Plexamp v3.7.1 Released

Plexamp v3.7.1 Released


Wishlist Option: Clear Current Queue.


on the list.


Wishlist: track radio from currently playing track :)


we have some plans for that…


Any chance of PlexAmp for WearOS coming soon?


Related: saving the current queue (both back to and up next) as a playlist.


also on the list.


Thank you!


Hey Elan... New issue with track radio in recent plays on the android app. It's behaving like Android Auto did before this last update. Just plays the track and continues the album instead of track radio.


noted. does it only do that if something is already playing?


I don't think so. I noticed it when opening the app and then just tapping a recent track radio. I do use two different Android devices, I'm not sure if that factors into the issue.


Recent Play track radios from older releases won't work on newer ones.


It also didn't work on one I created today.


Here are the steps I did: 1. Select a track and play track radio 2. Exit Plexamp 3. Open Plexamp 4. Select recent track radio, and then Play


should be fixed in next release.




hold pause/play


Any chance of better integration on smart speakers.


Dunno why anyone would downvote suggestions. I'd personally love two things google assistant or Siri integration (which would include smart speakers) and downloading my library... I can completely understand that these are either hard or impossible, but you can still ask and want for it. Maybe one day a coder will just eventually say fuck it and start integrating it. I don't work at the company. So who knows. Edit: shit! Thought of another thing. I purchased a fold 3 and the layout is super wonky... Like tiny stars with giant album art. Foldables are definitely not popular enough, but I figured it'd look the same on a tablet then... Or maybe cause the folds ratio is so weird


Would also love a headless raspberry pi setup with a dac that just works.


try [ropieeeXL](https://ropieee.org/xl/) or [balena-sound](https://sound.balenalabs.io/docs/audio-interfaces/#dac-boards)


That’s good for Spotify or roon but not as a Plex endpoint.


those support airplay and upnp/dlna and maybe chromecast as well (can't test, don't have any androids), works just fine with plexamp.


Holy smokes, *yesss*.


I don't have a link but I recall this mentioned as being in the works along with being able to use PlexAmp as a casting target instead of just a host.


I have one setup going to my hi-Fi system and it’s a hack at best. When it works, it sounds amazing. When it doesn’t I want to rip out my hair.


\#1 reason I use this app to listen to music through my DAC into my hifi receiver. **Major points if you can get this running reliably!!**


I can't speak to the Siri side, but I remember the Google issue was that Google was going to require Plex to maintain data on their side, meaning Plex would have to know what was on every server. Not an impossible task, granted. Any attempt to gather that information, however, would trigger a massive revolt from the user base.


It would be ~~nice~~ cool to have an "Update" button on the About section that would update the app. Or the app would ask if we would like to update if one is available. Speaking on Win desktop version. Much like my FileZilla, Notepad++, and other software does.


Also a back button, a minimize button and close button.


Mine just asked for an update....


It checks on start up. If there's one available, it will display a Windows notification asking you to restart the app to install it. So just restart the app to check for an update and then restart again to apply it.


Awesome. Did not know this. Thanks!


Is there a separate m1/arm build? https://plexamp.plex.tv/plexamp.plex.tv/desktop/Plexamp-3.7.1-arm64.dmg doesn't exist


The album art is still broken in Android Auto for me even though they said they fixed it last update (displays wrong album art and keeps cycling it), let's see if it's really fixed this time.


pretty sure this is an android auto bug, especially if the notification is showing correct art.


Drat. DAMN YOU GOOGLE!!! *Shakes fist at nothing*


notification and android auto dont use the same api for populating art + metadata. My player (im a dev of a music app) has no issue showing the correct album art in auto as well, so i dont think its a bug in android auto


https://support.google.com/androidauto/thread/64027793/android-auto-displaying-wrong-album-cover-on-now-playing-screen?hl=en there are lots of threads like this. feel free to reach out, i might be confused about the exact APIs we’re using and would love any clarification you might have.


ah havent seen that one before. Might be due to the album art resolution / image size? There are caps on how much can be sent over to android auto (like if you have a huge list of songs, it'll eventually throw an exception if you send it all). I've had to truncate my album names when sending to android auto for large collections in order to get them to fit anyway. Android auto gets populated through the MediaSession api: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/media/session/MediaSession#setMetadata(android.media.MediaMetadata) Notifications use the notification api.. so 2 separate code paths: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/app/Notification.Builder (largeIcon = album art assuming you are using the Media style notification)


Yep, sorry, when I woke up sober I realized I was talking smack. We are using those two APIs, and resizing the images to make sure they're not giant. The weird thing is that we're not just hearing about prev/next image showing up incorrectly (which you might expect with a race), but rather a \_random\_ image from sometime in the past, which is just all sorts of bizarre.


Oh yeah that's really weird, and yeah that really does sound like it's on Android autos side. Like it's reusing an old cached image or something


If you clear all your software caches on your phone, the album art will work perfectly for X number of albums and songs, and then will start randomly changing sometimes mid-song. That leads me to believe that this is, indeed, some sort of weird caching behavior.


