Kinzua sky walk in McKean county is 100% worth checking out


There's a lot to do in Kane and the surrounding areas related to the PA Wilds and Allegheny National Forest. In McKean County, definitely the Kinzua Sky Walk. Bradford is home to Zippo, and their museum is pretty neat. Warren county has the Kinzua Dam and a few cool shops. Both Warren and Kane have new breweries and neat restaurants. Plenty of camping in the area, as well.


> Kane From Kane myself, though I haven't lived there in a long time. They've really done a lot in the past 6-7 years to turn the town into something attractive to the tourism crowd. It's definitely worth going and checking out the brewery, winery, and general dining scene.


Kinzua is really high up on my list How long do people typically spend there?


I spent well over an hour checking it out. But you could really do it all in 20 minutes if you don't care for taking in the view. There's a little museum you can walk around. If you wanna whip out those hiking boots for a tough trail you can easily spend several hours.


Thank you, I will definitely go there


Depending on which way you’re traveling, Bradford is a couple towns away. The Zippo Lighter Factory is there. It’s interesting, and in the same area. Probably not something to go out of your way for.


Is this a place I could safely bring young children?


Yes, and the Kinzua bridge museum there is great for kids also. A lot of interactive exhibits!


If you’re going out to Kinzua you may also want to check out the visitor center in Benezette and drive around there to see if you spot any elk. They’re most active this time of year around dawn and dusk.


While you're up there, check out Austin Dam - it's not too far down the road.


Didn't love Austin Dam, the history is cool though


Fallingwater for sure!


Don't forget Kentuck Knob!


If I could only do one, Kentuck Knob wins, easily. Either way, hit up cucumber and the main falls at Ohiopyle. And check out the natural waterlisdes. I don't recommend doing them, just go down and look.


Wholeheartedly agree 👍


This, plus it’s really close to ohiopyle state park which is absolutely beautiful


Yes, but make sure to book advance tickets for the tour. They sell out, especially during the summer.


In that area is also Kentuck Knob, Ohiopyle, Fort Necessity, and Yough Lake.


Am I able to drive up to it after closing time (4PM), or do they close it up after closing time? The day I am in the area (with my current plans) is a busy oen


Unfortunately it closes at 4!


Well, Pittsburghers will hate me for saying this, but do visit Mt Washington and Point State Park in Pittsburgh. Yes, it's a touristy thing, but it's also totally worth it.


Why would we hate you for that? I grew up in Pittsburgh and the view from Mt Washington never gets old.


Speaking as a transplant, it seems to me that there's a streak of self-loathing among some yinzers who apparently never visited the world outside of Allegheny county, or maybe as far as the bustling metropolis that is Beaver. For them, Mt Washington is just a tourist trap - it's like New Yorkers poking fun at tourists visiting Times Square. They would much rather talk about tunnel monsters and Acrisure stadium than appreciate how beautiful their city is. And I agree with you, I love Mt Washington and all of Pittsburgh - so it shocks me that some lifelong residents can feel otherwise.


Mhmm driving through the Ft Pitt tunnel and getting old with the downtown skyline will NEVER get old


Agreed. Though the PennDOT sign can be frustrating: "Travel to Ft Pitt Tunnel 4 mi 50 min"


I mean, every long-term resident of an area is going to have specific things they don’t like about it. That isn’t unique to Pittsburgh and I think more so than locals I’ve encountered in some other cities, Pittsburghers are pretty quick to tell visitors all of the unique/beautiful/interesting places to check out.


I grew up in north Buffalo just 25min from niagara falls. I've been there over 100 times and it's gotten old for me. That doesn't at all mean I wouldn't recommend it someone or even not go myself another time. Sure, I've seen it before, but seeing someone else see it for the first time is great. I've had the same experience being shown around pittsburgh. With any touristy place the residents will feel this way, but you'll have a hard time finding a pittsburgher who hasn't been to Mt Washington, or a Buffalonian to Niagara falls, or a NYer to Time Square. They've all went to see it for a reason.


And make sure you take the incline to Mount Washington


Along with Duquesne and mon incline, could make a whole day out of it


I've lived here for 25 years and head up to Mt Washington at night at least once a month. I'd go down to the point to look out from near the fountain more, but its a bit of a hike.


