Right Chad in its purest form

Right Chad in its purest form


Isn't Bilzerian the weird Instagram guy?


He’s the “had to go grab a gun. I'm f---ing headed back” guy during the Vegas shooting


What now? How have I not heard of this before?


He tried to be a badass hero during the vegas shooting and quickly realized there was no way for him to actually help.


Didn't he also run up to a cop and ask for his gun as a stunt for instagram live?


Yes. Yes he did.


What an idiot


Yeah but he's a *rich* idiot so who's the real idiot now?


No he's not lmao it's all borrowed money he's broke


He’s not rich. He’s playing with other people’s money.


Yeah and he was talking to the camera like bear grylls while ducking behind a barrier a mile away from the shooting like “when you hear that crack sound, that means they’re shooting towards us.” And “hey cop give me a gun you’re gonna need my help but I need a gun”


Adding to this - he tried to convince a POLICE OFFICER to GIVE him his gun during an ACTIVE mass shooting. True definition of a chad


Wasn't he live streaming the whole time too? Like he was literally running around with his phone trying to get a gun to hold one handed while people in the background were actually helping each other get to safety. Then he sent his followers after the family of a man--who was awarded the Medal of Honor while fighting in Afghanistan--because he was called out on his cowardice. Edit: grammar.


I think one of his "friends" was recording him


>a man who was awarded the Medal of Honor because he called him out on his cowardice. They just hand these Medals of Honor out for just about anything these days.


Why commas are important


Nah see you don’t understand. Dan almost tried to be a Navy Seal once. Totally deserves our respect for his almost service to this country.


Honestly that's almost funny enough to not correct.


The guy is pure trash and only kids praise him.


Influencers are for idiots.


And the world is full of em


That's why a guy like him gets called "Chad" by some bigger soyboys.


#Sigmagrindset rule 0069. Tell the police to give you their gun. Then shoot people yourself.


Not a Chad at all, he was a total soyboy during that whole thing, watch the video


It was totally embarrassing and a big part of why this dude is a larping cringelord.


He was a "police officer" in some unincorporated town in Texas that basically sells a fake ID card for law enforcement in that town. That "police station" was shut down after the vegas shooting when more people became aware of it.


Plus all his money is his dad's tax evasion gutter run off.


The absolute state of this sub... unflaired scum getting upvoted


He may be a chad, but you are not for being unflaired


Alright that's kind of funny. I can see how someone with a ton of military training might be frustrated by civilian police but you also have to understand your training wouldn't make up for adding to chaos. Even if he were an actual Navy SEAL (instead of a drop out) he couldn't add more than he would be taking away with the confusion of another armed civilian in the mess. MAYBE if he had direct eyes on the shooter but even then.


Pro tip for shootings If the cops don't know where the shooter is, and the cops are already there- don't start waving your gun around it makes you look like the shooter


Flair up douche-nozzle


Everything about the Vegas shooting was incredibly suppressed in the media & social media


What things were surpressed?


The entire story was kind of skipped over from the purpetrator, victims, location etc


I guess I don't get it. That story the media should have ate up. It was their perfect crime against bumpstocks, and they ended up getting banned as a result. We know the location was at a concert in Las Vegas. I guess I don't get why it was suppressed, and the location definitely wasn't.


Yeah, it’s really interesting how a lifelong career machinist, who easily could have made a drop in auto sear for his rifle in about 2 minutes blindfolded with a $5 piece of scrap metal decided to use bumpstocks: a less accurate, less reliable, more expensive option. It’s really interesting how he owned a plane that was sold to a shadowy company affiliated with contracting for the CIA, and had all records of future it’s flight data scrubbed from public internet databases shortly after the shooting. It’s also really funny how his corpse is placed awkwardly underneath one of the rifles set perfectly upright on its bipod over his torso, while the brain matter splattered all over the room does not indicate he shot himself laying down in that position. Also really funny how the events happened the week before a bill (the SHARE ACT) was set to hit the floor to be voted on, that would remove suppressors from the NFA regulation system. We still know very little about him and his, aside from his family members arrested for possessing and distributing child porn and bank robbing dad, and his shady international marriage. We know every bit of history from everyone else who’s committed these atrocities, within a week of them happening, video records, social media records, communication transcripts, live CCTV footage… but very very little about James Paddock.




