AuthLeft tries to convince someone to get the vaccine (first post, plz b gentle)

AuthLeft tries to convince someone to get the vaccine (first post, plz b gentle)


Nobody should die, and telling someone to do so is a sign of degeneration to our evolved social abilities.


> Nobody should die Are you sure you're an authleft?


[You'll never take me alive authtist](https://youtu.be/v0sdR-UdYzg)


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Nobody should die, but many people should be sent to gulags


This is authcenter in disguise




What if they're unflaired?


Generally, some people really need to hurry up and die.


And yet some of the most popular subs just can't stop themselves from doing this 24 hours a day every day. Evil is real.


Based. Fucking based.


I disagree. I think the world would be much better off - and a much better place to live- if 80% of the population died. The problem is finding the right 80% and then the logistics.


>I disagree. I think the world would be much better off - and a much better place to live- if 80% of the population died. The problem is finding the right 80% and then the logistics. Can't tell if Authright Nazi or Libleft Bond Villain. You don't own any cobalt, do you?


Reddit hivemind be like:


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AuthLeft wants you dead pretty much in general


Nothing wrong with a vaccine. Nothing wrong with reluctancy. Blackmail to make people take it makes no sense to me. Recently I've heard it related to Harry Potter. "Why are the mudblood vaccinated afraid of the pureblood unvaccinated?" And such. The labels are funny I'll give them that and the point is fair. If the vaccine works why fear the unvaccinated? Is it survivors guilt? Or a social thing like casting out the leper? Or a culty thing like "one of us, one of us"? Why essentially force it on people by blackmail? Vaccinated people can get other vaccinated people sick. Since they can spread it amongst themselves why worry whether or not others are vaccinated? If someone doesn't fear a natural death from an illness who are we to deny them that?


not to go auth center here, but, needing to relate every real thing through a lens of childrens fiction should be a death sentence. like goddamn, are you so unprepared for real life you have to retreat to *harry fucking potter*?? disgusting.


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The pure/mud blood reference is weird and funny but you're right, it shouldn't be. The idea might be to get more youth against the vaccine? I don't know. It certainly distracts from the seriousness of the situation. Sadly fictional worlds are influencing what should be adult minds beyond acceptable amounts. I feel similarly as you when I saw people dressed up as Handmaid Tail or whatever that was. I give an exemption to Guy Fawkes masks with protestors. Their cause may be less noble and their methods less direct to the source of their discontent but at least that was a real person. Unless they wear the mask to be V from V for Vendetta then it's immature and lame.


v for vendetta undoubtedly popularized the guy fawkes mask, however i also see it as more acceptable, purely because its usually worn in an act of defiance that theyre doing **in the real world**, not just to cope with reality. it also is shockingly relevant. if harry potter was about authoritarian over reach, maybe id change my mind, but its just some childish trash about magic.


> Recently I've heard it related to Harry Potter. > "Why are the mudblood vaccinated afraid of the pureblood unvaccinated?" And such. Wh Wh-! *What*?


I'm not joking lol several news agencies have reported on the trend. Pound sign pureblood is trending on the tiktoks


>If the vaccine works why fear the unvaccinated? Is it survivors guilt? Or a social thing like casting out the leper? Or a culty thing like "one of us, one of us"? You answered all of your own questions. Fear and fanatacism, combined with zealous hate for perceived political opposition, has created a cult.


A decade or so from now I don't imagine anybody will admit to being a vaccine blackmailer. History books won't record the skepticism, inconsistent medical information, nor the politicization of this. No lesson will be learned, the oppressors will feel vindicated because we survived something that killed less than 2 in 100.


The current death rate of hospitalized people is 1,866 in 143,949 or 1.3%~ according to information from the CDC, ["of whom 94.9% had at least 1 underlying medical condition".](https://www.cdc.gov/pcd/issues/2021/21_0123.htm) This gives a 0.066% chance of death at the current rate if you do not have an underlying medical condition. This means that if a healthy person gets COVID and gets hospitalized, that they have a 1 in 1500~ chance of dying from their symptoms. This number is likely so low due in some part to the effectiveness of the vaccine in reducing mortality rates of those who get COVID and is not meant to sway anyone's choice when it comes to vaccination.


But 60% of people have underlying medical conditions.


Funnily enough that’s probably the percent of overweight and Obese people in the US.


I think I read 78% somewhere.


Maybe. But let's maybe leave the healthy and especially the healthy kids out of this.


