“Without zero hesitation” doesn’t that mean she’s saying it’s wrong to hesitate at all before celebrating? That you should celebrate with no hesitation?


They like to sound smarter than they are and get ahead of themselves sometimes


Good catch lol






What does celebrating with hesitation even look like?


Me: "Maybe I shouldn't get trashed today, grill meat and play with recreational explosives." *Not one second later* "That's retarded, let's party anyways."


Try to take the grill and I take the kill


Mess with grilly, get the nine-milly.


Getting trashed, grilling, and playing with recreational explosives is what I like to call—a good time. ATF can suck it.


In a perfect world ATF is the name of the corner store


Got trashed, played with meat, grilled recreational explosives. Best 4th of July ever.


I think the better question is which recreational explosive should we use to grill meat?


Thermite would work.


Have a good day and make jokes at the expense of the British. Fire a gun or two. Daydrink with friends and family. Stop at a dive-bar that is open, have a beer and tip the bartender $17.76 while playing "America, Fuck Yeah" on the jukebox. Use some c4 to make a hole in your backyard for a little fish pond. Fill the pond with water and then dump tea into it while pointing your middle finger in the general direction of where England is based on your location. Lose a finger firing bottle rockets at the annoying neighbors property. Murica.


*where you think england might be, because youre sure as shit not sober enough to tell anymore


Bullshit. Americans have no sense of international geography. Checkmate, traitors! *sips tea and kicks a peasant*


If I do a full 360 while holding up the middle finger, I’m bound to be flipping off England at some point!


The sun never sets on the empire of countries we can give the middle finger to.


It is East, and Englandland is one of the few locations we remember from geography. That, Rusha (the big one), Chyna (also big), Japan (we nuked it we remember it), Germany (from CoD mostly), and Austria (it's the continent where kangaroos and dropbears live). Phrance is in there somewhere


Oi m8! We liv on a globe an that, innit? Evreyfink is East ov where-ev yous are if ya go far enuff!


9AM: start the day with your islamist prayer to your picture of RBG and HRC 9:15AM: Pledge of allegiance to the united colonizers of america while you look at your upside down american flag that is directly under the lgbt flag that is directly under the juneteenth and BLM flag 9:45AM apologize to a black person 10:45AM: apologize to a native american 11:00AM: tweet about how you just apologized to two POC and make some threads about america bad 3:30PM: cook up some tofu hotdogs while listening to the soviet national anthem and bitching at neighbors for wasting water and polluting the environment with their grills 5:00PM: tweet about how you just owned your privileged white trump supporting neighbors for wasting water and polluting the environment with their grills 8:00PM: call the cops on your neighbors for fireworks 8:15PM: realize the neighbor you called the cops on was black 8:17PM: feel white guilt and internalized racism 8:22PM: bitch on twitter about white supremacy and how ACAB to make your self feel better 11:00PM: rewatch handmaids tale while clutching a pillow and crying 11:50PM: tweet that we are **LITERALLY**living in the handmaids tale thanks to the GQP 12:00AM: take some ambien and go to sleep


Beta xemale schedule


Based and woke-july-4th-pilled.


11/10 comment


>Takes an hour to apologize to a black person >Takes 15 minutes to apologize to a native person Hmmm


It means holding the firecracker and blowing your thumb off


Yea you can't hesitate with that, have to throw it asap . I loved firecrackers when they were legal. Judges use Firecrackers in their children's wedding but common people can't.


Get them anyway. My city has permits you have to buy to do fireworks, I don’t buy it, I just light them up anyway. They don’t do it for safety reasons, you literally just give them $25 and that’s it, there’s no safety lesson or anything like that. It’s just a way for the local government to collect more revenue. Fuck em, I say.


"Bob, I don't think we brought enough fireworks and burgers, should we go ahead anyways?"


Calling someone a hillbilly redneck as an insult is very classist.


Classism is socially acceptable as long as you're doing it against the right people.




