Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Announced

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Announced


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“Pre-order now” Not feeling confident to (ever) pre-order (again) after this game…


I pre ordered avengers, then cyberpunk. Never again


I feel bad for your wallet


Me too. My poor bank had to lose money for 2 painfully average games


I preordered ghost of tsushima. First game I ever preordered


🙌🏿 Sometimes it works out


ugh...me too. And i dont ever pre-order games. Somehow these two games tricked me somehow. The Avengers demo made me feel like the devs cared about the source material, so I wanted to support them. It was also the shock of the combat being 10x better than I assumed it would be. As far as Cyberpunk goes- i just fell for the hype. I honestly thought "there's no way this WONT be good" based on those damn hype videos. i feel like a fool.


I pre-ordered Dissidia, felt bad and said I'd give pre orders one more shot. Pre ordered Avengers and have sworn never again.


You’re not alone brother haha


After Anthem, and seeing what happened to No Mans Sky and Cyberpunk I should have known better. Im so jaded I haven't even bought Baldurs Gate 3 yet and I've been waiting on that for half my life


Last game I pre-ordered was assassin's creed unity


Which is now considered to be a great game that was simply to ambitious for the last gen consoles. Go play it again on newer hardware, it’s arguably the best assassins creed.


Oof, condolences for you buddy


"Oh wow that avengers game came out today. No way it can be bad!! Might as well buy it" -me last year


I ore orders ghost of tshuima and didn’t regret it t all. But I get what you’re saying. Games like this you gotta be cautious


Hummmm, someone with experience loooool


As did I. They were my 1st pre orders. Will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN


You and me both. I also pre-order Empire of Sin. Because of my experience last year, I will never pre-order a game again.


I’m not gonna pre order the game. But the devs for this game on Twitter are actually answering a lot of questions about it, and it’s sounding pretty great. All skins are earnable in game and even the preorder skins are earnable in game, and their will be 0 micro transactions. Everything that the game will offer, will be at launch






A fucking men. I'll wait and see how it is and even then still probably wait for a sale.


Wait so this is a stand-alone game? And not just adding GOTG into The Avengers game?


Yeah and its single player so it looks like it can be pretty good


They had more content in the trailer than the Marvels Avengers has in the entire game


Just constantly blows my fucking mind to look at what Insomniac has done with the Spider-Man IP vs. Square Enix has with the entire Avengers line up.


Yea I never would have guessed the switch ua3 would be overall better than the Avengers game.


I’m still so fucking surprised, it looks fucking great but the actual game itself as a whole is greatly lacking. Hot damn, all I wanted was a decent avengers game but this seems to be only worthwhile if you can score it for something like 10-15 dollars


*-sad noises-*




You misspelled “not made by crystal dynamics” there.


They could of made an all Marvel's game and keep adding characters from other series but hey


That would’ve been so much better, wow. The way Call of Duty is gonna add a new game to their Home Screen every year, you’d start up the Marvel game and select Avengers, or GotG, or on PS Spider-Man…


and have 200gb spare disc space


This is funny, but it isn’t *required* to have all installed


so what Marvel's Avengers was supposed to be?


It's stand-alone, but seeing that floating Kree Sentry head in space gets me thinking that they're setting up a secret team-up in the future.


I’m thinking it’ll be set in the same universe


Wait. You can only play as star lord?


In the gameplay the shows you sort of direct the others similar to something like Dragon Age. You just aren’t necessarily controlling them and moving them around. Think of being able to direct your AI team in Avengers.


>you sort of direct the others similar to something like Dragon Age I think Mass Effect would probably be a better comparison.


That’s fair


Seems so. That's a huge deal breaker for me.


Quality over quantity. If only playing as Star-Lord results in a game that’s more polished, then that’s the right choice.


Why bother calling it guardians of the galaxy then?


Because it’s a game about the Guardians?


Gardners* It’s like no one even watched the trailer


Because he moves around with the whole team.


They should've called it Star Lord and the Guardians.


Almost gives me mass effect feels


Givin the state of Avengers, this is a wise choice.


But Avengers never failed in having multiple characters and MP. One thing the game doesn’t fail on is offering differing gameplay depending on what character you are. Would you rather this game have 0 bugs and issues, but only be able to play as Cap and have to command the rest of the team? It kinda makes it being an ‘ Avengers’ game pointless, it’s just a Cap game at that point Imo, having Quill be the sole character you play as is a bad choice. He’s probably the least unique of the guardians in terms of combat style, with only the ability to shoot or punch. It’s also bad because it kinda defeats the point of the guardians to only be one. They’re all special in their own ways, and reducing the team to ‘Quill makes all the decisions’ and ‘Quill controls them all’ hollows them out


I’d love for a no issues avengers game where you lead. That sounds awesome


Yea this looks like a huge skip


I thought that was one of the things that made it unique. It looks DMC inspire with Bioware-esque command of your team. Like their abilities are your abilities. I’m much more interested in this new idea compared to another basic brawler where all characters are playable but largely feel the same.


