He probably locked himself out of his account and can’t figure out the password reset


This made me laugh because it’s the most likely


Dudes been in congress for so long, his office interns are in their 60s and can't figure it out either.


That’s everyone. I think there should be a term limit. Nancy been in politics so long she has pics of jfk staring at her tits and he been dead for half a century


NGL. She's cute in that picture, but if she or anyone else thinks he's looking at her boobs, they're sadly mistaken.


She looks like the kind of woman who would get pissed at you for talking to "other women" when you text your mom.


She was pro lock down and got pissed when her salon leaked a video of her doing her hair during the lockdowns


She can butt-chug all the coolant from reactor #4 at Chernobyl and I still wouldn't like her.


I don’t know wtf this means, but I like it!


If he's like my dad on FB, he just made three more accounts and only the most recent one works because he kept forgetting his password to the two more he made right before the third one.


He's writing tweets in the Google search bar


Someone put out lettuce that didn’t agree with him, 4 more weeks of shell


McConnell is, as ever, seeing where this goes. He was anti Trump until the minute Trump had the nomination secured then he shifted. He was impatient with Trump's antics, but absolutely used his presidency to maximize the advantages of his party. He will just wait this out and see where it goes before making a statement one way or another because that's what's maximally beneficial to Republicans, and himself. I think he probably doesn't personally like Trump that much, but he does see his utility towards the bigger project. McConnell doesn't stand on principle ever, about anything, he's a cynic's cynic in a cynical business. And if you look at his record and pattern of behavior, through that lens it makes complete sense.


Agreed. He's one of the most effective politicians(meaning, playing the game of politic) of the modern ere


He rarely gets the props he's due by the conservative movement, because they know he's not a true believer in the ways that they are. But people on the left who can put their personal emotions aside about him, can and do admit that he is incredibly competent and calculating, and has enforced lockstep discipline in their caucus for well over a decade. No one gets excited about him on the right, he doesn't get cheers at CPAC, but when he finally dies or retires, they will notice his absence.


>McConnell is, as ever, seeing where this goes Gamesmanship is key, my guy.


He's extremely underrated in that department. He should go down in history as one of the most effective and powerful Republicans ever in terms of maximizing the impact of the Senate, and completely remaking the federal judiciary.


I can't pretend to like the establishment guys, chief among them Mitch, but I am quite enjoying the judiciary direction for pro 2a reasons.


That's part of what makes him so effective, he gives negative fucks about whether people like him or not. Which is an atypical trait for a politician to have.


Based and observant-pilled


McConnell is happy about this. He puts on a façade about supporting Trump in public just to save his old-ass, as he knows the MAGA base is extremely skeptical of him. Mans would ditch Trump in a New York minute if he could without repercussions.


him and Lindsey "definitely not gay" Graham


Absolutely, totally not gay. Look at those eyelashes. Could a *gay* man have those eyelashes?


No, those lashes are for making the gays jealous.


McConnell knew that alienating Hawley from the party (who has arguably been the firebrand of the MAGA movement) would draw ire, so he's doubling down and going for the head in Trump. He definitely played nice throughout Trump's term, and kind of sat on his hands throughout 2021, but he's a RINO through and through and will appease party over people no matter how his district votes. He has alot in common with Feinstein in that regard, his seat is basically a lifetime appointment, he's set for life, there is no reason to govern with responsibility.


Of course. McConnell will kiss anyones ass as long as it ensures that he can remain in power.


McConnell is just an old school neoconservative.


McConnell is a RINO? 💀


He is NOT a RINO if he is LITERALLY THE SYMBOL OF THE GOP. What’s been happening is the GOP is being usurped by the MAGA movement (Which 100% should have been its own party). He is the true Republican Party. It’s the new guys that are different.


Highjacking the highest comment that says this. With the republican party it's important to differentiate between the establishment (the leaders) and the base (the voters). For the base the party is something different than for the establishment. And while McConnell (or someone like him) is in the center (at the top) of the party and for that you can't really call him a RINO, he is far away from the base and is for the base an very big RINO.