Nothing like an English peasant to fuck up a Prussian’s theory of world economics




1600s english lords didnt want to eat english peasant babies. That's what the Irish were for.




Go Based yourself?


Based and Jonathan Swift-pilled


> but only if they vote correctly Pander to before voting, ignore after.




And this is why I always find it so hilarious that people think the warehouse worker secretly plotting to throw a molotov through the window of his boss's boss's boss's mansion is the same as these idiots. There are very few people heavily into identity politics who are poor. Most of them will ***say*** they're poor, or working class, but most of the time they're upper middle class/lower upper class, and only live paycheck to paycheck because they spend all of their money on dumb shit. Identity politics, and modern woke culture, are tools the upper class use to turn people against their fellow man, and it seems that the only people who see through the bullshit are ones who ***actually*** interact with minorities on a day to day basis. That troglodyte in the OP probably lives in a suburb somewhere, most likely under control of an HOA, and only sees a brown person when she specifically hunts one down for an "insightful interview".


Just like all discrimination.


Man watching people who are supposedly progressives lay in to Boomers as if discrimination based on age is somehow different than discrimination based on skin color or sexual preference just makes me smh my head. I think it all comes down to the fact that people *really* want to hate, and they will die on a the hill that allows them to continue hating.


"It's not racism for me to hate you and mistreat you solely because of your race because I don't have either power or privilege." 'Odd how you don't have either power or privilege despite having governments and corporations backing your ideals.' "Racist!"


Against the white* people


Against the right white people




against the righty whities?


Now if those [redacted] would stop voting against their interests we could help save them. Racism is ok because they just need the superior white race to save them and give them Healthcare, UBI and gun control.


*Everything* is socially acceptable as long as you're doing it against the right people


*against the white people. There I fixed it


It's funny, because if you think about it using 'redneck' as an insult is incredibly classist. The phrase was literally made to describe someone who works an outdoor manual labor job. It's basically the equivalent of insulting someone because they work in a factory.


It gets even better. The term redneck also represents groups of coal miners who were attempting to unionize. They wore red bandanas around their necks to show solidarity for the cause. So they're also disparaging union labor and the collectivism they claim to love so dearly. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redneck


Guess they don't mind punching down after all 👇


Can’t punch down on a white person sweaty 💅


Typical libleft, supporters of the working class until they have the wrong opinions


Like when Biden yelled at a union auto worker IN HIS FACTORY in Michigan. I was watching that like “What the fuck is this messaging?!? How did he get away with that?”


I missed that, what happened? Why’d he yell at him?


https://youtu.be/KPig-AllQe8 The union guy reminded Joe he works for the people, and Joe IMMEDIATELY fired back “No I don’t”


Most honest and telling part of Biden's campaign TBH.


Hey now, them being a graphic designer for an indie communist clothing company makes them part of the proletariat


I have yet to met a libleft, orange or green, that actually supports or cares about the working class.


The "working class" they support are left-leaning starbucks and amazon workers


Seems like this. The "Workers rights" subreddits really do feel like mostly larpers pretending they're blue collar vets grinding away at laborious skilled jobs. I'd wager the majority of them do like part-time retail, and would genuinely despise 90%+ of actual blue collar workers if they had to interact with them.


My favorite was dealing with unionized bumpkins wearing their local shirt and a maga hat


I have yet to meet to a libleft that's actually working class, i don't doubt they exist, i just have never met one.


You've met them, but they are still considered right wingers by the left because they can't keep up with all the new progressive theory that campuses spit out every other day. You know having to work and all.


Working class libleft here, can confirm, my other leftist friends consider me a right winger. Something about echo chambers, idk. I work a blue collar job, so I'm around a lot of rightist people, and I don't want to be uncomfortable around my coworkers so I always try to at least UNDERSTAND their views, even if I don't agree - this is heavily considered fraternizing with the enemy or some shit. It's endlessly frustrating and has kind of sapped all my hope out of the modern left actually doing anything good unless they stop being so fucking despotic.


