"Biden is old"


Biden is young


Biden is










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Biden was....


No, He Is ✝️


Biden isn't






Is he, though?


biden is basically a walking poltergeist


He should've been out of the game YEARS ago but he can't stay home 'cuz he hates his wife.


You've seen her. She's the one that at the Christmas party that gets plastered and calls him a retard!


Based and demented-grandpa pilled


Biden is puppet. He doesn't have a political quadrant, but his master's do. And they're auth.


And also AuthRight as are all the corporate democrats. Not FAR right, more to the middle.


Biden is Auth-zheimer's.




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both sides claim biden belongs to the other side making biden the ultimate centrist


I’d say authcenter but in the stupidest possible combinations of those policies (minus the genocidal ones, of course.)


Nice, I'm borrowing this one for sure.






Vote? That sounds an awful lot like something that would require a governing body...




I implore that we simply allow the free market to discriminate **more** against creepy neckbeards


Can I grill neck beard


If you like the smell of burnt hair. I don't recommend cooking it next to anything you plan to eat.


400 pound reddit mods already have enough on their plate...


Actually they have nothing on their plate. They ate it all.


They ate the plate


Funny that you think they use a plate. These mfs eat frozen tenders like hot chips straight out the freezer bag


They be eating the basement


Why are you so racist against Scottish people?


Biden has no idea where he is




Well I'm still REGULARLY hearing the term "assault weapon". Any time anyone says that term, I automatically assume they know nothing about guns and therefore shouldn't be suggesting policy for them.


I still love that "assault weapon" only covers scary looking guns, and has no connections to the gun's function. Like, the AR-15 falls under it but not the Mini 14.


The literal definition of assault weapon is "guns that make me feel uncomfortable". That is LITERALLY their definition.


I mean their definition of ‘assault’ is pretty much ‘makes me feel uncomfortable’


Which is honestly ridiculous. Originally the definition of assault was hitting someone once, and batter was hitting someone repeatedly. Because, you know, the word "assault" means attack and the word battery means "in series". But here we are.


How do you do fellow based as fuck LibCenter? 🙋🏻‍♂️


Little column A, little column B


It's just like in the movies. 9mm blows out a load of gibs, a .45 puts a hole the size of a cannonball in you, and a shotgun blast throws you across the room (only if you're <4ft away from it though, too far and you'd only get tickled by the pellets).


That's just how guns work, and that's exactly why they need to be confiscated. I mean, imagine if you were tickled without your consent by the before mentioned shotgun pellets?! Too dangerous my friend.


There’s an on button?


Based and Biden old pilled


Biden is more center or auth center. Definitely not a leftist or right winger.




He's like a brain damaged george w bush


So just George W Bush?


*The illegitimate and vicious invasion of Iraq... no wait I meant Ukraine, is unjustifiable.*


Super George W Bush


I want to say Bush was faking it at the very least.


He adopted the folksy idiot persona after he got blasted in his first race in Texas for being an Ivy League northeaster carpetbagger, so yeah, at least during the first term he was faking it. I think he legit got in over his head and kinda just became the face of his cabinet/handlers a la Biden during his second term though.


A person that I follow likes to occasionally bring up Busherisms that people made fun of him when he pretended to be an idiot. Biden just has a stutter that apparently has always existed. Even when it didn't in his old speeches. God I fucking hate the media.


I thought neolibral meant liassez faire capitalism. Not sure what Biden is he's certainly not that




Cut him some slack, it’s Fr*nch


That's exactly why we can't cut him slack, he doesn't deserve it cus he's fr*nch


Thus rightwing.


I mean he is not a leftist by the standards of people online, meaning a socialist. But I would say he is around the center and left leaning by real world standards.


> people online if by "people online" you mean American dominant social media sites, then yes


~~real world~~ american


I am not an American. Left wing means more than just socialism. Social democracy and social liberalism is still part of the left. Biden is pro Immigration, pro LGBT, expanding social security, more taxes on the rich, green energy. And overall very progressive policies. What is it about him that you would say is "right wing" It feels like people on the left wants to push everything to the right where everything shy of the far left (Marxism) becomes right wing.


problem with it is he barely does anything that actually supports those ideas. he often goes against them, in fact. and if you look at his history as a politician, you will see that he massively increased policing and kept shilling for the companies that use his state as a tax haven.


Lmao this comment chain is making me realize even more how r!tarded Biden’s strategy is. Paying lip service to leftists gets the right wingers pissed off, and then not following through cause you don’t actually want to do it gets the leftists pissed off too. Based and alienate as many voters as possible pilled.


Biden is doing exactly what he said he would do


I mean, he’s working really hard on trying to get everyone to go electric with their vehicles. Gas has doubled here since he entered office.