Locations attract tourists for a reason. Some are traps, but more are beautiful, interesting, historic ect.. While in Pittsburgh, taking a stroll through the Nationality Rooms and a drive through Allegheny Cemetery are wonderful stops.


Are the Nationality Rooms open to tourists, or is it just open to students?


You have to book a tour in advance, apparently. I just checked their site. That must be new since Covid. You used to be able to just go into them on your own. The bottom floor used to be free, and it was like $3 to tour upstairs. It looks like it’s $10 now, which is still very much worth it imo.


You could visit Presque Isle State Park in Erie. If you varied your north-central route you could go through Elk County to see if you see any Elk. There are some driving maps and designated food plots/feeding stations so early morning/evening you usually see some. In Potter County there’s a place called Cherry Springs State Park, it’s a place to visit at night (follow their rules about lights!) if you want some amazing star-gazing on a clear night. I keep meaning to visit the Zippo museum in Bradford but haven’t made it yet, maybe a fun odd stop.


When my son was in the 4 th grade, he had to a report on Erie, PA. It made me want to visit Erie so bad. I always wanted to do a road trip to Erie. Maybe one day ( I hope , I pray) I’ll be able to take my grandchildren. I still have the report. I saved a lot of their school stuff


The summer sunsets in Erie really are spectacular.


I just was at Presque Isle for the first time this past week. I had always thought it was just beaches, but was extremely pleasantly surprised by the biking trails and how much of the park is much more than beaches. A must go and a revisit for sure!


Lots of wineries in Erie too, for those who enjoy sweet Pennsylvania wines. Niagara, Diamond, Vidal, Catawba, Concord


Don't name the elk.




I am planning to do that Is there time to visit that and Flight 93 in one day, or should I plan to visit Flight 93 on a seperate day?


You can see pretty much all of the Flight 93 memorial in a couple hours, although you could spend more time walking around. Gettysburg can be hours or days depending on how much you want to see. At a minimum you want to spend some time at Seminary & Cemetery Ridges (the site of Picket's Charge), Devil's Den, and Little Roundtop.


If you stop by Flight 93, depending on what direction you come from, be sure to stop by the pie shoppe in laughlintown (route 30) :) it's near fort Ligonier if you are into that as well!!!


Flight 93 and Gettysburg are about 2.5 hours away from each other. Both are extremely moving and somber places to visit. Flight 93 is a couple hour visit, but Gettysburg could take a few days if you let it! I recommend a bus tour of the battlefield at Gettysburg!


When we went to Gettysburg a number of years ago for a family vacation (I live just below Harrisburg, this was more of a get-away-from-home-for-a-week than anything), we did one of the evening ghost tours. It was really fun to do, I highly recommend if you are able to.


Hello from Hanover!


Hello from York!


I was just in Hanover on Saturday. Right near the square. At least until the rain came and they announced we could pack up early. At one point, I was in ankle-deep water at our booth.


When my family and I visited Flight 93 memorial I couldn’t take it. I just started sobbing uncontrollably. I had to leave. We saw the windchimes and left. I’m sure it’s a great experience.


I'd do separate days for that. Gettysburg you could spend days in for sure, but you definitely want to at least have a day here. There's so much to see and so many good places to eat (you can tell where my travel priorities lie LOL). Does suck that devil's den is closed for renovations currently, but you can and absolutely should still drive through to check it out. I would recommend getting a tour to see the most if you're interested in the battlefield and learning about all the happenings. For a yummo lunch or dinner I'd recommend blue & grey, Gary Owen, Four score brewery or the Gettysburger. Most of them are bar/grill kinda places, but seriously some of the best food in town, cannot go wrong with any of them. And Mr G's or half pint for dessert are almost mandatory. Okay, I'll hop off my Gettysburg soapbox now. Hope you enjoy your PA tour and your time in the burg!


Half Pint is *heaven*.


I agree, but they are doing renovation work at the 2 most popular spots, Devil's Den and Little Round Top. Still can drive past Devil's Den I believe, but you can't walk through.


Yeah, it's a tourist place, but you can never not visit Gettysburg if you are close by. They do a good job of maintaining the battlefield, and there are some great views/monuments. Well worth it, especially if you also do Valley Forge, because you see two a bit of the two biggest wars to shape the United States. I wish there was something to recommend in my neck of the woods, but unless you want to see a very nice state park/reservoir, or eat pretzels and chips, Hanover PA doesn't have a ton to recommend it to tourists.