The base doesn’t need the Republican Party. They need a party that currently doesn’t exist. That’s the issue.


This. I’ve said that since the tea party, the Republican Party is a dead man walking. The old school Republicans that have been around for decades are just tap dancing fast to keep their seats. But the voters are on to them. The democrats are actually worse off- the voters, that is. The voters truly believe their leaders are good and want to do good things and protect “people like us” from the evil republicans and trumpeters (which they can’t tell apart)- when in reality- their votes mean nothing. Not even in the primary. They are given NO choice of candidate, as any populist looking candidate like Bernie or Elizabeth Warren - who would endanger the status quo of people like Pelosi- are forced or coerced into dropping out, and the party’s anointed, pre-determined candidate is it. Like they say when passing out ice pops In preschool- “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset”. Democrats line up and vote for anyone with even a LUKEWARM body that doesn’t have an R after their name. The Democratic Party does NOT like democracy. They don’t trust even their OWN people to choose correctly.


Basically you're right, but it's obviously not realistic. If it would be tried, the US would maybe get a 1913 and Wilson 2.0 (Electric Boogaloo).


Democrats need that same thing but for the Socialist side. But neither party will do so because it will cannibalize their votes come election time allowing the other side to win. So either a change in the way we vote needs to occur, or both parties need to be hit by this at the same time to truly destroy the 2 party system that is against all of us.




He’s not a RINO, he’s just a “Party over people” kind of politician. He’ll do anything to make his side win, and views Trump as not being a part of that party


Bruh Trump is a RINO, McConnel most definitely is not.


Yeah but to 1/3 of the Republican Party, being a Republican is now defined by total loyalty to Trump and his message. So those people are RINOs to them. It's like calling a Democrat who doesn't support universal free healthcare and heavy prison reform a DINO. Like bruh.... they're political *parties*, not political *ideologies*. We have conservative Democrats and (rarer) liberal Republicans. The more people understand this, the better things will be.


Yes but trump was pretty much entirely upfront about who and what he is


A populist.


> but he's a RINO through and through Holy shit shit you fucking moron is this a joke? McConnell is not a fucking RINO lmfao


I hear "RINO" as a term for lifelong Republicans who don't support Trump. Fucking weird, but cool to see that level of public infighting on the Right for a change.


I don’t think it’s so much infighting as a purity check. It isn’t a moderating influence


I’ve mostly used it for republicans who support gun control, since being pro-gun is actually part of the party platform, kinda like the republicans in the house that pushed forward that AWB


McConnell has been doing this for a while. He knows Trump is not useful anymore and is preparing the pivot to the next useful idiot.


yep, McConnell is a never-trumper.


Turtles are slow?


His next tweet better be about missing ballots in Arizona


His next tweet will be outrage that there weren't any WMDs found in Iraq.


"Nothing happened in the Watergate hotel yesterday!"


His next tweet: "I am outraged at Democrats' reckless spending in this time of economic downturn. We cannot let the president continue spending money on ill-thought projects. But the media doesn't criticize him. No, they have an obvious soft spot for President FDR."


I figured it would be about the Bay of Pigs.


Turtles hate Trump.


John Stuart had the best Mitch McConnell impression ever, really looked like a turtle


I think [Dana Carvey](https://www.israellycool.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/11739671_10155791994730416_1864618590_n.jpg) beats it.


Of all the dems I thought would say something, Cuomo was definitely one of the last. Shit's definitely weird here.


Something tells me he may be hiding something


He’s not hiding anything, he’s just Italian


*bruhtalian(italian American)


For real, Italians' trust for the authorities is exactly 0


No more Italian politicians. They are too handsy and you can’t trust them.


Maybe he got railroaded in the sexual harassment thing? He still sent sick people to go live at nursing homes during the pandemic; like Whitmore did. Which was a much worse crime.


