🅱️rump and 🅱️iden suckle thee 🥜

🅱️rump and 🅱️iden suckle thee 🥜


Don't forget that he banned flights from China, was called a xenophobic fear-mongering Nazi, then two months later was criticized for not closing borders soon enough


Mainstream American media is completely corrupt and nothing more than controlled propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. It didn’t matter what he did, whether it was good or not he became a target as soon as he stepped foot on stage. He didn’t play by traditional establishment rules so he was made to be the evil dictator. Journalists will completely embrace hypocrisy and abandon any morals or principles to construct a narrative. Journalists are really some of the lowest members of society now. Sucks, because by design they should be beacons of truth, justice and knowledge. Now they are morally corrupt pawns and empty vessels to do the work of the highest bidder.


Eh. It’s worked out. No one aside for democrats trust main stream news. Anyone with a brain knows how hard they gas light.


The problem is most of America doesn’t have brains.


Better way to put it is bulk of Americans are tuned out of what's going on.


Which is a scary thing when they’re a giant voting block that can take away my freedoms.


A smaller but still large percent of America believes in body autonomy but doesn’t think for ten seconds about how abortion violates it, thinks trans people are valid cause “be nice to everyone”, thinks health care should be free because it’s a “human right”. It’s the people that think they’re being nice to people that inadvertently promotes stupidity and is somehow against logic. It’s sad to see what the left has done to America, and it’s sadder to know how much worse it’s gonna get. “Immigration is good because their countries are filled with terrorists and shitty people, so let’s let them into mine!” Smart. These are just examples of being “good people” which is all that goes through liblefts mind. This safe space bullshit is so gay they get you in trouble for calling it that, and being nice doesn’t mean being right.




They sort of remind me of the character Peacekeeper in the latest Suicide Squad movie. There was a scene where he said “nothing like a food bloodbath in the morning,” and someone responded, “I thought they called you the peacekeeper.” Then he went on to say, “I love peace. I don’t care how many men women and children I have to kill to get attain it.” The “virtue at all costs” mentality of the modern left is stuffed with so much irony that it has become a parody of itself. They will go out of their way to try and ruin the lives of regular people, not because they’re racist, but because they’re not not-racist enough.


Most Americans still believe whatever they say.


Frankly I don’t even know any democrats that trust mainstream news. That said, my social group is about 15 people and 6 of them are Republican who DO trust mainstream media so I have no idea what to think at this point other than “fuck the news”


Yeah ik some hardcore foxxers that believe anything on there and some cnn freaks that can’t tune out madcow.


fox news and cnn and every fucking mainstream news channel is just controlled opposition/blatant propaganda. i don't follow news anymore unless i read it on wall street journal or just plain military news.


Most americans **say** they dont trust it


Unfortunately based


Journalists are paid smear merchants. Even Nicki Minaj acknowledged this. They make up and promote blatant lies, misinformation and half-truths. Why? Because they are committed to pushing a particular narrative and are paid absurd amounts of money to do so. Literal paid smear merchants.


They are legally empowered to fabricate claims that cannot be disproven by their very nature. Any paper could run a headline saying that a "source" told them that Trump said he hates puppies. He can't prove that he did NOT say that because you can't prove a negative. But the "source" doesn't have to provide any evidence that he did say it. This allows journalists to say basically anything they want about anyone and shape public image as they wish.


Not only that but the 'source' never gets revealed due to 'confidentiality'. In other words, they made it up.


My favorite is when the source is "an individual who is familiar with their way of thinking." So a secret stranger imagined that someone else could have thought this? Yeah, nothing sketchy about that.


This isn’t a new phenomenon. You can go back 100+ years and read about presidents dealing with the exact same things Trump went through. It got so bad during Lincoln’s presidency he had to throw thousands of journalists in prison. > Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. -*Thomas Jefferson* The vast majority of journalism has always been garbage, and most journalists are trash.


You are right .


It probably comes down to the fact that the overwhelming majority of people are not capable of figuring *anything* out, and journalists are just everyday morons who picked a certain career.


They survive by pretending at integrity and hoping the next generation will believe it long enough for them to make their buck and retire.


Based and corrupt entities of good-pilled


I’m convinced the mainstream media went after trump because he wasn’t a career politician so they wanted to make him look bad. Trump of course made it really easy for them by being himself.