>Hanover PA doesn't have a ton to recommend it to tourists What, Famous Hot Weiner isn't enough of a pull for you?




I legit have only ever driven by them. It's just literally the only thing I can think of that exists in Hanover.




I wonder what's 1-5, will have to look later lol.


Nope. The only thing of merit is that you can order fries with Cheese, and they give you a side of Nacho cheese to dip fries into. Which isn't the end all be all of life or anything. It just exists.


LOL, which one?


I've only ever driven by the one in... I guess you would call it downtown Hanover. If Hanover is big enough to have a "downtown."


Ah, then you are missing out. We have 3, yes 3 Famous Hot Wiener's. And the only thing to say about them is, I feel guilty if I don't leave a tip equal to the cost of the meal (honestly the prices are just too low).


I'm up by Hbg and there's a hot dog place that's kind of similar. Doesn't have the same curb appeal though. Food was like a 4/10 so pretty good for a hot dog place in central PA. I kept meaning to stop whenever I passed through Hanover but never really had time to. There was also a place in Chambersburg, I think, that I wanted to try. Famous Texas Weiners or something like that. I don't even like hot dogs that much but I grew up in North Jersey so I'm chasing that old school Rutts Hut/Callahan's/Hiram's dragon.


Texas Hot Weiner! There's also one in Gettysburg. But yeah, none of the hot dog shops in the area are much of anything to write home about. About as good as the dogs from Sheetz lol. The fries are always good though, and at the one in gburg they have a pretty solid breakfast and you can get a beer with your french toast, which I am a pretty big fan of!


I don't know why the norm of deep frying hot dogs until they get wrinkly and split open didn't take off out here. It's not like the local cuisine is very health-oriented.


I grew up in littlestown and Hanover was considered the spot to go for kids. Hilarious.


Magic Elm and North Hanover Mall!


Oh my goodness I've found my people in this thread! Lmaooo


I just looked it up and Magic Elm still exists! Mind blown. So many birthday parties there.


Yes it does!! I remember Friday nights and birthday parties.. and now I get to watch my kid experience the same joy and it is AWESOME:D


Rip the mall. Literally so dead in there nowadays. I think the most people have thought about it recently is when it caught fire earlier this year


Yes! I was in there a few weeks ago and it’s so eerie. It used to be THE place to go.


lol yea me and a few friends went to jerry and sals like a few days ago. Literally the only places that people go now is the rural king, jerry and sals, that one hair place next to it, and the bath and body works


Yea I live south of York, and it's definitely lacking in that department. Nothing too exciting going on here.


Indeed, but we do have a few very nice parks. I just wouldn't suggest it to people travelling. If you have time, check out the poorly named Nixon Park. It's a small County Park, but it's got some good walking trails if you like wooded valleys and streams.


Valley Forge Park in Montgomery County. There is a driving audio tour available. Longwood Gardens in Chester County.


Came here to also suggest Longwood Gardens


Longwood & Winterthur!




In Valley Forge National Park, I’d recommend seeing the arch, encampment trail, and the Washington Memorial Chapel, which houses the “Justice Bell” or “Women’s Liberty Bell”.


We also have quite a few amazing breweries in SE PA if that’s your thing : Victory , Levante , Sly Fox , Roundguys, Stickman , Conshohocken, the list goes on ! Yards , Evil Genius , etc if you venture into the city


Chanticleer in Wayne! Longwood is beautiful and big but has become a bit of a tourist attraction and less about nature lately. I just found out about Chanticleer this year and it completely changed my view of botanical gardens.


Just went to Chanticleer for the first time last summer, what a cool place!


Also came to suggest Longwood Gardens. And if you like wine, there are a number of vineyards/wineries. My husband also says to be sure and stop at a diner and have some scrapple.


ohiopyle state park


If you like adventure, specifically plan around the Upper Yough (technically Maryland, but they will bus you from the park) release dates and hit the rapids. They aren't too crazy but so much fun.


these areas blue or these areas grey?


I should've clarified this more, but my trip goes through blue (3 or 4 seperate times)


> (3 or 4 seperate times) You running from the law?


Why are you avoiding York and Lancaster counties? There’s lots in Lancaster.