Not gonna lie, a little bummed you can only play as Star-Lord. But the team mechanics look kinda interesting and create synergies. Reminds me a little of Ultimate Alliance 2. I’ll wait and see. The humor is on point for them.


I assume its gonna be like the Telltale game when it comes to choices and managing the Guardians, it can be pretty cool.


Hopefully that means the mechanics will be a lot more fun than avengers. I feel like single player games that let you hop between that many characters leave something to be desired since the levels have to be designed for all of them


At least with the Ultimate Alliance games, you could cycle between the playable characters on your team. That would have been a nice option. But if they can make a game that plays like FFXV, I'd be happy with that.


Why does Star Lord look like Jake Paul...?


please dont ruin this star lord for me


Jeff Gerstmann from Giant Bomb: “why does this guy look like an influencer who does boxing pay-per-views”


Lol is that what he said? I told my fiancée the moment it came on screen... is that Jake Paul..?


He also said "and looks like a total asshole i would never want to hang out with." Can't say I disagree.




Looks like Adam from Adam ruins everything minus glasses


I would prefer to play as each Guardian, but I like how they got the chemistry down.


Feels like they're just reusing jokes from the first two movies, the most obvious ones at that. Sad.


I watched the movies and have been meaning to get to some pre gotg movie gotg comics but I feel like this game already looks heavily inspired by the mcu in terms of character banter. But excuse my ignorance if I’m wrong


Annihilation & Annihilation: Conquest are where you should start. Just saying, DnA's GoTG and that whole Cosmic run before Marvel Now is some of my absolute favorite comics. Not a whole lot in common with the movies but I can separate them in my mind and enjoy them both just fine.


Pretty much every GotG property is insanely heavily influenced by the MCU version. They were successful where the original versions weren't. It sucks because I don't love the MCU versions much, especially Star Lord.


Every new media iteration of GotG seems to piggyback off jokes from the movies and avoid the comic counterparts (pre-MCU, Dan Abbnett/Andy Lanning stuff) altogether. Feels lazy.


Yea, agreed.


I feel like the Abnett/Lanning stuff was far superior to the movie iterations, but the movies are so popular, we'll never see those versions of the characters ever again. It sucks.


I like the line “They really delivered everything you could want from a Guardians of the Galaxy game!” Except. You know. Playing as any one other than Star Lord... I hope it’s good for others, but it will be a hard pass for me.


honestly that part has me curious. Did they do that out of laziness? Or was it genuinely to give it the attention it deserves, because it seems to be really different


They probably thought it was a good mechanic as Star Lord is technically the leader and can order the other characters around but it's possible they did it to release it sooner. It's kind of dumb though because all of the characters have their own abilities that you can activate using Star Lord so I dont see why they didnt just let you switch between characters. They shouldve made the swapping and combat mechanics similar to ff7r where you can switch between any character anytime and also order them around with any character.


Looks interesting though and am excited to try it.


Assuming it’s cause they went more mass effect. You are the leader of the team and you make choices to change things.


This prevalent assumption among gamers that any choices they don't like automatically means the devs were lazy is so exhausting. Do you people not know how hard it is to make a videogame?


Considering the combat looks awful I'd say lazyness.


Looks alright but nothing I’m gonna pick up day 1. The combat didn’t look fun to me and if it’s just a single player story game where you only play as Star Lord then meh. Would be like playing X-Men Legends and only being able to use Cyclops. Also not a fan of Drax, his look or voice.


Atleast Cycolps would be fun to play with though lol


I mean, Star Lord could be fun to play as too?


I mean, just based on what the two can do, Cyclops is your standard peak fitness guy with good martial arts skills and eye beams. Star-Lord can fly and has the element guns, so he's got more variety in movement type and ranged combat, along with the aforementioned peak fitness and some kind of melee attacks. Plus he may have other gadgets. I'm not saying Cyclops wouldn't be fun, but there's no reason to assume Star-Lord isn't going to be. With Marvel's Avengers, the way the characters play is one of the things the game actually does well.


Lmao, Cyclops is one of my favorite superheroes.