That is possible, I don't know a lot about Biden's past. But he is a politician after all so it wouldn't surprise me if he lies a lot. One thing to keep in mind though is that even if he has a lot of policies he wants to push through it is not always going to be achievable as he will have to fight against a lot of conservative elements in the US system to do it. Some of him walking back on things could just be that it is not feasible to do. That doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't want to. Similar to Trump and his border wall.


its true that him being president isnt enough to push his policies, but his administration actually did stuff that went against the values he claimed to represent. [here is him blocking a student debt from getting canceled.](https://www.businessinsider.com/student-loan-debt-forgiveness-bankruptcy-biden-education-overturn-epileptic-man-2022-2) [here is kamala telling immigrants to not come.](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-57387350) [here is him saying that he would veto medicare for all.](https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/10/biden-says-he-wouldd-veto-medicare-for-all-as-coronavirus-focuses-attention-on-health.html) so he isnt really much of a leftist even by american standards. he says leftist points, but then he does shit like this. he is really just there to protect the status quo and not much else. and thats ignoring his history.


It’s similar to Trump talking like a populist but governing like most modern Republicans, with a few policy exceptions. Biden talks big... but he’s just a vapid corporatist like the rest. He definitely won’t expand Social Security, He’s hiking Medicare prices and the profits are going right to private insurers. As you mention, being on the left isn’t JUST about economics... but he’s not really on the left on anything except social issues, which is why so many people say he’s more right-wing.


One can see the same attempts to be made from people on the right, as well. Just saw someone on here say a few days ago that anything to the left of Ben Shapiro is “leftist”


Anything to the left of Ludwig Von Mises is leftist.


Yeah, they exist too. I would say that unironically believing that is kinda silly. But I have had discussions like that before, there are people who think Left = big government, right = small government. Therefore any authoritarian is a leftist. Including fascism and even monarchies. I do ofc also think that is a whole other level of silly than this discussion though lmao.


Biden, on the world stage, is economically center but far left culturally. In the US, he is left-center on both.


The difference is America is more left wing socially and right wing economically the difference is economics is the only thing that actually matters for every day people and effects their lives. So economics wise he’s right wing and pro status que socially


I agree that America as a country is more socially left and economically right currently, but that doesn't mean that politicians are automatically right wing, especially if they are trying to bring reform. Which is why I am asking then what economic policies does Joe Biden hold that qualifies him to be center-right rather than center-left? Afaik he is in favor of strengthening social security, put higher taxes on the rich. Pro minimum wage, want to invest a lot into green energy infrastructure, canceling student loans, expanding public education, expand healthcare. Even though he is not a revolutionary that can bring about swift and effective change I still think he falls more towards the center left side.


He might be economically right-wing (as most people are), but he is culturally very left-wing. People rarely mean economics when it comes to political labelling.


Nah even in Australia we consider him pretty centre-right


I get that this is your political narrative, and with what the other guy said you're on the right track, but neoliberalism as a political ideology is authright. Him being center would make sense to a lot of folks though, he's not social-democratic or something.


By real world standards you mean American standards. He’s far from true left


Right, but what do you mean when you say "true left"? Do you mean the actual far left? Like socialism, communism. Marxism in general? The left is a little bit more than just those, you also have social democracy and social liberalism as examples. I am also not American myself. I can absolutely see arguments for him being a centrist, but he certainly does flirt with the left in his rhetoric and campaign promises. (social liberalism not Marxism)


By true left I mean anything actually resembling a leftist. Maybe some of his talking points lean left but nothing he’s done comes close to anything resembling the goals of left-leaning people in America.


Dudes a fucking a moderate democrat scum, placated in the middle with being a chameleon and never knowing what they truly want besides not to fuck with Wall Street and the elite.


biden is anarcho-marxist




Biden is old, jack, no need to call him Anal-malarkey


Most sane Auth left


Biden just called for a ban on “Assault Weapons (they don’t exist).” Not very Marxist of him


Huh an auth center who's actually read Marx that's kinda cool.


Big fan of his letters to Engels ;)




What are his letters to Engels about?


Reddit would delete my comment if I elaborate.




[My based reader is going off the charts](https://www.fairmontsentinel.com/uncategorized/2020/08/13/marx-others-offered-racism/)


To clarify, he's also Jewish so it's a bit of a weird one.


He was a Jewish born man who converted to Christianity, then to atheism, becoming antisemitic along the way. So HE'S a bit of a weird one.


Marx never wrote that. He said it in a speech.


His work is over complicated with pointless verbose jargon, but otherwise provides evidence for a solid thesis.


It's really not that wordy compared to other political righters of his time .


It’s not, but I personally grew tired of it due to the short nature of the work. Like Marx could write but certain times I just skipped sentences because there was so much extra bs. Not to say that isn’t common of the time, but


Neoliberalism is both authright and historically (looking at Reagan) against an armed populace.