What blows my mind is how much people said Trump hated Black people. I went back and watched all the videos of him pre-presidency and Black folks LOVED him, especially during the The Apprentice years


Yeah there was an ask Reddit question for people who had met him pre-presidency. Majority of people said he was nice but was a no nonsense kind of guy. Worse upvoted story wasn’t even bad. Someone said Trump spilled water onto his lap accidentally. His wife started apologizing but Trump said “it’s only water”. He then gave him like $10 as an apology. Someone asked the same question now and every story made Trump look like an asshole. Safe to say I’m pretty sure a lot of them were lying. One story said his professor worked at a helicopter maintenance place. Trump refused to pay the $50k bill to fix his helicopter. He somehow still got his helicopter fixed and returned. Story made no sense from a business perspective. How would such a mechanic not keep receipts to prove Trump owed money? Why would they give him the helicopter back without receiving payment? Why wouldn’t Trump pay that bill? $50k is nothing for him. He’s a millionaire.


If you’re the type of person who lives or dies by the upvotes. Like you get a high from upvotes. Then bashing Trump during his presidency was like heroin.


I remember that thread. Every single story was about trump being funny and a nice guy.


>How would such a mechanic not keep receipts to prove Trump owed money? Why would they give him the helicopter back without receiving payment? Why wouldn’t Trump pay that bill? $50k is nothing for him. He’s a millionaire. Not only that, but most people who do repairs have a clause that says you basically give it to them if you don't pay up for the repair within x number of days, helicopters are worth a lot so you'd be incentivised to keep it unless paid in full


People looking for a scapegoat got exactly what they needed. Sadly they didn’t realize trump was better for them than an establishment politician ever was which is precisely why the establishment did all thy could to fear monger.


yeah. i really dont like that even though they advocate for my "side". More often than not if just feels like they make the stuff i advocate for disingenuous or unjustly gained.


based to no end


lmao that would imply the democratic party is organized to accomplish jack shit other than secure campaign donors there's not much difference between donkeys and elephants, I can't imagine why anyone would think dems are "radical leftists" i fucking wish they were


They do a real good job deciding their candidates with total disregard for the primary voters


/u/flyingpancakestuff isn’t this exactly what I said to you earlier about fucking cnn?




Based and respect pilled


> Sucks, because by design they should be beacons of truth, justice and knowledge. Can anyone explain to me why people think this? What makes journalism different then literally any other industry? They're just going to do what makes money. What design?? Also isn't Fox still the #1 news station in America? I'll never understand conservatives acting like all mainstream media is out to get them.


> Also isn't Fox still the #1 news station in America? I'll never understand conservatives acting like all mainstream media is out to get them. That’s a very naive view on media. Conservatives have Fox News and recently the daily wire, and liberals have all other cable news, all of music, movies, tv and pop culture, the latter being infinitely more influential than some late night news show.


But conservatives have *one* sympathetic outlet, so obviously not ALLLLL of media is against them! /s Someone missed the point ....


He product they’re making only serves the elite they work for, most other jobs actually help us poor people.


While everyone else like Pelosi was telling everyone to go out in Chinatown. If Trump was pro lockdowns and pro vaccine, these people would then be anti lockdowns and anti vaccine. Which admittedly they fucking were.


It’s funny too because Biden literally used Trumps guideline when banning India. Read these two statements and see what difference you find. From Trump: "The entry into the United States, as immigrants or nonimmigrants, of all aliens who were physically present within the People’s Republic of China, excluding the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau, during the 14-day period preceding their entry or attempted entry into the United States is hereby suspended and limited subject to section 2 of this proclamation." From Biden: "Suspension and Limitation on Entry. The entry into the United States, as nonimmigrants, of noncitizens who were physically present within the Republic of India during the 14-day period preceding their entry or attempted entry into the United States is hereby suspended and limited subject to section 2 of this proclamation." Hypocrisy is unreal.




Massive riots outside are safe, but an outdoor dinner party hosted by Trump was a superspreader event


Democrats had the same parties. Obama threw one of the biggest parties and guess who’s exempt from the vaccine mandate? Actors and entertainmers


Wait, really? No, make them get jabbed if the rest of us have to.


