When you put money and economy over culture and beauty

When you put money and economy over culture and beauty


Why is there a giant water bottle.


Hydrohomie moment


That is really fucking ugly


Only to you


But you gotta admit it looks fucking ugly though


The only thing ugly in the first image is the yellow building.


Gotta give it to authright , they’re really the only ones that can really pull off beautiful architecture


What if money and economy is my culture and beauty?


Then you make a tasteful building that fits the aesthetic. And then plate it with gold and platinum to dunk on all the haters. Not build some big, shitty eyesore that ruins your property value.


Take away the gold and platinum and you basically have buildings like marina City.






Based and Art-Deco pilled.


None of those links work


You get the big American cities


Nobody say it. Seriously. No one say it.


Israeli Architecture




Urban planning is one of the most underrated and powerful forms of government


Until they start zoning, withholding building licenses and causing artificial house shortages that makes difficult to afford a house to young people.


Yeah when cities start acting like a giant HOA you've done fucked up. I'd rather have the freedom of making ugly buildings.


Not in my backyard are plebs going to live


I want the opposite lmao, keep the natural landscape natural, fuck the city up tho




Though it does have other urban planning tools at its disposal.


Keep everything as neat as possible.


Brutalist architecture sucks This post made by the Neo Classical and Gothic gang


Goth GF? No, I'd rather have Goth church


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Everything just seems normal too me. Maybe I have seen too many things.




You just watched Dubai is a parody of the 21st century didn’t you


Haha, you just think they built the brutalist style because it's cheep.




Some degenerates think brutalism looks good.




Brutalist cities look fuckin sick as ruins, and all cities will be ruins eventually, so really brutality is just planning ahead.


Hey, brutality worked for Mortal Kombat and Doom...


I am one of those degenerates


Face the wall the only people worse than you are the unflaired.


Who would have thought that my worst sin would be liking the blocky buildings




Fair enough


The second. It's the whole "cog in the machine" effect the soviets wanted they citizens to feel like.


While modern architecture mostly sucks I'm not a fan of European cities forcing themselves to stay in the 18th century forever either. I think modern archituctre can be great but we need a city/country to be bold and innovative. Fucking emirate states that just built skyscrapers in the desert just because have ruined our perceptions of buildings. I think Taipei 101 or some other West Taiwan buildings are beautiful.


You don't need to build in the exact same style as the old buildings, either. Just don't have a 19th century castle made of stone next to a box of fucking glass, it looks horrible.


Modern architecture is a prefect mirror of our current state of culture, society and civilization at large, it's dead




Rather have a beautiful house than an ugly house. Let's not pretend that building with a sense of beauty is a difficult thing to do. During some architectural movements of especially the later 60's up to the 90's, building ugly and purely utilitarian was literally done deliberately. And skyscrapers are a waste of money and resources (plus a cultural travesty if they start overshadowing older architecture). Building low is more efficient, despite what we might think.


Can you explain why building low is more efficient?


It's very expensive and time consuming to build skyscrapers. Unless there is scarcity of available plots, it makes no financial sense to build skyscrapers (other than it being a prestige project). If a lot of living/office space is needed, several story apartment/office buildings are much more logical to build. Cost per living/office space is much lower, while amount of living space is marginally lower or in certain cases even higher. For example, the foundation of the Burj Khalifa takes up so much ground space that placing several 6 or so story apartment buildings on its plot could double the amount of living space there, plus still have room for gardens inbetween said buildings. And of course for considerably less money and less build time. Buildings like that are purely prestige projects. They are architectural dick measuring contests, in a way. I'm not against skyscrapers or anything, since not everything has to be as efficient as possible. There should always be space for architectural freedom to build skyscrapers, imo. But we're doing it wrong when we start placing skyscrapers right in the middle of historic cities, and don't even make those skyscrapers architecturally interesting to boot (i.e. that rectangular *thing* in the post).


no need for elevators extra tall cranes and highly pressurised water.


Also, people decorate their houses when they can.


Is Trump lib right? He's big on skyscrapers.


I agree it’s an eyesore, but I would say you could get away with placing a building like that skyscraper in Chicago or New York.


Yeah, because the entirety of Chicago and NYC are eyesores. Adding more shit to a pile of shit doesn't make it look worse




Based and architecture pilled.