Liblefts that are so intent on categorizing you, putting you in a box and judging your every ideal misgivings are probably just closeted authlefts. You're right despotic is the word. There is something to be said about an ideology that has to force everyone to conform because it's just so unnatural.


Damn I had never thought about this until just now. I'm also working class green and my leftist friends like to joke that I'm their "conservative friend"


I've met several people like us, isn't it maddening? So many people on the left EXPECT you to be a stereotype. It's serious *ONE OF US* vibes tbh. Obviously I'm generalizing, but I have found many of my friends with similar beliefs have become more and more like "all in" to what they perceive as The Movement. I never jived with any of that. I think it's a civic duty to retain one's individualism, especially of thought, and I feel constant pressure from people on the left to give that up. I refuse to be scared away from my ideology though, and I still hold similar views on economic systems and authoritarianism in all forms.


> I always try to at least UNDERSTAND their views, even if I don't agree Based af. The world would be a much better place if more people thought like this.


Also this haha, every working class person I know is at most moderate, but most are staunchly conservative


Black working class people tend to be less conservative on some issues but more conservative on others. They also tend to support social programs more than the white working class.


Kinda like how the majority of black folk think that gay marriage is horrible and should stay illegal? When the left hears thst they rract like their dog just piddled on the ground, come to think of it it seems like overall they think of black people like a lapdog that cant take care of itself or make decisions


> When the left hears thst they rract like their dog just piddled on the ground Depends, if that Black person votes Republican liberals just drop the n-bomb on them.


It’s called the old liberals. The ones from occupy Wall Street. Most of them got assimilated by Emily


Nah, even back then, it was just university students and champagne socialists. Sit on an overturned bucket for lunch at any job site in the country 20-30 years ago and even try and utter a left wing talking point... they'd fill your truck full of cement and duct tape you to a pole.


Haha this is the main reason why my flair isn’t full green. I don’t understand the libleft (especially the woke American ones). They are only left socially/culturally and mostly in extreme ways


I have known them, but the moment the working class person falls on the wrong side of the culture war, or has anything negative to say about unions, then they're immediately treated like shit.


> that actually supports or cares about the working class. At best they feel disdain for them, at worst hate. Why do you live in a shitty fly over state? Why are you so stubborn and independent? Why won't you just do what I tell you to? Why do you vote the wrong way? Now go back in the fields and grow my food and work the oil rigs and do all those shitty jobs beneath me and stop complaining about me hating you.


I always like when they say dumb shit like, “they just don’t know what’s best for themselves” when describing their voting tendencies. Like that red neck can probably rebuild a car, hunt, live off the land... And because you went to college and work at Starbucks you are more qualified to make decisions for them?? The amount of narcissism it takes to believe that is unreal.


Same with minorities. Too successful? Not a real minority. White adjacent. Vote Republican? You ain’t black unless you vote for me.


Right? I call them hillbilly rednecks in an endearing way. All summer we have modified and stock dirt track racing at a track in town and it’s redneck heaven. About 2 thousand people show up every Friday to get sprayed with dirt and watch Jim Bob from the mechanics shop down the street race on dirt. It’s amazing


I'm from Texas and a lot of my friends are rednecks. i definitely don't call them that in a negative way. rednecks are some of the most fun people to be around.


Red neck should be considered a good thing since you can’t get a redneck unless you go outside


You also have to have a neck


Isn’t hillbilly redneck redundant. From my understanding both hillbilly and redneck are synonymous


Redneck: southerner who works in the sun, who’s neck has turned red. Hillbilly: Appalachian hill people. See word: HILL


> This is a friendly reminder to HAVE YOUR FRICKIN' FLAIR UP! *** ^(User has flaired up! 😃) 8565 / 45076 ^^|| [**[[Guide]]**](https://imgur.com/gallery/IkTAlF2)


Different subcultures, although both are working class country folk. Your rednecks are maybe more western. The kinda guys that turn coolers into go karts and vice versa. Talladega Coors light bad country music. Flat broke but somehow have at least one boat and power sport vehicle, multiple guns, etc… Hillbillies are mountain folk. As someone who is closer to redneck, hillbillies scare the shit out of me. They’re the “country boy can survive” types that FOR SURE know how dispose of a human corpse. As opposed to light beer, these dudes make moonshine out of literally anything. You think rednecks have funny country accents? Hillbillies barely even speak English. It’s wild. More bluegrass and folk than stereotypical country music. Real old school. Rednecks might stick out when they drive into town. But hillbillies just don’t come to town.