Exactly, the sexual harassment allegations were an excuse to force him out of there before the nursing home slaughter was further revealed.


> Even a commie is more based than one with no flair *** ^(User has flaired up! 😃) 10246 / 53910 ^^|| [**[[Guide]]**](https://imgur.com/gallery/IkTAlF2)


Cuomo resigned in disgrace after being credibly accused of sexual harassment and killing nursing home patients and covering it up. I bet Rod Blagojevich is also on trump's side on this one.


Yeah that basically means his only chance of staying in politics is becoming a Republican.


Andrew Yang also left the Democratic Party and Tulsi Gabbard’s whole shtick is being as anti-Democrat as possible while still technically being a Democrat. She was the only Democratic rep not to vote to impeach Trump over Jan 6 and is literally a Fox News contributor.


Lol the feds took down cuomo for lying about nursing home deaths and sexual harassment. He’s probably still a little pissed.


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Based and !?.?,!’zb pilled


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I copied this text into my computer’s command prompt and hit “Enter”. I’m now a super hero called “Freakazoid”.


Based and blonde afro pilled


Based and fro unity pilled


I came here to express a similar sentiment


I smell toast after reading this


Based and Zyzz-pilled.


This man speaking in minecraft villager


I feel ya man


Yang didn't condemn, he said crazies will use it. Tulsi's based AF and not a real Democrat, she's a Fox News contributor now. Cuomo's PR team though, doing a great job of damage control to try to get that sexual assaulting jerk back in the good graces of the sheep.


I think Tulsi has Democratic economics but is quite socially conservative/against wokeism at least from what I have seen from her.


She does have some socially Democrat leaning stuff like gun control. At least she did last i heard she could’ve switched positions


Monoby has the right of it, in her new role as fox spokes-hole she spreads pro 2A messages https://twitter.com/TulsiGabbard/status/1541009325488865280?s=20&t=xFgEV5iDt5rSaG0OaeuFmQ


She's just hardcore grifting now it ain't even funny. It's like she skims the Info Wars front-page and memorizes the talking points before she goes on FOX.


shes anti gun, not based


Maybe McConnell just know that Twitter is a cesspit


Ultra rare McConnell W


That can't be right, perhaps the archives are incomplete? I refuse to acknowledge a McTurtle W


Lost a W, master Enok has!


Very rare, but it happens. This is the only other one I can think of: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/04/08/sitting-throne-skulls-mitch-mcconnell-confirms-his-8999th-judge/


I’m almost thinking the GOP came up with the idea for the warrant just to rile up Trumps base and further sow distrust in the system. Why else would he immediately release a statement calling the search warrant a raid and siege?


Dude, if your home got raided you’d put that on social media really fast.


He released the statement after they left apparently. Plenty of time to draft that letter while they were looking through his sock drawers.


It’s another one of trump’s 4d chess moves on his way to being declared god emperor of humanity


5d intergalactic underwater Mahjong 😎 /s


6d insanaquarium


It’s called spinning a narrative. You get ahead of other news sources so people are inclined to believe what they heard first


...which news sources? I can't imagine being able to create enough spin to counter CNN or MSNBC's ultimate destructo tornado attacks. Their frightful whirlwind of misinformation and lies is...it is beyond science.


actully, wow, yeah, kinda bizarre we're all like "cant believe politician didn't use the twitter app" how quickly things change


Then he would feel quite at home there, wouldn't he?


My assumption is they were *very* sure they'd find something. If they don't turn up something earth shattering it's gonna be a bad day. I also think this is actually terrible news for the democrats. If they actually do nail Trump for something major, he'll likely be out of the running and I don't think they have a chance of beating anyone else in 2024. If they find nothing or only find something very minor, that could bolster sympathy towards Trump.


The glowboys better be praying they find something huge here otherwise it’ll be a shitshow.


Since when? You really think the Biden Administration is going to punish the Glopo for harassing Trump?