its not alien of them to plan and maybe even commit terrorist acts, google operation "Northwoods" , who knows :)


Don’t go down this rabbit hole, you’ll eventually become one of the idiots who thought my uncle was the shooter because he jokingly had a tiny disco ball going in his room


There’s a difference between someone going “I don’t know why these events happened, but there are clearly answers being hidden and a statistically near impossible amount of coincidences and outliers around this singularity vs others of similar nature” and a crackhead yelling “the government is using this to steal Christian babies and feed them to jewish space lasers and demons that want their blood to stay young” Unfortunately, the latter take over the conspiracy conversations and yell the loudest, making everyone discount everything. Alex Jones is a nut job that is wrong about 98% of predictions and claims, but the terrifying 2% of reality only people like him address are discredited and buried by the entire batch of batshit.


In cases like this, I'm a firm believer it's because the perpetrator was an asset. Some kind of informant for some letter agency. They always have weird records -- arrests that lead to nothing. Bizarre incidents that don't lead to arrests at all... and then they fucking snap. And it makes whatever agency or police department look really fucking bad that they had this guy on a payroll or had him informing or whatever and they just bury it.


I guess Las Vegas companies lobbied media, not wanting to lose profits from tourism. At least I would do that on their place. Or maybe it was just lack of interesting (political, religious etc.) motive, just a guy that decide to kill a lot of people.




He's the "please cop just give me your gun i am an ex navy sEAL i can take down the shooter, come on man i showed you my Instagram followers" Guy. He's also the "i made in one year of poker 3 times more money than the greatest players in history during their whole careers" guy. But most of all, he's the guy who boasts about stuff he doesn't own, uses women as decorations and the guy who owes all his money to the fact that his father was very good at illegally taking those money. The biggest loser in the history of humanity.


Thanks for saving me the time to explain how much of a useless dipshit this guy is.


He’s the, ‘I pretend I made all my money thru gambling, but really it’s all daddy’s money. And now I’m in serious debt but must maintain my image of extreme wealth’ guy


Yea, he leases a jet.


The company he works for, that's sued him multiple times for misappropriation of company funds, leases a jet for c-staff to use...that Dan often keeps for himself. In short, Dan's the child on the playground that truly believes he owns the swing set


like his mansion


His 6 last text tweets: "Critical race theory is complete horse shit" "Why don’t all these companies who want to be so inclusive, hire ugly models too? Being fat isn’t healthy and can be changed, while being unattractive isn’t something people have control over and they really get discriminated against more than anyone if we’re being honest." "If you think a biological man should be able to compete in woman’s sports, you’re a fuvking idiot" "Breaking news, you are allowed to go outdoors without a mask if you’ve been vaccinated 😂😂😂. Next they’re going to allow you to hike without washing your hands, if vaccinated, what a brave new world we live in." "2020, the year our country identified as bitchass" "Stop apologizing for your skin color you fucking retards, enough with the virtue signaling." He's based af


Wait I think he might be on to something with his second point though. He’s too frat bro for me though, an actual person in a fraternity


Lmao that’s a mood, being too frat bro for a frat bro


Second tweet is unfathomably based, hate this guy, but no denying


The entire point of the body positivity movement was originally aimed at people like amputees or burn victims who are seen as ugly and disfigured, so it's a good question why these fashion companies don't ask more of them to model.


"Trust fund baby pretends to be a military badass" sOo bASeD


Yea the dudes the biggest poser in the world who happens to have a lot of money. Remember his video from the Vegas shooting? He filmed himself repeatedly trying to get a police officer to hand him a gun so he could help. The guy is a jackass.


He is the living embodimemt of "I would have joined the army but I punched a drill instructor in the face"


He washed out of BUDs if I recall correctly.


Nah bro he was THIS close to joining the seals bro, but bro, he got injured bro.