I guess you work a blue collar job in podunk nowhere? Redneck would be outside jobs, like field work and landscaping, whereas a hillbilly machinist is blue collar


I am a machinist and live in one of the flattest states. What does that make me?


Blue collar country


If you have all your teeth, then a blue collar joe. If you're missing a few, you're an uncle regardless if you have family or not.


Hillbilly is a bit more specific in its connotations, being linked to the residents of the more mountainous regions of the South, especially the Appalachians.


The fact that they associate the two together proves they’re uninformed af. Hillbillies are from the Appalachians and Rednecks are from the South.


What about the Appalachians in the south. Goes all the way to Georgia


As a south Alabamian, north Georgia is barely in the south.


Zey grew up in the village, went to sarah lawrence, and between zeir freshmxn and sophomore years volunteered at a SOHO gallery that celebrates the homeless so *clearly* zey cannot be classist.


I’m B, C, and D


I am not patriotic or redneck, im simply an alcoholic


Based and hair of the dog pilled


based and self-aware pilled


Bout to yee fuckin' haw this bitch if they try to put a damper on my day of cooking out and drinking.


I’m E




This is why the internet sucks. Before twitter, this goblin would spend the 4th alone, eating a shitty TV dinner in its studio appartment, and bitching silently about all the fireworks making her 10 cats shit uncontrollably everywhere. Now it can tweet to the other 1000 cat moms and they will actually get taken seriously. Its ruining everything.


We truly live in the era of the midwits, the people who are just barely smart enough to convince dimwits that they know what they're talking about. It used to be that if you didn't engage yourself seriously in certain fields/subjects that you'd either keep your opinions of it to yourself or admit that you aren't familiar enough to comment on it. Now a days everyone has some prebaked opinion handed to them to run around and act like they came up with it on their own.


So true. You have people who have not taken 1 single economics class convincing *millions* of people that they know the truth about the global economy, and that inflation is really just when suddenly every company in the world stops competing with one another and colludes to price fix. b-b-b-but look record profits!!! One of the most shared and repeated sentiments on twitter/Reddit and if you try to explain that’s not how the world works, *youre* the idiot, somehow


I love the word midwits. I'll start using it!


The difinition of it too is just absolutely on the nose, and is why social media where you follow people (Twitter and Facebook being the most agregious) are so toxic to our society. Now I just need a clever insult for people like myself who are smart enough to know a lot but not quite smart enough to know when to shut up and when they're experiencing the dunning-kruger effect.


You're on PCM. The term you're looking for is "retard"




It's not just social media either, it's the internet itself. I'm old enough to have been an adult before the age of ignorance ended, before we stopped having to remember things, back when we could say "I don't know?" There was an art to bullshitting back then that required a certain level of social acumen as *even if you were right* you needed charisma and skill to convince people, because it's not as if they had an encyclopedia in their back pocket. "What's the best way to the lake?" "Who starred in that movie?" "Did you really catch a 22 lbs bass last weekend?" You actually had to trust people, and earn the trust of others by being consistently correct! If you didn't know how to do something, you had to ask someone who probably did know, usually in person, or you had to just try and do it yourself and hope for the best! Maybe you could find a book on building bird houses, or how to do yoga, but mostly you had to actually learn it from someone. It's not as if you carried a photo album with you either, if you had a really nice dinner the other night, or saw an outfit in a shop window your friend might want to buy, you just had to describe it to them.


It’s a bad recipe when those governing are so out of touch. They think they’re using technology to capture sentiment, instead they’re just replicating Twitter into our only to political options (in the US).