I'm hoping it pulls an Outriders and launches right to Gamepass


Probably would have mained as Star-Lord anyway but having him be the only character seems like an odd choice. This is definitely a wait-for-reviews kinda game for me


I mean he’s the leader lmao, also he’s consistently the most tactical of the guardians, so it’d be fun to try and think of dumbass plans on the fly


Right. But I'm just saying making a team game and only giving you one character is kind of weird. Of all of them, he makes the most sense but it's still sort of weird lol


Imagine making a guardians of the galaxy game and only letting you play as one character...smh


Can’t wait for the Fantastic Four but you can’t play as the Invisible Woman, Human Torch or the Thing. Can only play as Reed Richards


This may be very accurate if Square Enix gets their hands on it.


They might as well add all 5 guardians into avengers , instantly double the roster


Bro you only play as Star-lord, that sucks


its probably built on a different engine, so no


It looks just like avengers, just different gameplay


It looks nothing like avengers.


How does it look nothing like Avengers? The only thing changed is animations.


Well it’s a single-player, single-character narrative-driven action-adventure game where your choices affect the story and you control the rest of the team mass-effect style rather than them being AI or other players. Avengers is a multiplayer live service loot-driven action RPG with no dynamic choices and you control one of multiple character options at a time. They’re made by different studios, and by the looks of it, use different engines. Or did I misunderstand you and you literally meant it “looks” like the avengers? Because even then I think it looks less shiny and plasticky than that game looks. To me this looks more like FF7 remake.


Sorry I may have missed this how did it mention your actions affect the story? And we have no idea if there will be loot boxes or not. And although you can sort of control the other characters it'd still be nice to control each of them more directly. Although I can see how not controlling the others could make the game more focused.


In Square’s presentation, they did a little behind the scenes thing with the devs and then about 10 minutes of gameplay. In that 10 minutes there were 4 different choices. The guardians need to pay some fine so they start arguing about how to come up with the money. The first choice is which member of the group you want to listen to propose an idea. In the clip, they choose Groot. He suggests selling himself to a Collector-type woman, and then after receiving payment they would break him out. Gamora agrees. Drax and Rocket disagree and say they should try to sell Rocket instead. So the second choice is do you sell Rocket or Groot? Then they land on the planet and do some exploring. They get into a fight and we get to see the mass-effect style gameplay. More exploring. There’s a ravine with a switch on the opposite side that will activate a bridge. Drax suggests throwing Rocket to the other side of the ravine so he can hit the switch. Rocket would prefer not to do this. You decide to go with Drax’s idea or not. In the clip, the player chose to allow Drax to throw Rocket. At that point, this bold red text appears at the top left of the screen saying that Rocket is furious with you for allowing Drax to do this. Then there’s another fight. Then it’s time to put the group member you chose to sell into a cage so you can present them for sale. At this point you get the option to change your mind as to who you’re going to sell. As with many games with dynamic choices, I imagine that they won’t affect the game *too* much. Like if you sell Groot, you won’t be able to *use* Groot during the breakout attempt, and vice versa, but that’s probably it. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Rocket is more reckless during the Groot’s breakout and causes more problems. Maybe if you try to sell Rocket the buyer won’t accept and you have to get into a harder fight. And I’m also thinking that throwing Rocket over the ravine will remove options later. Like maybe Rocket is less willing to help or more willing to disobey Peter’s orders in battle. But not allowing Drax to throw Rocket might lead to problems as well. Like how do they activate the bridge in that case? I also honestly don’t see how there could be loot boxes. What would you even want to get out of them?


This looks far superior to Avengers, slamming the Guardians into that limping game seems like a much worse idea.


Was waiting for “You are Star Lord” to be followed by “You are Gamora, you are Rocket, [etc.]” Really weird choice. I love a game where you’re a team leader directing AI around, I dunno guess I’ll wait to see more but definitely not preordering (shame ‘cause the preorder skins are way better than Avengers were.)


You can earn the preorder skins in game, unlike avengers


Oh wow thank goodness, and thank you for the info


If only you can switch who you can control whenever you want like in X-Men Legends.


Kinda surprised people think this looks better than avengers. It looks pretty rough graphically, performancewise, gameplay doesn't even look as fun, and the interface looks like it was edited in last minute. I was hoping for a more original take on the guardians than copying the style of the movies.


I'm very surprised, lol. I thought it looked similar to avengers but with worse combat and you can only play as 1 character, who also happens to be the least interesting combat-wise, imo.


