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I would start this conversation with the words “Renters Insurance”!


I sent this photo to my renters insurance. They said to keep it on my phone just in case and to ask you to get it fixed in writing immediately for some reason. Any idea what their deal is?


I would pass that information on to my landlord and make sure to copy your insurance on the email. Make sure all parties are clear what’s going on and when to expect repairs to be completed.


Yes with sending the communication from insurance through to your landlord. Some land lords don’t know about this stuff and may have a handyman that doesn’t prioritize things until they fail completely. Makes for a better story with the boys ya know???!


Get everything in writing, always. Email or text are great.


If it leaks then your landlord's insurance only covers the landlord's property, not yours. Your renters insurance would have to pay you for damages. You just showed the insurance company that there's something obviously deficient. They want you to have proof you notified the landlord; if any damage occurs then as your insurance carrier they'll pay you, subrogate (sue on your behalf) and use the photo + written notice to the landlord in a civil action to recover their losses.


you have the obligation to limit damages - thats what they are on about. Sort of a mistake to contact your insurance about pre-emptive stuff, they are NOT your friends and look for reasons to use what you told them to deny claims. Just read the state law about this, generally its pretty clear that if landlord doesnt do what they need to do (it, fix a leak, pre-emptively solving a bigger problem later), you can have it done (never do it yourself, always licensed/bonded tradesman with clear invoice) and deduct from rent.


He can’t make repairs to someone else’s property. Who will reimburse him? But it’s true that he should have not shown that to insurer. They could cancel coverage. He would have been better off clarifying the terms of his coverage and make certain that he was insuring the correct value of his belongings.


Dude, if you are in the US - please refer to your state laws and tenant rights regs. It is TOTALLY legit and codified in laws in NY, IN, IL for sure and Ive read those regs, as well as MANY others if not all of the state. Edit: Illinois [The Residential Tenant’s Right to Repair Act (765 ILCS 742/1 - 742/30)](https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs3.asp?ActID=2605&ChapterID=62) There is also lots of case law on this very issue (leaky pipe refusing to be repaired by landlord) None of the three I just read over quickly went in landlords favor. Tenants have the right to a mechanically, electrically and hydraulically sound living area and have the obligation to notify the landlord for the need of repair and to limit potential damages that may result. As added proof, save the old pipe section and fitting in this case. [Summary of states tenant right to repair](https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/state-laws-on-rent-withholding-and-repair-and-deduct-remedies.html) \- didnt read, just saw the list


You’re right. But are you gonna pay for it? He is a renter. His budget isn’t going to easily include those costs.


It comes off the rent. So for example: rent is 1000. Repair is 2000. No rent paid for Nov and Dec in lieu of repair bill


It's similar here in BC as well. There's a list of things that fall under emergency repairs and if you've documented several reasonable unsuccessful attempts to contact the landlord you can authorize those repairs and be reimbursed by the landlord.


That does not apply to all states. For example you can’t forgo rent payments in Texas to recoup tenant covered emergency repairs unless you follow a very specific set of rules.The law absolutely would not protect the tenant in this situation because a tenant can’t cover repairs and deduct from rent unless your current health and safety are being impacted. Tenant protections are atrocious in this state and you could very easily get screwed by doing this here.


>That does not apply to all states. no shit, hence why I gave a summary - however their are also county and city codes as well. In many cities in NY its legit by reg/law, but the state doesnt have one covering it. Thats why I told OP to review regs/laws, ergo - dont understand your point.


Depends on state. Not legal to deduct or withold rent for ANY reason where I'm at, without permission from a judge/hud


A few years ago a friend of mine bought a house with a rental tank that was in rough shape. He emailed the rental company saying so and they agreed and would replace the unit soon. Of course, they never did. A year or two later, the tank sprung a leak while they were on vacation and a confluence of events lead to the floor drain being blocked and the entire basement flooding. They sent their insurance a copy of the email exchange and ended up not even having to pay the deductible on repairs (over 10k in damage). Seems their insurance went against the rental company's insurance suggesting negligence since there was proof of the complaint.


NotOp but okayyyyy lol


Pro tip: Bring him there to show him, he will reach out and touch it, they all do for some reason, it will leak.


Bahahahahha! Guaranteed easiest action you can take.


Will it leak or just dissolve into nothingness...?


She will definitely leak….


That is likely the same stuff as hard water buildup, it doesn’t dissolve


Burst* I hope its the hot.


They are terminally rusted. Do not touch them or they will break right away.