I didn't color them in because I plan to head to DC, which is why they have less of a chance that I would visit them than the nearby counties


Philly and lancaster has alot


Probably post separately in r/Philadelphia- it’s a bigger sub than this one, and much more focused on the City


And r/Pittsburgh for that matter for the same reason


Folks have already mentioned Fallingwater and Ohiopyle for Fayette County. While you're there you might also want to check out Fort Necessity National Battlefield, which isn't far from either. Lots of pre-Revolutionary War history in FayCo.


Don't forget the Whiskey Rebellion stuff too. Washington PA has a couple of distilleries that offer tours. Just don't get tarred and feathered.


I went to Fort Necessity a few years ago (learning about the French and Indian war) and it was pretty underwhelming… it’s really cool for history buffs but there wasn’t that much other than a pile of dirt (basically what the fort was). Ohiopyle was nice though.


In Erie you should absolutely check out Presqueisle State park. Best beaches on the Great Lakes and a fantastic place to watch the sun set. Near by is Waldameer amusement park. A late 19th century park still run to this day.


At first i read that as “best benches on the Great Lakes” I was like, neat man..


In Butler county check out McConnell's Mills, beautiful place to hike and have a day there. https://www.dcnr.pa.gov/StateParks/FindAPark/McConnellsMillStatePark/Pages/default.aspx


Falling Water house. - Frank Lloyd Wright.


As others have said for Erie County Presque Isle and the Brig Niagara are must sees. In North East, which is the name of the town, you can tour some vineyards. Crawford County has Drake's Well in Titusville, John Brown's Farm and Tannery in Guys Mills, and the Linesville Spillway on Pymatuming Reservoir.


Was scrolling to see if someone suggested the Spillway. It is one of the most simultaneously hypnotic and revolting sites you will ever see. Bring money to buy some bread and try not to imagine falling in.


If you’re gonna be near the Allegheny National Forest, you should check out the Tidioute overlook, hike up around Jakes Rocks and get views of the Kinzua Dam/Reservoir


Cherry Spring S.P. in Potter County for viewing stars.


Just book much earlier than you think if you plan on camping there.


I’d drive route 30 all the way across if you haven’t already, beats getting raped by the turn pike and if you are doing the trip for fun there is some great scenery in the west. We did that from Philly to ohiopyle a few years back and it only added maybe an hour of driving on the trip.


Lawrence county, new Wilmington fresh market on Saturdays, McConnells Mill, Hells hollow, Volant


Here are some cool places to check out in Pittsburgh. The Cathedral of Learning, Andy Warhol museum, Mattress Factory museum, Bicycle Heaven, Strip District, Mt. Washington.


And Randyland!


The SEPA portion of your trip is going to take way longer than expected. But if you can find yourself on Lincoln or Kelly drive, the nature and old architecture in Fairmount Park is splendid. Mind the curves.


Cowan's Gap state park and the abandoned PA turnpike in Fulton county.


There's a metric shit ton to be done in SEPA, beyond all the Philly stuff. In Bucks County alone you have Washington's Crossing, Bowman's Tower, Peddlers Village, New Hope and a nice drive up River Rd which will take you through some quaint and highly historic villages... Mercer Museum and Doylestown (honorable mention to Siren Records if you're into vinyl), Ringing Rocks and the waterfall behind it. If you're going through on the weekend you could even check out the Q-mart up in Quakertown for an, er, "interesting" experience.


Cooks forest in clarion


Could you recommend me places to visit here? I will put what I am looking for in the comments Strange places (like what is found on Atlas Obscura, but I already looked at these areas) Supposedly haunted places (like Pennhurst) Museums that take an hour or less to get through Interesting nature that you can either see from the road, or see after a short hike (like Kinzua, though Kinzua isn't entirely nature) My map is just supposed to show the general area I would be in, not the actual counties. Also, I most likely won't visit Philadelphia this trip, so I can focus on it another time (when I have enough time to visit) Thank you in advance


> Museums that take an hour or less to get through mutter museum in philly sounds like it would be your jam when you come back teh second time. you dont mention where you are from. that can affect suggestions... aka cherry springs state park is a great dark sky area. but not to interesting if you are from, say... the midwest where there isnt light polution. kinzua bridge is a cool spot. the elk in benzette is cool if youve never seen large antlered animals before. frank loyd wright's fallingwater.


