Plex for Mac and Windows v1.33.0 Released

Plex for Mac and Windows v1.33.0 Released


Does the improved handling toggle between full screen fix the issue where the ui kinda overlaps itself and becomes useless until you exit full screen and restart the app? Edit: just checked. Nope. Still going between full and window mode is an issue. Speaking of which, during playback I don’t even have any button to exit full screen which is problematic since I don’t use a keyboard.


Is this a universal app for Mac? Been using the iOS version on my M1 and it works very well. Advantages to using this one?


Being able to use the mousewheel to scroll is nice. It's not a big deal, but a lot easier when scrolling through channel lists or long lists of shows/movies if you have a big collection. iOS apps still don't support mousewheel scrolling last I checked. Another weird thing I noticed on my m1 was that the iOS app defaulted to upscaling to 4k on all content when automatic quality settings were enabled. This forced transcoding for sources that could be direct played. Weird issue, especially because that doesn't happen on my iPads.


Out of interest, does the Windows/Mac client offer any benefits over the web UI? i.e. is there any advantage to installing Plex on the devices from which I don't need to stream any media?


The desktop client can use local hardware transcoding if needed (eg with a h265 4k hdr movies on a 1080p sdr screen). A browser cannot do that (except safari which has h265 codecs built-in).


Ah, thanks. It won't enhance my viewing of SD King of the Hill mp4s then, but might be useful if I ever do anything higher than HD!


Well, it kinda will as it uses much better upscaling!


Ooh. Will give it a go then.


Well, not exactly local transcoding. The browsers just don't have h.265 playback support.


Web browser generally suck for playing videos. They only support a small variation of codecs. What might cause transcoding on the webui will probably work fine in the windows player. It’s (for me at least) also much faster starting playback.


My live tv never worked on the browser but it works much better on the Mac app


I swear I read the title as "Plex for Mac and Windows 3.1 Released" thought it was a late april fools joke


Plex: the best video program of 1992, now available on Windows 3.1. Look for it wherever computer programs are sold, like RadioShack.


now with Tandy sound support!


Can anyone tell me the new default video quality your boy is stuck at work


here's hope for for keeping skip intro after subtitle change from the web client bump :> edit: how much does the image quality setting actually effect the quality? or more important: what was the default setting before when we werent able to chose?


And yet the collections area quantity count is still removed


Still no Linux client.


There are dozens of us


I still use plex-media-player, as it can play hevc content without transcoding. Unfortunately Plex will be deprecating it soon :(


It's also missing tons of features at this point. The most obvious one being the skip intro button.


It's coming (I don't know when, but hopefully not too far in the future).


Sweet! Thanks for letting us know.


Us nerds that evangelized the product early on have been forgotten.


I use the openpht appimage someone made, works fine


Used to work for me, but now it won't play the media. Everything works up to that point.


hrmm, weird? what distro? I'm on mint (yaya say what you want) latest 64


Kubuntu 21.04 I think. Maybe 20.10... Before I was running KDE Neon, and it worked. To think about it... I switched systems too. Went from a Intel 7th gen i3 system to an AMD Ryzen 2200g (Integrated graphics). I never looked into why it wasn't working. I just used VLC to play what I wanted. I'll have to look into it.


Thanks. Previous version would not load at all on my laptop - getting open gl errors but this one works fine.


No Linux version? :(


Both these new Plex for Mac and Plex HTPC are SUPER laggy and take up like 80% cpu on my imac before even playing anything. Not sure where to even start. The previous version of Plex for Mac worked fine, but had the fullscreen/overlapping toolbar issue so I updated. I can't even get a video to play because navigating the menus is so hard, and when I do, I hear audio and everything just locks up pretty much.


Was the timeline bar removed? I don’t have any way to jump in the timeline with mouse or keyboard now… just the ff/rw option. :(


How about Synology ? Any news on that ? I have


This is for the client, so unless your Synology is hooked up to a monitor it won’t be helpful