Don't even look at them 😳


Don’t even think about them, your brain waves might disturb them


Or touch them and force the LL to act


Well it's not actively leaking so I can see why someone may not want to come out "immediately" on a Sunday afternoon and work on it when it could be scheduled in sometime in the next few days when the supplier is open.


Seriously. It can wait past the weekend. Has probably looked that way for months now.


Plumber here .. it is way strong than most of you think ,,,, deff needs to be replaced but nothing to stress over right away


I love that camera filter. Really brings out the oranges and yellows. All i can see is green tho.


The dielectric union is so ate up you likely almost have no flow. It's pretty bad. Needs to be replaced very soon of you will have a leak.


Would the anode likely be gone too? Or would that just be for the interior of the water heater?


If the union looks like that you might as well change the anode rod while you are replacing the union.


Absolutely I think OP just has a new career move as a home inspector


That is galvanic corrosion fron the lack of a dielectric union


That’s not a dielectric union?


No it appears to be just thread to copper solder, you can see gasket material on a dielectric and the nut would be turned opposite with the copper being brass. Edit: it looks like brass after looking at it more but the left probably got the gasket lost or soldered with the gasket which would break the barrier. The gasket is an 1/8 inch thick which stops the metals from touching


Copper and galvanized make for nasty and quick reactions


They are die-electric unions. You can see the plastic insert sticking out between the union nut and brass/copper socket end. The additional protection from dissimilar metals is a rubber gasket inside of the union nut. Often times it is overtightened and the gasket gets pinched.


Yes, they are die-electric unions and the the left has failed, allowing rampant galvanic corrosion.


Water is a conductor. Die-electric action isn’t stopped by the union, only slowed!


Correct. The unions are designed to slow the corrosion rate such that the fitting will have minimal corrosion and last at least as long as the water heater, with significant assumptions including the conductivity of the water, no stray currents, the union was not over-tightened, etc. I like to add 6" of brass to the top fittings on a water heater and ground the pipes.


Looks like a dielectric union to me. Maybe they just never put the plastic washer in on the one on the left?


Exactly. Copper and galvanized metals. They become the anode. There should have been a brass union between them to prevent this I believe.


It’s called cheaping out


You’ll have a leak real soon. Nice pics BTW. The left one looks like legit art.


It's quite beautiful, yes. I was a handyman for an apartment company for about 11 years. Lots of old ass early 1900s brownstones in Minneapolis and St Paul and shit with original steam boilers I'd get to work on. I'm into photography too so I'd take my camera with me to work and got some really cool pics of metals and corrosion.


At first I thought it was a picture of some fancy ice cream cone work of art


Is that dryer lint all over the top of the Water Heater? Might want to check that … unless that’s Mold ..or Fur .


Ya the handy man just didn’t want to deal with it. That union is bust and causing electrolysis of that copper. But you gut it open the line is caked with sediment inside. Probably going to have to replace a good little section of copper pipe to.


handyman might just not want to deal with it on a weekend as it's not currently leaking and can wait a day or two.


If its a gas/LP water heater I have seen this happen alot with units not drafting CO/heat properly. The heat and condensation moisture will tear these apart from the outside in.


Make sure you have renters insurance. If you do, you don't have anything to worry about. The owner of the property was notified. Whatever happens after is all out of their pocket.


This is why I use brass fittings.


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It's Sunday - you aren't going to have him come over for this issue. The "leak" is very very very minor, hence the build up over time. Just don't touch it, schedule the Plumber and have it swamped - nothing to overthink.


Take a wire brush to it, it’ll cause a leak and you could tell the landlord and handyman to get fucked, needs to be changed sooner rather than later


Wire brush? Just keep staring hard at it. That thing is about to give


Honestly, all of us staring at the picture may be even enough


Was gonna upvote the wire brush comment but you win!


With a landlord like that they’re likely to make OP pay cuz they messed with it.


Tell your landlord that they will be replacing the water heater too, if they don’t get that fixed. That shit is a cancer.


Nice pics. Definitely captures the eye and curiosity.


Galvanic Corrosion.... They don't have the adapter installed to join the copper and steel correctly


Metal corrosion because there are 2 different types of metals there. IT is safe just a stupid way to do it


Correct me is I'm wrong y'all. But it looks like whoever installed those dielectric unions just threw the rubber gasket away.


