No lotteries: Pa. chooses ‘responsibility’ over $1 million prizes to encourage COVID-19 vaccination

No lotteries: Pa. chooses ‘responsibility’ over $1 million prizes to encourage COVID-19 vaccination


Someone could literally offer my family a million dollars and I bet they still wouldn't get the vaccine. I'm shocked they even let me come around. I guess that vaccine shedding thing they were worried about fell through 🤣


My company offered people two paid days off after each dose of the vaccine and only got 2 more people to get it. Then they updated the rules that anyone who is vaccinated doesn't need to wear a mask, but everyone who is unvaxxed has to keep it on. They were hoping this could move the needle a bit further. Nope. Only convinced one more person. Only about 40% of our company has gotten vaccinated and frankly I don't think anyone else will unless they are given some sort of real incentives or nearly die from COVID like my other coworker, who was anti-vax until he was in the hospital and then got vaccinated as soon as possible when he recovered.


Real incentives? I gotta say 4-paid days off for the vaccine is a VERY nice incentive. My company offered a $125 bonus, which I was still very happy to have.


Four days? I was offered four hours....


2 hours at my job 😂 oh well...I got before it was even offered as an incentive.


Me too I was like.. yeah sure I'll take it, I mean whatever .


My company offered 1 day of pto time if you went on your day off with subsequent day off for recovery. I'd you couldnt do that you were allowed to miss a day with no points and it was paid. If you needed a recovery day it was unpaid but also excused. One of the most super conservative conspiracy dudes I work with actually went and got the shot. So far everyone who heard about dropped there jaws when being told. The rumor is his elderly parents and wife basically clamped down and got him to do it. So whether the work thing did it or family did it, I still take it as a win.


Why would he get the vaccine AFTER he had it? He fought off the virus on his own already.


You have better immunity after getting the vaccine.




Because you do?


Simple question. How does it improve your immunity by getting the vaccine after having the virus? People with polio didn't get the vaccine after contracting polio. Kids that have had chicken pox don't get the vaccine.


[This article ](https://www.pbs.org/newshour/health/why-you-should-get-a-covid-19-vaccine-even-if-youve-already-had-the-coronavirus) says “A person can develop immunity – the ability to resist infection – from being infected with a virus or from getting a vaccine. However, immune protection isn’t always equal. The strength of the immune response, the length of time that the protection lasts and the variation of the immune response across people is very different between vaccine immunity and natural immunity for SARS–CoV–2. COVID–19 vaccines offer safer and more reliable immunity than natural infection.”


The truth is it’s still being studied. We do know that the vaccine provides a more robust antibody response than natural immunity. This might mean a few things: 1) vaccine immunity might last longer 2) vaccine immunity might be more effective against variants. We also know small minority of those who were infected aren’t producing a robust immune response at all. That’s another reason why it’s important to get a vaccine even if you had it. The latest study I saw says that if you have natural immunity and received a vaccine afterwards you most likely won’t need a booster shot. Those who weren’t infected but received a vaccine probably will. And those who had an infection but aren’t getting the robust response obviously need one in general. That makes me believe those who have natural immunity in general should also get a vaccine. I had Covid in December and got my shot in April. I believed I was safe with natural immunity until at least August but I wanted to be extra safe come fall/winter because it’s most likely we could see hot spots again in communities with low vaccination rates and potentially new variants. Wasn’t worth the risk to me compared to a few hours of annoyance.


We know that the average vaccine response is better than the average natural infection immunity. What’s to be seen is, if you’ve had very mild covid infection does that impact your level of further immunity, meaning does an asymptomatic case get anywhere close to the level of immunity of one of our mRNA vaccines. I personally think someone who had a rough time with Covid is probably better than j&j. I had moderna and had never gotten covid. But even if I had covid I’d still get the vaccine because eff covid. I’ll be more than willing to get a booster if it’s needed. I have many friends and family who have worked in the medical field and in covid wards. It can be very randomly brutal on people who thought they would never have a bad time with covid. It’s circulation needs to be reduced as low as we can get it.


So... no vaccine commercial starring Gus?


Keep on Vaxxin!


You win the Pennsylvania internet for today.


Best thing I’ve seen today


Wow. Missed opportunity for them right here.