It’s completely in line with Marx. Marx wanted his own people armed. Only then. Never mentions a broader right for arms, just to arm his political side. Biden is clearly attempting to target his political enemies with regulations to hurt them. Very Marxist of him.


>It’s completely in line with Marx. Marx wanted his own people armed. Only then. Never mentions a broader right for arms, just to arm his political side. What part of "Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary" is hard to understand?


I guess the fact you took it out of context? Come on dude. Actually read the full context.


Biden is whatever his handler says he is




If we’re being strict in our definitions then all American politicians are AuthCenter since they tend to blend the most popular bits of both ideologies, but if we’re using the social definitions then Biden and Dems are AuthLeft and Trump and Republicans are AuthRight. You can’t claim Republicans are AuthRight when they’re pushing for more government spending on their pet projects and social programs


Republicans or MAGA. I refuse to associate MAGA with Republicans.


Well they’re obviously different factions on the American Right. There is an ocean between Mitch McConnell and Steve Bannon.


Wildly based and nuance pilled


Ikr, whether he hates the Establishment Republican crowd more or doesn't hate either, or hates the MAGA Crowd more or equally, it's nice to finally see someone being honest about the difference between the two of which it is indeed vast


I disagree with Republicans, I hate MAGA. I know people who are Republicans, not a single MAGA supporters. Even If they'd agreed with some of Trumps policies, all In all he was just a crooked politician posing as some physical metaphor for the "American Dream", which has been dead for decades. "Everyone In the government Is bad except me and like 3 other people" says man with extremely corrupt ties


For me it's the opposite lol, I hate the Republicans (in ideology not the people themselves, unless we're referring to the politicians ofc) and the Democrats, and disagree with Trump associating conservatives I do believe more of the Government is corrupt to the teeth than not, not to say Trump isn't, I'm still unsure of him and Elon Musk, the rest of the "ruling" class I've ruled out though for the most part as beyond crooked To each his own belief however and to each belief it's own value, great talking with you


Holy fuck THANK YOU libleft!


I can \*maybe\* see MAGAs crossing lines to vote for Libertarians (the party), but I'm struggling to see them vote Democrats or Greens


The whole MAGA group is built on populism more than concrete beliefs. Once Trump eventually fades from popular conscience I think all bets are off for where the next populist wave comes from.


It’s true that Biden is AuthCenter however Trump isn’t AuthRight but Right.


In order to be auth-right, you also have to submit to a higher authority than yourself. Not say Trump doesn’t, but if he does, it’s not immediately obvious. I’d argue that he belongs in a more yellow category.


Fuck if Biden is left then I’m faaaaaaaarrrrr beyond left wing.


Communist detected on American soil.




Death is a preferable alternative to communism - Liberty Prime, 2277.


Liberty Prime is the American I strive to be every day


Bethesda: Nooo we made Liberty Prime to make fun of American anti-communist propaganda Right wingers: Haha Liberty Prime quotes are awesome




Good monke


Yeah, that’s generally how it works. I know an actual white nationalist (ironically he’s not white himself, he’s Hispanic) who claims Trump is basically a democrat because he’s “so left wing”, and I know actual socialists who claim Biden is basically a republican because he’s “so right wing”. Anyone claiming Biden is right wing is just far left and thinks the Overton window starts where they are


So I’m left wing now? Lolz


Better switch your flair to Authleft commie


Lmao. It was how I liked to convince my liberal people to just not vote. There’s a case for it considering his imprisoning people record and hatred of weed


I think Biden is left wing in an American sense. But on a global scale, or even considering all ideology, he’s pretty economically right from my perspective. A European Liberal or social democrat would be more to the center.


"Global scale" I think you mean European scale since basically every Latin/South American, African, and some Asian countries are more right-wing than the US


I mean it is possible. If you are an actual Marxist then yeah technically you are far-left. Or if you are a social-democrat then you are also to the left of him. Biden is a social-liberal which does put him center / Center-left. There is more to the left wing than just socialism. ofc by online standards he is pretty far from being a leftist.


If Biden is auth, then a basic person with auth opinions is like... I can't compare them to Hitler because even Hitler does not score that auth on tests. I don't think people realize how hard it is to be auth. I want to ban literally everything and I'm only about 2/3 the way up the compass.


\>American politician Well that's the most likely compass point for them no matter the party, when you judge by actions (and inaction in cases) not words.


Technically nearly all of the US presidents in the last 60 years have been auth-right.


won't legalize weed, won't give me weed, hard authright there


I love weed, need it for my tourette's, it also makes my music have a wider sound stage than normal.


Biden doesn’t even know what he is


He fulfills *some* of the criteria of being auth right, mainly the ones the left focuses on when categorizing the political leanings of US presidents, namely economics and foreign policy, especially economic foreign policy, while not fulfilling the criteria US conservatives focus on, namely domestic social policy.


nothing small about it, thats clearly where his politics reside


Biden is probably looking for ice cream right now and needs to be in a nursing home.