Electrolysis.. it will blow apart soon that dielectric union is probably missing the plastic spacer. Basically the iron is eating the cooler do to dissimilar metals


The answer from the landlord is incorrect. If a tenant asks about something like this the answer would more appropriately be we don’t see an immediate need but we do recognize it as a problem and handyman will be there in X amount of days. This is how a professional should handle that part of the equation. Next, since you can’t trust their decisions based on this lame communication, I will echo what others have said: Contact your insurance, cc this communication to landlord & keep documenting. You could also ask a straight up “If not now, when?” question. They are not doing their job. You could also truthfully add that you had a plumber friend take a look at these & you have also documented that input. I don’t want to get you in trouble with your landlord but it is not okay to brush people off with any concerns, especially differed maintenance that has the potential for catastrophic failure.


Give it a smack with pliers and call back and say it needs immediate attention. Lol


Define immediate.


yeah. This doesn't look like a weekend emergency repair item to me.


Her Handyman doesn’t have a clue. It is called Electrolisis caused by connecting galvanized pipe to Copper with out a special kind of fitting and the pipes might start to leak and the longer he waits the more money to get it done. I learned that in 8th grade around 1958


This is from two different pipes touching each other two different metals you need to get a dielectric union when you're connecting the copper to galvanized when you have the two different Metals touching each other that causes the corrosion like that


It's called galvanic reaction...when 2 dis similar metals are used in connection of a water line one begins to rust out at a faster pace and corrode from the mineral deposits in the water. Your landlord is correct that there is no repair needed at this time, in the future when it does leak or the water heater needs to be replaced they should use proper connections to avoid this.


Call a plumber not a handyman!


Saw the same thing at 2 houses in the area where I wanted to buy. No city water. One had a 5 inch pvc well. The house was situated next to an overgrown swanp/ lake. The second had a pit with a pump (shallow well). Both were on sand. Slighty acid water will dissolve solder joints. Like in Flint Michign where corrosion controls were stopped.


It is called electrolysis; you NEVER have steel pipe mated to copper because this happens, corrosion


Dissimilar metals = reaction


It's a galvanic reaction. It will disintegrate. https://www.familyhandyman.com/project/join-galvanized-pipe-to-copper-pipe/


Hot water is already heated though.


I believe that is galvanic corrosion, caused by dissimilar metals in contact with each other


*didn't need immediate attention* correct in an hour perhaps


Di-electric Union is needed


Corrosion due to dissimilar metals needs a dielectric union to not do that


It's caused by the connection of two dissimilar metals (copper and stainless steel). The metals are exchanging electrons and oxidation is happening. Is it an immediate issue? Hard to say. Don't know how long it has been like this. I would guess it's ok for now but they should get it fixed.


Don't touch it!!! It's corrosion. More than likely caused by condensation or a tiny leak. If you have photos and let your landlord know then that is all that can really be done at this point. WHEN it goes, that could be scalding water since it's before the mixing valve, meaning "wire brush" or "screwdriver puncture" not only is extremely dumb, because it will be easy to tell it was intentionally done, but you risk SERIOUSLY hurting yourself. Remove valuables away from the area, and wait for the day the rains come...


No danger to you, just the building. The dielectric buffers have broken down in the left one and it’s eaten itself.


handyman is wrong. You reported the incident, tell the landlord you want it corrected. If not corrected or scheduled in two weeks, get it repaired and deduct cost from rent.


Bad advice. You’re not the asset owner, not your responsibility. Don’t touch it and document your escalated concerns.


not bad advice. when the pipe breaks OPs stuff can be damaged as well as the stuff below him. In the US, this is totally legit in any of the states that I rented in. You have a responsibility to limit your damage, thats written into every renters insurance policy (and most leases). If OPs stuff is damaged, or in the apt below if it is there - then it is a LOOOOONG process in the US to recoup those damages. This prevents any issue and is wise IMO.


Yes, bad advice. If OP hires someone or goes to "fix" it he could cause damage to the building and other units. In the US this is totally not legit. This isn't a poorly sealed window in your unit that you replace and deduct from rent. This is a pipe in what is likely a common area in the building. OP touches that and causes damage elsewhere he is totally screwed.


>ur unit that you replace and deduct from rent. This is a pipe in what is likely a common area in the building. OP touches that and causes damage elsewhere he is totally screwed. I didnt tell the OP to do it, I told him to get it fixed/repaired. I agree better to hire a licensed/bonded/insured plumber. As long as the cost is sub $500 (it should be), no issues deducting it from rent. If dude fucks it up, thats why he is bonded/insured. Gonna do a better job than bob the handyman that works for beer and rent reduction for sure.


> and deduct cost from rent. Hey, so long as you can deduct things you want from your rent any time you want, why pay rent at all?