This shit has been going on since the Big Cheeto himself got into office. I don't know how long a fucking bloated agency like the FBI needs to investigate something but apparently this one 'is the real one'. I feel I'm listening to Russian Simps trying to say that the totally planned next offensive in Ukraine is going to win them the war. It's becoming rather pathetic.


There's so many comments like... "Do you really think the FBI would do that? Raid a former presidents house without concrete justification?" It's like bitch, they investigated the sitting president based on a fucking Yahoo! news article and a dossier paid for by Clinton.


> "Do you really think the FBI would do that? Raid a former presidents house without concrete justification?" Well they went in front of Congress and told us Saddam was building WMDs for Al Qaeda so...


Agreed... if I get blue-balled again by this shit I'm not gonna be happy.


Governmenttt… bad, period.


They'll find something, even if they have to make it themselves.


They'll just plant something if they don't, no worries


You right you right


I hope the safe is just full of like diet Coke and Oreos or something.


I hope trump gets arrested so based florida man can run


> Authleft > Calls a staunchly conservative right winger based bruh


I’m culturally conservative and democrats suck off corpos more than republicans these days


I have no idea in what universe DeSantis could be considered anywhere near left-wing on economic issues though. Only his confrontations with Disney come to mind, but that was because he considered Disney too "woke" (mainly after their opposition to the whole LGBT in school bill stuff), and definitely not because socialist sleeper agent DeSantis is on a secret mission to destroy the big oligarchic corporations and enact a workers' utopia.


Again. As someone who values culture, tradition, and truth, I have to side with the populist republicans


What a refreshing take. May I even suggest... based.


Pretty sure he'll run regardless. Last I heard they both polled around 33-34%. Of course we're 2 years out and anything can happen.


The last thing I want for the GOP is a voter split. It needs to be one or the other, and the Donald is washed up


You ok auth left? Desantis is pretty far from left


What just cause I hate corpos and support higher wages for the proletariat means I have to be Democrat? Give me a break


I don’t mean you have to be a democrat I mean Desantis is right wing and you are supposedly left wing.


He’s closer to my values. Economics is not as important to me as societal degradation


You are inexplicably based


I'm positively dazzled by the amount of based out of that guy.


>I also think this is actually terrible news for the democrats. If they actually do nail Trump for something major, he'll likely be out of the running and I don't think they have a chance of beating anyone else in 2024. I can't imagine a reality where Biden beats Desantis.


Yeah, I think people underestimate how many people must have given their approval to this, knowing how much there would be on the line by raiding a former President. Probably including the Trump-appointed judge who issued the warrant, the Trump-appointed FBI director, and AG Garland, who is of course Biden-appointed but by no means a rabid ideologue. People are really pretending Biden just called some Antifa soldiers into the Oval Office and told them "Listen here Jack, this Trump guy is almost as bad as Corn Pop, we should pay that fat a visit to beat him like a drum" or something.


God damn. I can literally hear it in his voice...


Sorry, but you're one of many people parroting this shit, and I don't mean to attack you personally, but to me this argument is fucking asinine. Like, are you not aware that the entire basis for the "Russia Collusion" investigation was a fucking Yahoo! news article and a dossier leaked by Buzzfeed that was paid for by Clinton? Yahoo and Buzzfeed... and on that they investigated the sitting president for two years something that was blatantly false


Staying off Twitter is based. Especially for a politician who's refraining from commenting on a situation with limited information.


By that logic if no one releases information then you can never comment on anything.... when you're dealing with agencies that do not disclose "sensitive information" good luck


Sure, if you take it to the absolute extreme. But you can at least wait 2-6 weeks to actually be able to say "well this is my opinion based on the information we have after x weeks. Clearly they're hiding something preventing me from being able to comment fully" rather than just spewing shit the day after when nobody even knows why anything is happening.