1 in 50 people dying is huge


Except it's not 1 in 50 lol, the average survival rate is 99.94%, for my age group it's 99.9992%


Yeah good thing it's not that bad! It was *less than* 2 in 100 at the worst. Currently it's like 1 in 500 if the news is reporting accurately


My notebook will tell otherwise


This can only be solved by lawsuits, bloodied noses, and total derision


They are definitely a cult get your death vaccine and wear a mask everywhere or ELSE. Don’t you dare not follow us off the cliff or ELSE. No mask no Vaccine


Imagine thinking the people who want to stop the pandemic with a vaccine are the cult, not the "I did my Facebook research" people...


Imagine thinking it's only one or the other


It's not people who are pro vaccine. It's the mob of people who openly hate and wish harm on those who don't get the vaccine.


Read another book but based opinion


Any good recommendations?


A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara No I'm definitely not trying to make you question your happiness and if you deserve it


Yep, I think everyone should get vaccinated, and I also think that sufficient cause has not been established to forcefully coerce people to get vaccinated. It’s like the rich lefty parents who didn’t want to get their special kiddies vaccinated. I mean, I think it’s dumb as hell, and I think they aren’t pulling their weight when it comes to herd immunity, but shit, it’s their *right* to be like that.


Because people who are unvaccinated take up valuable hospital capacity and resources. With hospitals already over capacity in many places, a bed going to an antibacterial who caught covid because of their personal choice is a bed not going to a stroke victim, or a child in need of urgent care.


True! I have a plan for the US at least... Let's wake up the Military who isn't doing anything in Afghanistan anymore and have them set up tents just outside of those overwhelmed hospitals! Put the unvaxxed in tents outside, have military doctors treat them the best they can with advisement and some resource help (like test equipment) from civilian doctors and the other hospitals.


Unfortunately, your solution basically amounts to “give hospitals more funding and beds”, which isn’t going to come close to the massive wave of unvaccinated hospitalisations if we just let them loose, especially since most hospitals are in urban areas, where you can’t just “set up tents outside”. Funding more hospitals is a good first step though.


> If the vaccine works why fear the unvaccinated? Is it survivors guilt? Or a social thing like casting out the leper? Or a culty thing like "one of us, one of us”? Just as there are reasons to be reluctant about getting the vaccine, there are reasons to want a universally vaccinated population over a scattershot approach. The first reason being that unlike chickenpox, measles, polio, etc, the coronavirus is far more prone to mutation than those other diseases we have vaccines for. Similar to how improper antibiotic use fosters a selection pressure towards breeding antibiotic resistant bacteria, having a significant unvaccinated population provides an incubation zone for the virus to continue mutating until it hits upon a variant that can breakthrough the vaccine (think of how you need new influenza shots each year). We’re already seeing a microcosm of this with the delta variant; my country (Singapore) had cases doen to an absurdly low case count per capita. Then Delta came along from countries that didn’t have shit under control and now our daily cases are literally a hundredfold what they were months ago. The second reason is the load on the hospitals; unvaccinated people are hit worse than vaccinated ones by the coronavirus. On an individual level, this is only a personal problem; however, in significant numbers, large amounts of unvaccinated people, especially in the wake of the even more contagious delta variant, can threaten to overload the hospitals to where they crowd out regular cases.


Culty for sure. Both sides.


I’m vaccinated, so I’m not worried. I want the dumb unvaccinated fuckers to stop clogging the hospital system. Mega delays/cancelations for the rest of us are ridiculous/dangerous. If it was just their personal choice on risk and weren’t clogging the medical system, I wouldn’t care.


Do you have the same problem with fatties? Smokers? Opioid addicts? Anorexic people? Depressed people? Why are you dead set on making 40% of medical staff who where heroes this last year quit their jobs because you won't acknowledge their concerns about the safety and effectiveness of your billionaires pet mad science project? Hell you won't even acknowledge natural immunity or hell you won't acknowledge biological conditions to make the vaccine even more dangerous to some people.


Wow, a world without fatties, smokers, addicts, anorexics, and depressed people would be pretty great.


If no one gets vaccinated we could let covid handle that for us


No, we couldn't. It's not that dangerous. Infect every single person on the planet and give nobody medical treatment, and at most somewherr between a tenth and half of a percent of people would die. There's WAY more people who are obese than that.




Nobody doesn't acknowledge that certain people literally cannot take the vaccination. There's nobody fighting against genuine medical exemptions for the vaccine. Part of the drive to get everyone who can be vaccinated to take the jab is to protect people who don't have a choice as they often have serious comorbidities that put them at serious risk. Please show me a source for the claim 40% of medical workers are currently refusing vaccination. >effectiveness of your billionaires pet mad science project? Characterizations like this are not only disingenuous but downright ridiculous. In what world would the development of a vaccine for a pandemic be anything but a crucial, if not the most crucial, step in ending said pandemic. If you think the development of a vaccine to stop a pandemic is "mad science" then I'm not sure. This idea that people refuse to recognise the idea of natural immunity is ridiculous and fundamentally misunderstands the way vaccines work. Vaccines are a method of triggering the natural immune response, they influence your body to create antibodies. That's it. The vaccination of people who have already had COVID is precautionary, and is partially intended to stop people from lying their way out of a vaccination.