This is actually a law in MANY US states, perhaps your are unware as you are elsewhere, if thats not the case - you comment is ignorant.


> This is actually a law in MANY US states About half. > perhaps your are unware as you are elsewhere We don't know what state OP is in, so awareness doesn't change anything. > if thats not the case - you comment is ignorant. Telling OP to do something that could get him in trouble seems like the more ignorant play.


>landlord That tracks.


Poke it with a screwdriver and let it leak for a few days then call your landlord back. It needs immediate attention now.


Wow yall are really good at giving shit advice. Kinda disappointing that OP *definitely* got better advice about plumbing from r/mildlyinfuriating than the subreddit dedicated to it but I shouldn't be shocked.They have clearly already taken pictures and likely shown them to their landlord. You really think a screwdriver puncture or as others have suggested wirebrush scratches aren't gonna be PRETTY OBVIOUS? It's almost like that's not how pipes burst, literally at all. Maybe the landlord wouldn't know any better at first but I can assure you that anyone worth the replacement pipes they will be installing will be able to look at that pipe and tell it didn't burst naturally and then you are going to have a landlord coming after you with a plumber that already is on their side, pictures you supplied from not long before, and a bill that's probably been stacked with BS just to make the plumber AND the landlord both a bit extra."Yeah they aren't wrong if they mean it can wait a day or two but it will leak sooner or later so make sure you don't have anything important on the floor or nearby and that it's not put off forever" that was basically repeated in the comments of the other subreddit compared to what you are advising is quite literally, fraud. Fighting fire with fire only gets everyone burned. I'm pretty convinced there aren't many actual plumbers actively helping people on this subreddit, the only posts that seem to even get many comments at all are just "relatable plumbers/plumbing moments" in general. I guess I can't blame them for not getting home from work and wanting to go help people online for free either, but ouch when better basic advice about plumbing comes from other subreddits.


Do you feel better now? Sucks when you vomit a whole book crying about stuff when someone was just joking... I didn't read that cause I don't know how to but I think you need a nap.


I'm sure you were joking like you said so uh, why don't you point me to the joke? What part of "Poke it with a screwdriver and let it leak for a few days then call you landlord back. It needs immediate attention now." was the joke again? Was it the bit where you pretended to be able to rub your brain cells together and have a good idea? I'm sure the wirebrush comments would have also made the same claim, thus why I went on one long-winded rant that lumped the fools together instead of dealing with the typical crowd that just responds "It was just a joke". Then again with how many different subreddits about expertise based work you seem to peruse and give advice on, it seems armchair work is your specialty. That or you really are a welder, plumber, siding expert, AND electrician while still having the time to reply within minutes of a comment? I mean I guess impressive if it's the latter, but it really makes the lame excuse of a joke even more disappointing if you actually had so much life experience to draw from.


My guy, relax. I'm sorry I said something on the internet that enraged you to this point. I'll do better from now on if you promise to give me your approval. It's odd, I don't recall EVER claiming to be an expert.. Im a guy who does things enough. To occasionally give advice that people DONT HAVE TO FOLLOW. Get some sleep bud.


It's not immediately clear that you're joking. And if it is a joke, it's a joke that's been made by half the comments already. And his point still stands if half the responses in the sub are jokes, and not actual advice.


How do yall live taking yourselfs so seriously? Honestly, it's stressing me out thinking of how miserable it would be.


> How do yall live taking yourselfs so seriously? You seem to be getting offended that someone didn't find your joke funny or original. > Honestly, it's stressing me out thinking of how miserable it would be. All I did was explain the situation to you and you got stressed, yikes. Cant imagine how you manage to function in the real world.


To add a comment, the tenant does not own this equipment and could potentially face criminal charges and eviction for intentional destruction.


I love how you got downvoted for explaining to kids how the real world works. Don't bother, they will find out when reality kicks them in the ass.


It’s actually one of the most frustrating part of getting older, legitimately trying to steer the youngsters down a better path then the one we have already taken. I sabotaged a work truck once, got caught, and had to pay for a new engine to be installed. I was newly married at the time, and my wife still does not let me forget it after a couple decades now.


OK let me guess you went to Midas you got a handful of brake shavings from the lathe and put them in the crank case? Because I've never done that


Nope, I literally drained all the oil and ran the engine until it seized, then poured the oil back in




Way too long to explain, but TLDR I was an entitled dipshit at the time who felt justified and learned an expensive lesson


I knew a mechanic who did that once. Except it wasn't on purpose. That truck sure did sound funny, leaving the yard on a test drive. When he had forgotten to put the oil back in during an oil change. How he didn't get fired, I don't understand.