So just like the other 99% of SOF wannabes?


Yeah this sub is comically childish for liking this clown. “SuCh A cHaD oMG!!”


This sub is comically childish in general. Consequence of the paradox of tolerance.


Never thought I’d be agreeing with a lefty, but the dudes a clown and gives a bad name to the gun community on the daily.


Just checked out the account and Twitter gave another fucking “sENsiTivE cONtEnt” warning for me to ignore. Someone posts that critical race theory is bullshit and Twitter is like “don’t click on this or you might die,” but every nsfw profile ever in my experience is perfectly fine.


tbf he does have a lot of sensitive content on his account, aka a lot of pictures of him partying with a bunch of naked models Ex: December 7th 2020 is a model getting her tits sucked by another topless model while holding a handgun with the worst trigger discipline in recorded history https://twitter.com/DanBilzerian/status/1335825695919001600?s=20


Even the dude with the giant ass rifle has his finger on the trigger. Fucking hell.


First rule of gun safety is to have fun, right?... Right?...


"First rule of gun safety is to ignore safety and accidentally shooting your friend in the face." Dicky boy, probably.


Dude is swimming in coke whores with fake tits, but like, I'm not jealous. It just looks exhausting.


I wouldn’t mind living that life for a few days…


What do you mean? She is making sure no one else can run up and press the trigger by protecting it with the perfect amount of force. True discipline right there.


Holy shit is that bad. There's a trend on reddit (and elsewhere) to point at photos and reeee about trigger discipline. When said photo is a kid in the 1960s with a toy gun or even NYC police officers holding their guns with infamous 12 pound trigger pulls, I think that can get a bit cringe. (There's a related discussion about why 12 lb triggers maybe aren't the best idea, but I'm not getting into that today.) In this case, pointing out this guy's *wretched* trigger discipline is warranted. Rich guy posing for photos with "models" (let's be honest, they are strippers) on his boat is more than a bit gauche and tacky, but there's nothing wrong with it. Introducing firearms into the equation, especially where there's also alcohol and possibly other substances involved, is outright fucking stupid. That total disregard for gun safety is giant red flag that this guy is someone to avoid and whose opinions are suspect at best.


Based. If Bilzerian isn't the LibRight spokeperson after the death of founding father John McAfee, purple square is fuckin all their shit up.


["This tweet may include potentially sensitive content"](https://i.imgur.com/YQZlUak.png)... Thanks twitter. ... but nothing sensitive with [a 80 year old blue checkmark asking for a child to get gang raped by pedophiles](https://i.imgur.com/VSXDKpg.png).


WTF even is that second tweet lmaooo


100% pure, all natural, grass fed copium


Doubt there’s any warning for the immense amount of furry porn on the site


prostituting yourself for internet strangers is empowering dontchaknow


He’s a retard. He’s a shit poker player, failed BUDs repeatedly because he’s a pussy, and coked his way into a heart attack.




Two heart attacks? Fuck. After the first one you’d think he would have dropped the nose candy.


Yup, twice


Based and based pilled


Sounds pretty cringy "I'm a tough guy with no real hot takes" to me.


He’s very cringey and a total dumbass. Listening to him talk it’s pretty obvious he’s a scumbag with little sense of reality.


After hearing a few people here calling him "Based" and "Chad" I feel like changing my flair.


Same, man. Same. If he’s a libright icon I want nothing to do with it, lol.


Ironic a guy who had 2 heart attacks before age 32 is making fun of people for being unhealthy.


He’s extremely cringey. The fact that most of this comment section is fawning all over him tells you all you need to know about the average user of this sub.


Yeah all the people here saying “based” about him is adding a lot of context to me about this sub. Always thought it was full of children who believe anything.


But we knew that already, its not hard to figure out what this sub really is after spending any amount of time here.


Sounds like hella I’m very badass cringe


Especially so when you learn that he dropped out of the Navy after repeatedly failing the SEAL training program for safety violations but acts like he’s the hardest warrior in history.


