would feel in such situation.


Self-help JBP is so under appreciated Too bad he focuses so much on politics nowadays


Next to nobody actually wants to solve the incel issue, they want it to perpetrate indefinitely so their punching bag of choice never goes away. Anybody with a basic understanding of socio-sexual dynamics and its history could explain the rise of incel culture and what to do about it in about five minutes. But next to nobody actually wants that, they want to bully lonely young men and feel self righteous about it.


>Anybody with a basic understanding of socio-sexual dynamics and its history could explain the rise of incel culture and what to do about it in about five minutes. Alright, I'm interested. Could you explain it?


Sure. Prior to the Second World War, women were 100% dependent on a man’s income to survive. Meaning that if you were a man with a steady income you had a really good chance of bagging yourself a wife. Once women entered the workforce en mass post-WWII, this was no longer the case. Women now had incomes of their own which meant they could literally afford to be choosier when picking a husband. The average man could still compete, but had to actually put effort into finding a wife. Then came second wave feminism, which encouraged women to focus on themselves and their careers instead of dating and starting a family. This in turn led to skyrocketing divorce rates. Women were beginning to make just as much if not *more* than men in some instances. This allowed them to be even choosier when picking a husband. The average man, while still largely able to compete, now had to put in considerable effort into making himself an attractive candidate for dating and marriage. Then came third wave feminism and the internet. This is where socio-sexual dynamics, which were already skewed heavily in favor of women, *truly* began to leave the average man behind. Third wave feminism told an entire generation of women that all men are sexist pigs and to blame for all of society’s woes. The internet and the media amplified this message one thousandfold to the point where the average man was so demonized that competing in the dating scene was already an uphill battle when online dating came along as the final nail in the coffin. Online dating, which was supposed to make dating easier, created an environment in which average men not only have to compete with all of the men in their immediate vicinity, but every man online as well. This allows the top 10% of desirable men to get a disproportionate amount of female attention while the average and less than average men get completely left behind. Now the hard part: what can be done about this? There are several things that can be done, none of them easy. First, we need to stop lying to young boys and men. Stop telling them objectively untrue platitudes such as “everybody deserves to be loved” or “there’s someone for everyone”. While well meaning, these platitudes are harmful for young men. They give them a false sense of what dating is like. Instead they need to be told harsh truths such as: romantic love must be earned and dating, like everything in life, is a competition. Second, and more controversially, we need to raise girls and young women to have realistic standards for men. There is no perfect man out there, but most women will scour the earth trying to find him instead of taking their own advice and lowering their standards. Third, and this is a big ask, we need to be more empathetic of a society. We need to overcome our instincts to otherize, belittle, and mock those we perceive as inferior. Mocking someone who can’t get laid won’t accomplish anything constructive and will only lead to misery in the long run.


yknow what? I think I'll clean my room today.


Based and improving myself pilled


Based and Sure, I'll do it pilled


Probably the single best thing the majority of men could do to bring the marriage market back to reality is to turn their back on online dating and go back to in person meets in bars, clubs, and churches. Right now, the top 10% of men get 70% of attention in dating apps. If you are not in the top 25%, you get none. The top 10% of men never settle down, having no shortage of attractive options. Thus defeating the goal of most of the women as well. In person, where there are greater opportunity costs, a 7/10 woman is not approaching a 10/10 man and he is not wasting his time on her until closing time. If most men drop off dating apps, so will most women. The result will be better for all but the top 10% of men.


I agree. If you’re not in that upper 10% avoid dating apps like the plague.


Very interesting, thank you.


Based and coherent wall of text pilled


Damned if you do...... damned if you don't. "Be more in touch with your emotions" .....cries...... "fucking pussy".


i dont necessarily agree with some of JPs political views but he is pretty much what incels need — telling them to take authority over their life, giving genuine advice, not succumbing and giving up and living a life of spite. And he is a good figure to serve that role, incels would be much more receptive to him than a random woman for obvious reasons. If you’re against incels than JPs advice to men is not something to be mad about


Alot of the hatred he gets for not spitting on young men has its basis in feminist misandry. Which ofcourse has a strong base here on reddit.


It's always sad seeing the lack of empathy and even basic humanity that most men and women have for men as a class.


It's bizarre how just being a podcaster/celebrity/personality that appeals to young men is enough to get you dragged through the coals. I've heard *in real life with my own ears* from feminist type women use "he appeals to young men" as an insult. No fucking wonder young men are suffering the most from mental illness, commit the most crimes, and have the lowest self worth of any demographic. They're not even allowed to relate, or take advice from anyone within their age and gender demographic without automatically being labelled an incel. Our entire fucking society has made it okay to actively hate young men. If I have children some day, I hope they're girls. It's terrifying to see the reality young boys nowadays are growing up in. This emasculating society is a hellscape for any of them under the age of 25. Thank fuck I became an adult just barely in time to dodge this.




My favorite example of this was that article that came out complaining how women are making too much money to find partners that make more money than they do. And how this was a tragedy and the fault of slacker, loser men.




You're supposed to repent with no path to redemption. Perpetual conflict.


They must have had logic bypass surgeries.


With primary education dominated by women teachers, the system itself favouring girls learning styles and consequential poorer outcomes what did anyone expect?


In the West most of high-school dropouts are boys, women are on the way to outnumber men in college 2:1 and since the early 2010s in most countries young single women outearn young single men. ...but remember, the system is biased against women because most people in IT and engineering are male, lmfao.


I had a super feminist engineer co-worker. Very ambitious and driven. I am not either of those things, I just like being being an engineer and have no aspirations for management like she did. So when she wanted a new project, I didn't care and let her have it. Fast forward a year and she's burnt out, quits, and tells HR that I'm the reason she's burnt out because I didn't take any of the work load off of her because I was being sexist. I had to deal with this HR investigation for half a year, just to be assigned an emotional intelligence sub-training telling me everything I already knew. -\_-


Women ☕️


Everyone is human and should be treated with respect. lets treat others with kindness if you disagree with Jordan that's ok, but lets not make him break down. If you agree with Jordan, please act with dignity and humility when defending him.


Fuck Olivia Wilde. Seriously. She’s so desperate to deflect from all the bad press of cheating on Sudekais with Harry styles, lying about firing Shia Lebouf and shitting on Florence Pugh that she just makes up this new lie that the Chris pine character is based on Jordan Peterson. Seriously cannot stand this smug self righteous D-list actress. What’s even worse is the amount of people online making fun of Peterson for showing emotions and crying for all of the “incels” who keep getting brought down just because. I don’t agree with everything Peterson says, but holy fuck he’s a much better person than I’ll ever be for not giving in to all this bullshit people put him through


Why is Olivia Wilde famous? She was 13 on House, other than that I don’t know a single role she was in


Jordan Peterson has a huge heart and actually cares about people. If I have to choose between people like him and those that can do nothing but mock him and insult him, it's an easy choice.