Order nitric acid from your chemical supply and try a few drops of that to fix it


It will leak eventually and possibly leak so bad your electric/gas and water bill will skyrocket. Take some water and put it around the bad one. Take another picture and send it to them acting like it got worse. Then Hit it with a wire brush or screw driver till it leaks from somewhere not shown in these pictures. Then turn the water off on the cold side to save you some money on your bills.


Galvanic corrosion between the copper and iron pipe materials, there should be what’s called a dielectric union there. It’s either worn away or possibly was never installed. It’s not good but your landlord is kind of technically right… it’s not actively leaking. But it will be soon.


Picture on the left, has been leaking and sealing itself over and over. I would highly recommend it being replaced in the near future before you have a lot bigger of an issue. Picture on the right is good to go for awhile.


Didn't see it mentioned yet so I will.. copper reacts when it gets connected to galvanized steel as the photo is proof of. I can't say it poses any danger but I would want it replaced too just to be safe.


I would wait a few weeks, then lean on pipe to break it. Then wait s few hours and call landlord.


I would pick up any valuables off the floor until that gives way....then maybe be out of the house for a couple hours before you notice it and call it in.


That looks like Chernobyl


Plumber here. Yeah get that fixed.


The following is not very ethical, but: **locate the stop valve on the supply side of that boi; leave it open **put on your rainsuit **and boots **or don't, idc if you get wet **take your hand and bop the pipe above the crustier of those two joints **dont wail on it- just... whack the rascal sideways with just enough force to make water come out **let enough water come out so that it looks like it took you a good 10-15 seconds to get to it (that means wait 10-15 seconds) **remember that stop valve? Close it. Tell landlord it's leaking now.


You need a new water heater. They need to replace it.


Corrosion. It's fine as long as you're not responsible for the water bill when it starts leaking again Oh, and don't touch it. You will make it worse if you touch it


Get renter's insurance now


It’s galvanic corrosion, just rust, you’ll be fine.


Ask the plumber to bring a priest as well.


Oxidation due to dissimilar metals touching. Needs to be fixed asap. Do not touch or flood could ensue!


It could last a matter of minutes to months I just thought about it start picking it with your finger nail that should speed up the landlords process


Not a plumber, But you have a blink of an eye before you have a major leak.


Galvanic corrosion.


It's fine until it let's loose. Looks like rust and calcium like it had been weeping until the calcium or rust sealed it off good. That crap can be surprisingly strong, and given the landlord is asking her plumber, who is probably the guy who did this to begin with, getting the landlord to act may be jumping out of the pan and into the fire. It has to weep for a long time to rust and calcify like that, so the guy who installed it good when it was still weeping.


calcium or rust sealed it off good??????


It looks like it had been weeping you can see the drips and yea rust and the minerals in the water sealed it up.


Good job I’m sure he will take care of it now. He’s not gonna just jump cause you said so


Interesting that there is such a difference between the two. Would this happen if there was a bonding jumper between them (is there?)?


It’s called electrolysis. One metal attacking the other.


The union was nuked with fire when it was sweat together. The plastic ring was probably damaged and the clear coat on the dialectic was damaged.


No need to to heat hot water


I will never understand these moron landlords....They think it'll break the bank to fix this? lol


If you can afford to pay it then take it off of the rent and hold your ground 😡😡😡😡


Looks like it was wrapped in bacon breaded and deep fried


Dipping cone. Two please


Pipe lasagna




Just start putting all your furniture and belongings on blocks. So when that apartment floods, you won’t lose anything.


I’m surprised the camera shutter didn’t break the pipe and fitting on the left. That definitely needs to be replaced yesterday.


Dissimilar metals plus moisture equals this


Galvanic corrosion


That is galvanic corrosion. Usually happens when 2 dissimilar metals are touching each other and over time it corrodes. My guess is that the side that is corroding is the hot water side, so plastic inside that dielectric union has possibly deteriorated. Dielectric unions are really only a temporary solution to galvanic corrosion. A better solution would be to take that nipple out that is threaded inside the water heater, and change it to a 6” long brass nipple of the same size diameter. If that nipple doesn’t come out then transition it to brass before transition it to copper. You need a 6” minimum between the copper and steel to prevent that galvanic corrosion.


Galvanic Corrosion caused by electron swapping between the copper and the steel…I think. Its been a while since I took that class.