I'm a bit late on the reply but I can confirm I misread the patch notes, you didn't claim to have fixed this bug. No idea where I can report this bug to Google but I'll try to find a way!


Dude yes! So annoying. It'll show me the right album then after like 30 sec switch to the wrong one. Or it'll show me the wrong one, then randomly switch to the right one


I honestly love this, and have a bunch of pics of funny mismatches. Not that I don't want bugs to get fixed...but this one is enjoyable hah.


having this problem in multiple audio apps so I don't think this is a Plexamp thing. Been happening for awhile


Track Radio AutoPlay mode doesn't work for me on any tracks I try. Error message "Couldn't start playback". Does it work for anyone else?


Text size on my android device is still broken :( Probably won't matter to me in a few weeks, will have my iPhone by then lol


Anybody else unable to get audio playback working on Linux? Plexamp starts just fine, but when I hit play I hear what sounds like a single ~10ms frame of audio played, then the player pauses and won't play any more. This happened to me both with PulseAudio and PipeWire as backends, Arch Linux on kernel 5.10.64-1-lts with the default sound card being a USB Audio device at 16bit/48kHz. Happy to share more information if that's helpful! I love Plexamp on my phone and macbook...


The audio output > sample rate matching is a bit weird in iOS. If you have multiple sample rate songs in your library, the sample rate is fixed to whatever the sample rate is of the first song you play when opening up plexamp. It will not switch the sample rate matching the next song if the next song happened to have a different sample rate. I believe this is not how it should be. Please advice.


We got podcast stuff... any chance for audiobook stuff?


Here's an obscure nice-to-have. Some Tidal albums have started coming out with animated album covers. Can we get these animated on Plexamp? Recent example (and also a killer live album): https://listen.tidal.com/album/184427808


That's pretty cool.


Voice controls yet for Android????


I still get a constant clicking and popping sound on android. Regular plex app has no such problem. Tried adjust powersave and other settings etc, nothing stops it. Galaxy S9. I've submitted to the forum in the past, others have said they have the same issue, hasn't been addressed.


Have you tried changing the audio interface in Advanced settings? I had the same issue as you and switched the option to AAudio from OpenSL which resolved the issue for me.


Hmm didn't notice that option. I'll have to check again, thanks!


Good luck!


I only have 2 choices but the non default option seems to be better so far. Man I've been avoiding this app for like a year now haha. It's otherwise great. This definitely helped, thanks!


Would be nice if they improved voice controls while casting


Not sure if this is a bug or not, but when I start playing track radio from Recent Plays, it seems to play the track and then the next track on the album, then the next, etc. That is, it acts like I’m selecting the track, not track radio. If I want track radio to play, I have to set it up again manually by going to the album and then the track. So track radio works for me, it just doesn’t work from Recent Plays.


I was hoping that the bug where album collections don't appear in the library would be fixed (https://forums.plex.tv/t/plexamp-album-collections-gone-in-3-4-6/717629), but no luck it looks like.


Interesting...I see collections in my library


I am having a problem with plexamp connecting locally. The plex app connects fine, but plexamp doesn't see my server at all. There are no settings on plexamp to change this.


Had that issue when I had to remake my music library. Signing out, clearing the settings on android and signing back in worked.


Not sure if anyone else’s Plexamp pulls this move. But if I have my iPhone hooked up to Apple Car Play, and I get a phone call and answer the call, Plexamp will continue to play bangers during the phone call.


That shuffle offline items thing was annoying the heck out of me. I didn't realize it was a bug but I'm glad you fixed it. Thank you.


Shuffle queue ? Should I just forget about that ever happening? Add more than one playlist to the queue and then be able to shuffle it.


Wishlist: Auto / Smart playlist feature in podcasts


I have a M1 Macbook pro and the ipados app is working better than the macos app. The macos app plays music fine, but doesn't update the music playing in the app. makes sense i suppose the ipados is running natively yet macos app using rosseta 2. Anyway i highly recomend the ipados app to my M1 Mac fam.


The overall Android Auto experience with this update has been a pretty big step back for me: * There is no rating star icon anymore, so I can’t rate a song while in the car (which was the only way I had to really keep track of songs for later adding to a playlist etc). Now there are shuffle and repeat buttons, which are things I never need, (because I would just shuffle something when initiating playback instead of in the middle of playing it) instead of the thing I used constantly. * Album art is constantly changing (like every 5-10 seconds?) during playback, cycling between the correct album cover and other, incorrect album covers. This has been something that has happened for a long time, but it’s even more frequent (it used to show the correct album art maybe 80% of the time a track was playing, now it’s like <10%). Also, is there any chance we could get an actual playback slider? Building playback indication into the play/pause button is nice and all, but I feel like there’s plenty of room for the added functionality of a slider.