I am NOT a Vet. Please keep this in mind. With a tad bit of research the biggest problem is Sodium. Feed him/her easily digestive Carbohydrates, and high quality fats. Also limit Protein's and Phosphorus. I don't know if this is surefire, but please listen to your Vet. Even if the reviews are bad for Whiskas, he's done a decade of school. I promise he knows what's best for your cat.


Thanks mate! :) It's hard living in a remote area where there is a dirth of items but will see what I can do. Thank you! <3


I honestly would trust your vet. If your cat is not seeing any improvement seek the advice of another professional. That or make your own cat food with clean and fresh ingredients. Not necessarily "raw" but homemade. And veggies in cat food sometimes do help certain cats with digestive problems or sensitivities.


Thank you so much dude! :) I finally managed to find that my city sells "Bellotta Tuna in gravy" and I might go for that. I'm just afraid of the sodium and phosphorus levels and everything but food companies here do not label their items with too much detail nor do they reveal anything when I call them. I haven't had much success with homemade or raw food thanks to the dirth of stuff available where I live. My cat didn't have a healthy reaction to whiskas and the vets here are Asian and inexperienced since I'm from a remote area. I have decided to go with Bellotta till I can afford something better. Thanks so much for this help! :)


Try the brand Whole Hearted sold at PetCo. It’s the store brand so it’s waaaaaay cheaper. Also, their prices are cheaper online. I feed my dog and cat this brand as they list clear ingredients. Also, when searching for food, avoid products that say “contains poultry” or “contains meat” you want it to be specific. So your food should list chicken, peas, beef, etc. and Whole Hearted does this! It also comes in wheat free options! Edit: also make sure that the food lists Taurine as an ingredient as this is a special vitamin that cats need. Also, IM NOT A VET. Just a former pet store employee that had to take hours of nutrition training lol. Hope this helps!


Sorry, that's not available where I live and I cannot afford any online shipment costs rn. All they have where I live is only 3 brands--whiskas, bellotta and me-o. We don't have pet stores or veterinarians here either. I found bellotta at a butcher's place because they were probably rearing cats for eating them etc. But my cat is my best friend. So, I'm worried.