Gen z genuinely gives me so much hope for how based they are.


Not the American ones


Must live in the wrong state


If you live on the West Coast or New England you'll quickly lose faith in humanity


As a zoomer living in Washington, I already lost it long ago.


https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdrKEMqJ/ I know it's tik tok cringe but it makes the point


can’t really blame them when you see the state of the left in France, they did it to themselves


Sometimes they shoot themselves in the foot. What they’ve done is blown up the whole goddamn foot and the leg with it


I’m strongly convinced there’s some organization out there like the cia or Mossad or whatever destabilizing every left wing movement out there. The left is never allowed to just focus purely on being left economically, which probably would be very popular. They always make social issues a major factor and they have some very retarded social ideas.


Remember those memes pointing out to how ((orange)) was basically created after Occupy Wall Street? Yeah, me neither, probably made by a white supremacist


[You're right on the money. There is.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZpuDc3YvLg)


The elite just hates populism. They will quash leftist economic policy and Conservative social policy.


Its crazy how much the political left wing of France fucked themselves over, to the point where the next French President will be either center-right, right, far-right or even further-right.


what are the voting stats?


They aren't tho. Polls show MLP core voterbase is between 24 and 65 yo, while Zemmours' is above 35yo ([https://harris-interactive.fr/opinion\_polls/barometre-dintentions-de-vote-pour-lelection-presidentielle-de-2022-vague-29/](https://harris-interactive.fr/opinion_polls/barometre-dintentions-de-vote-pour-lelection-presidentielle-de-2022-vague-29/)). Also the young mainly vote center-right (30% Macron vs 18% Le Pen + Zemmour combined) Millenials however are more likely to vote far right (22% Macron vs 21% LePen) Stop your dumb propaganda.


Based and quit your bullshit-pilled.


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Imagine thinking Le Pen would be a good leader


Is zemmour any better tho?


Nah, literally both the same thing. International capitalists and zionists just think Le Pen's party as an institution could threaten them so they sent Zemmour to destroy them as an institution. It's remarkable how few nationalists see through this, it's only like Alain Soral's guys who see the obvious capitalist and zionist hand behind Zemmour. Not that Le Pen is good, she is worthless, but the Front National is feared due to its revolutionary nationalist/fascist past and sympathies towards radical/revolutionary right politics of most of its membership.


Zionists? What the fuck does French politics have to do with Zionism?


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He is a man ...


whole wester Europe actually, three (out of 13) guy in my class are part of the alt right political party




Make France based again


Based and caring about your own people first.


By their own, to be noted is that the poor aren't included


Based and something besides American politics pilled


Based and Z piller


Poor old Gen X, nobody ever mentions them


Was an alt-righter, can relate (also am part french myself)


What do you mean by alt righter?


loosely someone who's culturally far-right


Who were you reading/listening to/watching on youtube etc? How did you become a libertarian?


I’m libertarian leaning by deafult The alt-right rabbit hole started with more mainstream conservative channels like PragerU, then I became a fan of JBS media and the Epoch Times. Upon finding the Alt-Right playbook, I left and became Marxist-Leninist for a while. I still have two political alter egos tho. (The ML one more welcome than the Ultra-Right one)


>The alt-right rabbit hole started with more mainstream conservative channels like PragerU, then I became a fan of JBS media and the Epoch Times. If that's what you consider alt-right then you really didn't fall that far down the hole, if at all!


You haven’t seen what those far right outlets are up to. I was a fan for a year or two.


Fair. I'm sure there's some overlap, but I guess I'm just making the distinction between these types of 'mainstream far-right' outlets and the genuine, self-proclaimed 'alt-right' like the Daily Stormer, Stormfront and the milieu of white ethno state advocates on the margins of alternative social media for example.


To me, it’s an Alt-Right spectrum, many sects spewing the same dogwhistles, like ((())) being the “deep state” or the “specter of communism” etc etc


You seem to be using the mainstream media's misinterpretation of the term alt-right circa 2015. Sure, the Jewish thing is a definite tenet of the alt-right, but the simple existence of a deep state itself? Or the specter of communism? Certainly not unique to the alt-right. Far from it. I mean they pre-date it as a movement by decades for starters. It'd be accurate to say that the right wing and even the far-right is a spectrum, but the alt-right itself is a very specific thing. It's not really about 'what it is for you'. It is what it is. Might as well be saying anyone who leans left economically is a communist.


I mean the revolution did really fuck up France. It's understandable to have that reaction


Holy shit based gen z!?


Bro, color editing and grading g skills are pretty good on this one




Far right is when auth-centre


The French left shot themselves in the foot. They have it coming anyways


Gen Z and late Millenials went for Melenchon


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Le Pen connaît secrètement Ghislane Maxwell et est au courant du trafic sexuel avec Epstein. Demandez-lui comment elle le sait.


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I love how Gen Z has increasingly become more and more right wing or more politically extreme in general compared to those commie cuck millenials


Being commie isn’t politically extreme? Based


considering how common communist characters are in media and how many people there are in the west considering themselves communist it isn't really extreme


Absolute shit take. Holy shit. Idk know where ur from but here in Germany I didn’t learn about leftist theory up until the high school, and even then we looked at it with great scepticism. Maybe you should look up what it actually means to be politically extrem?! So only because there is a certain group in a society believes in an alternate system, does that make that system any less extrem?


it isn't really seen as being too extreme here basically everyone seems to have a communist idol so seeing a communist is just normal


Not true at all. Is it possible you don’t know the difference between liberals and leftists? I’ve never seen mainstream media talk positive about communism. It’s hard to idol someone who isn’t communist because most of the popular thinkers and revolutionary’s are actually left wing. But still media doesn’t really talk about these people of being really left wingers, because it doesn’t fit into their agenda.


there are always communists here and it isn't viewed as extreme things might just be different here


No I’m quite sure you just have your head up your ass. Maybe be a bit more open minded about ideology and other political orientations.


I'm just pointing out how common communists are here idk how that means I must have my head up my ass but okay


Even if that is true, wich clearly isn’t. Then the ideological STILL is not any less radical.