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1 in 5 people will find a shiny in less than 910 resets, and eventually people give up. Only the lucky ones can answer your question Edit: that also means if you do another 910 resets you have an 80% chance of not finding it, even though that’s 1820 total resets because we know your first 910 attempts were negative since they already happened.


I mean all his attempts have the same chance just that 19.91% will get a shiny by 910 and 35.86% will get one by 1820 I personally gave up at 500 resets being 17 hours of resetting. Not optimally done but yeah. Sadly probability ain't truly linear and rngesus may bless you with a shiny at one or at 5000.


Yea, I was just trying to explain sunk cost. Most people probably give up by 1800 attempts. A person starting their hunt today would have that ~35% chance. But in the OP’s case, 1800 is only an additional 900 attempts so they only have a 20% chance of success by the time they reach 1800


I did about 2000 attempts with over 60 hours and just got my shiny chimchar last night, there is hope and the rush of seeing the shiny made everything worth it. If you really want it keep going is my suggestion!


Congrats man were you shocked when you saw it because after 2000 attempts even the normal one looks shiny for me sometimes haha. Do you plan on doing a shiny quest or does your adventure start now? And do you have any tips while doing the hunt to keep me busy btw?


I was watching shows on my phone while doing attempts so I actually didn't see that it was shiny right away so I was super surprised! Just seen the pink instead of brown, which I had thought I would maybe miss but once you see it you'll know! I plan to beat the game using only shiny pokemon, I'm on the hunt for my second now! What I did was I have the switch docked and I used a half joycon to play just so I had a free hand while soft resetting and would just watch videos or shows on my phone. I could also see playing with the switch in handheld to watch shows but after a couple hours of holding the switch I found it would make my hands cramp up!


Thanks for all the tips I appreciate it a lot. Good luck with rest of the hunt and let’s hope you have it quicker then the Chimchar ;)


I’ve been resetting since day 1 4661 resets and still nothin


You definitely have patience because 4661 is a point where I would say: I quit. Hopefully he comes in the next 100 for you man because you have suffered enough.


I’ve been resetting since November 22 for a few hours everyday. Still no shiny starter. It’s getting ridiculous


1300 Resets


I didn’t reset but it still took 900 eggs to get mine with only the 1/683 drop rate


I don't like counting but it's been 3 days already


2900 for me (saw 1 uncatchable shiny starly)