cheap labour go brrrrr

cheap labour go brrrrr


But remember, wealthy people who move to another country are expats, NOT IMMIGRANTS! Even if they never return to the country they came from!


Why I hate librights, example #1488


irrelevant to the actual point, but the yellow guy with the green mask made me laugh


Agree. \-A mexican that just want dollars for cleaning toilets.


Concur. \-a mexican yond just wanteth dollars f'r cleaning toilets *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


I mean... what do you think the 1 million people illegally crossing the border and c130 planes full of afghanies are for?


Sounds good to me


The population in every developed country is aging rapidly, Japan is the most obvious example of this but other countries are on the same path. Retirement age people are, meaning this in the least offensive way possible, a drain on society. They don't contribute anymore, the rest of the country has to support them. We need immigration of working-age people to offset declining birth rates. Otherwise, we're going to be stuck propping up a retirement community that's pushing 40% of the population with an ever-shrinking working population straining to keep things running.


This is why we should not have tried to stop covid. It was trying to help.


Well it comes With the price of politician fucking with our lifes


Agreed, however I think that the method in which those immigrants are getting here needs to change. If we make only one option for immigration - legal immigration - and ease restrictions but with more extensive searches and checks we can allow many more legal immigrants into the US and make it fair for people who actually want to immigrate legally.


authrights coping rn


Or How about Here’s an idea *We actually let the economy take a downturn for a couple decades and not produce as much useless shit*


Doubt that would happen since a lot (not all of them) japans economy depends on entertaiment and escapism. Tbh japan population would've been better if they stop with the hivemind thinking that not ecxepting overwork would litterally mean lazy as fuck and maybe acknowlagde mental illness so that they could help the youth depression way esier. So that maybe the suicide rate can go down and people also interested in making a family since they'll have less burnout? Idk just my opinion.


More immigrants means more demand


Flair up