As a software dev, that slider killed a part of my soul.


That's what I thought this post was about at first, then I saw the comments are about the rental


Wow same. I'm still more annoyed at the slider though lol.


both. both is bad


You made me realise this wasn't about the slider xD


I actually like the try before you buy thing they are doing tbh.


I wonder if people expect free food at restaurants too


Lotsa restaurants give you free bread.


And you generally get to keep the food and actually eat it, rather than being forced to regurgitate it or something.


Bread makes you fat edit: I guess I needed to reference Ramona Flowers for people to understand this statement


not eating the bread is also an option


Works at the Chinese places at the food court in the mall.


Tell me you're dumb without actually telling me


What about not having an empty space after the colon? **Amount Selected:1** just kills me


Amount selected😮 Amount selected😏


Although I am not but still that looked dumb. They could have simply used a tickmark/boolean value.


Im guessing its for if u have more than one box


Big brain over here. Are we supposed to be able to have more than 1?


Yes, at least one per wek


He mean more than 1 of the same set of clothes


Yes, they are for rent, you can take more of the same and use it for a day or a week I don't recall


Didn't said he was right tho 😂 but dang even trial for clothes, at least we can get 2 unite liscence but still


Indeed, maybe in Japan it's kinda normal rent cosplay like the slobro one..


Actually, it's even worse than that. You can only pick one, so it should have been a radio button select, or just shown a line-up of the pictures and you click on one.


Not a Dev, but same


I feel you, it's not the first time they did something like that. One time they had a selection from 1 to 1...


Especially since having more than one of the same outfit is kinda silly. I guess with them being temporary it's not completely pointless, but it's close.


I would assume since it's a trial that getting 2 of the same would give you double the trial time but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't work that way.


Software dev? Even with a person with as minimal knowledge of tech as me, that thing killed a part of my soul


As someone in UX, this entire game's interface is killing my soul. It's incredibly obvious they aren't user testing, their designers are either not experienced in UX design or are really bad at it, and those surveys can only be the work of someone not trained in conducting surveys.


A program we use at work has a slider for setting shift times. I fucking hate it.


You can unlock multiple at once if you have enough tickets, though.


Same. This ruined the rest of my day


this is what happens when you whore out a component and start asking it to cover too many use cases instead of making a new one


the ui is also dumb asf


If you mean the layout of the rental selection item pop up box, yes it's pretty dumb


The rewards could be parts of the sets, not rental obviously. This way is just lame


You can get the permanent clothing option by logging in and collecting the red decorations. 10 for one of the outfits, and 14-15 for a permanent Pokemon license.


Man I really want more customization for my trainer but I could never take it over more permanent licenses


You can get two unite license boxes for 14 each, That's 28. You only get 40, So that leaves 12, So you can get two licences and one of the costume boxes! Not to mention that the tickets you get can also go towards outfits, If that's what you like :]


You can seemingly get both..? If you log in every day (including yesterday) for the next 4 weeks you can get a maximum of 40 "celebration gifts". You only need 24 to get both the Fashion Selection Box and the Unite License Selection Box. Unless I'm missing some fine print somewhere that says they're exclusive? In the event that they're unlimited exchanges (unclear, but it's.. *unlikely*), you could still only get a maximum of 2 Unite License boxes, with enough left over (12) to get a single Fashion box.


I like it too, im trying to get the punk set but this is bullshit


There's 6000 tickets as a prize in the exchange


you can get tickets from playing ranked and leveling up in ranked! like over 5k


Why though? It’s literally useless.


Because I want to be pretty :)


But in most cases it’s only you who can see your trainer. Spend that time/money on holowear


People can choose to spend money on what they want. Just because you value one aspect over another doesn’t mean everyone thinks the same way


Yeah you’re absolutely right… but why


Because some people value different things than you Some people will pay $1 for a hot dog, some people will pay $10 for a hot dog. Neither is right or wrong, they just have different ways that they personally value things. Don’t shit on someone because they see a hamburger as being more valuable than a hot dog, just do you & let others do what they want


game: gives you free permanent stuff and also a bunch of rental stuff to try out what you like before comitting reddit: ignores the permanent stuff and complains about the rental stuff instead


The worst part is all you have to do is log in to receive them, they aren't telling you to do a ranked match with a friend, or score twelve times in a single match. There is literally no reason to complain about this Lunar Event, and it's displeasing people still do. I've never felt such entitlement.