Man. They really fucked this one up. Missed opportunity for the whole commonwealth




I'm..genuinely surprised that they haven't made Gus commercials about that yet. Brilliant.


Yet people will choose to keep on coughin’


Kinda pissed about that tbh


Really they should just do it anyway :)


I’m going to say unwise. As it saw a big increase in vaccination in Ohio. Many of those who didn’t want to/refused ended up folding. Money moves mountains.


I guess that just confirms how we live in a "Fuck you, where's my money?" country. Never let anyone tell you different.


Absolutely. However, anybody acting like they don’t care about money is fooling themselves. Can you name a job you took and asked to be paid less than everybody else, or denied a raise? People sure demanded those stimulus checks. And a president won on a platform with highlights (but not everything) containing $15/hr min wage and bigger stimulus checks going out the door immediately.


Would you pay $10000 of your own money to know that 100% of the state would get vaccinated?


That’s an interesting question. You know, I actually might.


Fill these mother fucking potholes


Man they recently filled in a row of massive potholes on a road near my house, I thought I was dreaming.


Now one of the utility companies will come along, dig it up, and leave it almost as bad as it was before.


Come on now, they'll fill it back up, and leave a nice jagged edge to rip up your tires on.


Here in Butler, we love to take a perfectly good road (I mean, to Pennsylvania's low standards) and fuck it up, then patch it ridiculously poorly, then pay to half-ass fix it like 6 months later. The road is never as flat as it was before.


I've still seen holes filled better on Pornhub.


Someone in Britain spray painted dicks on potholes to get them filled faster. Someone should do that.


It didn't work though, they just spent resources to arrest him rather then fix the actual issue


Plant pot in the potholes.


Yeah you can talk to the PA state Republicans about that one....


Fill them with the Republicans!


How? Or do you just blame them for everything negative in Pennsylvania?


Republicans control the State Congress. They pass the bills. Write them and tell them to pass a bill to allocate funds to fix the fucking potholes. Nah, they like to just obstruct everything and get nothing done, and then blame the Democrats for shitty roads. Moreover, Tom Corbett's gas tax hike bill (that extended into Wolf's terms) was supposed to go towards fixing PA infrastructure, yet we haven't seen shit from it. Why? Oh that's also related to Republicans at the Federal level: https://www.mcall.com/your-call/mc-biz-your-call-where-did-gas-tax-funds-go-20200110-er3e7hfbivgmthwdqv6smtcrci-story.html To answer your question. yes. Republican politicians and the rubes that vote them in, are the root to the bulk of the PA's civic problems. But looking at your post history, your MO is to just ask stupid questions in an attempt to have a "gotcha hypocrites" moment without follow up.


That gas tax hike... that proved to me that the GQP can do anything they like here, and be able to convince their base Democrats did it.


Yeah it was passed in 2013 by Corbett knowing that if he lost the 2014 election, he'd be able to pass the buck on Wolf, or if he won, he'd be able to then cut the costs back and say he cut taxes. I see tons of PA dipshits blaming Wolf for the gas hike between 2015 to now.


Damn dude, you did him dirty.


Good ol' corruption here in the state. It'll never change.


This article doesn't explain the Feds impact on the issue; can you expand? The end of the article states the Feds are demanding PA do their roadwork now; it seems like it's on State lawmakers. Serious inquiry; I'd truly like to know so I can defend the Dems when my Rep family bashes them for everything.


It's both. Feds are demanding PA do their roadwork, but at the same time due to the way PA is subsidized for work with Federal dollars, and the fact that US Congress hasn't passed shit for infrastructure, it seems like they're stuck in a finger pointing loop. Republicans in US Congress are stymieing any infrastructure bills. Look to my shitstain of a Representative -Lloyd Smucker's- Twitter and Facebook pages to see how much the GOP wants to spend on infrastructure.


You know jokes are a thing right?






What do you expect from a state that essentially owns the alcohol industry?


How about a FREE half pit of Jacquin's vodka with a vaccine card available at your local State Store - I mean, Fine Wine and Spirits Shoppe?