Meanwhile the rest of us are too busy giving our kids boat rides out on the lake, phones left inside and not thought about.


I have a similar theory about fetishes A generation or two ago, some fella might be tickled by the idea of dressing up like a big baby, diaper and all, and having a woman pretend to bottle feed him or something. He would be horrified and ashamed of the thought, would certainly never bring it up to his friends or wife, and wouldn't even see it in any girlie magazines or porno films he might happen to come across. The desire, having never been acted on, would desist and he'd live a relatively average sex life, with a healthy relationship, and be a regular productive member of society. At worst, he might find some local underground fetish group in the city, populated by a handful of people, where he could sneak away every once in a while and indulge in his degenerate fantasies with like minded perverts. Now he can go online, find thousands of people who share his rare paraphilia, join their chat rooms and websites, commission his own photos or drawings of the fetish, download media involving the fetish, talk nonstop about it anytime he wants, go to conventions, order man sized diapers and baby paraphernalia online, and generally indulge and enable his obsession until it comes to consume his life - so saturated in it, that he even believes it is perfectly normal and healthy, and feels righteous and offended when anyone might react to it with disgust. He begins to dress as a baby in public, it becomes a part of his identity, he becomes basically unemployable and totally isolated from polite society, and fails to thrive.


> generally indulge and enable his obsession until it comes to consume his life That right there is the key point. It's not that the dude had a fetish, it's that he let his fetish consume him. Plenty of people get consumed by something until it ruins their life. Alcohol is going to be a very easy example to point to.


Actually this was cherry-picked to outrage you. This person’s opinion IS insignificant but now it’s been fed to you to reinforce your opinions of “the other side” or whatever. I doubt many people in reality agree with this. Far more will see it and be outraged by it rather than agree.


Meanwhile the rest of us "hicks" get hate while we light fireworks and eat hamburgers.


based and Spartan Education pilled


Based and bullying in moderation pilled.


Technically, she's saying "without zero hesitation". It's a double-negative. So you're those things if you don't celebrate the 4th or if you do so hesitantly.


Interesting. Anyways, gotta get my grill ready. We are all centrists today.


I usually don't have a burger, a brat, and a steak but it is 4th of July. And I need the energy if I'm gonna start blowin crap up. It's what the founding fathers would want.


As a lib, I use the other 364 days of the year to critique the government. On this day, I celebrate the good things. Happy 4th!


It forgot the other reason: to celebrate the victory over the aliens


Based and independence day pilled




I would fight for President Lonestar anyday


There were a lot of alien women and children on that mothership




POV: you hate fun, our history and nobody likes you as a result.


Real Americans hate what the country has become, not how it started.


> Real Americans hate what the country has become I'm sorry pal but you gotta stop stealing our job. The Frenchs


Couldn't agree more.


It's more fun if you pay attention to what she ACTUALLY wrote: "Without zero hesitation"


True, she must be incredibly patriotic!


I'm personally an Or


The most noble of metals.


I love how they managed to express their elitist point of view in a grammatically incorrect manner, accidentally inverting the meaning. "without zero hesitation"


Not the only one who hesitated on that wording then.


>him Ah shit. Assuming gender. You’re gonna get a real earful now.


I don’t see anything wrong with being B, C, or D.


Using people in B as an insult is just hating on fun. Even if you wanted B to change their ways, you wouldn't despise them as that would mean you'd be concerned for them, so yeah, they just hate fun. Using people in C as an insult is classism Using people in D as an insult is just plain dumb. Like: > Hey! You don't know something just like children! > Oh, so you'll inform me then right? > No! I'm just gonna be mad that you don't know something!


“Ignorant uneducated child” yeah I’m 9


"I'm just gonna be mad that you don't know something!" Sounds like a lot of parents I know XD


She/they/it doesn’t get invited to parties so Z doesn’t socially drink, Z thinks everyone with a southern accent is a hillbilly/redneck (especially because those are two different things), it doesn’t look itself in the mirror.


