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Pioneer is a fantastic format and SCG should really support it. We have a consistent 12-15 people at every event here at my LGS. People need this.


For me is weird reading so much little people in this format especially in the US, in Latam, here in Chile we get over 20 people 2 days a week in a premier wpn store, even full capacity with 30 people usually


27% say no interest in pioneer. Booooooo


Do it!


I voted and commented. I would likely try to attend if they hosted Pioneer as I am (quickly) getting obsessed with the format. Setting up a place to play cards online right now and even \*gasp\* looking into MTGO and it's horrible UI ><; Edit: 80 cards is all we need for 'competitive Pioneer' in Arena. Come on WotC I know I'd pay for Pioneer on the Arena system, argh


For the love of all that is holy don’t put pioneer on arena


I thought I wanted this before. After Alchemy, I definitely don't.


Yeah I have no idea why they don’t want to grab easy money from pioneer players.


I mean...if you put pioneer on arena forget about paper pioneer, it would be the same as std, no one plays it on paper, so that would be a horrible idea


Would it? To my understanding Standard had died at most LGS prior to Arena even coming out. I know anecdotally from my LGS that most of them play MTGO for Pioneer anyways and it obviously isn't impacting that heavily.


The less attention Pioneer gets, the better honestly. I really don't want Wotc to aim any of the steroids that they injected the other formats with in Pio1neer.


I agree that horizon sets would be horrible for pioneer. But we still need tournament support to help make a thriving community