Who is Ren Amamiya's canon girlfriend?

Why do people think there is a canon one?


Why do people think there is a canon one?


This seems to get asked for each persona game


None of them. And none of them are "slightly" canon or more canon than the others. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you something. > But Ann is lovers!!! Irrelevant. > But Makoto is shipteased! Along with every other girl. > Futaba is narratively pushed! But still isn't canon, sorry. > Soejima ships Futaba with Joker though! And he's entitled to his preferences, but he isn't a narrative authority nor is he proposing a canon ship. > Haru has feelings for Joker! Along with Futaba and Sumi. > Sumi admits her feelings first! Along with Futaba and, to a lesser degree, Ann. > Sumi is the new girl though! Arguably that makes her less canon not more.


There is none and I don't understand why people keep asking this.


Considering Strikers was the only thing that comes after the mainline game, I'm guessing no one








There is none. And really, besides Futaba and *maybe* Sumi, the romance stuff is pretty tacked as far as their confidants go.


There isn’t one. It’s the whole point of the dating thing in the first place, is that you choose who you like most. If the anime is the “canonical” storyline of P5, then Joker dated all of them.


There's really no such thing as a "canon" girlfriend in Persona games. Evidence of this is in Persona 5 Strikers, where if you romance any of the PT girls, they don't acknowledge it. It's just a choice that the player can make. You can choose one girl, or you can get your ass beat by your harem on Valentine's Day


There's no canon option to Joker's girlfriend, but notice that only one his girlfriend has Showtime with Ren. And her name starts with "Sumi" and ends with "re"


While it's true the Lovers arcana girls make most sense by how the game itself is designed to make you think (the peak of that mountain was definitely Rise back then in P4), there was never one revealed by Atlus itself, and it doesn't change anything plot-wise. Even Joker's VA tries his best not to reveal his pick, for obvious reasons.


I honestly don't feel the "Lovers" interest is particularly true in P5's case as Ann shows no-proactive interest in Joker after the first palace. After that most of her exchanges are with Ryuji and even in Strikers she gives Joker a friendship bracelet. Even, P4's case is kind of weird because Rise has almost no interaction with Yu before boldly declaring himself his property before her SL even begins. Yukari on the other hand actually express genuine concern over Makoto after he saves her and consistently opens up to him.


There are plenty of reasons to push Rise as Yu's most representative love interest, but being Lovers isn't one of them.


Agreed such as having a game entirely cantered around her and P4 being as subtle as a train wreck about it. Honestly, there’s a lot I like about Rise but P4 not showing any subtlety whatsoever into turning her into a cheerleader for Yu’s eyes only kind of kills her as a romance for me. Chemistry and Trust are much more interesting to me when it’s built up. And yes it’s not the only time the games try to beat a romance over our heads, FeMC and Shinji are just as bad.


P4 equivalent of Yukari is Chie rather than Rise. Chie always getting Yukari's costume and catchphrase, they meet a gang in SL and the protags came and all. They even mirror roles in pq and react to the same stuff, and how they actually romantic interested in Yuki and Yu with how "reliable" they are lmao. Tho all the girls are into the protags.


On that I will agree Chie has insecurities when it comes to being feminine and wants to be stronger because like Yukari she’s a good person who wants to help people especially whom she cares about. Shes also the first to warm up to the main protagonist and I’d say her dynamic with Yu is really consistent. Also she’s loyal as hell to her bestie. The closest person I can compare that to in P5 is Makoto oddly enough so I’m not convinced the arcana means much when it comes to relationships. Not to mention P2’s lovers is Lisa but we very clearly know at this point who Tatsuya has the hots for thanks to EP’s ending.


Lmao that Tatsuya kiss on the lips is something. Arcana i would say Junpei and Yosuke fill the same role and Magician because duh. Don't know if anyone notice it but for some reasons i always feel Yukari and Chie have the same vibes from the moment i see them, their struggle or relationship to protags. And it's true with how even the parallel in the games for them is the same amd even to SL. But yes arcana isn't always parallel or pattern equivalent and even to relationships because Yukiko is more parallel to Haru than Makoto.