Manmade structures are so much more beautiful than nature. Nature is pure trash.


Where’s the second pic with the tall tower from? City looks cool




Yeah it’s the Montparnasse Tower, everyone hates it


TBF, I think prioritizing efficiency over beauty is a fairly Soviet thing to do. Not sure if I’d call it “Soviet culture” but it certainly exemplifies their beliefs


Russia had no culture before the revolution.


Dangerously based


Brutalist architecture can be very cool tho


Na it’s cringe. It’s a style based on being rebels from the architectural style at the time. It’s not even that cheap and efficient in most cases which you’d think was what they’re going for.


Almost every new art form/style tries to break from what came before, what's the problems of that? As for being cheap and efficient you have to look at each case, personally I like how it looks


It didn’t try to progress art/styles. It was basically a big middle finger to art as a whole. It was rebelling against all the church-like architecture and basically said “Fuck you I’m building a big rectangle.” At that point, there was no “architecture” involved.


Man, that's just misrepresenting it, just a quick Google Images search and you see how wrong you are, it's a lot more than that, it might be brute, oppressive and cold sometimes but in many cases there is a lot of creativity involved, the term is broad enough that there is a lot you can do within the style, so much so it's survives to this day. Saying it's a middle finger to art and that there is no architecture involved is also absurd, the intention was to be utilitary but that's also true to the whole modernist movement which brutalism is a part of, you can argue that it took it to the extreme, but there was still an attempt to represent the "dream" of the socialist utopia that they tried to sell, it failed miserably , but there was an attempt. It reflected a mindset during an important part of the world history that affects us to this day. The fact that these structures were able to evoke a sentiment in the general public already says something, even if that sentiment is negative. People usually call any bland old concrete building in Russia brutalism, but that's not always true, modernism is a broad movement.


At least having shelter is better than homelessness.


In exchange for higher suicide rates because outside looks nasty.


Maybe the community service should be painting the homes.


Paris literally put a black fucking dildo in the middle of their fucking city. FFS can we please bring ornamental architecture back? Not just weird shapes made out of glass, steel and concrete.




"Capitalism is when you pay money, the more money you pay, the capitalismer it is"




"Capitalism is wealth, the more wealth, the capitalismer it is" Seriously though, please acquaint yourself with what capitalism is instead of attributing wildly different historic economies to capitalism just because they had some measure of private wealth.




While the great buildings from Greece and Rome were done by the state in order to please and unite their citizens, being the most classic example the coliseum


Thank god for capitalism. Humans were literally living in mud huts before capitalism was invented by America.


Group defense is weird when the issue is factions within that group. For example religious artwork and Popebux™ were a massive driving force in the era. At the same time the religious fanaticism led to the bonfire of the vanities which was a major loss of priceless masterworks and ended the Florentine Renaissance.


Money and economy matter more than culture, which is outdated and soon to be destroyed by globalization, because they provide a tangible benefit to the individual.


Uhmmm... Yes, the more building you have the more you give to the collective


koenigsburg good kaliningrad bad


Beauty only matters when it's not your skin in the game. Also, Paris, known for being libright.


Auteft architecture is so bland and ugly


This is probably the one thing I am most insistent about, brutalism is a plague on humanity, it’s literally depression condensced into a block of concrete, the world shoul look like an elegance piece of beauty not like something you would see in the ussr


I put FUCK YOU over culture and beauty. Money is my culture and beauty!




Our architecture has a nice aesthetic tho


Perfect architecture is a small house on large acerage.


Both. Both are fine.


Seems like the only way to get beautiful buildings is for the rich and powerful to commission them without expecting to make a profit


Where is the bottom one?


I wonder how comparable commie blocks are to American suburbia. One major similarity is how similar buildings in each look.


Building vertically as opposed to horizontally conserves nature.


the former is obviously the bigger eye sore


Ngl I don’t really care. I’d rather not limit people’s rights for aesthetic purposes.


It's still better than AuthRight: Ah yes, *expensive housing* Or LibRight: Ah yes, *no housing or woke housing* Yeah I'll stick with AuthLeft/LibRight unity on this issue.


I never understood what's so great about culture and "beauty". Something being culture doesn't automatically make it good and often it's just totally dumb. Beauty I can understand to an extent, but I don't care enough to prioritize it.