Imagine being a [Romani] and thinking you have a home country


yeah lol




woah woah there buddy, you're gonna get this sub banned


So he said something extremely based?




do you remember what exactly?


Acutally the press here in Italy really likes to emphasize the Italian origins of foreign VIPs. For example, Jill Biden's grandfather was Italian, and when Joe Biden was elected president, in Italy a lot of newspapers (even the serious ones, not only tabloids) published the interview to one of her Italian cousin, who literally invited her to have lunch together and begged her to get her a job because she's unemployed.


When Trump was elected, they went back to his ancestral roots in Germany, too. I remember interviews done there.


And people here in Tamil Nadu went stir-crazy when they found out Kamala Harris had Tamil origins... It was really cringey when she tried to appeal to them by throwing in some Tamil buzzwords in her speeches... "*Oh I remember my amma and my chitti and my upma and my idli*" You should have seen how her home village reacted, whole ass religious celebrations and parades


Flair up or face the wall


Mate his username is Unflaired That is on purpose


Unflaired sympathizers are just as bad


Based and Lib to Auth pilled


Who wants to be Italian anyways.


Libyan refugees on a piece of driftwood slowly making its way to Sicily?


For most of them Italy is just a land of passage, why would you go to italy when you can go to the UK, France or Germany?


Germany is farther, I don't think the driftwood is gonna last.


as long as them don't go in to Rome and fall in a hole on the road they'll not have any problem




same for Italy


anglistan will manage


>Sicily? Sicily isn't Italy according to Italians


We Italians are superior, you non-Italians just have less value 🇮🇹


Spaniards and Greeks perhaps.


Ni de puta coña




If u want to have the best pizza in town u need to be an italian by default.


I've had pizza in Italy, American pizza is superior 🇺🇲


You're never gonna be able to enter Italy again my friend.


you’re retarded


Argentina > Italy >>> US > Everywhere else


I’ve had pizza in USA, Norwegian grandiosa is superior🇳🇴


Anyone who's civilised


France is the total opposite like if you’re a refugee since two weeks who doesn’t speak french you are as french as Joan of Ark according to most people … it’s ridiculous


*according to the French leftists A large majority of French people are against this but the ridiculous French voting system makes it impossible for them to have any real influence on politics.


They are against this until those same people win football and handball medals for you


Opposite of Quebec lmao they lowkey can get away with outright racism like they have laws that force u to do cultural appropriaton to not be kicked out or something like that because there "the first minority" saw it in a jj video couple years ago


JJ is a retard who absolutely hates Québec for longer than he even has a YouTube channel


So all the sources he showed in the video of news articles and such your saying are bullshit because you disagree with him?


Nah, because he's known to have done that in the past multiple times


All right I'll trust u... I guess


Italian here, this meme is inaccurate, we consider you italian of you're either: 1) very cute 2) very italian looking


Oh, are we still complaining about Americans *heritage* vs ethnicity? It won't stop, because we don't give a fuck. It just describes where our ancestors came from, not claiming a "home" country. Oh, and I'm FrenchGermanIrishWelsh.


Those YouTube videos of euros complaining because Americans say "oh, I'm [that nation] too!".


Yhea just like I am getmanpolishrussainmarocan


Ah, a fello quad-mutt. It doesn't even phase me that other countries have an opinion about this, except for the occasional post on Reddit. Funny thing is, like most Americans that this topic applies to, we say we're Americans when talking about nationality, which is 99% of the time. PSA: Yes, we know we're American. But we're a melting pot of a country and where our ancestors came from is interesting to us, it's part of our heritage. It doesn't have to do with tradition, or how our home life was growing up. It's entirely about where those that came before us used to call home. It's never going to be seen as a compliment, but in reality, and in a way, we're simply honoring those home countries. That's it.


I am not an American, I am Israeli. But yhea pretty sure it's same in America


Cool, I was speaking generally from my perspective over here, not necessarily assuming you're in the "we" of my diatribe. There are people from all over in this sub. The same may apply to you, I don't know, I'm not familiar with if you get the same reaction.


I'm croatgermpolscot I am of much superior DNA then you.


So you’re Ashkenazi and Sephardi


Fuck the unflaired!