Just curious... which areas are you planning to visit? Is it the blue or the grey?


Blue, the trip goes through Pennsylvania 3 separate times


Gotcha, might wanna clarify that (for others) because it's not exactly clear.


if you're going through philly you should stop at Eastern State Penitentiary


[Oliver Miller Homestead](https://www.alleghenycounty.us/parks/south-park/oliver-miller-homestead.aspx). [Meadowcroft rockshelter](https://www.heinzhistorycenter.org/meadowcroft/).


I work for a museum located along your route, about travel in general! It’s called the Lincoln Highway Experience, located in Latrobe (Westmoreland county) and it deals with what we know as Route 30 and the first coast to coast Highway! It’s a really fun experience that can definitely take less than hour (self guided audio tour) and ends with pie & coffee in a restored diner car! Hope you can make it in ☺️


I have a cabin in Potter county that yall are welcome to stay at if you need a place to stay up there. Not much around but its 20 mins from Cherry Springs.


Fulton/Bedford Counties check out the abandoned PA Turnpike tunnels near Breezewood.


As someone from Breezewood, be extremely careful if you do this and **do not** go on top of the tunnels. The structure is unstable you could fall through the ceiling, seriously injuring or accidentally killing yourself. Also, the area the tunnels are located in are extremely overgrown so watch out for snakes, especially copperheads.


I live adjacent to the east face of the Ray's Hill Tunnel. It's about a quarter of a mile from my house. It's not... super dangerous. My friend walks-for-exercise from the Breezewood end to the west face of the Ray's Hill Tunnel twice a week and she's, like, a pudgy fifty year old. (I am also a pudgy fifty year old.) It's not... super dangerous if you're not a complete fool. Don't go into the ventilation structures. Don't mess with snakes if you can't tell venomous from non-venomous. Don't be dumb and you'll be fine. Other things to see: Near Breezewood you can see the (drive-over-able) Jackson's Mill covered bridge and the (good for creepy aesthetic but not drive-over-able) Felton covered bridge. Both are just a couple of miles out of town and on a nice loop down South Breezewood Road. Ooh, and Bedford has the National Coverlet Museum (weaving, cards, woven coverlets as status items) too. Route 30 from Breezewood to Chambersburg is scenic and twisty (though they have made it LESS twisty over the years with various grading efforts.) Motorcycle clubs drive it all summer long. And not on your list but... pretty close by, really, there's an amazing road cut through Sideling Hill on Interstate 68. http://www.mgs.md.gov/geology/geology_tour/sideling_hill_detail.html


You need to start with the basics and indicate if you plan to visit the counties in blue or gray?


When I first saw this I assumed it was blue and was wondering how exactly OP was getting to SE PA.


Well thankfully PA isn’t an island so it’s still possible lol Edit since someone asked “how?”, but I guess they realized and deleted their comment: https://i.postimg.cc/cCbMwr3z/959-DB7-F7-C64-E-497-B-AAAE-8150-DF16-A2-FE.jpg


That is what I am planning on doing for the bottom area


Lots of nice wineries In the laurel mts. For sure go to falling water (ohio pyle as well)and on the way back to the turnpike in donegal you can take a 20 minute detour and either visit 7springs or hit the local wineries near. It’s a beautiful trip through the mountains.