If it were anything else sure. I see the situation we're in now as a "probably not a good idea to ever do especially now with the hard cultural divide between to factions of entirely different world views on the government and how the world works"


Except that that argument would look stupid if it comes out tomorrow that Trump was caught trafficking minors or something and that's why they raided his house. And another argument from the other side that it's obvious he was caught doing something big would look dumb if it came out the FBI was just doing it for the lols.


Well it's missing context that the FBI sat on Epstein for decades and did nothing. But they went to a judge to get the warrent to raid. The same judge that used to represent Epsteins employees etc. Just a thought


More information is gonna come out in the future lol


He’s filibustering as usual.


Well to be fair Cuomo has other reasons for being against the authorities digging into people’s personal lives.


Yang is the only one of these three that are worth anything, and all he is saying is this raid strengthens the viewpoint of the right, he isn't condemning it, there is a difference.


Yang isn't really known for totalitarian beliefs though, is he?


....Removing the Turtle man is a " Multi step process "........it's a work of love....Because it ends in his removal...It's a work of hate....because his portfolio is as crooked as Pelosi's.


McConnell sucks but Cuomo is just worried.


Andrew Yang isn’t a democrat, and never really was.


Yang is quite possibly the most confusing politician ever


That’s what makes him the best politician


He’s just throwing random shit to see what sticks, I don’t trust politicians who aren’t ideologically consistent


Idk much about him, but if the "random shit" he throws is internally consistent, then he is ideologically consistent, he just doesn't abide by the arbitrary political divide of left vs right. Not following an ideology to the letter isn't internally inconsistent


It's definitely not "random shit". He has a large collection of policies that he proposed during his run for president. They were all based on pretty sound logic and/or studies and were definitely logically consistent. There was much more to him than his UBI policy, though that is what he pushed the most because he really wanted to make it a more mainstream idea. He wasn't following the standard Democratic or Progressive policy platforms, but his policies aligned more closely with Democrats than Republicans which is why he ran as a Democrat. He has since formed his own third party the Forward Party with several mid-tier Republicans and Democrats, which will presumably peter out disappear within the decade. I like their main platforms though: >The party's platform includes instituting 18-year term limits for members of Congress.\[16\] It also seeks to establish a new cabinet-level Department of Technology. The party supports civic juries and advocates for a "citizens' portal". The party supports data as a property right.\[28\] The PAC calls for an economy based on "human-centered capitalism", the enactment of universal basic income,\[11\]\[29\] and support for alternative forms of measuring economic progress.\[28\] > >The party advocates automatic tax filing.\[30\] Foward's platform supports the implementation of a universal health care system,\[31\] and it encourages states to adopt nonpartisan primaries and implement ranked-choice voting,\[11\]\[29\] a concept Yang draws from political theorist and businesswoman Katherine Gehl called Final-Five Voting.\[citation needed\] It also proposes independent redistricting commissions and public finance reform in the form of democracy dollars.


I like the general ideas and principles that I see them proposing, but I’d need to see how they intend to implement these things before I consider backing them. Their thoughts on social policy like gun control and abortion would also need to be made clear beforehand. Just because I like a few of the cards doesn’t mean I want to risk drawing from their deck.


Imagine having so much brain-rot from the two party system that someone who doesn't pander to the political divide is automatically "internally inconsistent"


And I don't trust people who are. I want dynamic and adaptable people running my country not rigid ideologues.


what if my ideology is that I change it on a biweekly basis depending on the current shape of the moon divided by the humidity in Chatanooga?




While I totally agree with the adaptation standpoint, the term "consistency" exists for a reason. You can't trust someone who is constantly adapting, i.e. changing. An ideology needs to be, to at least some extent, consistent. If Yang was a UBI supporter, then suddenly flipped to a "survival of the economic fittest" mindset, that's not adaptation, that's throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. That's a career politician, literally gaming the populace. I don't think he's done that, but there are politicians who have.