Pay bonuses to nurses who worked through the pandemic then


Ask the for profit hospitals to do that then, bunch of crooks


My non profit hospital already did pay me a bonus with whatever random covid money they got but it was only like $500 after taxes.


That sucks. Should be more. I'm surprised you got anything.


As a respiratory therapist don’t forget about us! Not just nurses and doctors at a hospital caring for patients.


The cringe compilation dance videos set the perception they weren't working that hard.


Good ol' responsible Pennsylvania. We can run a lottery for senior citizens, we can run the LCB and related state stores to supplement the general fund with the Johnstown Flood Tax, we can run a gaming commission to regulate casinos, etc. But running a temporary program to incentivize some more people to get the shot and get us to true herd immunity? But nooooooooooo, THAT'S too hard.


This is money that could go to where it's really needed, like the state police slush fund.


I thought all that Turnpike annual toll hike moolah under Act 44 took care of that, lol. Our Legislature is such a bunch of idiots.


Ohio and WV have vaccine lotteries, while NY and NJ have other incentives in place


Other incentives for being vaccinated ? Like dropping the mask mandate and drastically reducing the odds of having a bad Covid reaction? W/e I don’t do anything if I don’t have a shot at being a millionaire from it. /s


It's called a "nudge", and it's pretty well established that nudges can be quite effective, done right. If you look at the ohio lottery, it had an immediate and positive result. If you look at wolf's policy, it didn't.


I think the incentive is you are extremely unlikely to get covid and in that unlikely event it is extremely unlikely that you’ll get significantly ill. The vaccine is its own incentive.


I think anyone who hasn't gotten the vaccine yet would prefer the money.


As does MD


Stupid stupid stupid. What’s the downside? We give away some money? Ohio’s vaccination rate went up 94% after their lotto announcement. Who cares if we hit 70% that’s great. Kudos everyone. But if this helps us get to 73%. 77%. 80%. That’s not worth it? I’m someone who quarantined basically with their family for 11 months to keep a parent safe so don’t mistake me for an anti Vaxxer. But if Wolf couldn’t open up businesses to fill capacity this past weekend due in part to a fear of irresponsibility, why are we not doing a $1 m lotto with the assumption of responsibility as a justification?


Aren’t we basically over the tipping point? Meaning we’ve reach a point where 70% is going to happen, so there’s no need to create incentives?


That's my thinking too. We were one of the first states to get 70% of adults with a shot without any gimmicks, so they probably don't see a need at this point.


If anything they should lottery for responsible people who got it when they could


I think in most states doing a lottery, the people who got the vaccine before that was announced had their names put in for a chance to win too


Some yes, I think I saw one where it was only those shot in May. But I'm saying it should be the opposite at this point


It does feel like those new customer offers from Comcast or ATT etc.


Pennsylvanians are pretty cool if we do say so ourselves. Seriously though...it is the best state.


It's the people who are holding out still and keeping us from full vaccination who need the incentives. They generally aren't much of a "do my part for the greater good" types and need selfish motivations to do the right thing.


Ok so do a $1M thank you lotto to those great Pennsylvanians who took it seriously.


Inconsistent headlines pointing to contradictory data makes this difficult to conclude with certainty. What I think is going on is that some communication campaigns have appealed to social proof to influence public behavior, while other communication campaigns have appealed to fear to influence public behavior. The different strategies benefit from slicing the data in different ways that appear contradictory when set side by side.


Asking the "personal responsibility" people to be personally responsible? I expect pushback.


They are certainly vocal about not planning on getting vaccinated.


They know their rights!


I mean...sure. Shouldn’t have to bribe people to do the right thing, BUT it appears to me that there’s a direct correlation between the people who refuse to get vaxed, and the people who religiously buy scratch-offs.


The word you're looking for is "stupid."


Damn, I wrote "religious" for my answer.


Stupid is trusting some bullshit vaccine that was shit out in a few months. And also where are the statistics on people who don't have the covid vaccine yet buying lotto tickets? You wasted time studying that?


No, stupid is scratch off buying morons such as yourself that think they know better than the medical establishment. Where’d you get your medical degree from again? What? What? You don’t have one? You don’t have any medical training whatsoever? But are still so STUPID to think you know better than every medical institution in the world??? You are a MORON. You’re probably one of these morons that was too stupid to follow protocols too and ended up with covid. Pathetic fucking losers.