The moral is the story - he should have closed to borders entirely right away.


Biden was also calling trump a horrible racist for wanting to close the border for Covid. Fuck I hate Joe Biden so much


You really can't win


Biden has a 32% approve rating no one likes him.


His entire platform is "Hey, I may be old and senile but at least I'm not Trump!"


More like "Hey, I might be old and... uh... penile, but... at least... I'm... you know, the thing."


Heard his voice on that one.


Felt his hand on my hair on that one


I could feel him taking a good sniff


Sweet home?


Not even sure what you're asking. You mean, did I pop a woody? Yes, but that doesn't mean I enjoyed it, it was just a physical reaction.


"Look, fat..."


All ya need to know is that “cornpop was a bad dude. And he ran a bunch of bad boys” - #46


C'mon man...


The fact of the matter is...


More like “Hey, I might but old, but also fellow Americans, I might be old.”


Hasn't it been the whole point of every US election the last few decades that this guy is not the other guy?




Nope, Obama's stance was "Hey look I'm black" and the media/demo party took "vote for Obama or you're a racist" and ran with it.


Well yes idpol is obviously one tool to utilize. Same thing with Hillary's campaign. Doesn't change the core of this shitshow though.


Quite literally he won because he wasn't Trump


Turns out sniffing women isn’t a viable platform.


As opposed to the Trump's 2016 platform, which was "Hey I may be a loud and obnoxious dickhead but at least I'm not Hillary!"


The presidents job is to not veto good bills


And now even the people who voted based on that secretly wish Trump was back by comparison.


I don't think they want Trump back. They just don't want Biden here.


They want to be angry


The networks and other "influential" people made alot of money grifting off of him. Can't do the same with Biden.


No sane person wants trump back in office.


I do but only for the memes. Biden memes get kinda sad when you realize hes actually losing it. Also I get fucked whether theres an R or a D sitting in office so idrc honestly


Let's go Brandon




One thing I find funny is that the woke lib left crowd were constantly making fun of Trump’s approval ratings his entire term in office. Then they turn a blind eye to Biden’s measly 32% rating, lower than Trump ever was haha.




Yeah, Biden is shitting the bed, and still trending better than Trump. Approval trends are down but not to 32 https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/biden-approval-rating/


Non amp link?




> While the Quinnipiac poll has Biden at an all-time low approval rating, an analysis of various polls by FiveThirtyEight shows it remains at 44%. That is 6 points higher than the Quinnipiac poll. You actually responded to a comment pointing out that aggregate polling is what matters by posting another comment about a single specific poll?


That's the difference you'd expect to see between a personality cult and an anti-personality cult


I’m sure those 32% only tolerate him lmao


I’ve met one person who loves him, my grandma, not a single other person


Leave it to women to vote for eye candy


I know a lot of Biden "supporters" but the only one I know who genuinely likes him is my Irish-Catholic grandpa and that's just because of tribalism.


Tribalism is not based


can confirm




I LOVE him!


Flair checks out




I heard 38%... thought it was higher, still well short of 50% aka nation is ambivalent.


Depending on the source you’ll find a different answer. Things like quality of the survey, partisan lean, sample size, timeframe, etc. have a large roll in the outcome of a poll. As such aggregate scores can give a better understanding of the bigger picture but are still flawed in their own ways. Looks like an aggregate score for approval is around almost 45% a few different places, which makes sense.


I mean, yeah. Tons of people didn't vote for Biden because they liked him, but because they disliked Trump. If I had to guess, Trump has 40% support and Biden has 32% support, but the remaining 28% mostly just hated Trump enough that they were willing to pick Biden as a "lesser evil." Of course, once Biden is actually elected, it doesn't matter if people "support" him. Many people who claimed to support him before will, once he is actually in office and the danger of Trump is over, be honest about their opinions on him. I find it amusing though that the same didn't happen with Trump. If anything, his cult of personality only grew stronger once he was elected. I suppose that's what happens when one person is elected to bring us back to the status quo (garbage as it is), and the other is elected to bring populist reform (poorly implemented as it is).


Despite getting more votes than any other president in history


President Joe Biden keeps as being the lowest rated president in the entire history of the United States


Thank you Donald


Except for literally third of the country


If 2/3 of all people don't like you maybe you should take a good look at yourself. Then again he is a politician and no reason to like any of them.