Also 14 for 10k coins if you already have all the 10k licenses you want




Yeah. Rental holowear is more meaningful for the only reason that you can show it to other players and you can actually **PLAY** wearing it. That's the only two purposes of cosmetics. But trainer outfits? Really? You only see it in the menu and in the final match scene.


And the lobby. But yes.


and whenever someone makes a call like "Heading top path" it shows their Trainer now. I think you can disable this though in the settings.


Technically you can rent an outfit, update your card and never update your card again, thus keeping the temp outfit on your card. Not that I'd ever do sth. like that.


I would absolutely do that. I started playing recently and learned I missed a cute Halloween witch hat. And I want it. :(


If it's any consolation to you, most people disliked that Halloween witch hat because even though it looks cool on its own, it comes with a "wig" of sorts and when equipped it changes the character's hairstyle and color.


Please tencent detach the hair from the hats and let me wear my cute Blastoise hat with my Gardevoir hair


THIS. wish i could wear just the snorlax set hair but nope. gotta wear the whole hoodie 🙄


Oh weird. Hmmm maybe they’ll release a hat without a wig next year


You can see your outfit in game every single time you collect aeos points from wild Pokémon lol


That's your opinion. Many people, myself included, enjoy customizing characters in game.


Yeah, I know. I'm one of them too. But Char customization is meaningless if you can't actually play with your character. In Pokemon Unite, you only see your character in the main menu and in the end of the matches, another menu. Wouldnt be more relevant if you could actually play with your character in a 3D lobby with another players? Maybe a soft story mode? Otherwise holowear will be more important because you can actually play with that pokemon in the matches.


It shows when you use the message system to say you're heading top or the like. It also shows in different menus. Sure it would be cool to have many different things, but obviously we can't have everything we want. On the topic of holowear vs clothes for your avatar, again, that is your opinion. I personally think pokemon in clothes look goofy. Many people, myself included, enjoy dressing up our trainer and collecting clothes. Trainer clothes are already meaningful and enjoyable to people regardless of what you think. As far as outfits vs holowear goes, it isn't a competition to most people. Ultimately you seem to have a very self-centered view on everything. I hope you can come to realize people can think different things or value different ideas than you.


>On the topic of holowear vs clothes for your avatar, again, that is your opinion. I personally think pokemon in clothes look goofy. Many people, myself included, enjoy dressing up our trainer and collecting clothes. Trainer clothes are already meaningful and enjoyable to people regardless of what you think. As far as outfits vs holowear goes, it isn't a competition to most people. Well, it's a shame we can't have a good discussion here. I'm saying this because of your last phrase hehe, you don't know me and it is not nice to presume how I am based on two comments written here. The only statement I'm throwing is that holowear is more relevant in this game than clothes because you can actually play with holowear and clothes are menu-cosmetics. That's a logical argument for a monetization design perspective, and you can see that in the marketing of this game, holowear catch all the attention. "That's your opinion" is a valid argument here, you are right, because people like different things. However games are usually designed based on trends and tropes of the same genre (And monetization is the king of this, because money). Everything is made for a reason. We usually think we are part of the majority, and the challenge of game design is to focus on the correct target audience. I love clothes and cosmetics as much as you do, but the game is designed to give holowear more protagonism because you can actually play with it.


Renting cloths is a bit too boring real life simulation in a game like this. I don't want to larp as a regular person preparing for halloween...


You guys rent clothes irl?


Pretty standard for wedding parties Why pay $500+ for a tux you'll never ever ever use again when you can pay like $40-50


Yeah or stay at home, play Unite and buy A9 Holowear for $40 lol


why spend $40 on cosmetics when that money can be for a new game lol


My parents did for halloween when I was a kid. Would be a waste of money to buy a new one every year. Also it's common for wedding dresses.


I guess those are there for you to see which one you'll get in the definite box you can get with 10 lunar thingamajigs


Good point actually


Does someone know what happens when you claim an outfit that you already own?