They want division. Just leave them to their shit fits and enjoy your 4th.


First things first: flair up cocksucker. Second: this mofo is just salty because he/she/whatever the fuck didn't get invited to any parties. Lastly: happy 4th of July my fellow 'Mericans!


Happy 4th brother get drunk and blow your dick off with an m80 like the founding fathers intended


Tally ho lads!


This country was built on gunpowder and blood, what better way to celebrate than more of the same.


Based and patriotic castration pilled.


And booze you cant forget booze. Theres no way the sons of liberty werent hammered while dressed as natives thtowing tea off a ship


Happy freedom day. Enjoy living in the land of the free and the home of the motherfuckin brave.


I'm F: *A gat-damn American* Also, flair up, red coat.


I love my country especially after reading / hearing / seeing what other countries are like. This person should be grateful they have all the luxuries they have shown on their tweet, in some other countries that "haircut" and "lifestyle" would've caused her death. So yeah, ungrateful people that don't understand their privilege and dare called other privileged. Also no country is perfect, so fuck off with the "utopia".


Raging drunk rednecks let's fuckin gooooooo


Dear American. Don't listen to these Emilies. Celebrate your independence as loud and colorful as you want. You're celebrating being from your country. You're celebrating your nation, no matter if you're white or black, old or young, poor or rich, you're celebrating as one. Don't allow your national spirit to weather down and die. Be patriotic, stay hydrated, and don't blow off your fingers. Also, FUCK the British. Sincerely, an Iranian.


Based and Achaemenid Empire pilled


Iranian Chad right here


Fuck the British isn't a brave statement. That's the bare minimum.


Omw to shag the queen.


Hillbilly redneck checking in.


Hey, wanna suck some crawdads


Only if I get to make them.


Our country is fucked up but I'll be damned if I miss an opportunity to watch shit explode and eat a hot dog. Also, like, I got the day off of work! Fuck yeah 4th of July.


Almost all people who don’t celebrate the 4th of July are either not from the United States or people who wear their hair like this.


I just wanted to smoke a brisket and drink some whiskey.


Based and Just Wants to Grill Pilled.


I thought hes a woman lol


I am still not sure it isn't a he.


Life imitates art once more


You can tell she’s staying home today, eating fibre and probably watching a Vox documentary.


That’s ridiculous. I’m not uneducated


''him'' uuumm honey I think you meant: qwjxcgjt


Sir, this is Wendy’s


I complain a lot about America, I think we're doing a lot of things wrong. We're also doing a great many things right, and it's okay to celebrate that.


Sometimes I think that they do it on purpose...


Tell me you can't hear the voice just from looking at that face.


F. None of the above Happy 4th fellow degens!


I'm a raging drunk, but that has nothing to do with my desire to celebrate the 4th of July. I celebrate the 4th because it means holiday pay.






> Without Zero Hesitation I agree, everybody who doesn’t Celebrate the 4th With Zero Hesitation is all of the above **and** is a Commie 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Happy Independence Day. 🇺🇸 It was on this day that Will Smith defeated the Alien Mothership.


F) Just trying to live my life with family and friends. Fuck off with that guilt shit.


This country has a lot of issues. Admitting that doesn’t make you any less of a patriot. Celebrate your freedom today and enjoy exercising your unalienable rights that are nonexistent in many parts of the world 🇺🇸 Also fuck King George and his merry band of cunts


I guess so then. Your words don’t hurt anymore. Shrug.


All nations have the right to celebrate their national days.


F) Love the country you live in despite its many many flaws.




Full blown without zero hesitation. Isn’t that technically the opposite of what they mean. Think about with, if I said with zero hesitation, that’d make sense.


I mean, she forgot white bourgeois who enjoy sitting in mesh camping chairs at the foot of the driveway, watching things fly and explode, over Sam Adams Summer Ale and surface-level conversations with neighborhood acquaintances. Do you even suburb, bro/bra?


Me who doesnt care what some twitter dumbass has to say