Why are you heating your hot water? Seems like a waste of energy to me….


copper erodes differently, usually due to flux remaining in the pipe from welding joints, that plus a small tiny leakage and hard water combined is likely why you're seeing crystallization on the pipe joint. get a flat headed screwdriver and carefully scrape off the build up, then with a wire brush clear the rest off and then you'll see if it's leaking from the pipe or the valve, if valve then only that needs replacing (or maybe just taken apart and cleaned, put back on with PTFE tape and you're all good, if however it's the pipe, then that would need to be cut off (turning mains water into the building off & then draining the system) cut off and replaced with a new piece of pipe which you can put on with a compression fitting so no welding involved (plus welding pipe's that already have water in them is a nightmare) also you can get push-fit connector valves, saves SO much time but if it's not currently leaking and not a hazard, then technically your landlord is correct of it not being an immediate concern


It’s fine, just a little surface corrosion. If you wire brushed it you’d see it’s ok. Everybody else just chill out, I’ve seen hundred year old steam boilers 10 times worse.


Its either a tiny leak, causing corrosion, or Could also be something like solder that bridged the dielectric nipple. Although that fitting just above the dielectric nipple looks like its not correct, meaning it could be causing a dielectric reaction. It doesnt need to be fixed until it starts really leaking. It usually indicates youll need a new water heater soon, so the prudent plan is to keep an eye on it and pick up a replacement water heater and fittings so the maintenance guy can swap it in a hurry when it finally goes. Hopefully with correct fittings. Could be a month from now or three years. If its gas, the corrosion could be exacerbated by flue gasses leaking from the hood due to a clogged chimney or incorrectly installed hood. That would be the only "dangerous" thing, although its usually not too serious.


Handyman, first mistake


Buy renters insurance immediately if you do not already have it. The landlord’s insurance only covers the building but not YOUR stuff.


My concern would be it bursting and hot water scalding someone. I'm not a plumber if the pipe bursting is cold water in or hot water out. I definitely would consider getting renters insurance if you don't have it. If it were to burst you might need to stay somewhere for a few days. Renter's insurance might help cover that. The apartment below me had a malfunction. The water heater was on a raised platform above the dryer. Water damaged the drywall and flooring. Fortunately, I have a great landlord who moved the tenants to a recently vacated apartment she had just finished preparing for new tenants. Be safe don't get burned.


When you get it (it is really cheap and give you a discount on your auto insurance usually) always ask for the water damage add-on... with statefarm in Texas for a small apartment its like 0.50 cents more a month but hot damn it gives you up to 25,000$ for their lower end policies if your stuff is damaged during something like this.


Some of that blue Lysol toilet bowl cleaner will burn all this shit off. Looks like the same calcified nasty shit my well water causes. For some reason blue Lysol tb cleaner is literally the only thing that gets the orange shit off. Not even bleach will be as effective lol.


Side note I bet the entire pipe would desolve the way it looks lol


Looks like a clicker


Just slept some flex seal on it /s But seriously it looks like a lot of mineral buildup and corrosion. Don't touch it. Take pics. I'd put everything near it in a waterproof plastic bin. And just keep bugging the landlord to fix it.


That doesn’t look good though Ironically it could hang out like that for 10 years or blow in 10 minutes. It’s a gamble


On the left side they put metal on metal witch caused electralises causing the metal to deteriorate faster


Big Clicker energy on the left side


It’s corroding away. Is it going to burst any time soon? Maybe, wouldn’t take much. How prone is your area to small tremors? Do you feel when a big truck goes by?


Galvanic corrosion


Hey i remember this on the other sub Reddit


Dear Greg, it's your landlord, Stephanie. I'm here with certified plumber in 3rd generation — Bob Wrencher. He did that very piping himself. He's for it on tape (VHS°📼). We're shipping the package immediately. After careful inspection of the photographs you posted he concluded that the condition of the pipes are satisfactory. There's no immediate nor pending service required. Oh and my husband reminded that as per our agreement you may be charged a fine for looking where you shouldn't. We'll attach it to the monthly invoice. P.S. Kindly reminding — the rent will be +6.9% higher after December.




Ask landlord if they have flood insurance


It’s the reaction between 2 different types of metals, def should be replaced but not a immediate action, can be done at the earliest convenience of the handyman


The corrosion is caused from the 2 different metals coming together. Only danger is it leaking


Get some renter insurance quick because that is about to be a more serious problem. They can either fix it now or fix the whole place later


Ohhh, I'm sure it's fine, you don't have to stop drinking it... just messing