You probably get 2 doritos


My box just disappeared when i tried


Same, mine disappeared. Was trying to see if I’d get some cosmetic shards, no dice


Wow that's even worse


Oh, that’s a bummer


You get a popup that says "Lose". (probably)


I feel like tencent is dropping the ball hard in terms of cosmetic content in Unite. It all looks like garbage and everything is ridiculously overpriced.


This is the dumbest crap ever. You see your avatar like 45 seconds a day. How is this a reward? If it were Pokémon cosmetics, it would be a whole different story. I don't care if someone sees one of my 94 pairs of socks for 1 second during the loading screen.


This game is like a developer "what not to do" example box.


What is dumb


Rental fashion items


You can get permanent one after collecting 10 lunar items


The rewards could be parts of the sets, not rental obviously. This way is just lame


This way you can try them out before deciding on which one you want to get. Permanently. For free...


What is there to try? The size? Lmfao


besides you could just try them in the shop...


Would you prefer them not to give you anything? Please stop complaining about free stuff. We don't want this sub to turn into r/callofdutymobile


Yeah so let's just stop addressing every bullshit they put in this game and let them do whatever they want, and it's not free if they take it away from you, I'd rather not get anything than being made fun of like this, after playing their game religiously for months to not lose every small reward they gave us


I know that beggars can't be choosers, but this is borderline disrespectful. It's the same as if someone offered me (lactose intolerant) a cartoon of milk. Like, what the hell am I supposed to do with it? Am I supposed to say thanks?


I agree.


It's somewhat unclear in the shops what the individual pieces are, or how they might look in conjunction with other clothing items, as you can only try on the entire set at once. For example using the shop you can't see how *just* the socks from the Slowpoke set go with the rest of your outfit. You have to put on the whole thing. But with rentals you can put on the individual pieces and see your outfit as a whole. It's definitely not a big deal, but it's actually kind of nice considering we are actually gifted the set in the end. If the rewards were *just* rentals and not permanent clothes, then it would absolutely be dumb. But this way is a mild convenience for those who care, and not hurting anyone who doesn't.


You can just open the store and see as long as you need, this is by far the dumbest reward they've ever put in the game, even dumber than giving Ninetails 7 days free trial


WAITT i thought i was the only who thought abt this like why would i want a free trial for a pokemon they literally gift you akdjjwdjjs




I wish they'd give us **permanent** skins and licenses instead of rentals as rewards tbh. I mean, what's the point of giving us something that you're going to take away after a few days or so anyway?


A permanent outfit and license are also both a part of this events rewards.


Which permanent licenses are available?


I don’t know which ones. I don’t know if anyone does since the event hasn’t progressed that far. The way I see it, worst case scenario is they offer the same choices as when you first start the game and you get to choose one of those that are worth 6,000 coins, which is at least getting 6,000 coins so that’s definitely not bad.


I think you can choose from the whole roster, it would make sense


In that case, I’ll probably use it to grab Absol or Trevenant


You can get two if you log in for the entire four weeks and skip an outfit. So why not both?




Thery are too lazy to create new skins maybe? So this is a way you can reuse the same assets in the game instead of creating new content


I wish people would read and look past what’s in front of them. You also get permanent skins and licenses as part of the event. It’s actually a cool idea to rent first before picking what you’ll get. That’s what they’re trying to simulate.


Imagine you have a wedding to go to on Aeos, and the dress code is professional, but work won’t let you borrow your detective/firefighter/magician/children’s show host outfit, and *obviously* you don’t want to pay for a new one.


LOL, it would be easier if the avatar was useful in any way. At least on lobby


Yeah, Unite’s bold idea of combining a dress up game with a moba does not seem to be going over well with fans. Big fan of the mob boss style outfit though. A+


I'm more of a bulbasaur set myself, but i understand the appeal


Couldn't agree more






The pants looks cool with other items, try it out


Why they made this so difficult? It's choose an item. All they had to do was put a checkbox. I can't tell if this is laziness or sheer ineptitude.


One day this game will stop feeling like it's in beta, just not anytime soon lol


I love pokémon games, but isn't this the rule for most of their games when we see some trailer?


I wonder what happens if you update your fashion on your trainer card, but then the rental expires.