Based and everybody hates politicians pilled


32% approve doesn’t mean 68% disapprove. Many can’t decide.


Except for mainstream media


I'm no Biden fan, but I literally cannot find that poll anywhere and it's such an outlier I think Breitbart just straight up made it up, they do that. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/president-biden-job-approval-7320.html Biden's problem is that he's a president that said nothing in America would fundamentally change in a time where both left and right want America to fundamentally change from what it is now. The right wants it to turn into the 1950s, warts and all, and the left wants it to turn into Europe, again, warts and all.


I mean, 43% isn’t much better.


It's the new Quinipac poll.


We're in a circlejerk, keep your facts to yourself! Yeah Biden is terrible, but people forget how unpopular trump was.


Trump’s average was like 40%. Biden’s is currently 43%. Both very unpopular numbers.


Silly me, I forgot I'm on PCM where nuanced political discussion goes to die in favor of funny colors.


Well, the average approval is 44.7%


It's 45%


**Trump:** I am going to eat a cheeseburger, a burger filled with cheese, the cheese is going to go into my mouth, it is the best burger, I made this burger, Mc Donalds is crying right now, Ronald is going to be out of the job, going down the street "beep beep", in his car, in the busy traffic, no career. Sad. **Media**: IS MAKING YOUR OWN BURGERS AT HOME RACIST AND WHITE SUPREMACY ??!! **Biden**: I think I ...I think I have eaten today... maybe... my stomach is growling, I think I need to go see a doctor. What year is it ? **MEDIA**: BRAVE MAN HASN'T EATEN FOOD ALL WEEK LONG !


If the slight change in color (orange to white) and way of speaking has flipped ALL your opinions (bullshit to dementia), then your entire political opinion is bs. The way media treated obama vs trump, or currently biden vs trump? Complete bs


I support both bans 👏 We really need to get this crap under control and not let in people from international hot spots.


Should have always been a total border shut down.


His approval rating is gonna continue to plummet faster than his mental deterioration


You sure that’s possible?


With how he screwed up leaving Afghanistan, has had crazy inflation in the economy, consistently terrible job numbers, and the COVID mandate which will drive up unemployment more. Yeah his foreign and economic blunders will drag it lower especially if we do get hit with a recession (which the fed is preparing for with their capital requirements for banks being raised at the start of the month). EDIT: Sourcing my statement about the fed requiring higher capital for banks that took effect October first https://www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/pressreleases/bcreg20210805a.htm




Democrat stubbornness is not how I would word it personally. At this point I would call it Democrat hubris. Their prideful delusion that having a dementia patient instead of the orange man as president is going to keep them pretending things are better than they were last year or two years ago economically. Stubbornness would imply that they see reality, but at this point with like 4 months of inflation over 5% and prices rising on things like rent, they are ignoring the problem all together and pretending things are good. I do think they will eventually be forced to see reality, things will get spooky if the market does start to go red, and Biden is almost guaranteeing that will happen at some point with things like his covid mandate. All it takes is the supply chain to have issues for an extended period of time and cities will have a very different mood fast.


Good news being once we’re in a recession and oil becomes too expensive we’ll be able to start another war. I say this is good cause my MIC stocks aren’t doing as hot as they used to


Isn’t that obvious? China owns American media and Hollywood. India doesn’t.


American journalists are the whores of the corporate world. You can get them to say and do anything for a paycheck. See, Prostitutes generally have some standards and their activities affect only them and their client. Being an actual paid whore in the traditional sense are on a higher tier of society than modern newscasters. Journalists on the other hand? They will let any country or person violate them and their principles repeatedly and spread their rotten words to the public to try and construct their master’s narratives.


21st Century Fox be like: I play all sides so I always come out on top. They literally own and run both National Geographic ( woke) and Fox News ( reactionary conservative). All MSM companies push an agenda. Fox Group meanwhile pushes every agenda lol.


Aren’t they separate things now due to disney buying them?


How does China own our media and Hollywood? Genuinely curious if there are real facts here.