>The vaccination of people who have already had COVID is precautionary, and is partially intended to stop being from lying their way out of a vaccination. This is statement here is dumber than how the Afghanistan withdraw was done.


Except that with a virus where case tracking was done pretty poorly (at least in the United states, people having a history of avoiding medical care because of related expenses, plus just general COVID denialism, it would be difficult to ascertain whether someone has or hasn't had COVID. People already make fake medical exemptions for masks and/or fake vaccination cards. It's not a stretch to think people would lie about natural immunity to avoid vaccination. "But you could just tell people they have to get an antibody test !" Like you could just tell people to get vaccinated ? People would just say no, especially considering it would immediately out people who were Bullshitting.


Or you could just trust people and stop being a fascist.


The American government, however you feel about vaccines in particular, ran out of good faith with its people 50 years ago. They could tell their constituents to go outside and breathe normally and people would pass out on the side of road. I'm not even blaming them, the American government has done lots of bad things. That being said, I don't think you know what fascism means. Fascism isn't when your government makes rules. It's not even like these are new rules. Vaccine mandates, in the United States at least, are more than 100 years old. I'm cognisant of your flair so I get not liking government mandates, but that doesn't mean they're fascism. Governments have the ability, in general, to take government health regulations and create mandates that somewhat limit people's ability to do or not do things. Just about every government on the planet has that authority. It's not some rampant new wave of authoritarian behaviour.


You had me in the first half ngl. This IS a new wave of authoritarian behavior! I have yet to show proof of vaccination to any job ever. Needing one to work somewhere is in fact new to most. In the US at least it is. Federal and State Governments allowing and even encouraging private companies to fire you for not taking an expedited experimental vaccine is authoritarian leaning. Federal and State Governments protecting expedited experimental vaccine makers from liability whilst firing government employees for not taking it is 100% a "new wave of authoritarian behavior" It's not do it or we'll kill you authoritarian. It's not do it or we'll lock you up authoritarian. But it is do it or you'll be fired authoritarian. Since the corporatocracy that is the US Government is performing this authoritarian act while it is also promoting patriotism. Those in charge including the billionaires have been making themselves richer since the start of all this via stocks, investments, "campaign donations" sales of everything to include medical supplies. Also the Government paints the unvaccinated as wrong thinking people, as enemies. We're checking a lot of boxes here. I dare say this is borderline Fascism as well.


I mean imo it's really not that big of a jump compared to the previous vaccine mandates throughout US history. Maybe for private institutions it's different, but most of those scenarios haven't really been government influenced imo. Private institutions are allowed a degree of discrimination, as they should be. George Washington mandated inoculation for his army with the threat of termination if not followed because it was a public health emergency, so it's not the first time for that. I think the Navy has other vaccines as mandatory too. I don't think experimental is the right word to use with the vaccine either, but at this point agree to disagree. I doubt I'm going to be the one to convince you it's safe, but for what it's worth there's billions of people who've already received the vaccine and are fine. The nature of vaccines means side effects show up quickly too. It's a vaccine we understand better and that's been better developed than those that were mandated 120 years ago, that's for sure. Certainly more safe than the literal live virus Washington was shoving into his troops lol. I think the most important piece of information is the DOJ approving mandates' legality. The American legal system still has quite a strong sense of independence from the other branches and operates, at least at the highest level, in good faith. The money making element bothers me, but that's not exclusive in any sense to this vaccine. It's just unavoidable that alterior motives driven by the highest level corporates will guide policy making, at least in the US. It's an issue way, way bigger than one vaccine. I'm not American, so it's different because they're not my government, but even with them being untrustworthy I just don't think looking from the outside in that this is a particularly slippery slope. I do understand that it's a genuine fear as well and that this isn't just for the sake of being difficult or contrarian either. Seems like America isn't a fun place to be right now.


Difference there is for the grand total of 5min of their time and $0 an unvaccinated person can change that. Everything else you listed takes years if not a lifetime to change.


And how has that solution worked out so far? Why is Uttar Pradesh (Indian Provine Population 230 million) Covid free with a sub 10% vaccine rate, but Israel with a 90% with some boosters having more cases than they did at any point in time before the vaccine was released? Because they are spending their taxpayer money on something that actually works and not wasting it on mad science.