I guess Square can’t win. This sub complains constantly that Avengers doesn’t have MCU skins, but now the sub is saying they want an original take INSTEAD of copying the style of the movies. I don’t care either way because both games look like trash lol (although the Wakanda trailer looked cool, but I’m sure they will botch that too)


**Character Switching Please!**


Nope just star lord :/


Good. No chance for live service bs


Playing as more than 1 character doesn’t mean it’s a live service game


"Bosses from 80 years of Marvel history." Taskmaster and Abomination confirmed.




dude drax does not look like mcu, neither does gamora


Yeah like this doesn’t really look like the MCU Guardians. This looks pretty good tbh


and you can preorder to get the real original skins. i probably will


The og skins do look really nice. Even tho you can’t switch between different characters in the team, I’ll take that…than another Marvels Avengers situation.


Whatever happened to Marvel Ultimate Alliance-type games? Why can't we have good Marvel third-person single player games where you can instantly swap between your team members?


They did make a 3rd Ultimate Alliance, it just went very unnoticed because it’s a Nintendo Switch exclusive (Nintendo funded it to be made) I didn’t think it was as good as the first two story/art style wise, but it’s got some super deep cut characters and it’s pretty fun.


Idk 🤷‍♂️ 😞😔😔


Literally had an Ultimate Alliance game release like a year and a half ago.


Same line up, similar looks, similar music but yeaaaaa surreeee. Not MCU inspired.


Everything about the Guardians today is going to be mcu inspired lol, no one even knew who they were or cared before the movie came out. I’m only speaking on the looks of the team minus Star Lord.


> Everything about the Guardians today is going to be mcu inspired lol How? The OG team had Phyla-Vell, Moondragon and more and so does the current team with Quasar, Super Skrull and even Doctor Doom due to unforeseen circumstances. They didnt really have to go 1:1 team roster + similar characterizations to the MCU.


Gamora is definitely MCU inspired. They all are. Gamora never had black hair with hot pink tips. Her hair was always green in the comics. This current color is straight up out the MCU.


but it has the comic suit. it has a small element from the mcu, the hair why do people on this sub care so much about hair?


As a fan of both the comics and the movies, they honestly look like knockoffs of the MCU to me. Luckily there are the preorder throwback costumes I’ll probably use the entire game.


I don’t know what in the hell they were trying to do with Gamora. One part looks like they were trying to nail down her battle armor look but completely messed it up. then they are going with her MCU look with red highlights in her hair, but then gave her dark black war paint. She just looks strange.


Star Lord’s face looks like a Sims character.


I really don't understand why you only play as 1 character? That sounds incredibly stupid on paper. I'm surprised it came to fruition.


Not necessarily. Have you played Star Wars Republic Commando? If the gameplay is something like that it could be really cool.


It’s an instant failure. Just think, if they messed up with THAT… imagine all of the other baffling design choices we haven’t seen yet.


>That sounds incredibly stupid on paper. I'm surprised it came to fruition. We said the same thing about Avengers being a looter.


And it was a stupid idea




If we gotta be forced to play single player, can we atleast play with other heroes. Star lord is the least interesting to me


Completely agree.


> forced to play single player, You say that as if SP games are bad....


Avenger's is already a single player experience for a lot of people


I agree about playing as different characters, but the fact that it's single player is exactly what makes me excited. I can accept only playing as Star Lord if it means the game is single player and story driven with no multiplayer or live service stuff. Although I understand if that's an unpopular opinion considering this sub is focused on a live service multiplayer game lol.


I liked it. Some nice comic accurate costumes for preorder. I would have preferred The Avengers in an experience like this. Identical Kree head can be seen floating in space.


Leads me to believe they’re in the same universe, but I doubt they would ever directly cross over


Only StarLord? Seriously??




Shame you can only play as star lord. Looks very meh to me.


Fool me once....


Good thing is a single player, combat seems fun and i like fact that you choose what attack the other guardians does And honestly, the fact that they have more games with Marvel might be a good thing for Avengers since they are probably forces to continue with the game


It's very surprising how ready and good this game looks compared to the first Avengers reveal. The gameplay looks a bit simple though, I really want to see more but I'm very interested.


I mean the dodging and fighting seemed pretty much the same. Dofferent animations but definitely the same engine.


Not crazy about the character design but it looks really fun


That’s actually how I feel. Not super into the character models, but it does look like fun!


Square Enix must be baked if they think people will trust them with this after the avengers flopped so hard.


They started on it before Avenger's released though, what else are they going to do


Low hopes for this one


Voice actors sound horrendous. Looks fun though.


