Plex for Mac and Windows v1.35.1 Released

Plex for Mac and Windows v1.35.1 Released


This has the new UI, right? Anybody know yet if the Windows version still has the horrible performance of the last release (that people including myself had to manually rollback to a prior version)?


Currently using the new update and new ui, and had those performance issues that forced me to rollback. Thus far it is much more responsive and looks to be working as normal.


Good to hear, thanks!


Um, I might have spoken too soon. While the Ui is more responsive I am having an issue with it crashing when I got to play the next episode of a show and I have to reopen plex each time.


I haven't experienced this yet, it might be worth doing a quick uninstall and clean install of the app. My previous version had lots.of crashes, especially when I was in VR. This one has been good so far - but I will definitely keep an eye out for similar issues. Pleased with it so far though.


For me it seems turning off hardware decoding has fixed my issues for the time being. Not sure why this is being an issue, maybe I need to run through the standard uninstall and reinstall plex and drivers again.


If it helps, it crashed around every minute for me too, but I fixed it by manually installing the update with the (Windows) exe: https://downloads.plex.tv/plex-desktop/\_64.exe


I had the same thing but uninstalled it and grabbed the new one and installed it. Works fine now.


I had to uninstall and then reinstall the latest Plex for Windows installer again for it to work. It works flawlessly now.


OMG how to do manually roll back bro I updated and the colors on my shows are just super fucking weird


I say manually roll back, but really it was uninstall, then install the old version. They at least pulled 1.34.1 (it was so borked for Windows) so it wouldn't re-update.


I found a 1.33 linked in a plex forum and reinstalled because holy fuck were the colors just super washed out and everytime I started I would get a flash of blue screen


If anything, this seems faster than even the version with the old UI.


It's running much smoother for me with this update


Anyone else having issues with plex crashing? On windows and the program will only stay open for about a minute before it closes. Don't get a error popup of any kind.


Yup. Manually uninstalled and reinstall from freshly downloaded client fixed it.


That fixed it for me too. thx


>crash dealing with the same on MacOS


Glad it's not just me that this is happening to. Edit: Fixed it by manually installing the update with the exe: https://downloads.plex.tv/plex-desktop/\_64.exe


What's the advantage of this over using a browser?


This can direct play more file types


File type / container is w/e. It's codec that matters. But yes, this has greater codec support.


Most of my mkv transcodes when using a browser but direct plays using the app, way smoother using the app.


I personally just don't like browser apps and I don't think browsers support hevc and stuff like it.


same here.. i really prefer desktop when possible


Input device support, more playback type support. No dependence on the web browser. Hell, why use an app over a browser for anything? Having a dedicated app for something you use a lot has many benefits. From notification customisation, through to richer settings and cache support, or sleep mode control.


People are downvoting you for asking a question.


They were born knowing it.


Keybord control, I hate doing things with a mouse to navigate on plex.


Had to manually uninstall and reinstall as the client kept crashing every 30-90 seconds.


How about adding a feature where I can set the audio and subtitles PER SHOW instead of an entire library? I know there are scripts for this but cmon.


its not perfect but [this works well imo](https://www.pastatool.com/)


at work, so can't test the tool, but does it mean i can force some series to show subs and others not? if yes, this is amazing.


yes. you can force subs on a show by show basis


mind blown. hopefully it works on my plex server which is on a seedbox


I just gave it a shot and it worked very well ! I wanted to have french subtiles setup for the The Breeders and it did it. No need to go to the setting at the beggining of each episode. Very well done ! :D


pasta is gods work.


Is there a Linux version?


Nop. I don't understand why since the whole client is based on electron (eww)


Managed to find it - there is an AppImage and Flatpak version. It's great! https://knapsu.eu/plex/


Mmmm Flatpak. Thank you!


Instructions on how to install it. Flatpak instructions are at the bottom of the page: https://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/plex-media-player-linux/


Do I need an NTFS hard drive for this? Thanks


No. Its a desktop app for windows and macOS. It doesn’t matter what file system your drives are formatted in


I think this update broke my remote access. Manual port forwarding was set up and working fine and now it’s not. Turning my firewall on and off didn’t help


Somehow after the last slow UI version of Plex come out, I now have 2 Plex versions on my PC but I only see 1 Plex installed in my programs and features list. One version was the old style UI, the other is the new one that I've just now updated. Something is messed up with Plex. Edit: I figured it out, the installer/uninstaller is a bit broken. You can install Plex as many times as you can as long as it's in a different Program Files folder. But when you uninstall it, it will only uninstalls one copy of it. You then need to hunt down the Plex uninstaller for each Plex version. What should happen is Plex should either prevent the user from installing Plex twice, or add each installed copy of Plex into the Program and Features list.


Wait... my version is: Version 7.23 (1076)


Yess, the watch together bug was annoying


holy shit, absolute massive improvement re: performance with the new windows plex app. everything is instant again when navigating or interacting with the app. great job & ty!


Holy hell this thing is nagging me to refresh metadata HARD. I don't want to, won't this screw everything up?