The strain those people put on the medical system is already accounted for because they don’t come suddenly in waves, unlike COVID patients. I’m not even sure what your trying to say after that sentence.


The Flu did not exist before Covid. Is that what you are implying? Seasonal diseases that come in waves have been a thing since before we fuckin' evolved you neanderthal. What's not accounted for, that is major, is the mass exodus of workers leaving the industry because of the vaccine mandate insanity.


Please provide a source for the mass exodus you are talking about. I would like to read about it so I can inform myself. Edit: Never mind, [Here's a source which says that it isn't a mass exodus but does cause a potential issue](https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-08-26/covid-vaccine-mandates-drive-some-nurses-to-leave-america-s-hospitals). Those who don't wish to get vaccinated is below 1 in 8, or 12.5%. You claimed in your other comments it was as much as 40%. These numbers also come from Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Red states with a likely much higher level of vaccine hesitancy than the majority of the US.




What's the alternative though ? Nurses are working regularly with high risk patients and with lots of Covid cases. From the point of view of those who do believe the vaccine is safe and effective (which is the majority of the medical profession), how could you let people jeopardize your patients ? Pro-vaccine private hospitals are only gonna make one choice.


>The Flu did not exist before Covid. Is that what you are implying? How can you strawman so hard when my sentence was literally two sentences long? I advocate for taking the flue shot as well as the covid vaccine. And it's not like the flu is as much of an issue right now. \> mass exodus of workers leaving the industry because of the vaccine mandate insanity. What mass exodus?


Spoilers: They're not clogging the hospital system. Hospitals cut back on jobs at the same time as everyone else last year. That resulted in fewer beds available since there weren't enough employees. That resulted in "hospitals out of space!" fearmongering. Hospitals mandating the vax is causing more employees to quit or choose to be fired over getting the jab. Less employees again, less bed space, hospitals appear more full. Then there's the CDC fucking around with how they determine if a hospital patient is vaccinated. Got one jab and then got hospitalized? Unvaxxed. Got both jabs and then got hospitalized within 14 days of the second jab? Unvaxxed. Wait, 80% of all VAERS reports are within 14 days of receiving the second vaccination? That's just a coincidence.


Was just going to say this. Unfortunately you're using math and statistics which the left has determined is "racist" and "perpetuates white supremecy" so those numbers will be either completely ignored or cause you to be labeled a transphobic bigot somehow 🤔




Fact. Many nurses and staff were fired because they didn’t want to take vaccine. Despite getting us all thru bad times they were repaid with losing their jobs. Now hospitals have no one to blame but unvaccinated 🙈 a problem they caused.


Based but no flair. You make me sad


Flair up, mook.


Exactly they fired/quit all the good nurses who were smart enough to say no to the death vaccine so now you have far fewer healthcare workers and thus the hospitals seem overwhelmed because lack of staff.


Do you work in health care? If not I wouldn’t be so sure. In Canada we run a not for profit health care system, and in some places we are seeing as much as a 50% surge in the number of ICU patients in comparison to the same time last year. In Alberta it’s gone up to 75% surge and they are looking at rationing care within the next week or so because there is nowhere to put them. Patients on ventilators require 24 hour care with experienced nursing staff, respiratory therapists, doctors and all of the rest of the support staff (lab techs, records, cleaning staff…) otherwise patients will die because of a simple pump failure, or improperly maintained equipment. You need a collaborative team of highly trained professionals to keep these people from dying on you because believe me they are going to try. People have come out of retirement to keep our hospitals staffed and it’s still not enough, and we have lost a few through burnout because this hasn’t really stopped for us for a year and a half, so it feels so futile to us because it just seems to keep getting worse. We do not grow on trees, there is no one to replace us, THIS IS NOT POLITICS IT IS LIFE AND DEATH AND WE ARE DYING INSIDE PLEASE GET THE VACCINE!


If the vaccine works, why are all the worst-hit countries the ones with the highest vaccination numbers? If the vaccine works, why are the daily cases about the same to very slightly higher when compared to this time last year even though we were 0% vaccinated last year and allegedly 75% vaccinated now? If it's about saving lives, why is there such a heavy push to ban alternative methods of mitigating the virus even though there is blatant, undeniable proof of efficacy when used in treatment? If it's about saving lives, why are doctors dissuading patients from reporting to VAERS, and why aren't articles bringing up vaccination injuries or possible misapplication of vaccines, such as applying it intravenously? If it's really covid, why did the number of cases of influenza in the US nationwide drop from 30-40 million per year (which it has consistently been for the last 30 years) to 1800 cases last year? If it's really covid, why did we try to make a vaccine for something that mutates so quickly that it invalidates vaccines within 4-6 weeks of use, and why is it using mRNA when exploration of that method just 6 years ago had the entire animal population die from it within 2 years? Oh right, the answer to all this is "shut up and take the government at their word." Sprinkle in a little "Emergency Use Act needs there to be no alternatives" for the US.


