kasumi confidante on end of game?

I'm already past the casino palace, going on for what seems the final palace, I've heard it's vital to lvl kasumi to max. Maruki too but he is already. Thing is Kasumi is just lvl 3 am I fine? I'm at nov. 23rd.


You only need Maruki for the 3rd Semester - Though I’d highly recommend maxing out Kasumi, otherwise she won’t be available in the new semester. You have until I think mid December to level Kasumi up.


You just need Maruki to unlock the whole 3rd semester content. Nothing else. If you want extra content, then max Kasumi to Rank 5 before 12/8, otherwise she'll be unavailable to hang out during the whole 3rd semester. If you finish her confidant then her rank 6 will be unlocked during the 3rd semester storyline.


So from what I read online, to get the true ending, you needed Maruki at level 9, Kasumi at level 5 and Akechi at level 8. But from what literally everyone in here says, you only need Maruki at level 9. Getting Akechi to max rank basically amounts to one additional short scene and no one has mention the effect Kasumis rank being higher means


my friend says I need kasumi max rank to unlock the dlc


No, Kasumi just adds a bit more.


Your friend is perpetuating a myth.


You don't get to do her confident at all in the 3rd sem if you don't get her to 5 in December


Maxing Yoshizawa unlocks >!ranks 6-10 of her Confidant!< during the third semester. It doesn't effect the ending at all.


> I've heard it's vital to lvl kasumi to max. She's not. Completely irrelevant unless you're going for 100% Confidant completion.


You still have time, she's available till about mid December and you only need to get her till rank 5


***Only*** Maruki is required for the third semester and its endings. Yoshizawa just adds some extra stuff to the third semester. Her rank 5 deadline is 12/22, so you have plenty of time anyway.


If you want as much content from the third semester, yes, Kasumi should be maxed. You should have enough time to hang out with her before her deadline (December 8th), although it's going to be VERY tight. I hope you also got Akechi to Rank 8 before the end of Sae's Palace.