Hollywood is just common sense. American movies are very popular in China and if Hollywood does not comply to China's every demand, it will be banned just like the NBA. You can look up examples of Hollywood censoring for China but I am too lazy to link them. I honestly doubt China "owns" US media. Unlike Hollywood, if you read Chinese state media they constantly trash CNN and other Western Media outlets as being pro-America, nationalist, far-right, and imperialist. All Western Media outlets are also banned in China. They do certainly like China though, I theorize it is because they are globalists, hate America, and China puts out a lot of leftist propaganda (similar to the right wing propaganda they constantly trash Russia for doing). For example, this video from CGNT about racism: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pWmzpxRPsU](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pWmzpxRPsU)


> You can look up examples of Hollywood censoring for China but I am too lazy to link them. My favorite example is them requiring the black actor in Star Wars to not be featured prominently on the posters. Hey left, there's an actual example of institutional racism against black people! Whatcha gonna do? Oh, right, not a god damn thing and half of you will suck Micky Mouse and Pooh Bear's dicks because you think its cool to hate on capitalism.


When I saw the title, I thought it was something ShroomKat would write.


🅱️ased and i-feel-special-and-warm-inside pilled




Augustus what the fuck why do I see the gang here so often


Many of us came to the sub from PCM.


George Bush: Bans flights


It's so tiresome


Based and sigma pilled


Based and smegma pilled




All of Joe's approval rating is from the msm lmfao


Based 🥜


Based and fuck biased media-pilled


Btw, guy at the bottom also called guy at the top a racist for closing borders to China


Biden is auth center but as the others have said, Biden is not liked. His [RCP polling average](https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/president-biden-job-approval-7320.html) right now is at 43% approval and 52% disapproval.




Yes. He's moved very much to the left economically to stay in the middle of the Democratic Party which is where he's always been. The idea that he's right wing is frankly absurd.


The Democratic Party is not left wing


As a Telugu-American I think both of these are fair.


Telengana is not real


is that orange libleft? kinda hard to see


Lol the two parties will be gone soon don't worry.


How come?


Do not question the way of the libcenter


ooooah ahah 🦧


Return to monke


Releasing a bunch of angry chimps into the senate chamber and congress.


We tried that in january but it didn't work




Because two is one too many.


I just want this country embrace more than two parties. They don't have to dominate, just win some seats. Add in a Social Democrat Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party, American National Party, some single issue parties, and locality parties. I don't like the idea of racial identity parties but I would imagine some would pop up. I think things would seriously improve if we had more than two choices in this country.


Perhaps. But really it should be liberty forced down everyone's throat for the benefit of everyone. The people that don't want freedom are ignorant and shouldn't be voting in Congress anyway.


We can only hope…


Honestly the fact that political parties haven't been abolished yet is appalling. Always either useless, corrupt, a force for evil or a combination there of.




As long as the new one isn't Bernie's.




Why is Biden banning flights from India?


Covid im guessing


Makes sense. Thanks fellow lib.




as a wise man once said. americans are just overgrown toddlers \- me


A wiseman once said shoot them when you see the whites of their eyes.


The nice thing about those bastards is that I hate them both.


Virgin US politics vs Chad European politics


Was trump a bad president ? I would love to hear your objective answer


No. He gave us the cofeefee meme


No. Was he the best? Definitely no. But I think that in a lot of ways he did his best against a table that was stacked against him. Fuck, even most Republican establishment politicians hated him alongside Democrats. He was constantly ridden and berated by not the just the American, but global media for 4 years straight no matter what he did. He made a fuckton of mistakes but he was no Hitler or fascist like some people legitimately believe. I honestly believe that if Trump has existed on a level playing ground with similar politicians, we might have him in office right now.


I think most of us can agree that America is doing pretty shit rn. Let's hope the next president isn't a sleeping old man or whatever the last one was, no one word to explain him.


Fuck Trump! Fuck Biden! :)


Fuck me ;)




No you


Is this degeneracy


Most defenitely






B... but india anti-chinese racist and misogynists...


Don't you fucking call Biden in any way right wing. Stop giving life to that lie.


Again, Biden is not on the right.


Yes he is


Vaccine mandates? Using OSHA to effectively require businesses to have all their employees get vaccinated? Sounds pretty Nazi-pilled to me


No, he's not. He's auth center.


No he isn't.


He definitely is bruh 💀