Isn’t it kind of sad that this game is being sold on “it’s not a live service game. It’s a stand alone adventure” and that makes me excited about it? Man I wish Avengers wasn’t a live service :( We need more good single player superhero games


This is such a slap in the face. Square soft can get fucked


It doesn’t look that bad. But while watching the gameplay there’s some FPS drops that definitely needs to be fixed


Looks definitly interesting. I do like the character designs a lot. This seems to have an art team that is more devoted to the comics designs then on Avengers (at least according to the pre-order outfits). At first I was baffeled at the decision to make a GOTG game with only Star-Lord as the playable character. But from what I saw in the demo showcase I have to admit that I do kinda like the idea to order my team around and maybe even have those orders have consequence later down in the game (for example the fact that Rocket was "furious" about Peter ecouraging Drax to just throw him over the cliff might have remifacations later down in the game). Also I kinda see it like this: Star Lord can be quite the egocentrail guy. If he'd make a game about his team, he'd center it mostly around himself, so in a weird way there is a kind of funny poetic behind that. Although I would love o go mad with Rockets weaponry or play as the "deadliest woman in the galaxy". I also like that you can actually order individual team mates to attack a designated target (something that this game would defenitely benefit from) I also really enjoyed the constant bantering of the group. Something I'd wish that Avengers would have more of as well. So, I might actually consider getting this game in the future. But thanks to this game I will never ever pre-oder.


Looks like trash to me


That honestly looks really good. I'm hyped.


Cautiously optimistic about that one, looks awesome. Love the art style too.


Damn they should’ve added the ability to play as the other heroes. The whole directing them to do abilities is cool but I’d hate not being able to play as Rocket Raccoon :(


I was so excited until I found out you only play as star Lord. Why make a GotG game If you wouldn't be able to play as the others?


I wish they would have added a couple characters from the comics like Adam Warlock and Moondragon. Understandable why they don't make it am mcu game, for the same reason Avengers isn't. But if it's not an mcu game at least get a little creative with the roster choices.


Looks fun but I CANNOT BELIVE THEY GENUINELY MADE A GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY GAME AND ONLY LET YOU PLAY AS STARLORD! I cannot understand their thinking. I like Peter quill but man.....I'm so disappointed I can't play as the others.




Looks pretty badass. Do we know anything about how it'll play?


There was a whole 30 min showcase.


No way this is done in 4 months.


this seems like a reskin of avengers


With all of the hate Star-Lord's face is getting, I wouldn't be surprised to see them change that up like how they changed inFamous 2's main character back to something people didn't immediately hate. I'm sure there is a more modern example but I am blanking.


This looks amazing! I can’t wait to play it


No way they're gonna put the hands on my wallet again


I dont like it


This looks great!!


I really hope the Walkman is usable in the GotG game outside of that special move. Allow us to equip it when casually strolling or use it whenever we want.


Looks trash. Why you going to ruin another Marvel IP?


That looks shockingly bad


Looks good but at the same time it looks like a game from 2005


Bad models, choppy looking gameplay, and you can only play as Star Lord. Definitely looking like an easy skip which is a shame since I love the GOTG. This shoulda been a FF7remake type game where you can swap between characters and build up all of them while still making it single player.


I recommend people to maybe try the Telltale game if you like that type of stuff is pretty good and i dont thin it got enough attention when it came out. Im pretty hyped for this game tbh looks like it will be fun.


Not sure how I missed they were going to do connected universe games... They must have seriously shit themselves at both reception and initial sales of Avengers... A bad start to a very big ongoing franchise. At least they should be doing no more service games. It could be very successful this way, especially if they come together in their own "EndGame" style climax.


A guardians of the galaxy game where you only get to play as the human character? What a rather brilliant idea


Imagine if I’d be dumb enough to preorder this like I did Avengers




It looks like Ultimate Alliance 3 with realistic graphics. I love it.


Not sure what to think. I don’t mind playing with just Star Lord if that means better level design and gameplay opportunities in which they can focus on only one character and his abilities instead of having to build everything generically to fit all different types. So that’s not a deal breaker to me. And I like how they enforced this is a single player story driven game, knowing this was actually the part that most praised in Avengers. Gameplays wise is where I’m confused. Was that planet with those jelly beans monsters the best they could showcase? Looked kinda unimpressive. And I don’t really get the combat, do the other characters just stand there waiting for your input? Looked a bit goofy I guess. Obviously heavily edited as well so couldn’t really tell how real that gameplay is. Will follow to see how other parts play, if there’s exploration involved or some platform/navigation sequences. From this, it looked just like combat and a companion that just never shuts up ever. PS: I didn’t realize it launches this year!


Hol up... this isn’t a part of the Avengers game? I was pumped the whole time watching this thinking I’m bout to load up my unused digital ps5 copy than I find out it’s a standalone game.... by the same company that did the Avengers game..... what a joke.


This post about a different game has more karma than any post about today's Avengers announcements.


It's just as mediocre as I figured it'd be.........


Combat looks like trash


Ok I see cosmo, that’s nice