Franklin, Fulton and Potter counties are sitting at under 33% for even 1 shot. I bet if we tied the vaccine to a deer hunting license we could get that number up.


"get the vaccine and get a weeks head start on deer season!" "Get the vaccine and get a box of ammo!" "Get the vaccine and get a free camo carhart jacket!" We would see vaccine rates double, at least.


"get the vaccine and get a case of beer" would quadruple it from my experience


Anheuser-Busch is buying everyone a round of beer if we hit Biden's July 4th vaccination goal 🍻


Triple, even


> "Get the vaccine and get a box of ammo!" Hold up, the state isn't made of money.


One state is raffling off guns and lifetime hunting licenses to try to get people vaccinated. Not sure how it is working out for them but I imagine it could motivate some people.


Isn't there an ammo shortage right now? I think that would actually work, if they could find the ammo for it.


This is whack, yo. Need guns and trucks raffle.


Shoot, WV had a payed college tuition as a prize. Id be happy to win any of them honestly since I never win anything anyway.


Ohio too, 5 of them. Each drawing is 1 million for an over 18 person and free college for an under 18 person.


I know! Throw some damn crumbs to the rabble, is all I'm saying.


WV now actually has a gun giveaway


Mmm, that historic Pennsylvanian puritan ethic colliding with the modern White Evangelical "fuck you, I'll do what I want but bully everyone else" ethic. ​ Edit: That puritan ethic of course ignores what we'd done to the Native Americans, so maybe it is more of the same.


Do you mean the "Protestant Work Ethic"? Pennsylvania is notably one of the only original colonies without a significant historical puritan or calvinist presence. Most of our colonial forebears were Lutheran, Reformed, Anglican, or Anabaptist.


I assumed all the 13 colonies had lots of puritans/calvinists and we were notable for also having quakers.


Quakers despite their founding role in Pennsylvania were almost immediately a very small minority in the colony due to the influx of Germans into the countryside and English Anglicans into Philadelphia and its environs. In fact, even Pennsylvania's famed Anabaptist groups were relatively small...around 75% of the Germans were Lutheran or Reformed upon arrival. Assimilation of these groups along with continued separation of the Amish and Mennonites easily causes us today to assume that the Anabaptists were far greater in number than they actually were. And the outsized political role of the Quakers makes us overemphasize them in the colonial period. Makes sense when you consider that these groups (Quakers and Anabaptists) were minorities in Europe, while Lutheran, Reformed, and Anglican churches were the state supported religion in the primary locations from which new Pennsylvanians emigrated. Most Calvinists gravitated towards New England where they had majorities and therefore political rule more in line with their ideological convictions. There were some Presbyterians in Pennsylvania, especially in the then-frontier past the Susquehanna, but not as early and not as abundantly...and although they are calvinist in theology their culture is very different from English Puritans.




Imo, that's not a good idea for pa. There's a lot of rural areas that are very anti vax


The only incentive for me to even consider the vaccine is when the word "experimental" gets removed from the name.


Stop listening to the repugnant republicans. They’re ruining the state.


Ah yes, the radical republicans with their calls to discard the constitution, tear down its history, completely unmake everything and rebuild from scratch. Always yelling about the widespread racism and social problems over there, in the blue cities, where they never visit. Outspoken critics of the shackles of responsibility. Ruining the state. You'd never see them frolicking through wilderness with a big smile on their face happily living their lives and raising families.


Cool now stop the state funded lottery and advertising for said lottery. Fostering gambling addictions and telling people its for education, gross.


