Din Djarin feels so good on my lips.

I’m not being naughty. That’s just the name of the Colourpop lipgloss. hahahaha! It looks amazing too!!

Anyone else get The Mandalorian collection from Colourpop?


reader, I bought them. ;)


I didn't like the eyeshadow palette BUT I DIDN'T KNOW THERE IS A LIP TOO?!


There’s two! Din Djarin and Grogru


I got the lip gloss set and The Mandalorian eyeshadow palette. I love them all so so much. It's the first time I've bought anything from ColourPop and I'm pretty impressed so far


Colourpop is my absolute favorite 'budget' brand. Their eyeshadows have never disappointed me (especially their supershock shadows) and the BFF liner and mascaras are AMAZING for the price point. I have both the Mando/The Child palettes and I think I like the overall assortment in the Mando one much more, but the Grogu one has been really reliable for a lot of different looks throughout the last year!


I’m glad to hear the quality goes across the lines and types of makeup. I also got one of the gloss lip stains to try and the colour lasts a long time. I’m definitely going to check out more


Definitely try out the super shock pots of eyeshadow - they’re really pigmented! I also would recommend the setting spray and the highlighters.


I have the Din eyeshadow palette. So lux, I love it!!


Girl I thought the shade was actually the full title of this post thinking color pop DID SOMETHING to me internally. Still love the name :)


Kinda curious to see if he's gonna show up in the Book of Boba Fett!