Clems hardwood bbq in blairsville westmoreland county




waldameer and kennywood


Based on the blue counties, here's my list: 1: New Hope, Bucks County, 2: downtown Philadelphia, Delaware County (Independence Hall, South Street, the Art Museum) 3: Kennett Square, Chester County 4: Valley Forge National Park, Montgomery County 5: Gettysburg, Adams County (pretty much all of the southern counties are dotted with Civil War or Underground Railroad sites as well as 6: Carlisle, Cumberland County (this is where I typically get on the PA Turnpike heading west) but I hear there's some nice mom & pop restaurants in the downtown area. All I know is the truck stop. 7: Flight 93 Memorial, Stoystown, Somerset County 8: Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Seven Springs, Somerset/Fayette County. It's a ski resort in the winter months but they have mountain bike trails there in the summer. 9: Ohiopyle State Park, Fayette County - the rapids section of the Youghiogheny River run through the park so there's opportunity for some hiking and whitewater rafting. The Great Allegheny Passage hiking/biking trail also passes through from Pittsburgh to the northwest leading to Confluence, PA to the southeast 10: Fort Necessity, Fayette County - this follows US 40 up to Uniontown. You can continue to follow US-40 (aka the National Highway) to the north and west into the city of Washington or take PA Turnpike Rt. 43 northward up the Monogahela River Valley toward Pittsburgh. 11: Washington, Washington County - it's a big county but the county seat has a pretty big downtown area that is occupied by Washington & Jefferson College but there are also a number of whiskey distilleries as that area was the birthplace of the Whiskey Rebellion after the Revolutionary War. 11: Pittsburgh, Allegheny County - most folks go to Point State Park, ride up one of the inclines up to Mt. Washington for pictures, take the Gateway Clipper to one of the stadiums but there's a lot more to see but it's a hard city to navigate if you're not familiar. East of downtown along the Boulevard of the Allies you'll come into the Oakland section where you'll find the main campus for the University of Pittsburgh, a ton of hospitals, the museums of art and natural history and if you cross the bridge east from the campus you'll come to Schenley Park and Phipps Conservatory. There's also Kennywood Amusement Park located just southeast of city limits in Duquesne/West Mifflin. 12: Lake Arthur State Park, Butler County (not far off I-79) - good for boating 13: McConnell's Mill State Park, Lawrence County - good for hiking and rock climbing 14: towns of Franklin and Oil City, Venango County. The Allegheny River runs through this area and it's surprisingly beautiful. Franklin has a nice downtown area with Victorian style houses to one side of the town square and a walkable shopping/dining district on the other.


> 2: downtown Philadelphia, Delaware County (Independence Hall, South Street, the Art Museum) Just FYI Philly isn't in Delco. Philly is its own county.


I can't recommend stopping in Conneaut Lake in Crawford County enough. We're a small lake town, of ~700 full time residents. Stop at Fireman's Beach, imo the best public beach to swim at in the area. Go to Vacavi Cafe, the coziest coffee shop, which has great pastries, smoothies, and, of course, coffee. Go to Al's Melons Farmers Market for great subs. Town gets a bit busy from Friday-Sunday, because that's when out of towners come up to stay at their lake houses on, but it's still not too bad. But, the number one thing you need to do in Crawford County is go to [Hank's Frozen Custard ](https://m.facebook.com/125563977504363/). They use the same custard machines they've had since the 1950's. They have vanilla and chocolate daily and then a rotating flavor. It's been rated the best frozen custard in the country before and one of the best ice cream places in PA. Hank's is closed on Tuesdays, so make sure to time your visit to Conneaut Lake so you can go! And cash only. And, like others have said, Presque Isle in Erie is an absolute must!


To piggyback off of this, Eddies Footlong Dogs is worth a stop. It's a few miles from Hank's. Cash only!


Im glad you mentioned Conneaut Lake, beautiful little town to drive through let alone stop at.


Pine creek gorge, aka PA Grand Canyon!


Cook Forest, Cathedral of Trees if you fancy a hike. Early morning as the sun comes up preferably.


Lake Raystown is a must


Mt Washington Incline in Pittsburgh :)


Caves! There are lots of caves in western PA. Google it. If there are kids coming along, Hershey Park (in Hershey PA) is a ton of fun.




Some places I haven’t seen mentioned so far: - not far from Kinzua Bridge, in St Marys, the Straub Brewery not only has tours and sells beer, but you can get beer from the eternal tap. - in Bedford there’s the Jean Bonnet Tavern, a tavern from 1779 where you pet their goats, have dinner, shut down the bar, and stay the night. It was a gathering place for farmers during the Whiskey Rebellion and is reportedly haunted. - the Swigart Museum (Huntingdon) and the Someone Foundation (Philadelphia) are both good car museums that have some extremely unusual cars in their collections. - in Doylestown, Font Hill Castle is a castle built by hand using concrete and tile and you have to see it to believe it. Also the Mercer Museum. - the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum in Ulysses is pretty interesting Finally, if you spend any time in the woods be extra careful about ticks, and be aware that there’s an invasive species called the spotted lantern fly in PA now, kill them if you see them and don’t let them hitch a ride on your car/bicycle/whatever.


Chambersburg native here. Caledonia state park is nice sometimes. Worth checking out.