>"Why don’t all these companies who want to be so inclusive, hire ugly models too? Being fat isn’t healthy and can be changed, while being unattractive isn’t something people have control over and they really get discriminated against more than anyone if we’re being honest." That....is actually a good point.


God damn this man is based. Sadly though, companies are starting to hire unattractive women as models. It's a tragedy.


Less demand for hot models = cheaper hot models Best time ever to invest in the thot market


I think pimp is the next career move


Social media allows the really hot ones to sell themselves without having to involve a management agency.


Then become a tax attorney.


Are you sure you're not LibRight?


I'm definitely LibRight for economic stuff, but since I support the police and the military and don't consider gays and blacks to be lesser humans, the tests always put me within 1 square from the middle


Based and reasonable take-pilled


To me that was the oddest cultural shift for me. Call me a homo but I like seeing attractive people. They generally seem happier, healthier and well more attractive. Seeing a big chud on a billboard, the chud always looks uncomfortable. Not to say there isn't a place but for bikini models? Idk.


I think its just because most americans actually are fat now, they aren't under the illusion that a bikini on someone attractive will make them look not fat.


Harolds everywhere.


They are only hiring ugly ones that belong to “oppressed” groups for virtue signaling purposes, not because they are actually wanting to hire ugly models.


imagine being the talent director. "Ya whatever." "No on this one. Too ugly. A face even a mother couldn't love." "Fuck it, sure." "You're a fat, ugly, hateful bitch. You'll do."


Professional poker player turned porn star thrower and "totally not a money laundering scheme" vape mogul So, so, so based.


> Professional poker player "Professional" poker player


With daddies embezzled money


That bitch is not a professional poker player and never has been lmao


Dan Scamzerian


Yeah, he doesn't even own his own bed, I have trouble believing he actually bought a jet himself.


Isn't he actually broke or a lot less well off than he portrays? I remember a bunch of stuff like a year ago about him faking his money and life style.


That could probably be said about most influencer types, but yes his initial money that he loses to fund his nonsense came from his Dad who was a corporate raider back in the 80s, but he likes to claim he made it all playing poker and was a Navy SEAL and all sorts of ludicrous shit.


Thought so. I'm honestly impressed by the balls on that man, but the navy seal stuff is pretty cringy. Anyone can fail out of navy seal training.


Yeah, and it’s also worth noting that the money from his “corporate raider” dad was embezzled. Not “allegedly” embezzled but “his father spent decades in prison” embezzled.


He managed to get convicted of financial crimes in the 80's, That is insane, he is practically a unicorn.


imagine being such a bad businessman you get caught committing white collar crimes under reagan




So Libleft *is* capable of funny one liners.


It just means that he was really flagrant and bad at accounting.


>failed out of navy seal training So not a navy seal


His father basically funded his influencer business and was locked up by the SEC


He got in trouble because he created a start up and used all the capital ~~to be a smip~~ hire models to show up at his parties. Because he has no money other than his daddies'


It was all rented with shareholder money. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkCuh-U7KqQ


Lol his weed company lost 50 million dollars last year. From all accounts he uses everyone’s money except his to finance his life.


If anyone else said this I’d be hilarious but Dan is like the biggest fraud on the internet, which is saying A LOT.


I refuse to wear a mask as i don't go out of the house.


This is a take I could get behind


Based and introvert-pilled




Going to go a beard and walk around the forest with a giant wood stick and robes. Fuck monke, return to forest hermit.


Dan Bilzerian is a cringe degenerate. He will be crucified and his wealth seized by the state


He's just won a spot on the List of Non-Persons^TM


Right has some amazing chads and Bilzerian ain't one of them. Man's company is kissing the ocean floor, clearly lies about his so called outstanding poker skills, the ones that were with him in the Navy call him a liar- something that Right should not be proud of. His father was a libright chad back in the 80s.


He really is a decidedly unbased spoiled rich kid with a massive ego who lies about everything, that response was perfect though.


Yeah but he likes beer and guns and murica and stuff so right is ok with him


On the surface, in reality most of us think he's a dweeb.