They're using their addictions to fuel things like letting old people ride trains for free


Yeah it would be crazy to fund things like that with tax revenues like everything else in the state


Life is about choices and consequences This is why I'm allllllllll for vaccine passports I have all these people come into job everyday shrieking about how ots there right to do this or that No matter what is said or done some person somewhere feels that by me or anyone else wearing/not wearing a mask or asking someone to please not get right up in my face when talking to me, please don't cough on me, please don't lick ur fingers then hand me money, or simply please respect my personal space because hey guess what?! I DONT KNOW U and no I don't feel ok about it when you tell me ur vaccinated I don't know u.....stop breathing on me, coughing, sneezing or getting any of ur nasty personal fluids anywhere near me....whether it's covid or whether covid never existed.....thats gross No matter what and no you being vaccinated for one specific disease or illness does not make me feel any better about it Vaccines are never a 100% guarantee and this one is no differant So here's my thing If you want THE RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN FREE CITIZEN to not get vaccinated, not back up, not cover ur mouth, not wash ur hands, not put on a mask and generally just not give a crap bout anyone but urself Then I want THE SAME RIGHT AS A FREE AMERICAN CITIZEN that did choose to be safe, did choose to be vaccinated and still even after that choose keep my mask on everywhere I go ....to not have to deal with the people who used their right to free choice to not do any of that Choices work both ways These people that think they can run around doing whatever whenever and if anyone says "uhm please dont" they flip the fuck out and scream how that person is violating their rights What about the rights of the person that doesn't want that??? That means nothing I guess It seems the only people who have a right to do whatever whenever are people who are angry and crazy enough to just scream like a howler monkey till everyone just loses interest and walks away annoyed Bottom line If you want to choose to not get vaccinated and not be safe wherever u go still Then why can't the rest of us choose to not have to be near those people and deal with that bullshit EQUAL Rights are supposed to be for EVERYONE to be able to choose to live, say, and be how they want Not just whoever can yell the loudest and say the most insane things


There is a much simpler option, get the vaccine and go on with your life. You are 76% protected from testing positive for COVID and 100% protected from hospitalization and death. COVID is never going away and the risk will never be zero. This country and the commonwealth would do well to learn to mind their own business again.


Said eloquently, "your right to swing your fist ends where my face begins." But people are beyond stupid. Not much that can be done about that.


Serious question - are the states that have lotteries open to people who don't get vaccinated for medical reasons? I know people who are pregnant and have other conditions where there just hasn't been enough testing to confirm they are safe, does that mean those people are not eligible to win $1m lottery due to their health?


I would assume only the vaccinated people are eligible


You'd probably have to ask each individual state running a lottery this question, I doubt the rules for WV are the same as OH or the like.


Not getting COVID is the only encouragement any of us need 🥰


Pa is fortunate enough to have enough intelligent people in the state to vote against trump Cheeto. Which tells me that they have enough intelligent people getting the vaccine already. They don’t have to have a lottery. People want to get it without being bribed like republicans are use to doing. I live in Ohio and trump unfortunately won this state so our republican governor has to put them in there natural habitat and bribe them with a “vax a million”. People stupid man. Congrats Pa. Get my 2nd dose Friday. Weird though my cell phone reception has improved tremendously since the 1st shot. SMH


Shut down the PA lottery until %100 of PA residents are vaccinated! L O L






When nobody respects your choice, you gotta wonder if your choice is respectable








So do you think we shouldn't vaccinate kids for measles or chickenpox either? Jackass.


But you can spread it to kill grandma who can't get vaccinated. The more it spreads, the more it mutates, more chance of a new strain that kills kids and/or ignores vaccine. I get the flu shot every year even though I don't care about the flu. Do it for people who can't get the shot, or to prevent this shit show from restarting with a new strain It's free and takes 1 min.. that's why everyone is calling you a selfish asshole


seems like you don’t really know how vaccines work, then. or just embrace being a jagoff and be done with your whining about other people being mean


welcome to the new normal... people will take a convenient lie over an inconvenient truth thanks to them being able to find someone to tell the lie and make them feel better.. "hmmm 99% of news is telling me this... i dont want to hear that... but this random podcast/facebook post said pizza is healthy... i'll choose to believe that instead"


Our world was faced with a problem that could only be overcome by enough people working together towards the common good. Your choice is not to do so. Your body, your choice. You do you. But it’s not on the rest of us to respect it.




Why do people like yourself only focus on the death rate? There's *way* more that can happen other than dying or recovering. For example, there's evidence coming out that covid can increase the risk of, or even cause, diabetes due to it attacking the pancreas. Or long-covid where people, including young people, still have issues over six months after infection. Those are just a couple of what's been seen.


I don't know where people got the idea that the only two outcomes are death or complete recovery. I know two people in their early 30s with zero risk factors that took months to recover.