Got any sauces? I'd like to see this used in my future posts or so.


Here are some things: Israel has high vaccination rates, one of the highest in the world and is still having issues. https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2021/08/20/1029628471/highly-vaccinated-israel-is-seeing-a-dramatic-surge-in-new-covid-cases-heres-why https://www.abc.net.au/news/health/2021-09-09/covid-19-israel-vaccination-high-case-rates-lessons-australia/100442304 The articles still claim that the vaccine is effective despite the evidence that they acknowledge, but whatever. Journalists can shill like they always do, since the narrative still must be pushed even when the data contradicts it. The CDC says they need a new test to help differentiate the flu and Covid. Funny how that works with flu cases somehow disappearing. https://www.cdc.gov/csels/dls/locs/2021/07-21-2021-lab-alert-Changes_CDC_RT-PCR_SARS-CoV-2_Testing_1.html


Unbased and wall of text while unflaired pilled


>I want the dumb unvaccinated fuckers to stop clogging the hospital system. Mega delays/cancelations for the rest of us are ridiculous/dangerous. Stop spreading misinformation


[Here's a source backing up that claim ](https://www.sciencenews.org/article/covid-coronavirus-vaccines-hospital-cases-rates-unvaccinated/amp)


> if someone doesn’t fear death from a natural illness They don’t fear death or covid but they fear a vaccine, that part is mind-boggling to me.


Not everyone who doesn’t want the vaccine is afraid of the vaccine.


You act like the only choices are: - Get covid and die. - Get vaccinated and don’t die. It really isn’t that hard for some people to avoid the risk of covid all together. Work from home and grocery delivery is not uncommon. It’s reasonable to not want either the vaccine or the disease and possible to be scared of both.


Flair tf up


Yes massah.


Nope I said “death or covid”, HE is the one you can apply that to not me. You can also be scared of spiders and heights, who cares, only thing I care about is that you flair up fucko.


Oh there is a lot of mind-boggling going on out there lol like military and law enforcement willing to die for the country but can't be inconvenienced to wear a mask.


I concur it’s a funny world we live in.


>If the vaccine works why fear the unvaccinated? If you really don't understand this somebody should've paid attention during biology. But school can suck so let me explain it very simply. Vaccines aren't 100% effective because the human body isn't 100% effective. A vaccine simply teaches your body how to fight a specific disease but sometimes the body forgets or can't fight it anyway. You get all the benefits of having been sick without actually having to be sick. And some people can't get the vaccine because their immune system is fucked. Most of a populace having a vaccine means that disease spreads less meaning those who can't get it won't get sick and die. Noone should be forced to get it, you should do it for yourself and everyone else. Getting the vaccine has next to no risk compared to getting the disease. So for your own sake get it if you can


I was aware of all that until you said the virus spreads less amongst the vaccinated? It's not an immunity so I don't understand how it would be less transmissible in a vaccinated person. But I'm not a doctor or anything remotely medical just a open-minded skeptic who is getting forced or fired soon. Trying to educate myself more I had the virus mid 2020 and didn't think I'd need a vaccine as studies show I am more protected than the vaccinated. 12x-27x more protected. I'm sure I'd be super duper protected if I got the vaccine but it seems like unnecessary risk given the unknown long term vaccine side effects, if any. Also, the liability waiver all these vaccine companies have is concerning.


If you’re better able to fight the disease off, your viral load will be lower if it does enter your body. Lower viral load means lower chance of spreading infection.


>I was aware of all that until you said the virus spreads less amongst the vaccinated? It's not an immunity so I don't understand how it would be less transmissible in a vaccinated person. Simple, the vaccine helps you fight it meaning you have it for less time. Plus if you do get it you'll more than likely not have symptoms like caughing once again making you less likely to spread it. >I had the virus mid 2020 Just like with the vaccine as time goes on your body might forget it, or the vaccine will have mutated and your body doesn't know how to deal with the new disease And I can guarantee the long term effect of the virus are much worse than the vaccine.


That’s not a vaccine then, a vaccine has to do one of two things. 1) it has to keep you from getting sick or 2) makes it so you don’t spread a virus. Technically the Covid vaccine does none of these things


No, thats not what a vaccine is. its simply teaching the body how to fight a disease while avoiding getting sick. And the vaccine does that. Your body fights it better with the vaccine than without it.