I mean he definitely has some based views and opinions, but overall he’s just kind of a jackass and on par with other retarded influencers.


Dan Blizerian is the IRL version of the Navy Seal Copypasta.


Dude said he's had 10,000 one night stands. Anyone who'd believe that is dumb as shit. He also said he went thru navy seal training with two broken legs.


Oh my god he really is a walking copypasta


He’s not Auth. He’s not a government or *auth*ority. Good or bad, Liberalism expands *individual* rights against the rights of the *public* — for instance, when a person wins the right to own a firearm, voting, the right to have an abortion, the right to own property… Good or bad, Authoritarianism expands the *public’s* rights against the rights of (an) *individual* — for instance, taking a serial killer’s gun away, disallowing abortion clinics, stopping a county level court from awarding a property title


I hate the man, but love the response.


I imagine this is the exact sort of thing you lowkey wait for after buying a jet.


If I had a jet I would make throwaway accounts to put me in situations where I can flex


Dude it's actually broke and just lost his mansion, I doubt he'll have the jet much longer either.


I'd keep in the hanger 24/7 since I wouldn't be able to afford fuel, maintenance, or a pilot, but this opportunity would make it all worth it.


Same. Can’t stand the dude, but that’s fucking hilarious


He can't do coke with a mask on. He's not saying it for the reasons u think. Dude had a coke heart attack at 38 yrs old


Lmao yeah sure he owns a jet... Just like he owns that $30 million mansion


Based but fuck Dan Bilzerian




Yes! And the inheritance was all embezzled money, too! For those keeping score at home: a trust fund baby with no life skills inherited a ton of money from his criminal father and uses it to pretend he’s accomplished something. That’s literally this dude’s whole story. Possibly the least based person in existence. EDIT: He also pretends to be a Navy Seal, so throw stolen valor on top of all that.


He has also been using his " Ignite " business to write off all his Instagram hobbies and whatnot like flying the plane, chartering yachts, renting mansions for 50k per night, damn near bankrupting it and himself. Only a matter of time before it all crumbles down. Pretty much all fake and for the views.


And what every Libright aspires to be




Isn‘t that the guy that asked a cop for a gun during the las vegas shooting because in his mind he is a Navy Seal? Yeah sounds like a guy with a healthy mind.


Yeah this was funny, but that guy is a complete idiot and douche


>because in his mind he is a Navy Seal Best thing was he keeps on bringing up how he dropped out of BUD/S (with the usual excuse being for "medical reasons") and had to pay millions of dollars to get one line in Lone Survivor so he could actually be a SEAL. If you wanna check out someone that admitted he couldn't handle BUD/S with grace, check out Nickmercs.


pretty much, he's mostly a fraud and scam artist who company is going bankrupt. most of the money he has was embezzled funds from his crook dad


Like father like son!


Dan Bilzerian is “I am very badass” personified, I cannot express how much I hate that fucking dumbass


He's an absolute douchebag.


It makes sense that only 12 year old boys adore him.


LoL probably his imaginary jet (or maybe he was talking about a toy jet). Tweets like this is to show that he is the rebel bad ass so he can sell his book/shitty merchandise to manipulable persons. Sadly I know a guy that I told (and show videos to him) that his whole life was fake, he was broke and a favor at business. The response I recibe was a Instagram photo of Dan showing “his” cars and a “I’m gonna buy his book”. He is no based… he is the opposite, the main problem in every quadrant of this compass: Kiera that will lie and lie so you can buy/support/ vote for them. Don’t waste you time with this people. Just ignore them, it is their weakness


Blizerian is a lying little bitch boy who has to ‘roid up just to improve his self esteem.


Right? If you know who Dan Bilzerian is outside of the persona he advertises, you shouldn't give a fuck what he does and owns. Anyone proud of this guy is committing a comical self-own.


Lol, he's the male equivalent of a Kardashian: he's famous just for being famous.


He also doesn’t own anything, it was all expensed by “his company” that he got fired from after being one of the only major marijuana companies to LOSE money during the late 201Xs


> one of the only major marijuana companies to LOSE money during the late 201Xs I think you'd be surprised how few actually make money. source: literally sitting in the finance office of a top 5 (CA) cannabis manufacturer right now.