He’s not saying that he believes it to be unjust persecution, he’s saying that millions of magatards will believe it to be unjust persecution. He just followed the events to their logical conclusion: by constantly complaining about the corrupt government T dog set things up so that if there were any sort of punishment he could cry wolf and his fan boys would eat it up. It’s hard for pcm to comprehend but yang can be both lefty and rational


I’m suspect of the reasons behind it just because of their past persecution of Trump. That whole Russia thing was absolute nonsense but we somehow let it go on for awhile


I'll simp for Tulsi


When I saw her speaking out against the regime change wars I knew she will never be president :(


She'll never be president because she isn't left enough for the left and isn't moderate enough for republicans. If she changed her stance on guns she would have had a better shot on the right but even then probably not.


Haha there’s a pun in there


I don't know why liberals would support her. Tulsi is more of a republican than a democrat.


Because she supported bernie multiple times even endorsing him in 2016 when every democrat fell in line for Hilary. That cost her her cushy dnc job. She even destroyed Kamala Harris in the primary. That’s why


I agree with her more than a pretty much any other mainstream politician. My only real big gripe with her is her 2A stance but considering the state of the current court there really isn't much I would worry about her doing. Wish she had a legit shot at holding higher office.


If only she wasn't so anti-gun


DeSantis/Gabbard 2024




Amash doesn’t have enough clout to punch his ticket.


What does that mean? Neither have much political pull


Clout != political pull Clout is fame, reputation & notoriety


Based and Justin Amash pilled


That would be unstoppable. Bipartisan administration based?


Stop, I can only get so erect.




Tulsi in my eyes is the best chance for a female president. I tend to be fairly democratic in the policies I want, at least I would say democratic as of 10 years ago, the democrat policies of 10-15 years ago. However I’m annoyed with the people on the further left more than any other group in politics. I feel like she can relate to a lot of us who have my position.


I agree with Yang. This is exactly how trumps supporters view the search. He is not defending Trump in any way. I believe the FBI and/or DOJ need to make a public statement about why they searched Trumps property, what they hoped to find, and what they actually found


how tutsi gabbard is authleft bro?


She should be libleft or center


Why is Tulsi red? She's lib center. Lib left at worst.


Russia simping I believe


Simping for non-interventionism isn't simping for enemies.


Not saying I agree with the opinion, just that it's likely the reason she's marked red


Yeah, man, people are often blamed 'pro-Russia' or 'pro-Assad' bcs of not agreeing with this neocon BS. I see what you mean.


Definitely lib left, but like actually based lib left


To be fair, the only fair criticism of the raid I’ve heard is that the FBI should be transparent about the why of the raid, specifically what the warrant said and what evidence was used to lead to establish ‘Probable Cause’. Doesn’t need to be immediate as that could potentially compromise the investigation, but it does need to happen once the FBI has either wrapped up the investigation or is certain releasing that evidence would not compromise the investigation.


Trump could release the warrant. I wonder why he isn't?


That’s true he could. If the warrant was questionable he probably would have already released it.


According to his lawyers, they did not recieve a copy


Do you have a source for that? I just tried looking and couldn't find anything. A couple articles I'm finding are saying "a source close to trump" says they aren't going to release the warrant, and they have asked his lawyers to confirm but have not gotten a response. Useless reporting.


McConnell: getting rid of him quietly and quickly shall make me majority leader for another 10 years


Very interesting choice of democrats. Yang literally started a third party. Tulsi is basically the outspoken “never-trump republican” version of a democrat. Cuomo is Italian


Based and Cuomo is Italian pilled


Half these opinions are not even democrats. Andrew Yang left the democrat party a long time ago and Andrew cuomo was kicked out for being a pedophile.


I seriously doubt the FBI would have executed a raid on a former President without sufficient evidence. It convinced the judge to sign off on the warrant. If they did this on a hunch, it’s would ruin Democrats and I think they know that.


They're all worry the right wing will implode and lash out in violence and retaliation, not that the DOJ or FBI did anything wrong...


Why aren’t they. If not now when


Yang has gone enlightened centrist. Tulsi is a full blown republican at this point and Cuomo is an outcast. No real Dems are talking like this.