based until proven cringe

based until proven cringe


Based until proven unflaired


based until proven woke


Based until proven not a war criminal


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I really miss bounty hunting


It'll be back soon. Lib center with a slow transition to lib right as the economy blows up and the national debt is paid off.


I see privatized police coming on the horizon. Amazon and googles with their mass information networks could take bountys to hunt down highly wanted criminals


Monke until proven human


gamer until proven non-oppressed


I can accept green libleft's terms


based and enlightened centrist pilled


Based and prison-should-not-make-people-get-worse pilled


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Fooony monke he go OOOh OOH ah ah monke saey amny tingssysys..... The ape says you should detach yourself from humanity and return to the apes, go back to your primate roots my distant brother, we all fell from the same branch but our seeds grew up to be different trees. We are still the same my less hairy brother, we still walk on the same two legs we did centuries ago but now yours have lost their hair, lost their pride, the ape pride of climbing trees and hunting with nothing but your hands, getting drunk off of rotten fruit and snacking on the lesser creatures you find in your brothers hair or in trees. The human branch has rejected the true roots of our species, technology has saved your body not only from disease but also from your primal true self, it has saved you from strength, power and speed, it has freed you of the pride you once had. Come my brother, become prideful again and reject all of these chains modern times have put on you, reject what the hairless brothers say for they are blind to the true way we all grew to be, we shall hope that they open their eyes to the truth one day. But for now they do not concern us, stretch your arms for the nearest vine you see, peel the bananas in one move and devour them no matter how brown they may be, quench your thirst with the water from creeks and waterfalls of the jungle, get your sweetness from the juicy fruits the trees of our home give us. The re-revolution is coming, we accept the advances of our hairless brethren but we wish of you to return to the right path, cease poisoning yourselves and the planet which birthed you, use what you have learned from your transgressions against he true way and use them to better yourselves. Be one with the true way, swing not with your arms but with your soul, smash coconuts not with your hands but your heart, look at the beauty of nature not with your eyes but with your now enlightened brain, heed my words hairless brother. Reject humanity, return to Monke. Hahha banan


The monke bible has saved my human soul from original sin, I shall reject my opposable thumbs and strive for a prehensile tail. I will try my best to encourage evolutionary pressure so that my descendents may enjoy the Monke life, I will sacrifice what I have so that one day, humanity may absolve its sin entirely. Ooga booga OOOO OOOO AAA AAA


Guilty until proven innocent by Orange lib left just shows how authoritarian and far-left they really are. FeministIdiot: *"Oh, he raped her right after they broke up?"* Rational person: *"He didn't rape her as for as we know, its just accusations"*. FeministIdiot: *"Come on! He must have raped her! It just makes sense. Males can't handle rejection and are inherently violent."* Rational person: *"I mean not necessarily, another possibility is ***she*** was the one who can't handle the break up, so she accused him"* FeministIdiot: *"WHAT! You misogynist! Women NEVER lie about rape. All women should be believed, no matter what. You need to reflect on your misogynistic views"* Rational person: *"There's no fucking nuance with you, fuck off"*.


MHM, honestly orange libleft are just privileged misflared authlefts, and the literal definition of champagne socialists. At least normal socialists aren't total hypocrites and have good intentions although fundamentally misguided. Guilty until proven innocent wouldn't even be so bad if it was applied *consistently* towards everyone, but instead they favour "oppressed" groups - the most ironic part is that any "oppressed" person that speaks out against the orange libleft narrative loses their oppressed status lmfao.


Happens when you're radicalized by tribalism


Holy shit the centrists actually got something right for once.


Is it me or is the Libleft Chad getting increasingly ridiculous looking


China: Guilty until proven guilty because we can’t make it seem like our legal system has any flaws.


LibLeft sexual degenerate until proven tradwife.


LibLeft bad until proven non-LibLeft