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Sadly shipping costs more for private individuals for ink, unless it’s under 1lb total. You can even get free Prime shipping from Amazon, which sells both of those inks. [https://www.amazon.com/Waterman-50ml-Bottle-Fountain-Serenity/dp/B000J3X9VU/](https://www.amazon.com/Waterman-50ml-Bottle-Fountain-Serenity/dp/B000J3X9VU/)


I've successfully avoided ordering from Amazon for 6 years & would like to keep that streak going! thanks for the suggestion, though. shipping with things like Pirate Ship etc. is pretty cost-effective for individuals & I figured it was worth a shot at least in case, as is very often the case, someone was doing a downsizing. I've seen these inks come up in the past, I've just missed them. shrug.


If you can use cartridges Office Depot usually has Serenity Blue ones


unfortunately this is for some vintage lever-fill pens, but good tip regardless, thanks!!