I mean, as far as I can remember Dan’s rise in social media and pop culture coincided with the legalization movement on the West Coast and was founded in ‘17 so he had the name recognition, the Canadian market, and a ton of connections to the scene in LA and still bungled it. Even after they limited his role and shuffled everything after that executive aired his “advertising expenses” they apparently didn’t pull a profitable quarter through all of FY19 or FY20. It wasn’t until the uptick in Canadian usage during COVID did they make money and that just so coincides with Dan not being allowed to travel to Vegas and Croatia every weekend.


ya the Canadian market is better and the beginning of covid was the high water mark. no profitable quarters in 2020 is a huge red flag. Times are just pretty tough the last 6-8 months or so in CA.


He’s been exposed for not actually owning a lot of his stuff (like his house lol) , along with lying about his back story and allegedly lying abt his poker earnings so I kinda doubt he actually owns a jet. J Aubrey has a pretty cool video on Dan Blizerian. He’s an amusing nut case




Anti-Aircraft missile inbound


He won’t even pay the “environmental” EU tax on aviation, because private flights are exempt. What a Chad


They're what???


https://www.irishtimes.com/business/transport-and-tourism/corporate-jets-to-escape-eu-s-green-aviation-fuel-tax-1.4618545 I guess they are jus tired of poor people filling up the airports, so teu use the environment as an excuse. Pretty normal really.


Environmental stuff has always been about controlling the lessers. Nobody in power is going to NOT fly a private jet to lecture you into accepting more cuts to your standard of living. They have standards, after all.


>because private flights are exempt Thats fucking hilarious. Fucking EU man, fucking EU, EU sucks massive cock, tell me what kind of fucking charger USBs I have to use, dude they fucking allowed, ALLOWED oddly shapped fruits and vegetables to be sold in the supermarkets, really fucking necessary. Yankers always get the fucking slack for existing but remember, we are the piece of shit inbred dumbass statist fucks that ALLOWED EU to literally tell us "this vegetable looks ugly, youre not allowed to sell it" What in the actual fucking fuck is the EU government doing and why are Euros okay with it. Peak E U R O T R A S H


1. The ugly vegetable law, has been abolished almost 13 years ago. https://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/13/world/europe/13food.html 2. There were some good fucking reasons for it, namely not wasting taxpayer money on import subsidies for food that would probably be thrown away by supermarkets and consumers. 3. It was requestet and largely written by lobbyists from the food industry. https://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/13/world/europe/13food.html If you want to give the EU shit, which they absolutely deserve, do it for things that actually matter, like this bulllshit: https://www.forbes.com/sites/emmawoollacott/2021/07/07/eu-passes-emergency-law-allowing-tech-companies-to-screen-messages-for-child-abuse/?sh=3c89dc6e1e2c


Anyone else smell burnt toast or just me


based and eurotrash-pilled


I mean, most airport still enforce the mask mandate so... Enjoy 2hours of bullshit at customs dan


Dan Bilzerian is peak right. His father manipulated the stock market, before declaring bankruptcy while Dan gets large trust funds, even though he apparently gave them back and got all his money playing poker? He started a fraudulent CBD business, using it as a personal piggy bank on the Canadian stock market before it was revealed he rents his mansion and pays women to sleep with him. Truly, the American dream.


Based and Jet-pilled


Based and toorichtocare-pilled


Living proof that you don't need braincells to be a millionaire.


Ha ha funny. But still fuck Dan Bilzerian he is a total hack with an ego the size of Everest.


Money can really mess with the brain.


Imagine being such a bad passenger they force you to buy your own jet, smh.


auth right from their mom's basement: this guy is literally me


One of the things the right is really good at doing is confusing stupidity with badassery


wear a vaccine, get the mask come on people it's really not that conspiracy theories


Alright ladies masks on tits out let’s get this show on the road


he also has one hell of a trust fund his daddy gave him


Didn’t it come out the dude is broke and rents everything?