The survival rate has gotten lower because we all worked together to get it to that point. It was higher when this started




That is definitely part of it. Social distancing, masks, sanitation, etc undoubtedly made a huge difference - look at how low our flu cases are compared to normal years (there are multiple reasons for that). Now that people are getting the vaccine that fatality rate is going to drop even lower. All part of handling a pandemic


Look at the entire hellish last month in India, jackass. April 2020 in New York. February in Wuhan. March in Italy. The survival rate is ~~low~~ high because the rest of us helped slow the spread. No thanks at all to you.


The 3 million plus dead worldwide also cannot see what the fuss is all about. Because they're fucking dead.


Long term effects: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/in-depth/coronavirus-long-term-effects/art-20490351




That’s not how viruses or vaccines work. You should listen to your girlfriend.


Your GF should dump you.


You're a selfish POS. You don't seem informed at all. You may not be in a demographic that is high risk but you can transmit the virus to someone who is. I have no respect for such a senselessly selfish decision and I feel sorry for your GF.


I don't agree with his choice, but also, I don't think this is an effective approach to change his mind.


You read this dude's replies and your takeaway was that his mind was going to be changed? If his gf who works in the medical field can't change his mind, what makes you think random strangers on Reddit will? He's posting his dumb stance on the issue and getting rightfully ripped for it, that's about all there is to see here frankly.


One of the effects of covid is limp dick. I would have thought that would get guys more interested in the vaccine.




There it is.


> Maybe I’ll take it when the long term effects are clearer, idk... So, see you in like 20 years... GTFOH. We already know what some of the long term effects are going to be for people who got COVID and survived. Reason enough to get it even if you don't care about anyone but yourself.


Well in the side of my family that felt that way, we lost six people to COVID. Plenty to fuss about.


The problem is that with a sufficient number of unvaccinated people, it gives the virus and environment where it can evolve quickly and easily. Now we have this black mold Shit in India and a few other places that's happening to people who get the virus because the virus evolved in an environment where it had enough people without vaccine resistance. Now I'm not going to tell you to go get vaccinated it's your choice, but I don't want that killer black mold man.


It's literally killed over 600,000 in the US. And many more have long term symptoms. That's what the fuss is about. The risk of harm from getting Covid-19 is *much* higher than the risk of side effects from the vaccines. The mRNA vaccines have a very good safety record. Every person that takes the vaccine decreases the transmission of the virus a small amount, so taking it helps others. If you don't take the vaccine, you're kind of hitching a free ride. You'll probably be okay, but it would be nice if you'd pitch in so we could all put this crap behind us sooner rather than later. Thank you.


You choose to get sick or die is yours, getting others sick or die should not.


Just wish others would respect my choice to be around vaccinated people only Wish we could send all yous to an island.




Make sure the island is big enough to create a new society.


“That’s stupid.”


Sign me up??


Hey, fuck you, that’s a really moronic take on a major threat to public health. I hope you’ll respect my choice to ridicule you and tell you what an awful person you are.


Fuck off


People put their lives at risk for their fellow Americans every day and you won't even take 30 minutes out of your day to get a harmless shot... You don't deserve anyone's respect.


Seems the longer you wait the better your incentives anyhow. First you get nothing. Then you get a donut. Then beer. Then a joint. Then a lottery ticket. Keep waiting and you might actually be offered the ability to sue the vaccine manufacturers if your skin falls off.


And in those states "certain" residents are bitching about their tax dollars being spent on these incentives, even in Ohio with a Republican governor that's all for it.


I assume this means they're going to stop running the state lottery then, too.


What the hell.


"Shouldn't have to" is a trash public health policy. WTF.




That’s really cringe.


Great article


One vaccine = one pothole filled or a road fixed. PennDOT’s choice.


Did you know if you are not vaccinated and surrounded by unvaccinated people, your chances of getting covid are greater.


Good. I hate the idea of paying dumbasses $1 million. It's anti-Darwinian.


ppl would just get revaxxed to enter


Lol we know I didn’t even get a beer Please sir can I have some more wound-salt?


It's been 12+ months and I still haven't gotten COVID. What am I doing wrong?


If things plateau, this might change.