The virus is less transmissible because your body is better able to fight it when you're vaccinated. When you fight it more, there's less virus for you to spread, and when you're less sick, you produce less goop to spread it with as well. What studies are you referencing? I haven't seen a single study that claims natural immunity is better than the vaccine.


These researchers reported a 27x higher risk of symptomatic breakthrough infections relative to symptomatic reinfections. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.08.24.21262415v1


32,000 study sample size Half only vax Other half had covid and got better 257 cases developed in almost 3 months 238 of those were from vax Only 19 were natural immunity 199 were symptomatic 191 vax Only 8 natural immunity 13x more likely to have breakthrough infection than a reinfection. 27x more like to have symptoms with breakthrough than a reinfection. Natural Immunity easy W


You realise that the point of vaccines is to simulate getting the virus without having to get sick? Sure you can boost your immunity by getting the virus, but then you have the chance of getting really sick. Or you can get the vaccine, increase your immunity, and if you actually do get the virus, you have a much higher chance of not getting really sick. Vaccine for the W


Yes and cool, I already caught it and got better so no point in taking the vaccine right?


Depends on how long your immunity lasts. Ok, to try avoid getting sick from COVID what do you recommend? Should I get the vaccine or go get COVID?


You very well may have already contracted and recovered from it. Many factors could make this the case: you could've been asymptomatic, falsely negative due to less than desirable testing accuracy, and early misunderstandings might have suggested you not get tested when you actually had it (remember when they said covid gave you blue lips) I'd try to see if you already have antibodies or not. Then decide if you're healthy or not. Overweight or not, well rested, well nourished, sleeping enough, exercising enough, sexing enough, etc etc If you feel like you're in moderately good shape and born after 1980 I doubt COVID would be much worse than the flu for a person like that. I certainly don't know you or your situation well enough to recommend either way. I felt bad and obviously sick but more like I had the flu than the plague. If you or anyone else feels that the vaccine just isn't right for them I can respect that. If they strongly recommend others take it hell I support that too. Blackmail on the other hand is unacceptable, if the US wasn't so sick and financially stressed right now I'd dare say that government sponsored blackmail is worth a civil war.


Ooooooooof you don't know what pre-print means, do you?


Natural immunity does the exact same thing as the vaccine, but it doesn't require complying with government decree Edit:autocorrect is gay


> require complying with government __degree__ I believe you meant “decree” here.


Look here Mr. Uh.... oh wait lol carry on


It also incubates variants that may eventually get around the vaccine. Not to mention spreading at a much higher rate than in vaccinated people, making it far riskier to be an immmunocomprimised individual or someone who otherwise medically cannot get the vaccine. Not to mention you have to actually get the virus for that immunity, which gives you a far higher chance of dying than just getting the damn vaccine.


What about the vaccine only targeting one small part of the spike protein. Surely that would force rapid mutations of the virus.


The vaccine does little to nothing for prevention of spreading the virus compared to natural immunity. I can't incubate a variant that gets around the vaccine if it's not in my system.


Didn’t I see you on AHS talking about this sub being a nazi sub that despises trans people? And yet here you are. Admit, you’re one of us. And no we are not fascist and we don’t hate trans people. One of us! One of us!


The risk of harm due to contracting the virus is magnitudes higher than the risk of harm of taking the vaccine.


Untrue for everyone under 65 without serous health conditions


Like what? Yeah but you gotta you know **GET THE FUCKING VIRUS** which has a whole slew of life altering of not ending risks.


The vast majority of cases are asymptomatic. Most people dont even realize when they have it. I would not call that life altering. You gotta stop drinking the koolaid and go touch grass


The vaccine isn't effective, but you are forcing people to take it... got it.


I ain't forcing shit. It works, it's better than getting sick. That should be argument enough to get it. I'm against a mandate because surprise surprise I'm a libertarian.


Yeah as part of what I do I read up a lot on the vaccine research publications over the past year so I’m inclined to believe in its efficacy but if someone was like “I don’t wanna take it, I’m not comfortable doing it” then that’s also totally fine. That’s the glory of living in a free world. You can make these choices. Having the vaccines be free and set up to the point where if some person does change their mind and wants to get the jab then they can just go to a local pharmacy and do it is really great IMO.


> if the vaccine works why fear the unvaccinated Because the vaccine *doesn’t* work perfectly (none do). Because of this, you need a high proportion of people vaccinated to stop the spread of a disease.


What would you consider a high proportion? It's currently 55% full vax and 64% counting partially vaxxed. And can't vaccinated folk spread it and catch it themselves?


