I have a question. If they created the pauper ban comity to address the format in a more timely manner why did they preemptively ban cards? Couldn’t they let the format be for a week or two to see if bonders ornament and prism were actually a problem?


Because Tron was a problem before Affinity and continued to be a strong deck even while it wasn't the dominant one. If we just ban Atog, we pretty much prop up Tron to be dominant again. Besides, as he explained in the video, card-neutral color fixing isn't super healthy for the format. And [[Bonder's Ornament]] is just too, too good to provide both color fixing AND a card draw engine all in one. It'll hurt some decks a bit, for sure, but I'm looking forward to how the format shakes out after this.


I got into pauper rather recently (during the chatterstorm saga) so take this with a grain of salt, but from what I understand reading this sub and looking at past events/leagues before mh2 tron was already a problem


Tron was then yes, but wasn’t now. Mh2 brought a huge influx of new playable cards. I think preemptive bans aren’t great for growing / new formats. They create problems like what modern has with its giant preemptive ban list and people complaining for those cards to be unbanned. I’m not saying these cards shouldn’t have been banned, I’m just saying it shouldn’t have been now.


Tron literally had the best winrate by several percentage points in Challenges for months now, with the exception of the recent surge in Mono-U Delver decks. And that's not even looking at League data, which WotC did, and apparently Tron has just been WAY too good.


That's not nearly enough time to see actual shifts in the metagame. The same way you shouldn't judge a deck by it's performance every week, you shouldn't decide bans based on 1-2 weeks of data.


I mean they banned cards on 0 weeks of results because they thought that the next metagame was going to be tron. Tron wasn’t even the next most played deck.


They address this in the article and video, Tron had a better winning percentage already


“With the Atog ban locked in, we looked for what other deck might emerge and be a new problem.” The first sentence of their reason for the bonders and prism ban even says it. They preemptively banned these cards. While win rate of a deck is important if it’s not imposing strange play patterns or over representation in the meta it shouldn’t eat a ban. If the comity was made to act fast then let them act fast, but preemptive bans are the opposite of fast and lead to people complaining about wanting those cards back in the future. Look at cards like jitte and hypergenisis in modern. They often devolve into “this card should be tested in, it was never legal and we don’t know it would be healthy or not” and other people say “it was bad in standard/extended, it would be bad now”. Edit: I’m not saying these cards shouldn’t be banned, I’m just saying they shouldn’t be banned now.