Clarion- go to the Clarion river, courthouse/jail, and Bob's Subs.




Raccoon Creek state park/mineral springs


Big Mountain overlook in Buchanan State Forest. Probably the best scenic overlook in the state. Great place to take pictures and just sit and watch the clouds move across the mountains.


If you like abandoned stuff and are up for walking, your route is taking you nearby the abandoned PA turnpike. It's in Bedford and Fulton counties.


While in Kinzu make sure to hit rt 262. It's a slow curvy ride but so beautiful. Even Bigfoot was spotted crossing the road there according to TV show Finding Bigfoot.


West Overton Village in Scottsdale, Westmoreland County. It is a historical village that was founded in 1803 and transitioned from agriculture to industry (such as whiskey making). We offer guided tours of the 1838 homestead and self guided tours of the exhibition foicsing on the industries of the site. We also sell whiskey we made on site.


Flight 93 Memorial in Somerset County.


You should drive by Ohio, but not enter it. Anyhow; Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright. Kentuck Knob is really close to it as well.


Doylestown, new hope, peddlers village for small town adventures. Fonthill castle in dtown is cute.


Presque Isle state park up in Erie. Nice beaches and some of the most beautiful sunsets you will see.


Allegheny National Forest


Visit Flight 93 National Memorial off of Lincoln Highway in Somerset County. Trust me, you will not regret.


Out of the fire by seven springs is a really good restaurant


Bucks County - Washington crossing national park, New Hope PA, Fonthill Castle in Doylestown,


Mt Davis is the highest point in pa. Never been but it's in southwest PA close to Maryland.


Gettysburg Battlefield would be a good place to start.


Honestly Greene County has near no tourist attractions, it’s the long lost county of WV. Off the top of my head: Waynesburg University- One of the first two colleges to grant women degrees in this state, very picturesque in the fall with a beautiful Presbyterian church of which the college is centered around Greene County Historical Society Museum- it’s a museum all though I wouldn’t stop here, nothing too fancy Hideaway candle bar- a neat little place I work at, it’s a DIY candle bar, however since you’re probably not staying the night candles may not be your thing (we also do room sprays and scent beads) Waynesburg court house- it’s nothing amazing but it is pretty to look at Bowlby Library- Cats populate the building everywhere W.A young & son’s foundry and machine shop- a preserved little factory in Rice’s Landing that made things for coal mines and steamboats Thistlethwaite vineyards- Wine Reverend John Corbly’s grave- Baptist minister who played a part in the whiskey rebellion Brodak tower 1 aviation museum- I’ve never been here Historic Hanna’s Town- I’ve never been here Covered bridges- Everywhere across the county Rising Creek Bakery- In Mt. Morris, a nice little bakery The Dutch House- Full of locally made antiques and goods The grave of Washington’s carriage driver- self-explanatory There’s other “major” boroughs in Greene county like Carmichaels and Jefferson but I haven’t really explored those areas, these are just a few I know. Greene county is an intensely beautiful county with rolling meadows, farmland, and endless blue skies but we don’t capitalize on it too much sadly. I don’t believe there’s any major hiking trails except for the one on Waynesburg college campus which takes you into WV


There's also Ryerson State Park out in the western end of the county, but with the lake gone, there's not a lot to do.


Since you'll be hitting Adams County: If you like spooky things, go to the Gettysburg battleground - at night. In much of Pennsylvania. August nights are filled with fog. It is said that on those nights, it is exceptionally easy to see the spirits of the soldiers, walking through the fog.


Make sure you hit a sheetz and a wawa and give us all an objective opinion on which is the least horrible gas station. It's a local PA point of contention but all in good fun (I think).


Buttermilk falls in beaver county.


It’s very pretty and only takes about an hour. Unless you have a snack by the falls.


Adams county Gettysburg battlefield (I recommend the horse tour or bus tour) Gettysburg visitor center and museum WW2 American experience museum in Gettysburg 845 Crooked Creek Road (it’s a new museum that opened last month) https://visitww2.org eventually they are going to put in a gravel or dirt track behind the museum and offer rides on a Sherman tank, jeeps, and possibly other vehicles. The restaurant blue and grey is really good in downtown Gettysburg Franklin county Monterey pass battlefield near blue ridge summit https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fight_at_Monterey_Pass (if you do go don’t eat at the dinner up there it’s awful and overpriced trust me. Honestly surprised it passes health codes.) Not much to do in Franklin county


McConnells Mills State Park in Lawrence County. Lots of great trails and hidden spots if you have the time to explore.