Gypsies never intermixed with other people even now they take their cousins for reproduction to keep their holy blood pure So no, they are not Italian even if they came 1 000 000 years age


Those who integrate, are most often shunned by other non-adaptive citizens and called "black gadjo".


Exactly they can never be the identity where they live currently, OP retarded unflaired not knowing shit


gypsy shan't be




>British guy uhh


Who else could have those teeth?


... Mao The Dong?


... *Wait yeah no fair point. U rite.*


You're from the last country your family fought a war for.


I don't think even India would associate with gypsies at this point


We don't even know about them, the first time I heard about them is in reddit


We don’t


fuck off. americans genetically are nothing but mcdonalds grease, nothing more.






Descendants are from Italy, born in USA: i’m Italian American, case closed


The first pick is false, anyone who can prove to have an italian grandparents or gran-grandparents is italian. About gypsy is an other question, there are integrated gypsy and non integrated one. The first kind is indeed italian, the second one obv no, they segregate themselves and have lifestyle completly different from the avg italian.


You can tell OP is american by the way he depicts gypsies as clear skinned regular people who don't self-marginalize at all and refuse to integrate There is nothing Italian about 3rd generation Italian Americans but trust me there is plenty of gypsy in romani Italians


There's a fine line between being respectful to your culture and keeping true to tradition, and being a straight out cunt like the average italian defending "pizza authenticity" or pretty much anything that involves someone from outside doing anything they usually do. They have a special way of pissing me off everywhere they show up.


A lot of italians act like you are ofending their nation if you overcook your pasta 1 microsecond more than what they think is the correct time to make it al dente.


The problem with the overcooked pasta and other awful recipe is that you are basically wasting food . If you have a quality product you have to respect it and cook it in the best way, so it can reach it's full potential.


I'm Italian, and I agree: it's boring, annoying and lame.


Would be better if we stopped giving a shit about ethnicity and nationality IMO. So when an American says they're Irish-Italian-American or whatever I'm not going to scream and say they aren't or anything like that, but I will sorta wonder why the hell they care yano? I will try to avoid spoiling peoples fun though.


Yes and no, people identify with labels such as a nationality or ethnicity because of the culture that they grew up with/live with and like. The problem with Americans claiming their ancestry is this or that is that they're only related to their ancestors' nations by blood and most often haven't kept traditions, unlike the Texas Germans who kept it.


I mean if we're having a conversation about how we grew up and they say "my household was Italian-american" then it's clear they're talking about the cultural environment they grew up in and I think that's okay. If someone says they're Italian-American when they grew up with absolutely no Italian cultural elements and don't engage with that culture at all though but they still bring it up, well then it's kinda like "wtf why?".


An American who doesn't speak Italian saying he's Italian is like me saying I'm Roman because my ancestors descend from Romans


I agree, so it makes me wonder why they do it. If the reason they're bringing it up is genetic / ethnic pride then that's kinda fucked IMO.


Ethnicity, and culture. I’m a dual-citizen to the US, and Italy and grew up in both. The Italian-American state I lived in culturally was a mix of Italian and American culture. Plus, they physically look Italian.


So gypsies are European?


If Bulgars and Magyars are


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sono pienamente d’accordo ed aggiungere porcodio


shut the fuck up, please shut the fuck up


If you've grown up in the country and speak it's language, you are from that country. First gen immigrants can be fully integrated but it's rare.


Italians the are to Europe what the weird outgrowth on my back is to me.


Why is ewrybody talking about gypsies recantly


*Have I finally found a safe space to express my genuine hatred for mozzarella americans?*


I know a few Mexican immigrants who get called not real Mexican because they live outside of Southern California and Southern Texas.


I believe in citizenship by ius sanguinis, ius solis and ius culturae, all three sufficient condition, and none necessary.




They just want to Privatize their special identity


As a European I dont understand the hate on gypsies.


There are two reason: - High criminality - [Where they live](https://images.app.goo.gl/qsTgwiagB92MfsEJ7) This two thing are obv correlated, if a gypsy live like the avg european people no one would call him gypsy.


I see


if youre born in x country, you're x-ian. if you were born in y country, but are ethnically and culturally connected to x country, you're x-ian. If you were born in y country and are culturally connected, but are y country racially, you're x-ian. And if you have no homeland and shit on x country and y country, you're a fucking gypsy.


Gypsy what a joke