-Wrote the crime bill -Never met a war he didn't like -Opposed desegragating busing -Pushed for increasing already inflated police budgets -Deporter-in-chief jr. -Crippling sanctions on 3rd world countries. i WonDEr wHaT hE IS


Is Biden is left I’m an entirely new quadrant of left wing


> loves capitalism > loves government authority > Catholic Uh sweaty, Biden isn’t authright, he’s a socialist communist liberal.




You see more Christian righists then Christian socialists




Joe Biden likes ice cream and told Yahoo News’ Katie Couric about his secret vice presidential eating habits: "We were all at a Secret Service Christmas party with all of the staffers," Biden said. "Everybody was out, everybody was minglein’, and we were all at the bar. You gotta love a bar at the Secret Service Christmas party. And somebody handed me a dish of ice cream, and I haven’t had ice cream since I was in the first grade. I’m pretty wild about ice cream." According to Yahoo, Biden’s reported daily ice cream intake — which does not sound as impressive as other vice presidents’ habits, including Calvin Coolidge’s “curiosity garden” — is 20 servings. "Look, I’m not comparing myself to the dude in the crazy outfit. I’m a retired ex-Marine," Biden said. "But, look, I ate three scoops, that’s not gonna kill me." Addressing a political ad that asks him if he wants to "eat a tub of ice cream," the VP revealed, "It has nothing to do with not wanting to do anything good for the country.




Biden just trolled the LGBT+ community by announcing a new Nancy Reagan stamp on the start of pride month, how is he not Auth-right?


Honestly pretty funny


Because right/left is economic, not cultural


AuthLefts in history have been pretty anti gay


Humanity has been, and mostly still is antigay.


Pretty much all democrats and republicans are authright. What they say doesn't matter, their actions are what define them as authright


Biden is progressive auth center. If we're going by the orignal compass, he's a centrist, slightly leaning to left


I’d say progressive centre centre.


What has he done that is remotely libertarian, that would drop him from auth to center? His solution to everything is for the Federal Government to be the solution, which is, for the most part, the definition of auth.


He is, tho.


I'd say he his between authcenter and authright. It is easy to forget how right-wing america is so a small deviation to the left is still right. Then there's biden's actions and biden's promises. He promised to end student loan debts (which is bullshit, own your responsibility) and he promised a lot of more left leaning stuff he never delivered so he is definitely auth-right/center


He is AuthIForgot


He’s an eco Republican


America has no left


Biden has political opinions?


Compared to his competition in the primaries he is


Biden is literally the first communist american president because he is not a republican


Honestly I’m just here to hear more about the Cringe Department and its lore


How is being Pro drug war and pro war in Iraq not Auth-right?


Bidens just your good old fashioned racist Democrat


There are more than 5 points on the compass. Biden is more left than republicans but that doesn’t immediately make him a left winger.


Biden is neocon style AuthRight. But he wears a social progressive dress. Also he is too old and he needs his servants to help put on his dress.


Biden is Auth-Cringe


But he is authright. You could argue he would fall close enough to the line to call him authcenter but he’s definitely still in the blue quadrant.


Yeah sure. Comrade Joe Biden famous Maoist


Wait but doesn’t most American politics happen on the right side of the spectrum or is that a rumor?


supports capitalism: check supports a strong government: check




A non-binary person?!


Those people only have four fingers, I wonder if they know how to count to five


No he’s just retarded


Biden is an example of an auth right trying to pander to left wing voters with surface level social issues. Democrats and Republicans are extremely similar and the only thing that differentiates them are these surface level social issues. Which is why no good change ever happens in this country. 😔


Well he’s not left and he’s not lib? Sooo


Biden is definitely Auth Right. He just isn't a good president. The most important thing in a leader is never their politics. It's their competence. Both right wing and left wing policies can work. Even as someone who's economically hard-core right, I still wouldn't mind left-wing policies if they were actually handled correctly. Personally, I really like Bernie Sanders because, while I don't agree with his policies, the way he would lead the country is ultimately good imo. You can see it in the way he talks. He's got a plan for the country and he wants to help the American populace. My favourite candidate is still Andrew Yang as he seems to be the best choice for us Libertarians, considering the actual Libertarian Party is a literal mess. The Biden administration is also a mess and that's why so few of his policies actually work. Someone who doesn't wanna legalise marijuana, supports Israel and doesn't support universal healthcare is always gonna be Auth Right




Jeb Bush is a mess.


There ain't nothing right with that clown. Don't try to say he's AuthRight. Auth yes, Right not even close.


The idea democrats in general fall in the auth right quadrant is just a lie. At best they're auth center


He's authcenter leaning right.