Chester County - check out the Phoenixville downtown if near on the weekends. They open Bridge Street to pedestrians. Numerous breweries, resturants, a distillery. Chester County - rent a kayak and paddle Marsh Creek lake, then grab dinner at Victory Brewery in Downingtown. Korean BBQ wings. Grand Canyon of PA is still my favorite backpacking route in PA.


Ohiopyle state park south of Pittsburgh. Also hit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water house while you’re in that area.


For Potter County, lots of people are saying Cherry Springs and I agree. You can also go slightly into Tioga to see the PA Grand Canyon. In Potter County there are a ton of really beautiful state parks. My favorites are Ole Bull and Lyman Run. If you are into hiking, look into the STS trail. For short museum visits, it might technically be in Tioga county, but the PA Lumber Museum is actually pretty interesting. Be aware that in much of this area you won’t have cell service.


I'd you're in Philly, get lunch at the Reading Terminal Market. You will not regret it.


Centralia is a popular ghost town, and inspiration for the movie Silent Hill.


Depending on your route, it may be worth dipping into Washington County, MD to see Antietam Battlefield, and a little further southeast into WV to see Harper's Ferry. All conveniently accessible via Franklin County, PA, where there's not much of anything worth seeing otherwise.


Economy village in Ambridge is cool. It's an old time village that shows how people lived a ling time ago.


Route 120 in Cameron County is a very nice road. Depending on what day you are passing through things may or may not be open. If it is a weekend day the [Little Museum ](https://visitpago.com/the-little-museum/) is a neat place to stop. If you are staying the night consider [The Hygrade Inn](https://www.hygradeinn.com/) in Emporium. It is a small bed and breakfast and is very nice. They work together with [Rich Valley Wines](https://rich-valley-wines.square.site/) which serve mixed drinks and are pretty modern and classy for the middle of nowhere. As for other things to see, Cameron County one of the few counties in PA that have true [Dark Skies](https://i.redd.it/7p2oyds6iqg71.jpg). That is a picture I took near Driftwood. If you want a spot for dark skies message me and I can give you some spots. If you are into camping Sinnemahoning State Park is both dark skies and beautiful. It is also getting a lot of Elk in the area these days. Even if you are just passing through Emporium is a nice town to stop and rest for a bit.


As someone else said, avoid Mercer Co. MAGA hellscape for the most part


I would bar hop in the south side Of Pittsburgh. You definitely won't get shot or fight a random drunk or get suspicious water shot onto you by another patron


King of Prussia Mall (3rd largest mall in America) and nearby Vally Forge National Historic Park (Revolutionary War encampment), around the ChesCo MontCo border


Avoid the mall. It’s gross these days


I live like 3 minutes from it, I think it’s fine, little pricy but good food and experience overall.


Stop and say hi to me in New Castle (Lawrence County)... I'll show you our "ladies of the night" in their natural habitat. In all honesty, some great italian food in my town


Just avoid Mercer County unless you want to experience a lot of racism, abelist, sexism, and extreme Christian / conservative mindsets. Pittsburgh, in Allegheny County, will have lots of stuff from food, to drink, to activities and you don't have to deal with people who still say the n word in a hard R type of way. Mercer County was also one of the places where a significant portion still do not believe covid happened and they will actively bully you til you need therapy if you do anything seen as "too liberal". It isn't the whole county, but it is enough where I would just caution you to only stop if you need gas. Enjoy the sights while driving, as some of PA's beautiful landscapes can be seen starting around that area.


I would suggest a hard pass on Westmoreland county, unless you are a white straight MAGA cultist, then have at it. But if you are a person of color or queer, one wrong turn could be your last.


This is 100% not true


Idk, I’m a trans person living here because I got stuck here, and it’s pretty terrible. I have had more death threats in this county that anywhere else I lived.


You are the one who sounds very intolerant of Westmoreland County…


Oh I’m sorry that I am giving my experience of living in this county. I’m just saying, I see more confederate flags than American flags displayed on cars, sooooooooooo


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Stay away from Filthydelphia!


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Just drive by Philly. Don't stop