They don’t give a shit about the “people” they just want control


For real, it could be perceived as a test of submission. The government, billionaires, and celebrities don't care about us when outrageous medical costs prevent sick, diseased, and people with disorders from affording life saving medication. At least greatly limiting their quality of life because the cost prevents them from affording things that the naturally well and healthy people enjoy. It's not about our lives or wellbeing. It's about control. Once Kenneth Copeland blows these variants away like he did COVID-19 (/s) they'll go back to not giving a shit about us.


Test of submission? You’re already submissive broski. They already proved they can lock down entire countries while wealthy elites travel on a whim. All they have to do is get the rabid dog of media to back what they propose and people fall in line like dominoes.


Friendly reminder that the survival rate is still 99%


That’s fine and all, I don’t think vaxxes and masked should be forced anywhere, but still, “surviving” something isn’t always simple as having and getting over it, there’s still potential long term health complications and other crap I’d rather not gamble with


ok then get it. not force upon us


I’m not forcing anything, I’m just saying, you don’t have to gamble anymore, but ultimately it’s up to you


More like 99,99%


Never heard someone against getting the vaccine wish death upon the vaccinated, those with the vaccine on the other hand




i am still waiting for 0.01% of humanity to die from this deadly virus so we can get over it already


Im not getting the vaccine until i will get it


You see OP... This is more of a libleft sort of thing to say.. I mean, just look at u/baybeeeee 's comment >enjoy covid 👍 This reeks of soy energy. So I would say good first post, but authleft would say "no jab, no food. To the gulag with you."


Better watch out that 1.6% death rate gonna reap you


0.6% for the 18-29 age bracket by the way


.02% if they aren't fat. .001% if they suppliment vitamin D, C, and Zinc. .000001% if given the same treatment that obliterated covid in Uttar Pradesh, Mexico city, Delhi, most of central africa. And Peru, who then stopped doing that same treatment and went from covid free to being a covid hotspot.


And what is that treatment?




omg Reddit delete this hate speech NOW!!!!1!1


Almost like Covid isn’t a real issue and it just highlighted the REAL issue - people having piss poor health because they can fall back on the medical system


Seems too high. Where did you get that from?


Assuming that everyone who needs an ICU bed can get one.


It's like that South Park episode. "Oh no, I contracted SARS. I only have a 98% chance to live."


I'm not going to be bullied into getting something 🤷‍♂️ at this point Im uninterested in it because its mandated. Go fuck yourself. The second its no longer mandatory I'll go talk to my doc about getting jabbed. Until then, I'm good. Keep screeching.




This, I didn’t get it because they want me to, fuck off


Based and free-will-pilled


I'm more trustful on my dreager 4500 than in any "side- effects and effectiveness to be determined" vaccine , that said I got the first shot but I'm yet to see how things evolve before iItake the second


I'm vaccinated but I would never try to force it on someone or ostracize them for not getting it. It's a very personal medical decision with potentially dangerous consequences for some people. Attempting to force it on everyone is bull-headed and will only galvanize the already existing opposition to the vaccine.


Authleft: Somehow shifting the discussion on how less people die of vaccines than of covid. Well duh. Like, that wasn't the point dude.


I mean I think it’s kinda stupid to not get vaxxed but you have the right to be stupid so I won’t be a dick about it, literally no point.


I'm not afraid to say I don't see anything wrong with getting the vaccine and I encourage others to get it so we can finally get out of this fucking pandemic. Just because the virus isn't as deadly to you, doesn't mean it's the same very everyone else. The only reason why I got the vaccine is because I have parents that have health problems and I know that they won't be able to fight the virus as well as all the Mellenials and Zoomers. That's my 2 cents.


Still waiting for someone that I actually know to get covid


I know about a dozen, the overwhelming majority say it ain’t shit, some felt like the flu most felt even less. Then news be like “superhumans not affected by covid” for fucks sake just exercise and eat right it’s just the goddamn flu


Just wait until they hear I got Covid and was totally fine


Just wait until they hear you are more immune than they are


Frankly, I only care if you take the vaccine if I know you. Because I don't want you or someone in your family to have a higher chance to die because of something so preventable, that is it. Think I am exagerating? I live in Romania, a EU country, and we have 30% of the population vaccinated. The cases have been rising by 80-100% margin every week for over a month now. Its going to be a bloodshed. A preventable bloodshed. There are kids intubated right now, the arguments of previous variants are long gone, delta really shatters a whole lot more of people. We should never have a vaccine mandate, ever. But when there are close to no measures, you start wanting people to just leave the conspiracies aside and protecf themselves