Gamewise: It's entirely up to the player. Hell even Joker's name is up to the player. Anime-wise: If Magical Valentines Day is anything to go by ALL of them are canon or any of them are canon. What I mean to say is A Magical Valentines Day shows Joker spending Valentines Day with every girl and the credits seem to reflect the harem ending. And yet, the post credit scene shows Joker on a date with Sae at the cinema where she subtly states she can't for him to be a man. Manga-Wise: While no romance explicitly shown so far in Momento's Mission, Makoto seems to be the one partnered with Joker throughout whereas in P5's actual manga is starting to ingrain Kasumi within his SL's. Though I personally think as with all the manga's they won't show us any explicit relationships. You're noting the trend right? They leave it intentionally ambiguous so as not to undermine the players choice. For sure Atlus clearly have their own favourites but they tease each one fairly often. Persona 5 Strikers and Dancing All Night all suggest that ALL the girls are into Joker. Q2 does have a few hints that Joker has a connection with FeMC but that's more implicit than explicit. But it also shows the ALL the girls are into Joker.


Thanks for commenting so I think. Now I have more questions than answers xD.


Most people seem to tell you there is no canon love interest. What questions are there left?


None of them are Canon. I guess the games kind of push in the direction of Ann or Kasumi, but no one love interest is Canon.


People always argue…. Truthfully it’s supposed to be open ended But unofficially atlus and suggestions in the games are that the lovers arcana is typically the “canon” partner. So P3 yukari P4 rise P5 is assumed Ann, but many will argue that in royal it seems to be kasumi (which I agree with for that version / the reasons they’d say, won’t spoil some things here) It’s not really hardline canon because as said, it’s supposed to be open ended or whatever you choose, but like those are the like unofficial semi confirmed “right” ones so to speak, closest thing to canon you’ll get. Everyone can view it however they wish, not wrong, and I totally prefer to just be like “whoever you want” but since it’s also hinted at / soft confirmed, my head canon has always been that yukari was supposed to be who it is for p3 (male protag), rise for yu, and Ann for p5 or kasumi if royal. Tho I date typically mitsuru, the black haired chick (name is escaping me rn) in p4, and p5 depends on playthru. Don’t highly prefer one there / several I liked a lot so hard to narrow the 1 I’d say there.


"Lovers" is not really a pattern or archatype. "First girl" archatype like Yukari, Chie is more of equivalent, Chie always getting Yukari's costume and catchphrase, they meet a gang in SL and the protags came and all. Point is there really isn't any pattern.


None. If I had to choose, it's either Makoto or Sumire. Makoto has 2 palaces about her (save the school from kaneshiro and save her sister), the cd voice drama whatever you called it, she had her forture read by Chihaya that her true love is Ren. (Well, Makoto being Makoto, she is dense as a shonen protagonist) Sumire, with how Altus likes to shoehorn her into the story and be the first one who confess.


To me, it felt more like Makoto had two palaces that *should* have been about her, but she was shafted in both, lacking a connection to Kaneshiro and having the spotlight stolen by Akechi and Futaba in Sae's palace. But what CD Drama are you referring to? Is there a translation anywhere?


Heres the CD Drama https://youtu.be/5HiX9fOoP2E


They did the same thing with Yu and Marie in P4 Golden but it wasn't so down your throat here.


True, but I'd make the case no-one could really be as unsubtle as Rise is in P4G so I'd not say that's entirely fair. In Jokers case those interestingly all the spin-off's seem to suggests all the girls are into him but of course never specify who Joker himself is into which of course is so as to not undermine whom the player likes. Sumire is merely one of all canonical choices I'd not read too hard into it.


P5s is the sequel of p5 and your question is answered there.


All of them lol


In Strikers he’s still very much just friends with all of the girls.


Quantum supercanon; The state of being neither a canon romance while also being a perfectly canon romance, at the same time, at all times. At this point all I can say is just pick one and don't be weird about it and we won't have any problems.




There is no canon love interest in Persona games.