Gods help us when 2050 actually rolls around.


Don't worry we will all be dead by then


No we won't we will survive and struggle and be in pain, MORE than now. We won't just die out as a species by 2050


Not with that attitude


Hahahaha r/angryupvote


Favourite comment today.


I won’t. I’m Gen Z. I’m stuck here until that shit happens.


Selfish comment from some childless person.


Childless people are doing their part to fight climate change.


We’d be lucky if any of humanity is alive in 2050 at this rate


You do realise that other countries endure this type of weather each Summer and are our favoured holiday destinations? There have been hot spells before in the UK when vineyards existed as far north as Yorkshire. Farmers will adapt, we will adapt. We could stop using perfectly good drinking water to flush out poop/pee away for one.


Don't be daft




Do you believe the government?


For now


Its not only the centre and far right downplaying it. Wake up. Labour is just as corrupted. Corporate owns politicians. They want to tax cow farts while their industries pollute water air and soil! Boycott and demand change. Don't expect a labour/torie clown to do it for you.


You are under the impression that labour are on the left..




Vote Green.


Hmmm maybe.... But then again who's to say they aren't corporate wolves in sheep's clothing


You conflate politics and science?


The people who do this, the ones that *demand* we overproduce, pollute and make the Earth inhabitable have names and addresses. They might be all smug hiding in lofty places with A/C but that's nothing that cannot be challenged. I'd gladly cut their power for starters


Where to find their addresses?


It is funny. There is hysteria for a few thousand immigrants washing up on British beaches yet these same cretins are pro climate denial (even though they know fill well it is real) and seem oblivious to there being millions of people that will migrate morth when areas around the equator become uninhabitable. There will be a great migration.


This we are all going to die because it's sunny is just typical media fearmongering to distract from real social issues and you are buying into it... the cost of living crisis, (whilst the rich are the richest they have ever been and at record rates) the strikes in the UK, the farmers strikes across Europe. The destruction of the NHS Sir Kieth U-turning on every socialist/socially democratic election promise 50'000+ covid deaths and 100'000+ dying needlessly Yes the Alt / far right are downplaying it because they are climate change deniers but that doesn't mean you should buy into the fear


Though i do agree that we should not take away focus from other social problems, i have a few points to make. - The cost of living crisis will be exasperated by the climate crisis - The climate crisis has far more implications than heat such as the exodus of people disproportionately affected by climate change in places like africa, in turn bringing the effects of mass population movements with it like the spread of disease among many other things - Media does not report on climate change as much as this argument makes it out to be. - It simply is not fearmongering, this is real and it will affect all of us making the social issues presented by the right honorable gentleman above me dwarf in comparison and the humanitarian implications will be devastating. Though i do absolutely agree that the issues you brung up are important and do require more attention from the public, the climate crisis isnt fear mongering and it should be feared more as the rich exploit the enviroment at the expense of the people. I could make this argument more compelling and add more points but i am currently on the toilet taking a fat shit so forgive me if it isnt as compelling as it could be.


Making out that a heatwave is an end of the world apocalypse is not drawing attention to climate change, it's fear mongering and distraction... Not least because climate change hasn't been mentioned once on any news or weather reports that I have seen, instead it is temperatures COULD reach record levels, hundereds of people MAY die or be injured from heatstroke and dehydration, sounds like daily mail/ Murdoch spin to me.


People are dying here in the UK though - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/phe-heatwave-mortality-monitoring/heatwave-mortality-monitoring-report-2020


It's a warning of what has already been happening for several decades. Pull your head out of the sand It's buried in & do some research. In particular, where does the arid South East get their drinking water from. How much water is needed for one field of corn to grow.....


The climate crisis is a leftist issue just as much as everything you listed, we have the capacity to focus on multiple problems at once.


There have been filthy evil capitalists and imperialialists cashing in on the need to go green for a while, so not entirely a leftist issue, it's a nuanced issue. Most Western Global Green initiatives are inheritantly imperialistic and racist. They discriminate against developing countries who do not have the benefit of an existing infrastructure. They actively favour western Europe, NZ, Aus, Can and the US.


> Most Western Global Green initiatives are inheritantly imperialistic and racist. Advocating for countries to be powered by solar and wind farms is racist?


No placing financial carbon emissions penalties on countries who are playing catchup. Countries who are former colonies and territories of western Europe. Whilst the countries who have exploited their own fossil fuels to the brink of exhaustion, and imported and are importing energy from less developed nations, whilst at the same time penalising them.


As I said it's nuanced


I agree. But thats not being racist. Thats just plain oligarchs playing business. Its not capitalism since there is no level and fair playing field. Its also not only capitalist-like western democracies playing the game either... China Iran Israel Pakistan and India do the same.


Inherent racism, the white developed countries with a clear advantage are the ones setting the goalposts. India and China are the two countries who have been the most heavily penalised.


Disagree. Its called conquest and conquer. Race has nothing to do with it. They do the same to their own race (argentina?) also, are India and China being racist too? Or do we turn the other way if the criminal is not white?


That's unfair practice, though if you know which authorities, businesses that do that, tell us & we can avoid their products etc.




All those problems are important but taking actual measures to combat climate change will benefit everyone in dozens of different ways. Also you're insane if you don't think predictions made for decades for now are happening now.


Shut up. No crisis should have a higher priority than climate change!


This isn't just heat though, the sun is particularly brutal right now. Not just because of a lack of clouds, it genuinely feels like the sun is getting through the atmosphere more.


It's drought I'm more worried about.


No one denies current crisis, which get worse if we do nothing about climate change. Food prices will increase as British Farmers have to invest in costly innovations. Hotter climes require more water to grow Food. Hotter & drier climes have less rainfall. Do your Maths.


It's gonna get exponentially worse over the next few years, due to the greenhouse effect. I doubt the human race will last 5 years from now


Oh yes we wilk last, problem is not the race’s survival, but our society’s. Humans have survived bad odds before, but going back to feudal or even tribal age is not very interesting to me…


Woohoo! Barbecue time!


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we need to go to the arabs and disembowel them, then take their oil and pour it into the red sea and set it on fire, thats the only way we can save the world from ourselves


I think people getting hysterical about a few days of unusually hot weather, knowing full well that we always get extremely hot or cold spells periodically, and holding it up as "proof" of climate change is actually harmful to the argument for climate change itself. Yes, climate change is real and we need to address our use of energy, addiction to cheap goods shipped round the world and plastic waste. But we also have to be pragmatic and not get caught up in hysteria.


absolutely amazing to me that people are so concerned about tone policing the climate crisis rather than the crisis itself. which level of fear for our future would be most acceptable to you?


Climate change is the result of large corporations destroying the planet for greed ...on the other hand climate change as happened thousands of times during the life time of this planet...get over it


Yes! I always wanted to be alive for the end of the world!


The weather changes wether its due to human interference or not. People seem to forget that.


We need you end capitalism and go towards a resource based economy as described by Peter joseph and jaque fresco. This so far I see as the only way. But we shouldn't vote our selves there, that doesn't work.


They often take some of those measurements next to airport runways, which are obviously going to be hotter than normal as the dark surface absorbs radiation from the sun and the jet engines produce heat too. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Not saying climate change isn’t happening or anything, but just wanted to point this out.


I cant help thinking of the coincidence of haarps creation and climate change. Also I'd like to think if worldwide controls like that during the covid pandemic were possible, governments that are clearly aware of this climate crisis would implement measures to tackle this? All seems abit laxy dazy and Its incredible.