It's a goddam cult at this point, those that force this shit onto others that is. If you want the jab you're more than welcome to do it, in fact nobody is stopping you. But you don't want the jab and this people fucking force it on you, it's fucking disgusting. Even more so they fail to realise how people that dont want the jb already assesed the risks are willing to take them, thats it, simple as. Why these fuckers that worship the jab so much are scared of someone who's not makes no sense. Either you think the jab works and it's the best thing ever meaning that you're not in risk of anything and shouldn't be afraid of the non jabbed or you know it dont work but you choose to ignore and continue to be a sheep cause everyone around you is getting so you "must" get it too. But then they spit out the stupid rethoric of "but muh weak people and people that can't get the jab!!" Bitch i don't give a flying shit, why should my individual freedom get crushed to "save" someone i have never met in my entire goddam life?


The uncoloured wojak saying “no” is giving too much importance to this sort of fanatic 🤭




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boo (i was gentle)


Fuck me yourself, coward


I went on tinder and found guys who weren't vaxxed and sucked their dick after they showed me their fresh vaccination card


This is Galaxy-brain level persuasion


gotten 2 so far lol


I've had several loved ones hospitalized for weeks with covid, two relatives and a friend died. If someone doesn't want the vaccine, unless they've already got antibodies, they can go live by themselves until it's over.


That was my plan the whole time


alright based


Just curious how old were they and were they overweight?


The two relatives were in their 50s, not obese but could definitely have lost a few pounds (for Americans). My friend was almost 80 but was in excellent physical shape. He didn't drink or smoke, he did a hundred pushups and sit ups every morning. Really an amazing guy. Was a marine in Vietnam. My other friends and family who got hospitalized ranged in age from 20s-70s with varying levels of health, some for a week and some for months. Oddly enough, my 26 year old disabled cousin survived. The doctors wanted to take him off life support to make room for other patients who had a better chance of surviving but he pulled through. Really thankful to God for that one.


Thanks for the response, hope you’re doing well!


Thanks :)


You must be very popular knowing this many people who had severe COVID.


I don't know what star-trek era place *you* come from, but where I am this is unfortunately normal. We haven't an open ICU bed in the state for days.


33M cases that had a result so far. 330M population. Chance of having had COVID so far = 10%. Chance of hospitalization = ~10%. Picking a random person from the population, there is thus a 1% chance that they've been hospitalized with COVID. You having at least 5 hospitalized people in your close circle, means the expected size of your close circle is 500 people. Impressive.


It is foolish to expect statistics to represent day-to-day reality. The two states that my friends and family live in are getting hit with covid the hardest, even down to the county level. But I get what you're trying to do. I genuinely hope that you never lose a loved one to covid.


Covid isn't evenly distributed through the population like this. The person you're replying to could be from a place that got hit hard by covid once or more, or they're just unlucky.


Seriously? "Was the person that you were close to and lost fat?"


I mean I’m just seeking information regarding the pandemic that’s drastically affecting everyone’s lives


Did your mother drop you when you were a kid? I'm just seeking information about the cause of such tactlessness that probably made somebody's day worse.


It's a relevant question. Obesity is a very common co-morbidity with covid.


Except many antivaxxers died of corona


Is this sub antivax or wtf is going on with the comments?


> antivax This term is reserved for people who don't get vaccines with long term safety data backing them up.


I think it's more anti blackmail and anti mob mentality


Oh are you new here?


medicine is not a political topic, not wanting to take the vaccine without a good reason is like refusing to make a firebreak


Nah I don’t care if you get Covid or die or whatever. I just don’t want you spreading that shit to vulnerable people. If the antivax fat lards would stay at home all day I would not give af if they want the vaccine or not


The problem is, there is evidence that being vaccinated doesn't stop you from spreading "that shit" to vulnerable people either. I believe there are even some studies that reported an asymptomatic/mildly symptomatic vaccinated person is likely a super spreader with viral load levels in excess of 100 times more then the viral load in an infected unvaccinated person.


Nothing wrong with death.


If only the people who refused to get vaxxed suffered from COVID, that would be amazing. Sadly they can cough on my grandma and kill her. And society will be stuck paying their long-COVID medical bills.


I say we give the vaccine some extra testing/few more years before we literally start allowing people to take it. Especially children.


I mean, covid has already killed 1 in 500 Americans or .2% of the population so… they are unfortunately dying


Get the vaccine, it’s so simple.


It is statistically improbable that you will die. It is statistically guaranteed that as long as science prevails we will increasingly make your life more difficult until you are vaccinated. Just do it. It's for your own good.


I just keep reading the news and hearing about all the right people dying and that's good enough for me


There it is. Can’t make money off people who die tho


You have the wrong flair 🤝