An outfit RENTAL. A SLIDER. wtf


This game is gonna start dying sooner than they expect I think


5 days cosmetic trial bahahah what a fucking joke, who cares about the trainer's outfit anyway, I haven't changed mine in months


I Need a blastoise set


I'm a bit upset because I thought selecting an owned costume set from the box will give me some sort of refund of tickets. But no. It didn't. I wish they could've atleast refunded it with tickets if you selected an owned costume set


Will the pokemon unlock also be a rental? I'm surprised since it did not say that until you open it!!!


It does say it tho? https://imgur.com/a/RzAFzHf also as an FYI, the one you get from the exchange is permanent https://imgur.com/a/UMxzvcr


My bad, and my faulty memory. It's the unite license that doesn't say anything and I was wondering whether this was also a rental. I hope not! Thanks Sorry for the confusion brother.


those also have different wordings on them, if I remember correctly


I don't know, i was surprised too


Yeah, it really, really is. The temporary licenses make sense, somewhat (though I really wish there was a way to sell the temp licenses for Pokemon I already have). They give you some actual value as far as the game is concerned. The 'rental clothes'? Who is actually using this game to play dress-up?


You can sell temp licenses, just use them in the item box, don't remember how much it gives, but it's very little.


Huh, TIL. Thanks, and a little is better than nothing.


rent fashion lmao i mean i guess its a skin like holowear but idk... the stupidity hits differently


It is. You can’t even walk around as your trainer why tf would I want to rent outfits


This is a side note, but as an ex-firefighter it made me really happy when they added set of bunker gear with the SCBA tank, and the fireman Blastoise. I wish the main series game would have a gym that takes place in a fire dept. You’d have to battle 3 trainers after completing a series of fire related tasks. The gym leader would be a dual fire/water trainer.


Hahah That's really cool dude. Any cool story related to being a firefighter?


I wish I had more happy stories, but one that comes to mind is when Pokémon Go first came out, and people would move around like a big herd of people, we would go and just kind of help monitor traffic (which there usually was none in our tiny town). Usually we just ended up playing with them, and since we were closer to town, we could respond to calls quicker :)


A yeah the rental fashion box they gifted. At least after all the logins we can actually use a regular fashion box for those things.


Think they're trying to tell us they're not making enough money


I thought it was holowear, who wants temporary avatar items?


It's silly actually, if we're gonna talk about dumb decisions just look at the A9 trial licence on Christmas...


Rent a Swag? I see you Tom


At least don't include pokmon outfits in the rental, cmon I've always seen pokemon outfuts as a flex that you're committed to maining it (if you're also using the matching pokemon) Like, hey, I spent coins to look like my slowpoke, I main this! (Typing this out made me realise how stupid that idea is but I still love it)




I guess people should stop complaining or ridiculing such minor even aesthetic mistakes. They do really much for the playerbase. Hell they even gift you 2 unite licences for this Event. Give me another MOBA which does this. I wait. Cudos to the devs.


I mean, it's not for pity that tey are doing this. This game is a mine of gold as is anything related to pokémon, they do what they have to do get the money. I know that some people are talking about the slider but the problem that i wanted to talk is the rental function. For united licenses it's ok, i guess, but for cosmetics doesnt make any sense.


Might be a stupid question but how are all of you claiming the rewards? I'm still on the second day.


This is the box they gave on the first day of the event


Oh...Im so dumb. I didnt open mine


I bought the stakeout set just a day before the challange started... *sigh*


How many % of each set did you request to borrow?


Has anyone tried if it refunds some tickets?


It doesn't


has anybody actually used this? when the rental ends do you just.. get naked....?


People talking about they don't like the cosmetic money grab. But I do, because they give a lot of content away that has game mechanic and meta value at that. Many free to play game are adapting the model trying g to switch their micro transactions to cosmetics amd make all game play and meta content available to all players. I'd much rather they do this than anything else. I've been playing game long enough to see the advent of free to play competitive games. Micro transactions always end up ruining the game play value and meta in the end if they're too focused on those aspects. Rather than cosmetics. Which as we've seen so far can keep these kind of games going and relevant for much longer. Such as Fortnite.


I mean I wouldn't want any of those, to rent or own but that's just me 🤷‍♂️ Pokemon skins are one thing, BS trainer suits are another


**They'll let you rent more than 1 because they'll wear out and break down after a certain time limit.**


Lmao I keep getting outfits thru energy rewards so i have a ton of fashion tickets i can't use because i've literally bought everything 🤣